June 24, 2018


ACE Comic Con Seattle DAY 2!! Cheer-leading and Comics!

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Kenric Regan John Horsley
ACE Comic Con Seattle DAY 2!! Cheer-leading and Comics!
Spoiler Country
ACE Comic Con Seattle DAY 2!! Cheer-leading and Comics!

Jun 24 2018 | 00:40:33


Show Notes

We came back for DAY 2 of ACE COMIC CON SEATTLE! This con was such a surprise! Take a listen and hear our thoughts on the first ever ACE Comic Con in Seattle! We did not get any interviews today as it was just so busy! We did however set up some future interviews with Andy Park, Humerto Ramos and Robbi Rodriguez! So sit back and listen to us talk about the con as well as cheerleading. Trust me, it relates someway!

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Kenric: [0:00] Great thank you note. John: [0:03] Roller derby. Kenric: [0:04] Roll it in her right. John: [0:18] We got here at one. Kenric: [0:20] Yeah yeah gotten quite a bit later i've walked that the the area i saw the kevin smith panel with paul bet ni in with the. If there is video and pictures on our twitter page if you guys are things was awesome you know me i want to give. If i could get on that stupid like i would have been like look mother fucker if you can do it and then i did the and depart panel which is amazing cuz he is the white one the chief designers. Student and everything that you see that it's amazing. Kaylie: [0:51] I came in and the handle that's on that really. Kenric: [0:53] Yeah. Ten minutes and always be what like an hour early yeah yeah yeah but there's tons of video tons of pictures up our twitter and or facebook you guys can see how busy earliest i was i was all over the place at five bro. John: [1:07] A fight broke five bro but yeah three advise with. Kenric: [1:11] That did not work at all but they got that is white is way to get. John: [1:15] What we are pretty fucking white dude but yeah i'm feel as we can get straight and like maybe a third man of people yes. Kenric: [1:21] What's the current right yeah. John: [1:24] And the people that he i gotta be honest i'm super short how many people are here. Kenric: [1:30] To me it's like you can't walk good and there's actually some conflict with the hope number one year after the fantastic four number one here. John: [1:37] But i hope it was on the old one eighty-one donated a whole number on nice nice. Kenric: [1:39] No no no there's a whole number one there's life there center that the first appeared silver age flash year forty seven thousand dollar. John: [1:46] There's a blue though i take you to his is a with the one guy where he has a lot of high priced books but they're not priced right there place there too low yeah like he had a. Kaylie: [1:58] Pretty i was like. Kenric: [1:59] The days and got yeah yeah he's right next to the guy that has a book. John: [2:00] Yeah yeah he's right next to the house of exactly he has um he's from portland yeah he has your eyes got super nice he has like a little hot some because the house is very to is where those of the color box is rated. Kenric: [2:17] Stuff he probably got to get. John: [2:18] Only if i have money to buy this stuff it by the country. Kenric: [2:20] You by captain america shield here right now that's full on battle with the. Kaylie: [2:25] They were one of the people we get one interview today because they are super awesome to talk to they were just very like excited to do it jamison. [2:37] Hear or seen diego yeah. Kenric: [2:39] Stood said the only have. [2:42] These gotta hear park savers parks neighbors dot com but only thing is is you can't buy the loki staff the shield with course hammer online only the life savers really only by other stuff. John: [2:57] So the calm before their time exclusive. Kenric: [2:59] Yeah which i don't i don't get that and understand why you would do that. John: [3:01] Then why you with you that no. Kenric: [3:04] It seems like everybody's interested everyone's by the normal to drop three hundred dollars on captain america. John: [3:08] Yeah sure. Kenric: [3:10] Come on you gotta hear that thing around. John: [3:14] Calm makes me and board photo ops and autographs. Kenric: [3:16] Four offices that for after off point aces killing they really are. John: [3:20] We have an audi wasn't episode yet yes to god but we talked about how they could play out here is i'm impressed when you put the panels hear the news in between the by the photos and are just over our space they do. Kenric: [3:29] Yeah they thought about it they just need more space. Kaylie: [3:33] I have a lot of space. Kenric: [3:35] I don't think they realize how many people work. John: [3:37] I don't have a bit i don't think they've and his paid settles hickory yeah to be honest and no i told. Kaylie: [3:40] Yeah there's an well because they started in arizona. Kenric: [3:44] Is the first year that this is liquor that the touring car. John: [3:48] Yeah it it's i honestly didn't you are you and i talked was before the show our thoughts of this in the. Kenric: [3:54] We first heard that were like. John: [3:56] What that money could. Kenric: [3:57] Feels like a grant money grab will and we want to do this now that i'm here if it's yet another press. John: [4:08] Doing here to answer to be the have a bigger vendor spot up have. Kaylie: [4:11] I think the main thing was the. John: [4:13] Somebody's of liberty but they waited out the way that if you wanted was us liberties got a lot of enters yeah was nice smart three smart. Kenric: [4:22] They do that a lot of food there's like there's even a small thing in the middle we get water and get everything. John: [4:27] There's a starbucks. Kenric: [4:29] Yeah there's a starbucks was because we fun fact this is where is all jane's addiction in two thousand one. John: [4:34] Fun facts were able to come on was for the first four years yeah yeah creating legislation her yeah that's awesome yeah i pay the decal. Kenric: [4:41] Yeah we'd be hot yeah they had the double states that had the main stage. Kaylie: [4:46] Double still. John: [4:47] Travel stage or. Kenric: [4:48] It was it was awesome had a main stage in you know pair for a team out and everything and then they lower them down. Unit c and then all the sudden he came up behind you and everything was general missions every standing up yet so it was cool so if. Front of the stage in your like on the front wrong account rocket and half way through the concert of a sudden hope and can't behind you and your in the back of a sudden out during the. You gotta see a pair affair right there it everybody yeah and they had all this all the stripper girls in the cages around you dancing. John: [5:20] Your kids girl as amazing as a. Kaylie: [5:21] Those are pogo i was a. Kenric: [5:24] The least six for full on naked. Kaylie: [5:25] You know i was a casino cage rob is very big difference that would like to maybe. John: [5:30] As a call your cage girl that he had no money you dance so. Kaylie: [5:34] I was at casino weeks ago very different that's for the word of hate. John: [5:40] Can she was switcher. Kaylie: [5:44] It was bremerton line. John: [5:47] A nice white polo that to bring to me. Kenric: [5:49] They've all the time out in over commandments he will not admit people and. [5:58] It will be able to comes and goes. John: [6:00] We have it stop talking about and that's it but anyways so today we there ever hear that we want talk to but i hope you get to. Kenric: [6:09] We'll try to get to the people we can act the one and the one guy that i really want to get to in guys saw his stuff already is and part that that would be. John: [6:17] I would love thomas and keith yet if we get to. Kenric: [6:21] As you see the guy you wanna talk to. John: [6:22] My two remotes i would fight if i to pick one i pics and keith is i was a big fan to max on a pontiac today yeah and he's here. Kaylie: [6:30] The max or mass about it okay. John: [6:32] In facts and okay yeah not the mask who is on what we television that yeah those are the thoughts of no such entries mask. Kenric: [6:40] All you millennials probably don't remember but the used to be a cartoon show on mtv apart yeah called that would television they had the mac. [6:52] But yeah re articulate yeah stars on for a long time. John: [6:57] Does a good show yeah. Kaylie: [6:58] I'm bout it back. John: [6:59] Yeah i think so jenny him at least once. Kenric: [7:02] That everything's new again. Kaylie: [7:05] Where in the very. Kenric: [7:06] Alright christopher collier and we'll see we got it going on. Kaylie: [7:10] I know you sue if they fucking do it all the time to me it's ridiculous i look up. John: [7:14] About time so we're moving but i was gonna break yeah we are his because we will. Kenric: [7:25] In front of fluid that try talk to some people. John: [7:27] No fucking way to. Kaylie: [7:32] Ridiculous and that is what it it that day that we thirds on. Kenric: [7:47] Appoints the very famous restaurant here. [7:57] Turn around. John: [8:07] Here is my type of the. [8:20] You make that happen cuz he also. Kenric: [8:24] Then robby rodriguez. John: [8:27] Thanks to creator of sparkling. [8:52] How to send to. [9:03] Always. Kaylie: [9:04] To be dicks everybody to make sure she gets gone yeah yeah all day everyday it's like in the system are but the screen and no fuck right off. John: [9:12] No they don't light up a character since that yeah it's right there all the information right now to the other did not. [9:23] Make your stand that is scarey ass for hundred joseph ration handle. Kaylie: [9:26] He ask for his card and he has the mrs to contact me and sometimes they have different ones they have things and he was like. [9:39] Hand it was not and i'm on a roll. Kenric: [9:49] But even notice that he had realize it yeah yeah till kaylee's like what the metro that i recall you the handlers i just kinda goes right over me now i don't even. John: [9:58] Is don't care yeah okay but what ever i secure handlers tataki artists yeah yeah yeah doesn't think that feeling video i. [10:09] Not a whole time yes i'm going to talk to us like you to get the that. [10:20] What should. Kaylie: [10:26] When is the old man. John: [10:33] Customers with peter curious guys. Kaylie: [10:37] I live in this fucking on the. John: [10:40] I can not only that he was so you guys know someone who walked in and walked pass that says to big stage. [10:53] Apparently i ask. Kaylie: [10:56] Finally someone that they know exactly the things that. John: [11:01] Do any block. Kenric: [11:04] Is this the guy that was. Kaylie: [11:09] Nine years he really. Kenric: [11:11] Peter yeah it was like a white even the on coming yellowish green and white top load in the in when he was walking. John: [11:22] The eyes slight this on both my eyes bright flexible my eyes. Kenric: [11:29] Did are initial diagnose it. John: [11:37] You see how white i am r eight lol. Kaylie: [11:43] Raise the volume on the. John: [11:45] Perfect for the people prison last month because the idle who contact with if it was from the water. Kaylie: [11:53] Coming in star about. John: [11:58] Where. [12:13] What was does it again when i drove and i am using he's up. [12:23] What's the. Kenric: [12:24] What was two because when i was a little kid and get dark mint is that some point between my seat intense those like as a. John: [12:33] No reason to say the things he always a movie with her. [12:46] Hear my balls and i was going to pee every eight years or start. Kenric: [12:53] I know nothing but i'm considering yeah but this is a weird. [13:11] The driver's. [13:24] Rofl switches. Kaylie: [13:36] Lives yet so i don't think that i have left. [13:49] And i would like checked everything comings that i'm on this so i went to left easy it was right there i was able to schedule my shared the railroad. Kenric: [14:00] Friendly it has a customer service friendly i mean like you wanna make it easier for you to use our service so it wasn't because of that we do. [14:12] And that you were sports teams in the league of two of our hotel will question all the warm oh yeah that would be me is. [14:25] Seattle. Kaylie: [14:27] Oh my god that in india when. John: [14:31] How was written in. [14:41] A target ship. Kaylie: [14:44] And they will not run into kevin smith. John: [14:53] And the car yeah one yeah they have a pool but product line if you a magazines that t shirt and have a winter. Kaylie: [15:07] Jane rupture or. Kenric: [15:13] Around the universal monster stuff yeah you me all those classic on a month. John: [15:20] And they. [15:31] Talking to the one to the left without the ninety three babies we're gonna meet. Kenric: [15:39] Wrong man he said the strong man security guards there now. John: [15:45] Was on yesterday and his. [15:55] Is it in to go round of top news of the appeared the vip entrance over there and there's this guy is a security guard there lol armed security guard was like the handle. Kaylie: [16:08] I was on the back like he so big where is chasing pirates groups think that maybe it is. [16:18] Yes. [16:28] Them in two more at the. John: [16:37] The if we have to get two more we rent by the. [16:56] Oh yeah look that's your idea. Kaylie: [16:56] Not really well that's just the thing is we're gonna be sitting with seth and possibly his wife and alex. John: [17:10] No taxes in the brain to show. Kaylie: [17:15] Happen with him the other day. [17:24] Oh that would be fun. Kenric: [17:25] It is this that get remote is that i said hey john i will do. John: [17:30] There was a four yeah he you record a joint french for three years that yeah yeah with on next our next. [17:42] Will use his intro it the app shop thank you appreciate that of all the lights on. Kenric: [17:51] Okay thank you wasn't talking work yeah dinner for moon not gonna get to hug him record will. Kaylie: [18:06] It's so stupid and sometimes i think you say these. [18:19] Looks great. John: [18:21] You're not wrong you're not wrong. [18:33] If you guys see quickly should i put up with your. Kenric: [18:39] Turn recording on the way to home depot because the daily work or i. Kaylie: [18:47] Ima you tube is driving me nuts. John: [18:52] Hey when you two were together gotta has so much oh my. Kaylie: [19:02] Oh man we give it. Kenric: [19:05] Are getting the. Kaylie: [19:09] And you buy as the whatever the wrong and is not me and. [19:23] You were just like the. John: [19:28] Recommend it just because of that all the. Kenric: [19:32] Yeah well. John: [19:35] I'm looking. Kaylie: [19:38] Yeah residence re a few days of not late with to the people on the street like there's a story here from them. [19:50] Digging into my side in the park. John: [19:54] Sticking in my head over reaching your rights and okay so it's enter for it. [20:08] To hang not write off his figurine. Kenric: [20:11] I work for people all was want to. John: [20:19] Play with me today that's been going on man i hope you second pick up to well because it is in the running. Kaylie: [20:27] I Kenric: [20:28] Oh yeah and the music turned around moaning. Kaylie: [20:30] Where i'm from producing a. [20:40] Pretty hard but was never want it to be for the operation for motivation from philadelphia to write. [21:02] The radio in the country now. Kenric: [21:05] That's the one i think it be take rail at like. [21:14] Yeah i used to use my. Kaylie: [21:21] Call me in believing that ye pray about me john and it's. John: [21:37] I don't know how to use that. Kaylie: [21:44] I didn't think there was the same. John: [21:50] Yeah that was a theme to islamic i think that happens all over about how you were on. [22:04] At the same for. Kenric: [22:06] Love the counter. Kaylie: [22:08] No i'm not a cheater fish that will lot of people thought we were you. [22:20] No John: [22:28] We cannot. [22:38] For ten years he has no right now and take everybody's right now right yeah for thirty years under the nineties might subside flexible the nineties. [22:49] That wasn't right right right now everything's eighties having a tree thing about us fidelity. Kaylie: [23:02] Oh lord this like got something for your phone right wavered just i was just lines on house center things is very. [23:12] Into it like. John: [23:13] I think he said it. Kenric: [23:18] My brother called me said. [23:32] Three. [23:41] Her mom that was better julie think so what student like later in life. Kaylie: [23:49] Seven thirty eight hundred eighty two o two l games so then i'm way on the other side. [24:03] It is so what does trader thinks that was through the window not couple years. Kenric: [24:12] Lol like wrapped up and there it was just like oh my god. John: [24:15] It is for you to recognize were for me yet because we're borden's every fourth from interior so from same i was in the eighties i remember the eighties whom of some something summit but. [24:29] Yeah. Kaylie: [24:30] Mostly nineties but i was a teenager. Kenric: [24:42] Can i use you for a. John: [24:44] They're not exit movies not fighting to acquire in time just passed serious came out. [24:56] Other things to. [25:09] Issue of the first movie whatever fatter reverse that although we already watch all all the whole. Kaylie: [25:19] Suzanne and it was. John: [25:22] Turn on all five movies eighty series take that was all me. Kenric: [25:31] But the lesbians were friend rachel june really cool and the now not. [25:42] All the time and every. Kaylie: [25:46] It won't let me think about dollar i can tell you exactly because that movie came out there somewhere that i went into ninth grade and you're trying out some it to be a cheerleader. [26:05] And one for all those that someone. Kenric: [26:08] Amazing time though it were a secret on of the last couple of. John: [26:13] Not having any. Kenric: [26:14] Totally thought theater okay when you and on the i don't remember so it numbers on. Kaylie: [26:24] I'm doing the cheerleading means what is perm rating not that i keep coming to see. [26:35] Turn the music. John: [26:41] That's awesome you do the. Kaylie: [26:46] Did you guys just don't get those and i know he is yet we're gonna do the music tonight i gotta send them the files back and forth i have a note. [26:58] For our league because our lead thousand we have the same parking seventy seven the. [27:11] Open me. [27:18] Do not know the kids and. [27:27] Anything we wasn't for sure yeah supervisors varsity team that also gets to do. [27:38] Add me extended seasoning go to disneyland. [27:47] I know and it's only varsity and i wanted to i wanna codes that gonna senior with an. [27:55] Seen the and they were like oh we haven't decided who's gonna do it and then the next. [28:06] Present this year i'm really good friends with the vice president and then the president goes. [28:13] Ask me for doing the cruise everyone the. John: [28:15] Presenting on the hell percent of my spare. Kaylie: [28:18] Can you send me and i was like. [28:24] Like i don't know vacuum and i know where she is i believe felt like i don't wanna be involved though undermining ahead. [28:37] So we'll see big. Kenric: [28:39] Listeners that we love comic books and cheerleading. Kaylie: [28:44] Whatever it how can i get that but this is this. John: [28:50] To many drama john sells really well paper towns and their cheerleader ten twenty fourths cats having a hard what he she use her work because our by. Kenric: [29:02] According to. Kaylie: [29:04] He's a fucking house wife housewives that have nothing that. John: [29:13] A little off on july orderly estimate we're set it nothing better than that surely would a year now. Kaylie: [29:21] So the earlier pics calculator wonderfully. Kenric: [29:27] What i'm saying that says it is. Kaylie: [29:30] Yeah it's true been to do anyways renewed. John: [29:36] I'm cool with that in the middle. Kenric: [29:38] For a little bit i'm gonna get like an hour and a half so i'll get back to you as you walk around. Kaylie: [29:47] I'm a lot more. John: [29:59] What is. Kaylie: [30:05] Mother fucking house i but he make this house for julie i'm sorry. [30:21] They have ted and annette hearts will call them to so that. John: [30:30] Apologize be here kevin's with the ground got them talking is there a way over there were over here it's all the cool kids are over here all blankets over there. Kaylie: [30:37] Run a. John: [30:43] Okay i record someone on the part for the start yeah that would on base comes on terrible but yeah way better. Kaylie: [30:51] It was for everyone knowing it's not and all they come in and it is not a three day con gets really think its a three. John: [30:58] Just have just one of the vendors of war three that. Kaylie: [31:01] If you don't have the tickets. John: [31:09] Tune the fb sub for here for the panel said a lot of panels going on. Kaylie: [31:12] A lot of handle the. Kenric: [31:14] Cool the good ones. John: [31:15] Yeah. [31:22] Tina swinton come away cuz we didn't he expects to be the washing of like it this much to be honest yeah so much of the work that you might be table that you're here. [31:35] We have. Kenric: [31:37] Converter but the remotes ram us. John: [31:38] But the remotes on the remote under under ms three hundred. [31:49] During his panel so we thought super nice all is awesome yeah we got. Kenric: [31:53] Commission oven from for ileana rasputin character magic with my favorite when my favorites of a grown-up who that's gonna be amaze. [32:04] So tired tho that way down work week to me that for the video victims. John: [32:11] Cause i'll custody of and objects can spelled with the territory before our school. Kenric: [32:13] So very very well for hours you know how do the thing is it is just pacing yeah just doing some things you don't have to be there twelve hours. Kaylie: [32:22] And i'm trying to get that across to use several people in our group yeah you me yes center so. Kenric: [32:29] Yeah well be up there. Kaylie: [32:35] Turn of the light at nine fifteen you can just walk right and. John: [32:39] I didn't want to hear about the use of. Kenric: [32:40] Care about that is i got a few people that i wanna see stuff you know stephen frank being. [32:47] Jeff should see the up and the mr and ms karen. Kaylie: [32:52] A thing of the at this point i'm like messages are from hanging out. Kenric: [33:01] Is common knowledge of airport. John: [33:04] The mix mimicry i think well like the most was just talking with people and that's what around. [33:13] Orders i force. Kaylie: [33:15] Hopefully it'll be better next. [33:26] What is seen becomes ever so little man of vendors yeah people going to see the photos they would stab you and there's a lot of. Kenric: [33:34] What are their busy or going to the lighthouse will i would love to do near you just can't do it here re and we just fine. [33:48] You are not very s e x yeah nice one to come on. John: [33:54] So didn't like it has. Kenric: [33:57] Hard to sit here. John: [33:58] It's so hot in mishawaka middle area the cost players that of the super cold water and everything come to six point sweat it i'mma there's some fat guy but. Kaylie: [34:07] It was. Kenric: [34:09] People here that's why. Kaylie: [34:10] Yeah there's i just wish there were more under. John: [34:13] What i liked was i like the smallness of it but still with the big feel yeah. Kenric: [34:19] Yeah i mean like it's a smaller event but they have big time names are written a lot of big time name showed up. [34:31] I really like that is cool the one that is like. [34:38] For me to sit there and and wrap my head around paying. John: [34:43] Two hundred dollars for a five c pick. Kenric: [34:46] Sitting there waiting and there sitting there. John: [34:49] Get me a flick that wasn't there that we talked about as i never i'm not one to put a lot mean if you like it wonderful for us is i. [34:59] The handsome guy. Kaylie: [34:59] What's coming to. Kenric: [35:01] Couple minutes eleven. Kaylie: [35:02] At least it in mind for heaven's man yeah mean have. John: [35:05] Be there earlier it well then handle. [35:15] Yeah yeah. Kenric: [35:16] Ten minutes yeah everybody else have like little weak thirty seconds that it was it was two minutes we got there than half way through the tint under a minute and the last twenty people they said thirty second. Kaylie: [35:27] Yeah like to talk. John: [35:28] Tanya yeah ghost is. Kaylie: [35:31] Yeah. Kenric: [35:33] What year did you. Kaylie: [35:35] Turn it down i think he's just to busy man. Kenric: [35:41] It means we're but his heart. [35:51] Okay so. John: [35:55] Bro i can i think that show for the show man to show sword to hear us years anywhere podcast her anywhere. Kaylie: [36:04] Have you were not. [36:11] Existed until an hour later than what could be. John: [36:18] I just flashed what country. Kenric: [36:23] And then what are instagram. John: [36:25] Our country is ram if you email us at support encouragement upon the use of. [36:31] Twenty eighty that's called was over to something some days have been yet and furious. [36:39] Is coming from one end of the home and sleep problem alist think about have a cocktail black like it and it has. [36:50] The mouse to okay ninety as go over to my drink more drink more seal interrelated plants who drive less. [37:03] Follow your. [/bg_collapse]

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