July 02, 2018


DC Marvel Similar Characters Vol 3

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Kenric Regan John Horsley
DC Marvel Similar Characters Vol 3
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DC Marvel Similar Characters Vol 3

Jul 02 2018 | 01:03:52


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We are back with our final (current) installment of the DC/Marvel similar characters series! Do you have more you would like us to talk about? EMAIL us at [email protected] for tweet at us and we would love to discuss them! Today we talk about:
  • Green Arrow/Hawkeye
  • Flash/Quicksilver
  • Man-Thing/Swamp-Thing
  • Superman/Hyperion
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done by robots that are racists. [bg_collapse view="button-blue" color="#4a4949" expand_text="Show More" collapse_text="Show Less" ] Kenric: [0:00] Happens right what compact spotter contract to be back, is mr parsley and today they are show it is finally the third part of our saga of volume three of marvel and dc some other characters. John: [0:17] That's right this might not be the last one we do was lost we have set different now. Kenric: [0:20] That's right we came up with twelve we think cool ones to talk about i'm sure there's a plethora of more. John: [0:28] Are there so many more so many. Kenric: [0:29] Yeah but these do you that the top twelve that we came up with and we didn't put him in any significant order except for the last one kind. John: [0:37] I mean kinda but yeah i. Kenric: [0:38] Kind of but not really i think that just happened to go that way cuz that was the first one that you mentioned. John: [0:43] Yeah i mean for those that those who don't know they cases be actually be made to list their backwards. Kenric: [0:49] We made to listen then we went from twelve to one and we didn't have the idea of counting down to like who is the most which but i don't know i don't think i'd wanna do it that way that would be kind of. John: [0:59] And i don't know the switch tuesday have are you with or nor this one's better does not fucked. Kenric: [1:03] Yeah this is i like this better to just going thru it and checking it out and it's and it's so fun it's been a lot of fun actually. John: [1:10] And again if you have a rehab was in the first two episodes that you don't need to to enter this one but what i will say is what we're doing is we're taking characters that are similar on the top level and the discussing how we for the we think they are similar or not someone have talking on making a decision as we go, literally have decisions both legally into these risk is kind of two human to top-level talk it out of there. Kenric: [1:32] Yeah i was really quick it was a slight with this names and characters really quick will you have i think i did too in in in driving to their house. John: [1:41] Yeah i mean that's how goes. Kenric: [1:43] Why do you move the idea and you're like oh i like this boy back a. John: [1:47] Yep yep yep yep so should we do announcements a few even though those are. Kenric: [1:52] Yes i do i love this i kinda wanna move all the stuff that we do it the on the back and a lot of times here as well for some of it but i don't know but announces fisher. John: [2:02] Gay ends richer as you all know what is coming on those that was of spohn we're going to send the incoming call next week next month next week next. Kenric: [2:11] July eighteenth to the twenty second we will be in san diego for the comic con event. John: [2:16] That is true and is gonna be amazing and. Kenric: [2:19] It's gonna be amazing were tell you now it's gonna be on real. John: [2:23] Bare hand this ups is coming out on june second right cuz that this is that this episodes are suck cock i don't know my date to saturday july sec. Kenric: [2:31] Will because it's un real that we're almost all the way done with june its its stupid say how where this month ago. John: [2:38] Right so it just comes out june july second which is does witches him monday of next week recording this that means is coming out one day before our one year anniversary that's announce right there. Kenric: [2:47] I know it's not weird year we made it a year. John: [2:52] Yeah so we would wouldn't we something special for tomorrow for for our one year we at this point we don't quite know exactly we're gonna do but it's gonna be it's gonna be cool to me for. Kenric: [3:03] Epic no matter what it is. John: [3:04] No matter what yeah yeah so. Kenric: [3:07] Sunday sunday sunday. John: [3:09] Do you have any announcements i don't really just our main one is home one year old we do. Kenric: [3:13] We have a shirt it is out i have tweeted out today use all my darling pretty face with their awesome shirt on there is on our facebook page or twitter page i believe there is a lean, on the website already if not there will be shortly, it's really cool actually it's from t public and it is great material it feels good is bree the ball and they have all different sizes so i worth, ex right now so and they i think they go even larger than that so we got you covered with early and they have a massive amounts. John: [3:49] Where to smothered yeah it's a design that can it came up with and then i made and put up their atticus it's a it's it's very twenty or one two i don't have when you have it on for sunday yeah and to grab. Kenric: [4:00] Oh you better order now to us seven. John: [4:02] So we i will bring it yeah it it's it also has a bit sometimes but, try to get it and i will have some other two teachers is coming out soon but when i first went there now for you to to purchase and to enjoy. Kenric: [4:14] Yeah it's really cool i like a lot that i do not get lock. John: [4:18] You've treated and talked about a lot today. Kenric: [4:20] Yeah yeah yeah we had so hopefully but everybody wasn't that to the ace comic on stuff, and saw the videos that we put on twitter and facebook. John: [4:29] Yeah those fun. Kenric: [4:31] That was a lot better than i anticipated. John: [4:33] It was i gotta say i'm i i really think we should get table next year honestly. Kenric: [4:38] Yes we can list get it was so we can get a table reach out to those guys and me bill less have one. John: [4:44] Having to use all day long so i have what i want to say i have ask you about this yet but i'm hoping to be set on a cs. Kenric: [4:50] Oh my god okay. John: [4:52] So we had talks damage alright oh on with the show to me said no no so we had talked a while ago yes you tweet out about about a month to go but possibly do anything we give way the steam game codes, i want to wear first one today so is you super easy, and i'm not a silly game does it have a list of games and i've got and i'm gonna pull one out and have accessible right now but what i want to do is if you want is to code for steam game for free all you have to do is follow us on twitter and tweet us details you want, that's it. Kenric: [5:27] That's easy super easy. John: [5:31] And i will pick somebody the day so it comes out of this coming on the second by the morning of the third i will tree as somebody and told with who who gets it. Kenric: [5:40] Yeah how you gonna pick put you on the spot. John: [5:43] That's a good question i would this be hashtag for this in thirteen easy. Kenric: [5:46] She has maybe hashtag or some way of being able to randomly choose somebody's of those. John: [5:55] You tweet out with has type se game break i will take everybody who between so that has to act open to random eyes are and or right of the pic somebody. Kenric: [6:05] To follow us on twitter and tweet at us and use the hashtag se game. John: [6:10] And if you don't follow us you won't be eligible. Kenric: [6:13] That's right if you just do the hashtag that don't count. John: [6:15] Then and getting victor st cannot enter multiple times. Kenric: [6:18] How many how many twitter handles does he have. John: [6:23] I don't know but i can see in macon multiple to what does he like he likes his games he he he was the most silas ever do not dressed in coats cell back. Kenric: [6:30] Nice nice do we have a spectacular games are we get a list of those games or. John: [6:36] Awe not guys if you bear with me for sec i can pull up with to the first intro games and i have. Kenric: [6:40] Oh it's bed yeah let's do that build some excitement are the good ones. John: [6:43] Let's see here where i have no idea. Kenric: [6:46] You not give me pitfall area i play for free on the through the browser. John: [6:52] As my computer sites try to open things oh wonderful i have the codes you should not would kimberly to. Kenric: [6:57] Oh no. John: [7:01] So how about for this episode is gonna be a random game of for next time we give it away off by that would you mr for him that i should've for this one because we can't do anything the right with a. Kenric: [7:08] So random games with with the steep steam called were steam code random game sounds like a game show i love it. John: [7:16] Is so number folsom to order two dozen hatch is the game now pics to be random on the morning of july third. Kenric: [7:23] They go that's awesome. John: [7:25] All right now if you want to show. Kenric: [7:26] Let's get on with the show so similar characters dc vs marvel or dc and marvel have you wanna say it, and the fourth one on our list can we go for three to one so number for. John: [7:41] Reformer whatever. Kenric: [7:43] Is green arrow and hawkeye. John: [7:45] I'd. Kenric: [7:46] And obviously these are both robin hood knockoffs so it's kinda hard to really say that there rip off of each other in my mind but green arrow came to us in nineteen forty one with more fun comics number seventy three go try buying that one for less than a dollar and, hot guy kick game to us in nineteen sixty four until the suspense number fifty seven tales of suspense give us a plethora of cool characters in the marvel universe, set it more fun comics for dc though. John: [8:16] Yeah but the both of them both former like your playgrounds i honestly i actually miss the concert dot that would like an apology books had malt liquor to them because you would get like the stories and the skaters inner twenty and you could just come in and i love the fact that, i love books have characters starting in this knock their own book because and you have a first appears and more fun comics and have your green algebra one later on and it's still like it feels like they do it that way they've earned that number one issue not to spend give me i know the weave would think about it but just height that you would i feel that way. Kenric: [8:46] No i totally get what you're saying it's it's like let's see how they do on this anthology series you help people get like iron man had a few intel's suspense soda. John: [8:56] Launch of vents. Kenric: [8:57] So the tour then it just come out with their own bucks. John: [9:00] I mean didn't i'm and cemented one pretty i'm in one. Kenric: [9:03] I am an suv near sub mariner number one i have no i. John: [9:06] Yes so i think so cuz i think there were two of the suspects together and then there was a metal stalls with amish. Kenric: [9:13] Now okay well it's uh get. John: [9:16] But there was i'm in some manner number one was out and i was like supposed to be a launching ground for the teachers get their own series is back in the sixties, simon seven to one was april nineteen sixty eight sauce was was i'm in one to mount. Kenric: [9:32] But was use either sixty eight or sixty seven having upstairs but that would mean at to get off my fat ass and go look. John: [9:39] Well it's reveal too much at ask of you i know. Kenric: [9:42] Well you does not like we don't have google boxes in front of our faces. John: [9:46] Yeah i'm kinda talking about trentham a sixty eight. Kenric: [9:49] So there was april april may wow so was before. John: [9:53] Yes i meant so i'm answer minimum breaking out by and came out before summer number one your summer one and i'm and one and was like a one shot to losses to series is, specially if it's how to zero issue for the for for i'm and one and then after that was windows round and they stopped astonish in suspense and moved into like the hope one old, one whatever was and i'm into answers metabolize the has nothing to do with ha okay for her. Kenric: [10:20] You know what was are time anthologies and more fun comics and tells meant cuz that's it's funny that both of these characters debuted and other books that worked around. John: [10:30] Yeah yeah that's and to me that's what your should appear creature should of. Kenric: [10:32] How many care cuz you think have std have done that. John: [10:35] Alot me superman batman iron man hulk for a law that all bought almost all the golden age. Kenric: [10:41] Comics number one and it is did the ever stop doing seamen tales in action comics. John: [10:49] Like why me there's there's the first. Kenric: [10:51] Make when you look at the eye thousand issues of action comics now witches crazy that to wrap your head around really but when you look at the housing issues what percentage of those issues superman. John: [11:03] All i can man the mass majority of them. Kenric: [11:05] Like ninety eight percent. John: [11:07] Probably but the first that using the cover the first one but he was on the cover of two three four five six or seven i don't give him whatever tuition nine are some of that. Kenric: [11:19] Wow that's kinda what it's just interesting to see you know me the characters that have because they don't do it this way anymore it's rare that somebody comes out that's not their own series the more right, or is it or does it happen more often than we think that they come out in somebody else's book and then then they get then they dip you in their own but but no one's really getting like, like your own, like in college is cool because you could have a one of ten with that character to tell a story in ark and then come out with their own books that are kid so well. John: [11:52] Right that's i mean, exactly that's why like it and that i mean i don't really this so do your expand when it first appeared in you know i just letters to in, jane foster thor first appeared and of interest thirty or some like that so like they have appearing in other series that i like there are some characters like, i'm eating spawn for example in the nineties spawns first appears i know he was and now the sun thirteen people are gotta for to paris but was it a pen up an article about it was like it because i become a twenty book size magazine to talk to account books but, my spa number one was his first appearance as well as his first issues in things like me a savage dragon had issue for the but yeah there's like, a lot of them have at first issue was also the first appearance i just for me it's every time we just like a thousand times on repeat myself again but i like it when the characters are in a diff issue first and then they get that number one issue cuz i it was a date earned a cyclical robin god number one, but he got and what is he earned it don't matter me. Kenric: [12:50] No i just think the tune of humor going to add you guys said the same thing for the last three minutes for four minutes it's been the exact you just said in different ways that we both like anthology of care to first. John: [13:03] To be fair the whole time i'm talking base of me into and out of it my head okay i'm kind of interested great thanks. Kenric: [13:09] So but green arrow and hot guy eight there won't of the hot guy is is very famous for is very popular right now with you vendors based i think green arrow is even more popular in my mind i might do wrong but the guy, but i don't understand the whole thing cuz they're both robin hood not kasich in the day me and no one's more of a robber knock off the green arrow me jesus is first costume looked exactly like robin hood. John: [13:36] Yeah there's a hole that was the whole point of fruit before going in for the we missed one key part of this who created them so green arrow is. Kenric: [13:41] Oh oh yeah yeah who did create them unknown on on on green arrow because it probably head with the new name. John: [13:49] Now now well i mean, it's not really rubber maid isn't here in like theme by us to. Kenric: [13:54] Oh my god it's the right right right right. John: [13:57] More twice a year in torch pat created me now and then stanley and don heck created ha okay, nah don't heck. Kenric: [14:07] I have done is done quite a bit of stuff. John: [14:10] Efficiently and the six of us he was there lies the artist when the artist doing this and thought you sir. Kenric: [14:15] Know the guys that you mention for green arrow but i have suspicion they probably done quite a bit as well. John: [14:22] I am or was yours and time stuff. Kenric: [14:23] Yeah so but, but let's talk about these characters a little bit green arrow cup of course is oliver queen he's a rich boy and he fights crime the story that they tell on the tv show, is more in line with what grell that in the in the eighties right. John: [14:44] In the long waters has very much into that rate you could win seattle all of the grout gotta go is fortune which they kinda did on the show but kinda dot, but actually to step back a step or because i just i to solve this is super interesting to talk about more wiser and torque pattern what a doll state on, i had a roses but more twice a year created super casual shoes super girl couple super dark the phantom zone the slot of the cant or the legion of super heroes and various types of kryptonite. Kenric: [15:13] Wow they go various types of kryptonite that's kinda funny but super girl at school and about crypto but super a for sure. John: [15:20] Just got off a man you know johnny quick but it did tell us to forget yeah. Kenric: [15:24] Don't quit they go to a quick was cool man age to watch this car to. John: [15:30] To one of our not not twenty classed jenny quick. Kenric: [15:32] Does the johnny quest now damn it. John: [15:35] Yeah i don't got that anyway i've i've always i've always just like talk i am leaving the movies and his will and character. Kenric: [15:42] What what why don't you a cock i mean what is it. John: [15:45] Because he's just green arrow purple. Kenric: [15:47] He's not go there both robin hood you can't even say that that's all bullshit do that is. John: [15:52] Now dinner now. Kenric: [15:54] On and on and now it's bullshit hey have any care to be archers because green arrow had that what the fuck is that. John: [16:00] No that's not what i'm saying what i'm saying is they're the same character because they both me the both live there life of trick arrows right. Kenric: [16:08] So that's nothing that's what that takes that takes imagination. John: [16:13] No try. Kenric: [16:14] No come on man we do is it you believe that that you always the, i told respect that i shouldn't give you to much shit for that but in my mind i just think is bullshit cuz they're both even though using tricare owes whatever they're both fucking robin hood and it's like who cares and again and jeremy renner did. John: [16:32] Fucking rob have get don't the only both rotten because he is below narrows it only that's only kidding factor two am. Kenric: [16:36] Yeah well you sure they're all am as if their women you we would say all they're just amazon. John: [16:42] What is a there's all amazons are we now i don't. Kenric: [16:46] If they're women archers you could compare them to amazon's because the amazons were known women archers they would actually cut off their breast on their dominant side so that they could have more speed and power coming out of their arrows. John: [17:01] Yeah but i wouldn't compare malta amazon's. Kenric: [17:04] I would be like well i'm just say that's what debt in my mind on artist or writer that came up with a character who happens to be a female archer would probably have the amazons in mind when they develop that character just like, why can birds are white and burn. John: [17:20] Yeah roger was injure. Kenric: [17:23] I said your obviously had robin hood and his head when he made all over queen, with some caveats but actually green arrow in robin hood are very similar both rich both fight crime the only thing is robin hood's tagline easy gives you steal from the rich and give to the poor, but order queen's is rich in fights crime, to me it's i don't know man the book the all the all three characters to be are basically the same character just a little bit for uniforms, i think all the queen's written better now he's more fun and they got don't do the freaking boxing glove arrow anymore. John: [18:03] Whenever possible with the best. Kenric: [18:05] Shut the fuck. John: [18:07] Have you heard have you read injustice gods among us with when harley quinn as to why he has a bosch whoever. Kenric: [18:13] He had or had and just as. John: [18:15] Two in one you have or injustice you need to fucking read it's one of. Kenric: [18:18] I keep hearing. John: [18:19] Ec will stories you've ever i'm gonna read about the response he gives are is sometimes use wanna punch them in the face really far away. Kenric: [18:26] That's great that's a great lied but still as gentle as to corny for me do dad that right there's that's the reason like i don't like, what's his name how jordan. John: [18:40] Good. Kenric: [18:41] The green lantern like of just the lantern part was escaping me that's the reason that i can't stand the construct, you know summers phone from the sky the create a huge baseball mitt it just drives me nuts i just for it's the area i can suspend my belief to so much you're a mean and adjust for some reason that one gets me, well out of does your like okay. John: [19:04] I mean by don't respond that does a there i guess i don't know it's it's tommy. Kenric: [19:09] You like it does be say oh how do i really enjoy it because you do. John: [19:14] I hate how toward the passion. Kenric: [19:16] Well you hey hal jordan but you like to green lantern mythos yeah i elijah others do it attitude. John: [19:20] Play i let power under your rayner well i mean what's what's good with you lenses fact that they have theirs you have your how toward our gardner john stewart kyle rayner that you the main for throughout the last whatever. Kenric: [19:32] Sway when it comes rim and i've read some stories that i really enjoyed that didn't do things like that but when he makes like a bad, you make a construct of a bed to catch somebody or baseball matters or a huge hammer i just get a it just takes me out of the story thing. John: [19:48] But if you had a ring that can make anything your will eat you will anything to come to be whatever you want to which has a fun with it. Kenric: [19:55] Yeah probably but it's the same thing wanted like if i want to japanese enemy right as soon as they do like the big eyes and that you're the one tear drop in and although that's stupid humor at a takes me i can watch and after that, i have to watch like good ones like ghost in the shell and things like that the other wants drive me nuts and that's when that's what happens i just takes me out that's on me eminem and that's the zone. John: [20:19] Hello um. Kenric: [20:21] The green are hot guys that's a weird that was a weird like whole thing about printer and huck i've been really talked. John: [20:26] Tacos about tacos about get first yeah just a black widow of their body is their of their bills first. Kenric: [20:32] With the bad guys together because there's been a lot of cartoons and in books where they've always been like close i guess the say. John: [20:38] Yeah well me the boys been waiting some ways i. Kenric: [20:43] So what is it about hock and it really bugs you besides you know he's just you know green arrow but purple. John: [20:51] All i mean mostly that's it cuz its like in the sixty's they create d marvelous treaty of budget characters and they just copied a bunch dc donot characters you know. Kenric: [21:00] Do you think that's just a direct copy me do you think they're like let's make green arrow cuz to me is really you think so cuz a part of me is like that's he's so far away. John: [21:11] Ex what are the next one on our list is probably one of the biggest titties and a half but copycat characters. Kenric: [21:16] No yeah well. John: [21:18] Then it plays right into this one hundred now. Kenric: [21:20] The every cuz to me hot guy i don't know man i a i don't think it's much of imagination to come up with a guy. John: [21:29] Oh actually the top and what black widow to dip the is for spirits because i meant. Kenric: [21:32] Oh think a couple ever yeah his very first fucking appearance. John: [21:38] Black widow was first black widow appeared five issues before him but in his first appearance she heating double black will. Kenric: [21:43] Why would my didn't black widows first appearance but she income box but she she got the same character in him. John: [21:50] Nice totally different totally different. Kenric: [21:52] I think i like it better now. John: [21:54] Yeah, order not to and that i don't think in the beginning haha used for heroes and shutting the b and he was at the back i was archer the trickles the trickles came later and mean really him in the nineties was like i mean, west coast avengers was i don't care to light that was. Kenric: [22:10] No let's cuz vendors i never read it and never adam. John: [22:14] Id id id or a couple of week i could get in for free for people not like no i don't want this. Kenric: [22:18] No matter what does take this free but please. John: [22:22] These are right in the movies with a its okay but like i sure saw that a missing infiniti or answer sir. Kenric: [22:27] I like jeremy renner. John: [22:29] Like i don't give a she was and its eyelid generator tubal like his absence from the movie. Kenric: [22:34] Yeah does but you. John: [22:36] Did did about me oz upright whatever does matter. Kenric: [22:38] Is absent in the mood you know what is funny is i didn't notice that use apps until it was like a people kept talking about it, you know there's only if you characters that you really know me cuz he's he's kind of a throwaway cared x i don't really care either way about it i'd i do like green arrow more because i think the writing of green arrow has always been, better yet his backstory is better. John: [23:03] Oh yeah it's about was be to better character. Kenric: [23:04] Yeah better yeah he's a better thought out fleshed out character so. John: [23:08] Right with his here's a thing to about hopping the movies if you removed him from all those movies, i mean what would you get if you would lose the hock i under my control the first one i guess but it would only the good is your are in millimeters. Kenric: [23:24] Yeah, you see that that's it is what it is i guess you know i don't think he's a ripoff of green arrow i i think it's it's is too much of like no shit kind of character. John: [23:39] Yeah. Kenric: [23:40] Because like robin hoods is what in isn't he will be caught with the license free zone where they call that yeah is in the public domain right, so it's like okay it's like doing some and run days really just wanna knock off of frankenstein monsters me. John: [23:57] Why is he is it basically a zombie but yeah. Kenric: [24:00] Yeah so i don't know man that's you know what that's probably song grenade why favorite characters. John: [24:08] I'd. Kenric: [24:09] Yeah i don't know why you always has been and always wanna get his first appearance but yeah it's so expensive i mean you can find for a hundred bucks but there like reader like fold in half and you know. John: [24:22] All very comings is you warranty forty four. Kenric: [24:24] Yeah it like in there staples missing in the back cover is gone or you know me north everything's attached or there's pages missing i've five five i've seen them go for like a hundred bucks but then you know for a good copies like seventeen grand right. John: [24:37] The ship will it mean here is a sold may fourteenth all my income or someone cover was incomplete so from my hundred dollars. Kenric: [24:46] Yeah see they go. John: [24:48] So good fucking like it never cheaper than a thousand. Kenric: [24:50] Exactly exact but that's the kind of conditioner founded, you know the cover that the cover was there but there's no back cover and the staples arrested and it was to and the cover itself was detached and i think there's like two or three pages missing, the still of like a hundred bucks so it's like okay but i don't want that i want one i want i don't wanna get one that's wouldn't want to get one that's on readable you know. John: [25:15] Right right was it to buy one eb right now grated at four point five for six thousand dollars. Kenric: [25:21] Yes they now it's too much it's it's it's too much for a comic book it really is. John: [25:27] I know i mean. Kenric: [25:28] Who doesn't have disposal income where that's is not a big deal. John: [25:32] Yeah i don't think i'll be there but someday maybe. Kenric: [25:34] Baby so our next one so this is get off the green arrow and hawkeye because i wanna hear johnny's rat on the next one and the next one is one of dc's most beloved characters for a very long time the flash, and marvels quicks over not a flash cannot nineteen forty with flash comics number one, and then on and that's the golden age flash which is differ than the flash everybody loves today. John: [25:59] Yes jiggered flash. Kenric: [25:59] Yes jay garrick flash and then the new the flash barry allen flash came out in yeah that was what was it called. John: [26:06] Not even the sex. Kenric: [26:10] Yeah showcase number for which i sama too long ago i think russ had one at the shop. John: [26:16] That is one of the race. Kenric: [26:17] Oh that's where thought was ace get right that's right and then quits over cannot nineteen sixty four x-men number for. John: [26:24] So crystal was created by stan lee and jack kirby obviously x-men early and. Kenric: [26:30] Yep quits or has the very classic kirby luck yeah. John: [26:34] Yes very much so and the flash drizzle particular by her lampert and carter fox if it has a fun fact for my dad passed away he end up getting original art drawing of the flash signed by garner fox hill amber. Kenric: [26:47] Why do you have it now he's. John: [26:50] Ramon has a yeah and i actually i actually have a so also coverage number for which i believe is the first step and it's for justice society of america her wrong and that was working all star comics. Kenric: [27:05] Crazy episode because we weren't really off on green or hock i will cut all over the place. John: [27:09] Yeah i mean whatever see all screws for the purchase of the society america i had they did it to dc that a reprint of that i'm loyal vision of like at special full cover whatever, i should be to copy of that signed by governor fox hey lampert and martin adele whose creator of the liner. Kenric: [27:26] Why are there still five. John: [27:28] They were leaking out there don't throttle passed on the. Kenric: [27:30] Wow that's crazy. John: [27:32] If ever tulips regulator is some great stories from our new dump site madame actually met him. Kenric: [27:35] We should do an episode agreement and make me like him. John: [27:38] Yeah well my dad have it we had we met him at market on sunday go no to in and helps padlock to to a long talk with them. Kenric: [27:44] He has a different by his green lanterns different right. John: [27:48] Barcelona is gonna is is alan scott nine inches more based on magic then on science. Kenric: [27:54] That's such an oxymoron it comes to comic books but okay. John: [27:57] What a. Kenric: [27:58] I get it i get objects is it makes me laugh some thinking in my head how the powering works and you know i mean in the do all the stuff and i but i don't know enough of but don't don't don't judge me your or get down about it because i don't know enough about green lantern to justify that that statement unit mean i just think in my head is making construct of baseball mitts in what science what. John: [28:23] They're so to back to flush bricks over this is one of my this is one of my biggest ones ever of the ninety's. Kenric: [28:29] Hey will look real quick that's the last cameraman sixteen captured in the top of the. John: [28:35] Maybe we'll see some. Kenric: [28:37] So flashing quicks overdue and what are your thoughts. John: [28:40] Thoughts are so it before we do to our universe you could have more than one card had the same superpower which i completely agree and i get but when you take, is the matter of, flashes iconic character you know they me read been stamp with site with cora what science in the six in the fifties to be your very own the scientist lightning. Kenric: [28:58] Lightning plus chemicals equals flash. John: [29:00] Assholes do all the shit whatever and he became the made the speed force on her stuff and then it felt like when i was a kid reading a bunch of these compost learning learning about the storage contents of the kit drying out, i keep seeing in, all this charger kinda by dc or by national particles or whatever in the forties fifties and sixties and in the sixties i would see marvel having the secondary characters that were just like okay we got on fast to we got the arrows well we need a big i does this mean god is this and there's like, take pieces from the dc pulled and age and rename am reconstruct i'm back at and keep the power that's very similar and it is it not the shadow me know i, you know you can have curators run the same speed elves will be speech that's funny i cake i to get it just annoys the center because like. Kenric: [29:45] So i get what you're saying my thought processes is not a unique enough power set that is so imaginative that you'd be like that's a tough that's a blatant rip-off you know i mean, and quicks over is not the flash is not as fast as the flash in my mind i don't think it could be. John: [30:08] Till tomorrow fam was fun are you all the time. Kenric: [30:10] This is stupid because it one barry allen's like one of the smartest people in the universe and two he's you know he can travel time running quicksilver can't do that so that that arguements move right. John: [30:24] Well he's done that the comics and last fifteen years at they are so they may quits over super fast in the comments last twenty. Kenric: [30:30] Thing is is like but having a speedster, to me isn't so much so like oh my god maybe if their turn to take things and making you more on the level of the flash then it starts to become like will you guys are kinda being do she about it unity mean you're you're kind of doing this but it doesn't bother me because the quick service system you can any run really fast is white yeah quick source is immune. John: [30:54] Izzy to the rec on that. Kenric: [30:56] Now you isn't he still magneto son. John: [30:59] No direct connection with the loss rights that with that would mother lost the extent of. Kenric: [31:02] Oh to go back. John: [31:03] Are they working aback the wreck on the show that name age where he's no longer view and he was a science experiment and that the whole ruse of my knee to make a knitted not talking and he was wrong they made a big red hot all that shit like i'm after they put kicks over age wash arm, two years before that day but can't have direction him and want to be in your. Kenric: [31:21] And what the quicksilver in the x-men franchise for sony or for fox, but yeah he's a newton and he's awesome back i did a great job that whole wash it that whole scene where they're going to break out was it charles or who they breaking out of the manual, the brake and i need a out of the present any does that holds running thing in the in the kitchen, that was genius and it was like why didn't dc do some like that with the flash in the justice league movie. John: [31:52] Bri it was so only if the if they did that they are the ball there's unscented and that's the problem with this the promises he was to always like david that addition the comics like. Kenric: [32:02] Step behind every time. John: [32:03] But there stuff behind the movies like yo model today knows their fan has a job now if they do dark side of like you discovery marble elderly to come on. Kenric: [32:10] All do does that you know what i just watched i don't get off of a tangent here but i just watched justice league war of the cartoon, oh my god i have seen it a few before thought when it first came out and i've seen it you know, and in just her dc animated stuff i love it and it's kinda my lullaby right i think the sleep i put on like a dc animated movie and then and either a watch the whole thing or i fall asleep because you now, to but i tune it out or twitter you guys go check out the if you're so inclined go find it, but it was just that moment when you're watching justice league war and you come to realize asian that wonder woman is the greatest one on one fighter in the dc universe. John: [32:53] Yeah she sold in the movie. Kenric: [32:54] All but she really is probably the best pound for pound fighter gemini build a beat every single character in the dc universe but, she's definitely give her six mens powers how unstoppable would she be. John: [33:08] Do and she almost has seven inches almost started ran use almost go with as a man. Kenric: [33:11] Yeah so it's crazy but as its i don't know why i just sorry ads it just came to me because your top were talking about the dc movies and flashed so are they gonna do the flash movie what's this this brings back around. John: [33:25] So there to it with the other during fights point of the movie yeah i'm in the morning outside but if lasik three directors on any of loss of writer and who who knows. Kenric: [33:33] Yes was wondering if they if they're pulling at me all commands coming out bad girls in limbo the job. John: [33:37] Fuckers on the back of the happened i doubt it. Kenric: [33:42] Av really looking forward to that one at it and you know it is what it is. John: [33:47] Is what it is i mean i have several foster your i really kinda want them just like you go to flash point reboot everything current and start over to write, don't rush to justice lee you don't get there with fucking cyborg and out supply for half of the make an actual justice league movie and make the fans happy. Kenric: [34:05] Yeah if you did flash point you can still keep wonder woman in can in and just start her right before justus lee happens yeah i'm either doing one on a nineteen eighty four was gonna be amazing. John: [34:16] The ocean to rickroll i'm wondering how to get how they're gonna get steve trevor an apple for find out. Kenric: [34:22] Them so this is been a weird episode where where we've gone off, topic because one you know we start talking about complicated as the for us to stray to other things because it all can leads to other places but when we talk about flashing quicks over obviously the same obviously there there you know, there's probably is a lot of levity to what johnny saying of them stealing some shit from flash for quicks over i don't know that it's, no it takes a quick lever on the same level slash. John: [34:55] When i eat now i nobody knows are shipwright had over the years i've had lots of conversations with people who are more what i hard to argue that the quicksilver stronger faster and it is way better than the flashing like. Kenric: [35:07] That's just but they may be just to push your buttons because they know you're such a dc fan. John: [35:11] No they're not there they're legit there that's how they think they dose it things they want to not buy these things out as i was just about to warm up re dc vs marvel the flash kicks his ass and sales people at the same time so go for it. Kenric: [35:24] Yeah i don't think that's you know i don't have any of the comic books so you you can always argue a point for the character that you love is better than another character and you can find reasons to get to that point, but let's just take it to the level of who came first who has a better back story who's written better and who looks cooler and all comes down to the flash anyways so what you know that's that arguments that i'm a marvel fanboy love marvel stuff i grew up reading marvel more than i ever did dc but you can't, that uses certain characters are iconic that you can't say ones better than the other, except when you're dealing with the flash is not a speedster and there's tons of features quicksilver isn't the only one. John: [36:10] Nah there's a lot of the. Kenric: [36:11] Yeah it does not one sp easter that is better than the flash it's like. John: [36:17] Now that very on plus and we should know that very on fight was created by robert can enter and tell me thirty now. Kenric: [36:23] Nice and who in quick source cream via. John: [36:25] Stanley injector. Kenric: [36:26] That's right that's o the barry allen flash which is the one everybody loves. John: [36:30] Yeah what. Kenric: [36:32] But is a kid flash. John: [36:34] So what the west so it his from a lot of those one all the reflective here okay so i go over his fighters jager he was flash from nineteen forty to fifty one right and then he came back and six to one in a crossover of and the flash of two worlds with berry alright but very own burley always flash from nineteen fifty six to nineteen eighty five right, so what i should read comics berry always dead, cuz barry allen died in christ similar crisis i'mma nurse right son christ himself to save the universe and so. Kenric: [37:04] And they was dead for a while. John: [37:07] He was dead into and talk to doesn't eight. Kenric: [37:10] Why out but that's so that that kinda tells how papa bear and was because i never knew anybody else was the flash to for very own. John: [37:16] But wally west with the flash from nt eighty six all the way through intel pretty much pretty much intel five point, cuz flash point was what brought flash we oppression per blows back to flow to begin flush was what made birdie on back to be the flash full-time flash right so. Kenric: [37:32] Has a mouth full. John: [37:34] Write it when it when i when i was going over the top works like wally west was the flash you know and, back to power ranger was ryder was green lantern, and that was those were the two i grew up with and the other about barry allen and and how to and later so i grew up in it also proper tim drake robin knots dick grayson robin, or doesn't todd because tim drake from has on robin sees the nineties for of like hundred sixty issues, yeah so it i grew up with all these little later see this is why i'm so i love lisa cakes because the kids i grew pretty uber all lisa characters you know. Kenric: [38:13] All the cares you rep re were legacy characters like you you get there ten dreck a legacy character. John: [38:18] Absolutely his he came after do some taught and after decrease and and red robin. Kenric: [38:23] I think i'm mixing it up what do you mean by legacy care text three. John: [38:26] The title of rob is a legacy the it that had the. Kenric: [38:29] Oh gotcha gotcha gotcha yeah i get what you're saying yeah that is kind of a cool thing. John: [38:34] Yeah so this distributors are in a lot where all you know passed on titles of the chapters aloud about there being i was new to decrease is night wing and now is not be apparently on was dead and how to and went crazy import book co city and, then they by the battery two thousand supposes within for me and say they don't have your wallet was is now come back to the compost and tim traits like forgot about his red robin ready to ship normally to pick was awesome. Kenric: [38:59] The third was great. John: [39:02] Right so it just its its inception they did that mike guy mr poppers popping up the the of the cutting deck for a long ass time and prada batteries still popular. Kenric: [39:09] Yeah this is more proper noun any has been for a really really long time i still think grant gustin is is is the flash for me. John: [39:21] Yeah i love gay guys newsflash. Kenric: [39:23] I just have the other guy did great he was one of the best things about the justly movie yeah. John: [39:29] Get me his the week and he was great the way he acted was very non dairy on whose whose very much more apart al are or why the last. Kenric: [39:36] Right right just the comedic interlude. John: [39:38] Yeah a meeting with gold to me that's more part al which is very aunts grandson and great guys from the future whose impulsively becomes give flash comes flashing sputnik it flash but. Kenric: [39:47] Be quick source is that they're going i can't even keep up. John: [39:53] Exactly game cuba flashes three flushes. Kenric: [39:56] Alright similar to this we both live last better let's move on because we, forever this next one's really interesting cuz kevin joseph give us some insight when he was on our show and that is the man thing and swamp thing not a man thing came out in nineteen seventy one may of nineteen seventy one and savage tales number one, in three months later in july of nineteen seventy one and house you could number ninety two swapping. John: [40:23] Now man thing was created by stan lee way thomas jerry conway and grey tomorrow so as for crater storm. Kenric: [40:31] Yep this for creators but roy thomas i believe was the main guy that came up with the whole concept everything. John: [40:38] I if like i don't know. Kenric: [40:40] Glad i could be wrong judge. John: [40:42] I don't know what i don't what kevin told us so will beat lab so dumb below backless know what kevin told us but it's is it was what it was not stanley is one of the. Kenric: [40:50] Who is at that was wrong ray thomas and lynn wine lived together. John: [40:55] Some like that yeah. Kenric: [40:56] Yeah i'll is it written who okay who created man thing again. John: [41:01] Stanley way thomas gary conway or jerry conway was gr y and gravy and cream are all. Kenric: [41:07] Okay so is it gerry conway and in line to the new mac keyboard sucks okay okay here it here it is it doesn't really matter because. John: [41:21] It was laying wide and gary come with the together a. Kenric: [41:23] Yeah i think so so i think it's gary or gerry conway and than wine or is you to roy thomas and then when somebody live with when white this is put that way. John: [41:32] I hate. Kenric: [41:32] It was a stanley on the marvel side, and the cool thing is is min wine very famously proper concept of swamp thing and then create it with one of my favorite artists of all time. John: [41:46] Good. Kenric: [41:46] Yeah pretty writing rest in peace because the man. John: [41:50] Yeah meant amazing. Kenric: [41:51] Yeah there is i don't think you could have a better artist, now but roy times did gary conley them know it's one of those guys lipsman wine they both independently came up with these characters that are very similar. John: [42:08] It was gary come live with them. Kenric: [42:09] Yeah and it was kinda funny be you know and i believe them when they say they didn't look at each other's work they didn't know that the other one was creating what they were creating until the basic amounted to seventy one. John: [42:22] Here's a quote from one when talking about it and just made says gary i thought that unconscious the the or just whatever one was a bit too some of the orginal man thing a year how are your your nap earlier were those of a talker time around marvel of legal action but, it was everly pursuit i don't know of any letters, are any letters ever change hands you mar twenty c what happens to tuition over the salt and one orginally figured with accident jay was a roommate with lan, at the time and tried to talk me the changes on things origin lindens is similarities so, he went ahead with it with what he was going to do with you caters first office of that same origin so i didn't make much difference anyway. Kenric: [43:01] What's the surf interesting. John: [43:03] Yeah so is like a kind of win both ways. Kenric: [43:07] I could've gone either way sounds. John: [43:08] So that was that that was where thomas said that not not when wings were thomas at the. Kenric: [43:12] Yeah yes i mean so that's very much a marvel heavy sided way of thinking about it they did come out months from each other not a year. John: [43:20] Three months yeah. Kenric: [43:21] Yeah so in it you. John: [43:23] While so it would when using the swapping number one was a bit too or the man thing you never does what think a first-rate in in house sitters not swapping one, so it's like at six came out there there was later in the month for that was meant thing and then the your half later salt and one came out now we have it said you couldn't talk him sides those two there's actually seven different something to that. Kenric: [43:46] Good. John: [43:48] Yeah there's alex olson prevail in one body rights and there's alcohol and clear by then why do birds right be right and there's albert hall ever color you by alan moore and stand watch there's taffy holland. Kenric: [44:01] I understand that he's a legacy character. John: [44:04] Kind of it effect a mental zombies pass down, the whole entre to buy double wheeler and pat broderick allen hallman by don't within my hoffman air and how i can buy a john jay you mobile both boost immunity h move, and then to fucking long leans calibrate a eight rogers cry by scott snyder and yeah nick pack wait what system dav nifty swapping which is really fucking good. Kenric: [44:29] No really check it out. John: [44:31] Yeah so those are all of the reese one thing so that are in the same characters i mean. Kenric: [44:37] In this similar and. John: [44:39] Very different. Kenric: [44:40] Alan moore canada bro the definitive swamp thing in a lot of people's minds even know. John: [44:45] That's so good. Kenric: [44:46] Yeah it's really good it's it's this is where to say this is very shakespearean a lot of ways it really is this is. John: [44:53] You if they for a monster cults one thing you get is weird bike disgusting monster tells that you don't get these are really intricate stories. Kenric: [45:00] Yeah cuz it's really about this the the suffering, and coming to terms what and who you are and the things that have to happen it's no and there's a love and lost and it's it's very very intricate and it's probably some of his best writing, that i think he's done i mean because i'm i'd like to watch men as a whole but i'm not here i'm not like a watchman fanatic by any stretch of imagination i could care less, and we and we both feel the same way about the killing took were both like man you know of. John: [45:34] This is his whopping service is some of the best. Kenric: [45:36] But his yeah is swapping stuff is ridiculous i have almost all of the alan moore run on there that's where you at you get introduced constantine who has you know i mean i have a lot of favorites but he really is one of my absolute favorites you know. John: [45:52] He's fucking dope is cool. Kenric: [45:52] Yeah yeah i mean i'm not kidding when i think of salmon slam is constantine on steroids and it just makes me even love it even more you know, if you know if you've had if you get a chance stop with your cadre you know for a fact that that's tennyson is all richard is no outside influences yeah yeah this is really cool me there's also. John: [46:14] He is he is stark. Kenric: [46:16] Does he is an eclectic reader in and move water movie so you now it all a part of it but, did it's amazing stuff and alan moore gave us constantine so for that i will always be thing for you know. John: [46:31] Absolutely not read like scott saunders right its all about the green and the earth and again there's those are like the torments of their two with he and he adds on his and it is he kiev was the elements to it that just just makes it so intern so many governments got founders did she runs probably one am one of my favorite books that can i have fifty cc fifty two, so just talk about how you gonna unit you give me all your kindness afraid someday. Kenric: [46:56] Sure give you all my converts. John: [46:58] Yeah alright so i think we're done was sloppy and man thing i think they are similar in their birth but, i know this is ugly enough this is a very dc heavy episode as far as what yours and my favorite caters be of all these battles or matchups right cuz like i would say it's clear that's one thing we both like way more than man thing. Kenric: [47:20] Yeah man things first we both really love swapping more because again sometimes look, i hate you and her we us said about the flash, now if we went through forty years the flash but it was never written very well and then make and then marking of quicks over and you're just like blown away about the writing the back story and everything else that happened well then that's what happens unity mean and then all of that you could takes over better but that's not what happen, in this situation it's only a couple months apart but you have somebody like bernie of rights and working in lynn white men white is no fucking slouch man that guy's an amazing writer. John: [47:58] Fucking fucking walgreens. Kenric: [47:59] Yeah so, you know would you have two amazing people in their prine writing something methods of santa chance in man things ca boring anyways you know so. John: [48:11] Right mother never did mama did much with him to actually have, what amount has been lynn white amber license when office wanting to use with his great things and then, made things kind of fill out and need to bring back here there the to slot and bring back and he company shows up uses up and every now and then but it's like who do you think you really think of, something thing something. Kenric: [48:34] Something thing you not notice a man thing me and the name is not as cool there's just too much that is all about one thing so they go similar. John: [48:43] So yeah similar but something's better, and the last one i think is actually part of your short conversation because it's just on here because i saw on the website of of them being compared to be in similar and i'll be completely honest i don't know who the barber character is i'd ever heard of them and heard about everett m. Kenric: [49:02] I think with who it is i'll let you do the introductions. John: [49:06] Not so on the the dc side it's, superman sucks it's kind of funny how we do this list because we started in episode one their first match of being batman moon knight and we're ending our last one here three with superman and hyperion tomorrow comics now, there are a lot of other characters that you can compare to superman but when i was looking stuff up i don't want to book comparing hyperion soup man's be in the most similar in, powers in order to stuff like that and him being basely are a ripoff of superman now superman first appeared action comics and one nineteen thirty nine and hyperion first appeared and i've been just over sixty nine from october, of nineteen sixty nine now them it was created by roy thomas and sub sila and super was created by jerry siegel and joe shuster, ends. Kenric: [49:58] Play hood who would it. John: [50:00] Who the suppress. Kenric: [50:01] No i got it on my period. John: [50:04] Out of some master cylinder sister let happy was right thomas is obviously more alright so hyperion i'd only do it in about am honestly i'm hoping you know umar wasn't. Kenric: [50:13] No no not real, because he's not a very popular character i can tell you rather wikipedia who appears name with of a number of fictional characters number people that been appearing in american comic books published by marvel comics is right after wikipedia because we both don't know you know it's kinda funny that we chose this just out of you saying only has been locked of of compared to two. John: [50:36] Write me i've heard the church before cuz he's part of squad is supreme which i kinda little bit but it's not a mean. Kenric: [50:43] The original hyperion is debuting the vendors number sixty nine mccormick to six tonight create a writer roy thomas and solver sheila, subsequently marble introduce pairs of virgin appear in which rationing in a different dimension of the marvel dc multiverse was seven distinct verge they care to date three surveillance belong to the team squadron sinister, another building with greater power levels and all the others to heroes and alternate universes and is on the fight clone the first hyperion zip ron, this might be where it's coming was a member of search squad and says your god by the cosmic grand master to fight against a team of vendors god by the time traveling kang group later return to the fight, the defenders with the alien everyone crafting additional super powers original appearing later learned that he's a duplicate version of her period of or seven twelve i think or six one six is our earth. John: [51:37] Civilizations marketers yeah. Kenric: [51:38] I created by the grand master for a while he rejected or someone to virgin vault we dies fighting gets or seven one two i piri and he didn't happen later purchased live, the latest quadrant sinister but is defeated by them the thunderbolts i you know who the thunderbolts are. John: [51:54] There is a team of super heroes. Kenric: [51:57] Yeah in two thousand three marvel launch supreme power and you take on this super squad supreme universe doesn't it or three one nine one six which i don't get their numbering of earth but whenever. John: [52:08] Other than ever saw me at the end of the. Kenric: [52:10] Just to earth one earth to but i get. John: [52:11] Oh weird there's will let that that's that's a dc does dc does one to three slow had some. Kenric: [52:16] Why why do all this weird shit. John: [52:18] Could it be different. Kenric: [52:18] We're hiring an alien baby there you go, or three one nine one six where it it is an alien baby center or from a dying planet the orginal years that a superman by here piranhas fine and raised by united states government to be us, operative he later turns on the government help stubs or three one nine one six first superhero team it appears as though this were the pin was killed during marbles twenty fifteen c or storyline, others versions of our payment sent over the years including the vastly powerful king hyperion from an alternate universe is on the virgin that shows up on earth six one six, and alternate reality hyper the first joined the vendors and they became member of the six one six version of scotch and squadron supreme in fahrenheit hand that let a portion of potter world during secret wars fighting and several other virgin the squad screen squadron sinister so i guess the where they get to be similar is the. John: [53:12] Prejudice that three one two three one nine one six one yeah i guess i mean. Kenric: [53:17] As i don't know his power set here go powers and abilities all virgin appearing possess superhuman strength stamina speed durability flight, like that names like ninety nine percent of the super heroes everywhere ink few cases powerful breath there there's your superman i'm also has greatly enhanced sensory perception superman which until to see the entire electromagnetic spectrum superman i are you be vision radio hearing radar superman and atomic vision of years that but he doesn't need a, the ex the equal x-ray vision okay superman the her arc seven one two virgin happen also disability use cosmic energy to admit his life for spring in great wanted, one chevy and regenerative abilities courtesy of his internal heritage, king hyperion has vast healing abilities and can regenerate unit has bodies bonaparte giving it a sufficient amount of time most of the versions of happier is, powers and vitality are diminished when exposed to agra night radiation hulu superman kryptonite yet. John: [54:19] Tonight at the local tonight. Kenric: [54:21] The sinner someone to appear and also has a college degree in journalism. John: [54:25] Hello superman. Kenric: [54:26] Wow so the powers abilities totally chose you that yeah he's pretty much rip up but it sounds like they don't taken too seriously, died he's been a lot other things it really just might be right thomas and selby shima kind of and omar steve steve madden in the influence that's rickman tad. John: [54:45] Yeah cat was united have a can of it on here and there to help. Kenric: [54:48] Yeah yeah i mean i don't know i'm does that one hmm what to hearing that how do you feel about that one. John: [54:56] I'm so i the to lie me clearly they took a lot of things from superman to me character agree the power bill is like you basically just took all those who meant have treatable little bit and made another character mean if you look at them, cassell that the picture was pretty he looks more like sam right. Kenric: [55:13] Ways blonde hair he's got that classic jazz old job with that with the cleft chin. John: [55:20] Is a regular cos you colleges am doesn't. Kenric: [55:23] Yeah he does look more like sammy's got the go go gluten cup woodridge call. John: [55:28] Those are the surplus apparently so apparently. Kenric: [55:30] Yeah pirate boots yeah there's a pirate boots that's kinda funny. John: [55:34] But i think we can clearly state that the better character here's a grand. Kenric: [55:38] I know it's hard hearing all the way. John: [55:40] The fuck you. Kenric: [55:41] A good year meds in. John: [55:44] Yeah pri and fan boy friend. Kenric: [55:44] Bro serious load of that arguing that why hyperion such a better character than superman. John: [55:49] Okay despite the spice of the other who have loves hyper as a researcher you know. Kenric: [55:53] Hey man i just the fact that you're reading and enjoying this medium i'm happy, i really have an egg and it's true with any of these characters i don't care if you like bumble bee over the wasp or hot man over angel or black out of work. John: [56:08] Yeah or whatever. Kenric: [56:10] Woman whatever you wanna join hacks over punisher, luxury cuz these cops are here to be fun and that's what they're there all about me i told you i get out of my head when ac green lantern do all this weird stuff and i know i said i wouldn't mention again but, it doesn't really matter right and and. John: [56:28] Now that comes. Kenric: [56:28] If you love it then may god keep reading those and have fun with. John: [56:34] And ultimately it hinder his on and this way i mean we will out the hoodie to go to much on a sick man because he taught wassup man so much on the show before and we can if you cars went to a long way gone to my period overtime you can clearly see there's differences in the characters but his main powers of the characters bit is based on. Kenric: [56:50] Yeah we did go a long way that this because we both know. John: [56:54] But here's his for want i want in this first set of three so i can do some i'm sure gonna do more on the road but i want it on this is, it doesn't matter if it's your security like in first or second, it is a matter of security like is very summer to another character all that matters is the church's you read have summers are behind them and you enjoy them at all matters because, in reality all characters are based on something else anyways they're gonna come from somewhere, is a mazda where you take them and what you do with them down the road because you can we can keep you take any character and at the risk comparison the us and see how they're rip-off of of this above of that you will see soup meant or office amps and you know, from the bible what average water will. Kenric: [57:33] Could say that you got me you could say that he was very much influenced by samson or hercules or any of that. John: [57:38] Yeah exactly so up yeah exactly you quit those any where you want to our hope we hear sky have some fun with it debated a little bit zero six zero is faulty and. Kenric: [57:48] And see how mad i can get joining me. John: [57:50] What is freezes but just just hospitable and i'm mad. Kenric: [57:52] Will you agree they're not i got to a. John: [57:58] Yes but i've been. Kenric: [57:59] A little you a. John: [58:04] We have a will he died says matter. Kenric: [58:06] Yeah right he's done around the to anything. John: [58:08] To visit yes but i just what to see what happened is coming out on holland. Kenric: [58:11] No weapon. John: [58:12] So clearly was stays right where tom on has it has a to z to leak things right ants, he had people out answer and videos like hey guys impurities comic on, i have no the thing i can tell you bro way lisa talking spider movie to me i died in the last movie but i got a script for the new movie hold up i pad with that with the black images of spider man far from home. Kenric: [58:34] Oh no. John: [58:34] Child yeah and i'm in the state he is a was an accident but i mean clearly it was plant right because the release the release the name on the next day officially all and that the official tile for that so we cluley was planned, there's gotta for that happened is comic on. Kenric: [58:49] But it is covered in our home town which is really cool. John: [58:51] Yeah yeah yeah so i think that the show man. Kenric: [58:56] He if that's too weird like what but yeah that's that's chipotle at. John: [59:02] This whole thing's been reset with. Kenric: [59:04] Oh weird apis so we had to so i don't know and this ones get released cuz we can you know. John: [59:10] Of those with with we've already said this is coming on on monday july second voice of and be in the show. Kenric: [59:15] So our last episode for this when we have a lot of like this isn't europe slowed, so this isn't weird episode like it's funny it's a lot of the i love episodes they get like this though because it's a lot of fun because we go off we talk about the stuff but we bring it back and the reason that the happens because we're dealing with comic books and that's where you gonna get the most of these types at these type of episodes, because we just it's hard for us to shut up. John: [59:39] I know right right. Kenric: [59:40] The go alright guys that is the show, don't forget we're available everywhere podcasts are heard and you can also cs, talk with us communicate with us we're at. John: [59:56] Well adidas ones to enter to spoilers for country where on that all day long, you can email us at export country juma dot com his of on facebook on twitter to search for sport country you could give us a call at seven oh seven six five six twenty eighty little voice mail in order to some of those someday, again that number is seven seven six five six twenty eighty and you can mm, does google search us to find a cigarette se pot dot net and read some action step usually lately with putting, transcripts on results of your website just hitting the bars as read more of the transcript and you can hear what a computer thanks for saying sometimes it's not appropriate. Kenric: [1:00:32] Yeah it's the just the caviar if there's anything that is widely inappropriate obviously if you can hear us you know that's not you know what we're saying, you know. John: [1:00:43] But it's fine. Kenric: [1:00:43] The computer that actually does the transcription we use eighth we use a free service that's probably why it. John: [1:00:50] The computer the races to sell. Kenric: [1:00:51] Yeah sometimes computer is inherently racist or something going on and or sometimes it's just completely offered like why its when it went so you close to that of what we're saying but it's kinda funny so is the little. John: [1:01:04] We both collect them as as well as we catch something really bad and there but mostly just let as is your body kinda funny to take like a do a ten minute segment or something burning through that went through that and in which to breed rebate on ss. Kenric: [1:01:17] Get well week would be funny is to take when the episodes and just cut out like look at the transcripts it only cuz widely not what we said it all, and then like play the audio what we said and then read with the transcript the same. John: [1:01:29] Okay on the beetle or. Kenric: [1:01:30] You know any means asus cuz sorry it just like of sends a to ks ar is just its ridiculous its like what's up. John: [1:01:38] That's not even close to what we said he could me. Kenric: [1:01:40] Thing is though we're out of here don't forget open them in read more though so. John: [1:01:46] Seeya do the abba so would the not go how i planned but think of the common good. Kenric: [1:01:50] I love that it wasn't solar is okay stop. John: [1:01:54] I'd. [/bg_collapse]

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