July 16, 2018


Ant-Man and the Wasp!

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Kenric Regan John Horsley
Ant-Man and the Wasp!
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Ant-Man and the Wasp!

Jul 16 2018 | 00:47:15


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Ant-Man and the Wasp!

The second installment in the tiny franchise about a guy who loves ants. I never thought I would like a wasp, they are even hate machines but the Marvel hero Wasp is anything but. Actually...if you are on the opposing side to her, she's probably pretty much exactly what one thinks a wasp to be. We sit down, or rather hide in a shed, to discuss this movie, the greater MCU and Bring it On!. Don't forget, on our website you can see a full transcript of this episode!

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by a robot [bg_collapse view="button-blue" color="#4a4949" expand_text="Show More" collapse_text="Show Less" ] Kenric: [0:00] Alright Horsley and today on the show it's man and the wasp. John: [0:11] Yeah it is and if it's very fitting we're doing this episode how we're doing it because I'm currently standing in the shed probably full of ants and possibly watched. Kenric: [0:18] You in your shit that's commitment man rate. John: [0:20] Did episode right I'm committed to the bit. Kenric: [0:25] You're right it's kind of funny too because we have a lot of stuff in the banks of the last couple episodes were ones that we actually record, weeks before so this is the first time but yeah we have recording allow is the first time in like two weeks which is really really weird. John: [0:39] I was telling kiddos and I'm itching I'm admitting to record haven't done me to act like we're not doing anything you know where they're releasing stuff it's like nothing new cuz we're also preparing for San Diego, yeah Pepper for San Diego. Kenric: [0:57] Well yeah i agree with to a point we went through a phase there will recording like every other day. John: [1:03] I know I miss that face I like that face. Kenric: [1:06] Well you know life gets in the way. John: [1:07] I know stupid life. Kenric: [1:09] Stupid life i love you life going about it. John: [1:13] I love life but you get in the way of me being a full-time podcast with that and having to pay bills. Kenric: [1:17] Right right exactly today like if it wasn't for the ultra geekiness in me I'd probably cancel going to San Diego just because of life. John: [1:30] Right there's too much going on but it's already paid for so let's go. Kenric: [1:35] Crazy so at man and the wasp. John: [1:37] What we do announcements first man you're forgetting took so long. Kenric: [1:41] It's been awhile yeah. John: [1:42] So now it's obviously in San Diego this week cuz I'm sure side I feeling this going to come out before San Diego. Kenric: [1:50] Try to come out Monday. John: [1:51] Monday is Monday's today and will be in San Diego this week in San Diego from Comic-Con we got a bunch of great interviews lined up I got a bunch of like geeky s*** lined up and and then see what happens. Kenric: [2:06] Yeah we'll see we'll just play it by ear see what happens like we have some things lined up but it's going to be a lot of fun we're going to see some people that we know that have become friends over the last year so this is going to be cool. John: [2:20] Right. I'll return the count counts to me. Kenric: [2:22] Return to Comic-Con yep the Comic-Con Strikes Back. John: [2:24] And I think that's all that's that's our last time that's all that's our last one for the most for the year I think I lost my next one with Jet City which is the end of the year. Kenric: [2:33] Rent rent can. John: [2:35] When trying to be cool. Kenric: [2:39] Just a little kind that could. John: [2:41] Right. Kenric: [2:44] Yeah it is notice it dig they get some some cool stuff there and they have like they have the last time I went they had a huge room full of toys you know. John: [2:53] That's awesome that's all. Kenric: [2:55] I bought a pinball machine that I had when I was a little kid like a little toy pinball machine and I instantly regret it once I got outside because I was just all nostalgic, no no just sits in my room and have no idea what to do with it i'm like i need to get rid of this thing. John: [3:09] I thought you said you said the same thing on the episode last year when you bought it. Kenric: [3:12] Probably probably you know. John: [3:15] It is one ounce on this episode you have you have you planter coming up or. Kenric: [3:20] This month the first episode of what we do for a living comes out so that'll be, exciting so we do I have the trailers out now if you're if you're so inclined to go check it out early trailer since we talked about what the shows going to be about and then, yeah the first episode which is going to actually it's going to highlight John actually so that'll be a lot. John: [3:40] I like me and that's not why i'm excited for me excited for this to be a cool show but i'm also more excited as i am to be on a two for one of us are. Kenric: [3:45] It should be fun it's going to be an interesting, we should have some interesting gas and some infant dichotomies happening and I'm excited I think it's going to be a lot of fun. John: [3:59] I think so to i really believe it's gonna be good show with all show. Kenric: [4:03] So Ant-Man and the wasp. John: [4:05] Man lost get me the watch so first let's unanswered question if we're going to this what you think of the first and then movie. Kenric: [4:12] And i love that paul wrote yeah i did paul rudd like we like i'm a big paul rudd fan already you know. John: [4:19] Add me tear used. Kenric: [4:20] Makes me laugh so they are in km gonna go watch this cuz i'd i didn't know what to expect you know i mean like i couldn't see him doing action not like that. John: [4:31] To be a superhero you know. Kenric: [4:32] Yeah yeah i been going to watch it i was like holy crap this guys amazing in many got into incredible shape to do that roll. John: [4:39] Oh I know Jesus Christ. Kenric: [4:41] So it was like okay so this guy he's perfect. John: [4:46] At end of the balance when him and michael douglas as hank payments be played really well to the for. Kenric: [4:51] Yeah yeah yeah yeah I like how they handled the Scott Lang and Hank Pym angle. John: [4:57] Which of those i mean i talked about it before but i was pretty irritated back when hate it when came out and mike at when came out after all tron and, Hank Pym created Ultron the comics they didn't use after the moves like what you have the right there just switch it around and you're good, ultimately I think it works out for the kind of Ultron poison to Tony's ego. Kenric: [5:15] It's it's a completely different yeah it's and it's start universe you know things are similar but things are different and that just happens to be one of the part. John: [5:24] They take inspiration from it's not you know exactly just. Kenric: [5:27] I wonder what they would say the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Chris Noth 616. John: [5:32] No I think it's earth-199999 it's like a one Fall by 45/9 is what it called. Kenric: [5:38] Really well they go which probably. John: [5:40] She had extensions got actually have a number for it. Kenric: [5:43] Yeah well they should let me because of people are saying can in that kind of fixes anybody complaining that that's not how they do it in the car book it's a different it's a total. John: [5:52] Is its own Cannon as its own Cannon. Kenric: [5:54] That's cool so when it was your number one thing that you liked about me and. John: [6:00] So i thought i need to talk i like a lot of aspects of the island i took, I would have Kaylee and it went through had company for kids with Sadie to get injected free on this one, and so we had to get on the four seats without Stern five people in, is really funny like the whole thing was hilarious right out but i think opposing opinion what what what to think or is luis is a picture frame sorry. Kenric: [6:26] Yeah I think so. John: [6:28] The whole movie I was waiting for him to go into his life story telling me like you did the first one and told the stories like that and when he went into it when he was under the truth serum that wasn't a truth serum oh my God I was I was. Kenric: [6:38] He hit right but wasn't you survive. [6:45] Think my favorite part was eventually in lily she was, she was great in the first one but haven't heard you all that action do everything she was just awesome I was like. John: [6:58] Is she was clearly more bad ass than and. Kenric: [7:01] Yeah and the girl that played ghost was really good. John: [7:05] Hannah's something. Kenric: [7:06] Yeah I love the ghost character the way they portrayed her in the in the whole setup and why she was what she was and like talking earlier today when I told you that I just got done seeing it was, there was no there's anything here cuz it's just a review but there was no real big bad. John: [7:25] Paducah obviously my passport is messed up if you want no spoilers don't listen, right there's no big bad there's no villain there's no bad guy really the bad guy or it was there was an adversary there was a problem there's a I think they had to solve but it wasn't like Ant-Man versus Ghost it was there trying to help me it was really she was trying to return to help her, smart. Kenric: [7:48] Well once that knew what was going on in but they had at bay had a goal and she had a goal they just their goals didn't align because, goals were killed the other guy at the it's kind of confusing but that's really what it is and that but once they realize 8 we could do this without doing the other than lets you know it was pretty interesting I thought it was cool I thought they pulled it off really well. John: [8:13] Basically not have a villain cuz you think how many can you name it at another superhero movies definitely have a feeling or bad guy in it. Kenric: [8:22] Yeah I know not really. John: [8:23] I like the first one the first am and how do you know jeff is the back of this one they promoted as goes as the bad guy but really it's it's not is it just like, set a thriller movie like a movie with like trying to solve a puzzle make there's more to be bought but people do you have another one of them are really bad what i'm just has a worse way of going about the whole you know. Kenric: [8:44] Yeah do you know why you love aunt nan and aunt nan and lost movies because they were directed by peyton reed. John: [8:54] I do like Peyton Reed. Kenric: [8:55] Do you know what else Peyton redirected do you know what it is. John: [8:58] Go ahead and tell us i do go ahead now i want you to come out openly a probably have on my head or foot i'm gonna try and what you do was out like an idiot now you fucked up. Kenric: [9:08] I'm not f****** it up it's me it's funny if you don't know because you like. John: [9:13] I dunno but I can't I can't think about stuff my head. Kenric: [9:16] It's something you watched a bunch of not too long ago. John: [9:19] Stop barking. Kenric: [9:21] I'm getting I'm getting flashbacks now. John: [9:29] Right right what what is it to a different on really. Kenric: [9:33] Who was the director of the original Bring It On. John: [9:35] And I know I've watched all of those movies recently. Kenric: [9:41] Switch it up up up up. John: [9:43] Direct do you know. Kenric: [9:48] Let's see let's bring up the handy dandy IMDb page. John: [9:54] Sissy you have the internet you could you could do it. Kenric: [9:56] I have the interwebs on my computer all right so Ant-Man and the WASP Ellen more or less that's a TV, to my future assistant which I don't even know what that is the Goodwin games which of the TV show and it's three episodes looks like it got cancelled right away cuz I had three episodes in 2013 and that was it, he did three episodes of new girl which was pretty funny that end of this year. John: [10:23] New girl that over damn it. Kenric: [10:25] Yeah they they they wrap it all out that they wrap up the series. John: [10:29] Oscar. Kenric: [10:30] Gregory brothers to tv movie yes man. John: [10:35] My love yes man. Kenric: [10:35] The break up in 2006. John: [10:38] He's a breakup. Kenric: [10:39] Pick up that with jennifer aniston in and what's his name you having fun. John: [10:44] Movies I like to move it the movies kinda irritating the same time. Kenric: [10:49] Yeah yeah Superchunk. John: [10:51] What's the point of yelling super chunk. Kenric: [10:54] Superchunk crowding up your visual field I don't know what that is Down With Love bad haircut TV movie the TV series 2 episodes in 2000, Bring It On in 2000 he did a bunch of heated for episodes of the Upright Citizens Brigade, yeah he he was the director of super cool Mega more versus the fat the fart monster, Mogul Mariah versus the fart monster bomb squad master dilatation, dialectician Master dialectician cyborg off of Upright Citizens Brigade that's hilarious he did free episodes of mr. Show with Bob and David, I love that show ohmygod that I love you did you ever watch that. John: [11:45] I did I did so he went from mr. Show with Bob and David to Ant-Man. Kenric: [11:49] Yeah he did the Weird Al show in the late 90s the wonderful world of Disney he did the Love Bug in 97. John: [11:57] It really. Kenric: [11:58] Yep he did the High Life TV series 2 2 episodes the computer who wore tennis shoes, get through the eyes of force go up with the tv documentary back to the future tv series what, there's a bad. John: [12:13] It was a TV series. Kenric: [12:14] TV series. John: [12:15] Live action or cartoon. Kenric: [12:16] Action ninety one. John: [12:19] I didn't heard of that. Kenric: [12:21] 13 episodes. John: [12:27] Open it up who's the cast of who's in that. Kenric: [12:30] This just fine up oh it it it was a cartoon, Critters Bob Gale Robert zemeckis David Kaufman Dan castellaneta Homer Simpson, bill nye the science guy is in it this time traveling adventures of doc brown his family and his friend marty mcfly there's two seasons ninety one and ninety two. John: [12:51] Mlg's dark brown. Kenric: [12:57] Probably let's see see full cast, okay David Kaufman was was Marty McFly Dan castellaneta was dr. Emmett Brown Bill Nye was the Science Guy, who played dr. Emmett Brown live-action segments of a live-action Mary Steenburgen, what. John: [13:28] Aerobatic cartoons. Kenric: [13:30] Write what will, Peyton Manning this guy The Honeymooners anniversary special The Secret of Back to the Future Trilogy TV documentary and almost beat 1982 short. John: [13:45] I want to see now I can't wait till we're done to go inside and tell Kaylee it's okay you know what you like Ant Man so much it was a guy there bring it on Missy but oh my God. Kenric: [13:53] Right right its so funny was like like that's alert that this guy did stuffs yeah yeah cool very cool now i kinda wanna look up but the back to the future cartoon because i don't remember that ever being on. John: [14:08] Now that we talk about i remember hearing about it later on but oven never watching ever seen on to your home tappan reheat about at a convention yup a decade ago, watch them yeah, like 91-92 I was I was 19 years old those are the primary audience that I never I never remember seeing it but I guess I mean sometimes. Kenric: [14:29] Yeah you would have been like 1112. John: [14:31] Yeah, like Prime audience Target audiences for a cartoon sometimes like those shown on the East Coast but they won't bring him over here for some reason back then number cuz there's a lot of cartoons that, people that live on the east coast loved back from the nineties I never ever heard of over here. Kenric: [14:47] Really that's kinda weird now that maybe that was one of them, i was just on i am db it close it. John: [14:56] Cuz I mostly I mostly watch like the the fox kids stuff or like, the Disney after after school special cartoons like Aladdin and gummy bears and DuckTales and talespin. Kenric: [15:11] Gummy bears on from the late 80s like 87 came out Saturday. John: [15:17] Yeah I tried watching Jimmy bears at the last season or two yeah and then Saturday morning I watch Like X-Men and Spider-Man and those. Kenric: [15:23] You don't do Saturday morning like they used to man it's kind of lame. John: [15:26] I used to go bowling or something waiting for junior for the junior program and I would, make my mom and dad takes it when car to sell it miss um so i could they would give the morning at eight o'clock we push recorder tape player we go bowling come back and what's it when cartoons will have to from lunch until whatever. Kenric: [15:44] But you only got to watch like one channel. John: [15:46] Yeah yeah yeah I was Fox kids are but everyone what if we picked. Kenric: [15:51] Yeah that's fine. John: [15:51] We didn't have cable we only had the but if it's on the robbery or so. Kenric: [15:55] Flocks kids you got least you got the x men but no man. John: [15:57] Write write about about that with somebody else. Kenric: [16:05] That's right that's right we're another podcast call Play comics you got to go check it out it's going to need. John: [16:08] I know it's like I never left fielder but we have we haven't talked about it yet on the shelves it was really cool episode to do. Kenric: [16:14] Kinda grease does a bunch of what does he goes back through and he perry's video games through the years that are comic based and then eat we just castle whether they the via gives got it right or not. John: [16:27] Compare we were on for the x-men arcade game and in the x-men probably x-men comic c cant compare. Kenric: [16:33] And then you're going to be doing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with. John: [16:35] I am at what are we doing what are you doing I think it's this weekend if it is I got to figure out what time cuz I don't know. Kenric: [16:41] You got us that'll be fun having fun hey it's okay you're watching the movie Ant-Man the WASP cuz this is Ant-Man and wasp spoiler review. John: [16:49] That always come back. Kenric: [16:50] What what did you so when they were shrinking and enlarging right what did you think about cuz I could tell you when I when I saw them shrink the lab down, thought was where does the plumbing go. John: [17:05] Right left. Kenric: [17:06] Read and when they bring it back up is that how does he power where's the power source and where's will how do you take a shit. John: [17:09] I'm like where's the utilities right how do you hook up utilities this one's getting power from I'm just in the middle of the street now. Kenric: [17:19] Yeah when they're in the woods they blows it up okay I need to take a I really need to take a dump where is your restroom at and does it have water does it you know I mean how it how does everything work or is it just that little lab that's only Network. John: [17:30] I guess we could assume that it's Hank Pym he's super advanced in like the whole building itself a self-sustaining like it's solar powered and has its own water supply and water dumping system like an RV or something like that but. Kenric: [17:43] I could see where when he first enlarges it, it doesn't have water and then it does rain collection to fill it's whatever it needs for greywater right. John: [17:54] Yeah. Kenric: [17:56] Things and do all that kind of stuff but it's just that's just where my mind went right after my lizard brain when I was like how do you take a dump in that place. John: [18:04] Your thoughts go to pooping I mean come on man. Kenric: [18:07] Well. John: [18:07] What is it the first thing I thought about and Kaylee she was like how does this sustain itself how does like, I would have I would have liked to see a scene where they talk about Scott like how do you get power lines or something to explain how it has power how has Plumbing how to go to enlarge in the middle of the forest and still function. Kenric: [18:27] Right that yeah I was like what's not the only thing I was worried about to is if you're small, but you retain your physical strength than that to me tells me that your weight, ight what would stay the same right you would you would shrink in size but your mass index would be the same i guess that would how you would say it. John: [18:49] What would you can we can write on it put the truck. Kenric: [18:52] Right you could run an ad because they punch people and it's like a full grown person punching somebody right and so that I'm thinking if you shrunk down that building how the hell you going to lift. John: [19:03] Rite super heavy or order cars for the cars to. Kenric: [19:05] Is super heavy right in the cars and everything else to i mean it's funny got suspended disbelief right and just go with what your gut what your seeing but that's what like think about sometimes alike well how is this even possible. John: [19:19] It's convenient physics one hour i thought about in the first one was in in civil war and this one is the talk about how would he shrinks he keeps his strength wrigley parts that still party of four for forever, get super big, when you get stronger because it gets bigger 85 ft tall but still can't do anything cuz I know. Kenric: [19:45] The thing is is if you did that right like you get the same strength but if you get super big bye bye process of how you've explained the science to me I would assume your strength to stay the same that point your legs would not be able to support the size. John: [20:03] You just collapse and die. Kenric: [20:04] You just collapse. John: [20:06] So it's like you gotta like suspenders with because they mean i obviously the physics why don't make sense cuz one were not but the system to it its a kind of movie but it's. Kenric: [20:15] Right right exactly it's kind of like we have fun with it that's exactly what I did I had a lot of fun with. John: [20:17] That was great i mean a love. Kenric: [20:21] Friend my only number one complaint actually through the whole thing would be that they give too much away on the trailers. John: [20:28] Yeah I don't want to talk I don't know. Kenric: [20:30] Well they'd like to one of the big trailer was the whole conversation between him and bill foster, who that who that um gigantic or or whatever they can. John: [20:40] If you live. Kenric: [20:40] Because what's the big get ago is willing to be to a twenty five fee that was because you got, 65 ft it was that was cracking up but then I would have died laughing if I would have saw that for the first time when I sat down and watched it, yeah I mean. John: [20:56] Add after BBS BBS the second show where they kind of showed you the whole movie in 2 and 1/2 minutes I pretty much stopped watching anything past teaser trailer for convict movies cuz I'm like I know I'm going to go see it anyways so the trailer is not for me. Kenric: [21:11] Right right is the post credit scenes I like the post credit scenes but now I'm starting to get I'm getting kind of sick of them it's like just do the last like when you have one that's tying that movie in to the next movie or the next story arc just put that in at the end of the movie don't make me sit through some of the credits and then to have a crappy one at the very and, it looks like I just sat through seven minutes of b******* for this. John: [21:40] I don't mind the mid credit scenes like if I do like their fancy credits way she like the F-type the artwork in the account like watching those those those in credits, minus seen after that that's totally on told equal to like in red rock with a mix in seems too out in credits the democrats as cool to, through all the credit and it's somethings dumb, if I'm going to wait to the end of the movie it better be a cool and seeing something something epic not playing drums. Kenric: [22:08] Right right it was just like a man come on cuz I like the scene before that. John: [22:12] Yeah. Kenric: [22:14] Nhan they finally tied in Avengers Infinity for Infinity War. John: [22:19] Well the interview War but after Civil War and the last final scene. Kenric: [22:32] You think that it's happening while that is going on. John: [22:35] It could be anywhere that's true that's true, the imprint scene is Scott's going back into the quantum realm and Janet Van Dyne and Hank Pym hope I didn't all outside and if I should back out then not respond if I sit back out and they all turned to dust right all three of them, so it is a touch of the effects Infinity War now affecting Ant-Man but the final final see if the end of credits is like there's a running gag in the movie about this, hi Kim program this giant ant to, or to make you scott langs tele movement because he's a happy season house arrest and sally's this time playing a logic drum set in the indie scene is, you hear the drums that playing at pans around the house does the ants playing drums again which is kind of dumb see money there is a purpose for it you don't like you watch the background is a TV and it says you know I stayed in a state of emergency or something like that and it just let you know when you hear sirens and stuff, the whole point is to let you know like, when you were has affected the at me in as well as much rubicon but they can i got up and a crossed in the previous include seen. Kenric: [23:39] Got that across. John: [23:40] It's hot in the. Kenric: [23:41] I mean i just. John: [23:43] I do wish i wish instead of having all three from conduit of like kept jan life, old take out right why they give you any of my life keep gender life she just got back from the former on right to kill right away again that's not fair that's not cool. Kenric: [23:58] Right but they're all coming back. John: [24:00] Hey we don't know that yet absence. Kenric: [24:01] 30 said the ant in the Ant-Man and the WASP will return. John: [24:05] Infinite Warfare or images for Mac or part 2. Kenric: [24:10] Or today. John: [24:12] No I was we talked about it I was actually wrong on another episode I don't know how many ago, I thought they'd revealed the the title for but they haven't yet the end game title wasn't the title I was just a teaser title, I don't know I just know I thought it was when I said it and I've heard reports they have to have at least he had the end games not the title and unlike just toast the f****** title the movies been out for a while now. Kenric: [24:36] Well maybe they don't wanna like spoil it they're like will you know. John: [24:41] Look I'm already irritated I have to wait a year for the next movie okay. Kenric: [24:45] It's less than a year now this is like 10 months. John: [24:47] Infamous 2. Kenric: [24:52] Yeah it's kind of funny because the Marvel just they just kill it, movies are so good and they do such a great job minutes it's like, yo you're super excited for the next one to come out every time and I remember I know there's a lot of people that are getting the the superhero hangover, about me obviously and and you know it and not everybody let's do this podcast you would be listening to it if you did, the same time it's kind of funny cuz you hear people complaining about it and it's starting to talk about it but they just break record after record after record in this. John: [25:30] I know i hear people talk about a by i think the people say that are people who don't seem anyways settled out i don't believe that i don't believe people really having severe burning or lease a lot of people are because. Kenric: [25:43] They're so good how do you have a hangover on him anyways. John: [25:45] Right I wasn't more so if you ever been on the internet which I'm sure some people listening had at least once or twice no life it online. Kenric: [25:51] The interwebs. John: [25:53] Right you'll know real quick that the negative mine already speaks louder and more frequently than the positive majority. Kenric: [26:00] Oh yeah go on in the review site. John: [26:03] For every ten people saying they have you know it's cold superhero fatigue or this movie shit there's probably ten thousand i don't feel that way. Kenric: [26:14] Right now the thing is too is it you know because of that i stop going on the review sites i don't do to. John: [26:20] I'm same same i don't get is a. Kenric: [26:24] That'll do it in and now it's if I do review if I look for a review it's going to be something that I'm purchasing that does something that I needed to do but now I look at, that the breath reviews United mean and then I look at what how many negative reviews do they have right, is it like 90% 1 * then there might be an issue. John: [26:47] If it's like two or three one stars out of like 500 like well and Logistics sucks you suck. Kenric: [26:54] Give me a minute then something is because the products i will read the review because it'll son sometimes what there saying doesn't apply to you, well it doesn't do this and I really wanted to do that and it's okay well I don't need it to do that so I'm. John: [27:09] I don't care with that but if you like reviews we have reviews on a website to. Kenric: [27:14] Comes to movies I I I tend not to pay attention too much to them. John: [27:19] No no me neither like we do reviews on our sight mostly because he's more articles that are in there more, the music video I'm more like our thought about it like reading us talk about on the show you know but in written form I guess not like actual like beat by beat reviews I could take the movie here and there you know. Kenric: [27:37] Play don't get me wrong I mean. John: [27:45] Straight bashes it. Kenric: [27:47] No attacks on directors and actors and all that kind of stuff and it's like and one read this crap i just want to know what you liked or didn't like about the movie not why, you don't like Keanu Reeves I don't care that you don't like Hunter. John: [28:02] Yeah that's it that's that's completely separate topic from the from the review doing yeah it's done. Kenric: [28:07] I mean it. John: [28:08] Reviews on an episode. Kenric: [28:13] You rock. John: [28:14] Which of these morons but. Kenric: [28:16] Alright well at least you know cuz you know we're totally against the grain. John: [28:22] We are getting some great I don't know what kind it is but some green, whatever. Kenric: [28:28] There's a difference ugly have fun with that we just get out and also timer and the bag anyways and if you listen to re, yeah and if you listening to me i'm the only one that's diff which is funny because johnny is the biggest dc defender on the planet when it comes to comic books and on the biggest dc defender one on the planet when it comes to their movies for. John: [28:47] Is it pretty funny. Kenric: [28:49] Really I'm the only one that likes up. John: [28:51] When you're not there I mean like if you want it it was hilarious is like the negative minority be a lot of them deposit majority like just look at all the dceu films right and if you go online, every single dc with come out it's of the dark eyes been complete and utter complete shit to size one one right, they're all s*** if you want if you go online that's what. Kenric: [29:14] You mean the reviewer that you're online. John: [29:17] Yeah yeah I'm not I'm not saying that I don't believe that I'm just saying that your weed online however like they can't be all complete s*** if they're making $800 right. Kenric: [29:27] People are going to see him in. John: [29:29] People going to see it and like it. Kenric: [29:30] You don't make $800 on a movie and less people have seen it more than once. John: [29:35] Rights like people bash Suicide Squad so hard but it still made $789 I'm. Kenric: [29:40] I love Suicide Squad I think is when Suicide Squad came out people didn't bash it it was like once it came out on video. John: [29:48] People bash people that people to bash in theaters afterwards i numbers i mean the. Kenric: [29:52] Yeah but not loud hard not like it does later I mean if you want to. John: [29:54] No but that became friends was talking about suicide squad. Kenric: [29:59] No I get that but it's like that it was it wasn't as much all I'm saying is the amount that you know was was quite a bit different it was kind of crazy because I don't know I thought it was good people are laughing with it, I think. John: [30:14] It was fun it was a fun. Kenric: [30:16] Are higher than they need to be. John: [30:19] The fun movie The Plot is completely lacking but at the end of the day was a fun film to watch. Kenric: [30:24] I think it was the way that use enchantress. John: [30:26] Yeah it was that the fact that was what I don't know there's a lot of things I didn't like but things I liked about it overshadow I didn't like you know. Kenric: [30:33] Yeah well the girl that played enchantress is Delevingne Delavan. John: [30:38] Turtle Vine. Kenric: [30:39] Yeah she's awesome every few really is an awesome human being you. John: [30:43] She was great and did you watch valerian. Kenric: [30:45] Yeah you she was great in that and, yeah but you see her do interviews and everything like that she's she's a really cool chick in that movie the director had her do some funky dance thing, you know when she it was is weird or just weird things and some of the dialogue that she had was weird and i just don't think that was her i think that was the direction that she was given and the writing you know. John: [31:08] Yeah right. Kenric: [31:09] It was just weird cuz a chapters is a cool character when you read her in the comic books and she should be you know I don't know it should have been a little bit more of what. John: [31:18] Didn't like the fact i don't like right i don't like the fact that it was like in changes to change changes but than hears my prayers are brother it's like come on no no. Kenric: [31:28] Like you like a brother. John: [31:30] Yeah, it should have been just her not like her bringing back her she was the ultimate big bad in the movie but her first storyline was like, a girl trying to bring this dude back to life right that was intentions first goal was to bring bring your brother back so I can take over the cost of the cosmos the world. Kenric: [31:59] Yeah she did it right away though she just like boom but yeah yeah yeah. John: [32:04] Question for you back tomorrow movies has there been a bad mutha movie at a bad in see you more movie yet. Kenric: [32:11] Pic of you looked at all the movies that you can I mean you could rank them and I would put that would probably put Thor the Dark Planet, world probably the worst one, United mean I still I still really enjoyed it but I think that was probably the least Best Shot or best told one. John: [32:36] Entertaining. Kenric: [32:37] Police entertaining and then after that i would honestly i would probably put captain america of the first one. John: [32:45] This includes Incredible Hulk with Ed Norton 2. Kenric: [32:49] I like that one you like to grab a coke with ed norton. John: [32:51] Delegate to know I do like all them to movies I like. Kenric: [32:56] Lol i don't know of anyone that i take this number i don't like, get me in so i can only rake well how the ones that i think are better than other ones that it but i but i've watched thor the dark world like three or four times. John: [33:11] The washer once and i don't remember it at all i don't bro i'm a member there be alot of red fit on. Kenric: [33:14] Oh that's the one where they yeah they Natalie Portman goes to that warehouse saying and those kids are throwing the soda can into the portal and it's coming back down. John: [33:26] Never to be in dark elves molokai and alot of red and the heather. Kenric: [33:30] Yeah they kill his mom and everything. John: [33:33] Number to Popeyes in to be at all cuz I watched it like when it first came out and then never watch it again. Kenric: [33:38] Yeah and it will the thing is it doesn't carry the story of the mc you forward. John: [33:44] Yeah so besides having that the either be in a bit and interest on but yeah. Kenric: [33:48] That's irrelevant it's just it doesn't really you not missing anything by missing that movie. John: [33:53] How I know you're not missing much. Kenric: [33:55] You know what I mean like even though I don't like I like Captain America but I don't think that's the I think that's like the second-worst one you know, for me for me for me but I may be tapped or maybe Iron Man 3. John: [34:09] I think i'm entries worse the cap for scout i like. Kenric: [34:11] Is it is those 3 but cap the first cap is just I don't know man it's just it's just it was. John: [34:17] Love the first that movie have loved. Kenric: [34:19] The thing is is there's been a couple other Captain America movies that were just born, they were so bad you're like how the ever going to do a cab america, it's that you could take seriously and they did it. John: [34:33] But they did they did. Kenric: [34:34] Such a good job on it i still don't like the uniform so much i kinda wish they just keep him in army fatigues. John: [34:41] Yeah I like I like the uniform I like how they build the down over the years it's still the same thing but it's less bright. Kenric: [34:47] Yeah yeah yeah they did a good job of taking away from it. John: [34:50] You're kind of shocked by Ant-Man the WASP there was no real cameos from AMC characters in it. Kenric: [34:55] There was none. John: [34:56] Yeah exactly there's none I expected it to be some kind of Midwest irons and like verbal talking about stuff, is about shields empathy chords but they don't really like I expected like someone to show up something I mean I guess if it happens at the same times infinity War it makes sense why didn't hear anything. Kenric: [35:15] You better make sense makes sense to me that that was happening which I kind of wish they would have had it in the background like oh my God you see what's happening in Africa. John: [35:26] Wrightwood what's happening at and Africa and a New York and then Ant-Man the WASP took place in San Francisco, yeah I was expecting some kind of mentioned of what's going on like, and or in new york or some mint some like some cameo or something yeah or like i mean they could easily have hawkeye this movie right not are you talk i fan but hop i curse on of this would be very easily. Kenric: [35:50] Hot guy in this movie that could explain why he wasn't in Avengers Infinity War. John: [35:56] Like what does hockey him to could deal so there could be some kind of connection to call it that they call each other like something out of the queen something there. Kenric: [36:04] Right would you think of the hole he was on house arrest. John: [36:07] I thought it was a great way to make it a second Ant-Man movie and I'm having an affinity War, i mean really it kind of tight and it's really good way of tying in the at the movies but still making his own soul think it's like, did a good job of telling you oh he's on house arrest because of this you act it out but if you haven't seen Civil War is it really matter because you know he at the end of the first one he was criminal and On The Run kind of. Kenric: [36:32] Right so where did you rank this for you amongst all the other mc you movies let's just say you got like four quadrant right. John: [36:42] For the the four corners of films. Kenric: [36:44] Okay okay the pretty good the good and the amazing where were the what were the twin ranked. John: [36:53] Well it'll probably because I think. Kenric: [36:58] Give me the rankings can't just change my question. John: [37:01] I'm not i'm not to your question is still alive and have two answers are coming in until you why, okay thank, $0.03 this movie Falls more into that funny I'm going to watch it again over this is a really good movie and it's great Cinema so. Kenric: [37:26] Answer my question though. John: [37:28] I'm thinking about a damaged italy on the spot and is that says i'm not sitting out in the shed and internet i can't like bootable usb all the movies i can see the caramel twenty movies of come out on the top my. Kenric: [37:40] Well that's why I'm saying that's why you don't have to remember because the way I put it is it an okay movie is it a pretty good movie is it a good movie or is it amazing movie. John: [37:50] It's a good movie falls in the good categories. Kenric: [37:52] Hey girl that is the same. John: [37:54] Me when you said your ranking i wasn't listening at fucking all the. Kenric: [38:01] News for a. John: [38:03] But it's it's it's it's agree to solve movie about four to watch it again like i watched a person in a couple times it's hilarious and paul was so great in that role and there's a movies is giving awesome run this with that was the first one. Kenric: [38:16] Yeah so are you so are you excited for the third installment in the Ant-Man and wasp. John: [38:21] And if it make one yeah. Kenric: [38:24] Yeah but they said they'll return. John: [38:26] They got their return it and in in thirty or two or of address for. Kenric: [38:31] Yeah but I wonder if they got to do it they got to do a third one. John: [38:34] Our mean losses dead right now. Kenric: [38:36] Now that's not going to stick shut up. John: [38:37] I was hoping when one of things i thought was gonna happen i thought something with the quantum bro was gonna be the key to, sync and oses snap what it still might be right cuz the courtroom round can give can give life a cracked life has the light up like particles were the quality and, I'm wondering if they're going to somehow someone's going to have to bring Scott out of the quantum realm right I don't know if you can do it by himself or not I know if it's if whatever but. Kenric: [39:02] Well he had he probably has enlargement disc so I don't like the first one. John: [39:07] Yeah do it again but I'm wondering if like those particles he collect is going to be some kind of a key or Catalyst to helping defeat Thanos or over or, structure what happen like it's gonna be like the new soul stone or something that to make it happen you know, isn't isn't what eyes and if it got having the fourth one of the vendors because it just, if they don't it's just going to piss people off to not have them in. Kenric: [39:33] Oh that no don't be in the in the fourth one dude I mean they wouldn't show, the b and vaporized if they weren't gonna be and the fourth one, you know what I mean cuz I wouldn't make sense not to do that and be like what's the point of showing them in, just to tight and that the that that happened to them me that the that stupid. John: [39:53] It's a thing on the two with the at interviews with alright image on the lake and somebody ask it is only you know what you think of at man spider man team up movie inches like what about it man spiderman the wash tomatoes all kill the insects in their house like i'd watch that movie that be if freaking good movie. Kenric: [40:09] He kept all the insects in there. John: [40:11] It's. Kenric: [40:14] So director peyton reed has you from the has ideas for the story will go next but nothing's, nothing's been official yet Mets from Express. Co. UK website. John: [40:27] I mean i was sitting on a third one some i'm sure this one made one i have i have a look at the bottom of the steps this one yet and m shirts made much money. Kenric: [40:33] Oh it's yeah it's it's been it's been a runaway hit like this one is family safe. John: [40:42] It is like my Kidz world I mean my kids are laughing their ass off this movie was great. Kenric: [40:47] Yeah it was funny me the first one has some scenes that were kinda violent that might be kinda scary for kids unit mean, when they go Obby when they when they when they shrink that guy down in the bathroom and he becomes this to globby stain. John: [41:01] Speaking of safe for kids on one of the i washed for some reason i watched about a min wash like press junket funny thing saying you to was working, and one that was Paul Rudd isn't IGN, and one of the ones part answered was is Ant-Man the loss of a family from the movie and he goes yeah it is traffic in the middle, okay now alright alright. Kenric: [41:33] It's funny that that was probably when Pina was it was explaining his story and how they met and how he's doing. John: [41:39] Yeah traffic. Kenric: [41:40] Where is he at he's like why I told you he's not emotionally literally. John: [41:47] Literally literally, will the weather i mean some somebody count on me this will this winter recap met a movie of him explain the in ceo and like if they made like an episode or sort of him explain each movie every great. Kenric: [42:02] It would be great. John: [42:04] If you like the cliff notes version done by done by him would be amazing Friends movie, imagine that. Kenric: [42:12] That would be hilarious get on it Michael Pena we need you to do some stuff. John: [42:17] Eight. Kenric: [42:19] Are at that the show dude. John: [42:21] Yeah I think we talked to talk to him I mean it's a good movie I'm going to see it again not not in theaters I'm assuming I'm going to buy it on the shoulder comes out. Kenric: [42:28] Right on through do. John: [42:29] Dip on VUDU does. Kenric: [42:31] The video cuz you like to support Walmart. John: [42:33] No i like. Kenric: [42:34] That. John: [42:35] I don't support lmao like. Kenric: [42:37] Have. John: [42:38] Ultra platform. Kenric: [42:39] It is a good platform though it's one of the better ones out there I just buy it on YouTube cuz then it's available on any device I have with no issues. John: [42:48] Yeah yeah whatever. Kenric: [42:49] Just saying you should try it. John: [42:51] So he can Rick Harris. Kenric: [42:55] No man can actually yours anywhere podcasts are hurt except for speaker because you know whatever. John: [43:01] Yeah what's up with that what up speaker is dumb. Kenric: [43:04] Yeah you don't let people put their stuff in but whenever. John: [43:08] If we are cool. Kenric: [43:09] Everywhere yeah you're cool enough God damn it, and where can they actually get ahold of us. John: [43:19] If your around my shed right now you could yellow hear you you can hit us up on twitter at spoilers for country. Kenric: [43:25] Hey do you. John: [43:28] Hey hush.com. Net. Kenric: [43:34] Compare to the one on the. John: [43:37] You know what i'm three years i've been trying to talk, voicemail at 707-656-2080 lose a voicemail we did it once a football do it again we go through it and listen to him talk about him again the number is 707-656-2080 if you're going to San Diego Comic-Con you can find us there we're going to be tweeting out some fun stuff in the Cana can find talk to us there, will be at Rincon in Renton whatever that whenever that is repeated testing Tacoma whenever that is they will be able to next year whatever that is, one last thing I want to say Kevin Smith stop liking or posting f****** respond to us. Kenric: [44:09] I'm sure he's an avid listener of our podcast at. John: [44:16] You know what if one person we listen to our episode that who has some way of telling him to say hey stop liking their post and just give him a response that be great cuz that m*********** has like so many of our post about have him come on the show, never actually reached out to us to actually come on the show he said he. Kenric: [44:32] He said he would come on the shell. John: [44:35] You promised us he would. Kenric: [44:37] Promise god dammit whatever alright. John: [44:39] So we tried being nice now we're going to save them. Kenric: [44:42] What. John: [44:44] But not really not really. Kenric: [44:45] Happy Canyon fat shaming many more. John: [44:47] I know. Kenric: [44:48] Skinny man alright guys we are getting the hell out of here it's time to have enjoyed our Friday night I'm going hiking tomorrow in the ape caves in Mount Rainier so if I see you there say hello. John: [45:02] And some in the lake so it privacy policy that everybody okay. Kenric: [45:06] No don't forget open that my read more. John: [45:08] Seeya umass campus with that serious be great. [/bg_collapse]

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