[TV] Getting To Know Me/Cobra Kai Season 4 Review

In life there are always questions, its natural to ponder the big things, and sometimes you meet someone who wonders about things less likely to be perplexing, but to them it consumes their thoughts until they get an answer, and not just any answer, they need the whole truth, Hi I’m Deej I love pop-culture and holidays, but most of all I love thinking about how things came to be, like why we don’t combine alliterative words and phrases, or how the name of the Daddy Long legs spider implies the existence of the Mommy or Baby long legs. Sharks have no idea camels exist that is bothersome and nobody was talking about it until now! join me on this journey was we Wander Through my Wonders of my days, weeks, and even months and find out just What Came Up during that time.

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YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCizqD5u386_kLZqRzEn7N4Q

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