Kenric started reading comics in 1982 when he snuck into his older brother’s room and ravaged his collection of the then current Marvel and DC comics. Falling in love instantly with the artform Kenric found himself ensconced in the universal battles of good vs evil that help define his own personal code of ethics and morality. As he grew into the man he became life took its hold and Kenric left his love affair of comics behind to focus on home and work life. Building the blocks of friends and family his love of comics was always on his mind. Then in 2014 a sick mom and the need to be by her side suddenly gave him time to revisit old flames. As his mom grew stronger Kenric found himself wandering the halls of the local comic shop and the well-known feelings of wonder and bewilderment once again took hold as page after page was flipped of the old heroes that never truly left. As time went on a podcast was created and a whole new experience of pushing comic culture was presented. Kenric is now 1 half of the dynamic duo of Spoiler Country Podcast.

Kenric has been a guest on the following shows: