February 22, 2021


WandaVision Episode 7 Reaction

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Kenric Regan John Horsley
WandaVision Episode 7 Reaction
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WandaVision Episode 7 Reaction

Feb 22 2021 | 01:08:14


Show Notes

Well folks, here we are again. Another chat about the amazing show that is Wandavision. Come inside and listen to us pontificate on the twist and turns and what we think is happening and going to happen (usually wrong). Enjoy!

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Our AI Robot transcribed the episode but they are super drunk on energon cubes so expect a lot of mistakes

WandaVision Episode 7 Reaction
kenric: [00:00:00] Welcome back just for the country. That right there is, I think he’s right there. Maybe he’s over there. I don’t know. One of those with the hat on is Mr. Horsley. The very handsome man with glasses and the steely blue eyes that makes that I can’t stop looking at because they look almost like he’s wearing contacts, Mr.
[00:00:20] Allen. And of course the amazing Mr. Sumner as always
[00:00:26] Andrew: [00:00:26] great
[00:00:28] kenric: [00:00:28] people wander vision. And we’re going to talk about episode. Seven. Yup. Let’s do this
[00:00:36] Andrew: [00:00:36] the amazing episode seven. Yeah,
[00:00:39] kenric: [00:00:39] the amazing episode seven. So did we see photon?
[00:00:44] Andrew: [00:00:44] Yeah, we did. I think we did. I think we did make, yeah,
[00:00:47] kenric: [00:00:47] for sure. What is her tell me, tell me her power set.
[00:00:50] Cause I I’ll be honest. I am not familiar with photon because you know, out of the thousands of Marvel characters, that’s one, I, I know Monica Rambo as captain Marvel. I don’t know her as photon.
[00:01:08] John: [00:01:08] She kind of ha I mean, she kind of mirrors captain Marvel in some ways, cause he was captain Marvel in the comics and it’s kind of like that layman’s term is like light beams, you know, just strong light beams
[00:01:20] kenric: [00:01:20] tomorrow. She miss Marvel.
[00:01:22] John: [00:01:22] She was captain Marvel. She was the second captain Marvel.
[00:01:25] kenric: [00:01:25] Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
[00:01:26] And she was captain Marvel for a while too. Right? Yeah.
[00:01:29] Casey: [00:01:29] It’s about the eighties, the eighties. That was the first captain Marvel that I knew just from me reading comics at the time.
[00:01:40] kenric: [00:01:40] I wonder when they’re going to, I guess they have that in their back pocket when people get. Sick of Brie Larson, captain Marvel.
[00:01:46] They could just meet, we were on over
[00:01:50] Andrew: [00:01:50] the very good at succession planning in mobile. And they, so in Casey demean,
[00:01:55] Casey: [00:01:55] I’m just saying, I love how they, they carried the hair over because she had that hair in the eighties, in the comics. And it’s not exactly the same, but it kind of mirrors that, that look that she had.
[00:02:09] What is the actress’s
[00:02:10] kenric: [00:02:10] name? That’s playing Monica. You guys,
[00:02:14] Casey: [00:02:14] let me, let me look it up. But she, she, she does such a
[00:02:17] kenric: [00:02:17] fantastic, she has, she has an
[00:02:21] Andrew: [00:02:21] amazing face. Oh no, she’s brilliant. Not just sorry guys. I was just, Oh, she’s turned to Paris, right? That’s who plays her. Oh, that’s right. That’s right. Yeah. Yeah.
[00:02:31] kenric: [00:02:31] Her facial expressions and her, I don’t know her. She has a very Very pretty girl. So I don’t want him to get the wrong idea, you know, it’s just, she has a
[00:02:39] Andrew: [00:02:39] very, yeah.
[00:02:44] but she is she’s, she’s very distinctive looking isn’t she? Yeah. And just to flip back to the what’s the power set I was just doing, I was just, I was just trying to revise to remember what it is because I realized yeah. I don’t actually know there are most heroes and I’ve read a bunch of things that should be in most areas.
[00:03:03] I’m like, yeah, I know what they do. And usually when I can’t come, when does it come through off the top of the head, it means that the power set is quite spectacularly ill-defined, which I think probably photon is, is a good example of this, but essentially a Rambo can transform itself. It’s any form of energy within the electromagnetic spectrum.
[00:03:25] And among the many energy forms she’s assumed in is able to control our cosmic rays, gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet, radiation, visible, light electricity, infrared microwaves, radio waves, neutrinos. And by assuming an energy form, she gains all of the energies properties. And that I would imagine is when she becomes energized, because she’s clearly had that transformation made.
[00:03:49] By breaking the barrier of the hex of third time when she first comes soon, she’s clearly her powers are in full bloom and she’s got the bright blue, glowing guys. She’s looking at the world in terms of electromagnetic waves. She, her normal vision only tunes back in when she like tunes a power back out.
[00:04:08] Right. You know, when you first see her looking around what she’s come through, the barrier, nothing looks normal to it. Does it, it looks like from a spectroscope. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So, but, but I think the thing, what the MCU has been traditionally good at doing. Is defining the limits of some of these powers when the comics have never really done a great job of doing it, because I think Rambo’s a classic classic example of somebody whose power set that different creative teams have fiddled with slightly, you know?
[00:04:41] So there’s no, the reason that it’s difficult to go, Oh, what are our powers to get that? It’s not like the whole, which is very easy concept, right? Or amp man, which is a very easy concept. You get a lot of like creative tweaks. You know twin can around with it. Yeah. So, so that being the case, you know, it’s worth while is fairly easy to explain.
[00:04:58] It’s all about electromagnetic waves, the limits. And and, and what of those powers and what those powers can do has changed a lot, depending upon the creative, it
[00:05:09] kenric: [00:05:09] all comes down. It’s like Johnny wants to said to me, we’re, we’re having the age old argument. If so-and-so. And so-and-so are fighting, who wins and yet he had the best line ever.
[00:05:19] And I think we’ve used it ever since. It’s well, who’s writing.
[00:05:23] Andrew: [00:05:23] Yeah, exactly. Right. Yeah.
[00:05:28] Scrapes examples of inside the adventures of Superman TV show from the fifties with George Reed, which is unless you’ve grown up in a fan of that, by the way. It’s kind of difficult to watch for more than five or 10 minutes because the cycle sequence is great. It’s like many old shows unless you have that intrinsic love for them because you grew up watching them.
[00:05:47] You watch them now. And of course they, they move very slowly and it’s like watching Scooby doo. Every episode is exactly the same, same happens, time and time and somebody, except what they do occasionally in the event, some Superman is they kind of give them a power of the week, which uses in that one episode.
[00:06:03] And you never see music again. Right. Or it’s like suddenly in Superman, I think since Superman to the climax of Superman Syrah and the fortress of solitude. Superman starts whipping out all these things you can do with this costume. Like take his, take his,
[00:06:23] kenric: [00:06:23] wait a minute. But it’s like, what is,
[00:06:26] Andrew: [00:06:26] I mean, I’m all for suspending my disbelief, but just blatantly making shit up, you know, just to get. So the next point of the script, it’s like, Oh, it doesn’t make any sense. Now nobody’s even batted an Island. What did you just do? Why have you never done that before?
[00:06:40] Why did you never even mention that you can do it, you know, to me
[00:06:44] Casey: [00:06:44] now, was that a weird one? Was that a donor edition or did Donner want that in the movie to begin with? Because
[00:06:51] Andrew: [00:06:51] there were two different directors now that’s definitely 100%. From the Richard Lester version of the movie where, which by the way has its strengths.
[00:07:02] Yeah. But the thing is, if you see the Donner cup, which I prefer the problem with the Donnet guts is the Donner kit’s been, been essentially restored from existing footage. Yeah. Right. And if Don had gone on to shoot a Superman, too, he too would have included a different ending because. They were shooting one or two back to back.
[00:07:23] And when they ultimately had to wrap money, hats and focus just on one, they took the ending from two and made it the ending too warm. Right. Which is the, which is equally ridiculous by the way, flying around the world
[00:07:38] and a massive cop-out Oh yeah, look, it never happened. But that was going to be the ending to one was going to be the villains, getting out of the Phantom zone. Right. And then that it was going to start. That was going to be a cliff hanger. And the ending to two was going to be turning back the world and they took all of that work and stuck it into one.
[00:07:59] So when you watch the Donika two, which I totally recommend when you watch it, it just defaults that original ending. Cause he didn’t shoot anything else. So rather than go with the Lester ending, he goes with the turning back time ending. And so it’s it’s. Non-exec it’s a great viewing experience at Donica, but it’s not a perfect experience cause it doesn’t stand alone as its own movie.
[00:08:19] It can’t do cause it’s using shit. That’s in the first film. Having said that though, there are a handful of scenes that are in the Donica that that are totally worth seeing, not the least of which is the fact that. The Superman’s identity reveal is much better in the Dhamaka than in the Richard Lester co.
[00:08:35] And there’s some great scenes of him and Marlon Brando as well, meeting face to face, which they don’t do in the original cuts to those movies. On that note though, it’s probably a good idea. If we flip back to one division,
[00:08:50] kenric: [00:08:50] Johnny had Robert on Wednesday or Thursday. Thursday. We talked about one division and Robert had a bunch of theories and it was just funny. Cause we talked, we ended up talking about Superman too. And the Donner cut on that one as well.
[00:09:09] It just keeps going to know. Cause we were talking about what is the Snyder cut, but Robert did have some interesting takes on one division.
[00:09:20] John: [00:09:20] You did switching thoughts. What’s the episode to Alex. I want everyone to listen to it and go through that. Was a lot of fun. But his, his, his theories, aren’t all debunked by his episode two there’s some of them they could still be they can still be there, you
[00:09:30] kenric: [00:09:30] know?
[00:09:30] What’s the biggest reveal.
[00:09:32] Andrew: [00:09:32] Can you give me a flavor of what he was saying?
[00:09:34] John: [00:09:34] Sensitive the bulk of what he was saying, that he thinks that it’s not actually wander anybody else behind it. It’s partially a vision or somebody controlling visions creating this, this hex. Cause the hex is more of a computer-generated thing than being a magic, having a hexagon of like that and being like, okay, interesting.
[00:09:50] There’s more, more like. You know, vision or some art or the director guy or Ultron, or somebody controlling everything behind the scenes,
[00:09:56] kenric: [00:09:56] but he uses some specific things that we saw that he feels are Easter eggs. Yeah. Not Easter eggs, but hints of what’s going on. Like when she says you’re in, when she looks at vision, I think in the first episode, maybe the second episode, and she says you’re in the driver’s seat.
[00:10:12] Yeah. You know, and he thinks like these are. Things that are happening, that they’re saying they’re telling us what’s happening without telling us what’s
[00:10:20] John: [00:10:20] happening at the show. When he says the audience will believe, whatever you tell them to believe, because they don’t want it because they don’t understand the universe.
[00:10:25] Stuff like that. Little vision says he, he may not know he’s in control, but his creation is what kind of sparked all this. But I mean, with this episode, with the reveal of Agatha, which we all predicted it kind of lends it to be more on that side of it, that that being the creation versus vision. But I still think that that.
[00:10:42] The director and sword has some big part to do with the creation of this whole thing.
[00:10:46] Andrew: [00:10:46] Oh 100%. Well, particularly as the reveal about Hayward, actually, before this ever started, he’s working on a project to bring back the vision, which Ansell Rambo, the other is about. That’s what cataract is. Cataract was a plan to reactivate the vision as like a centering weapon, you know?
[00:11:02] So, so this obviously has played a part. In all of this coming about. And I guess that’s part of what we’ll say. Do you know? One of the things I really liked about the episode was that despite the fact that we, and just about any other Marvel fan, he knows that stuff I’ve predicted that Agnes was going to be Agatha Harkness.
[00:11:20] Right? Right. No, I knew she, I knew. Not deep down inside, but quite close to the surface. That’s usually has to be right at the point where they made the reveal. It was still like, Oh, wow. It’s still like emotionally laid out like a shock. W what’d you think of that
[00:11:36] kenric: [00:11:36] whole ending the way they introduced her and they had all those cut scenes.
[00:11:42] Andrew: [00:11:42] With the most, the, the, the confluence of like doing a kind of parallax view, Alan J pack thing. When you go back and see it from a different angle, coupled with the title of secrets of the Munsters, I just thought that was genius. You know, I mean, with a Munster style theme chain thought, I thought that was fucking phenomenal.
[00:12:00] I loved it. Loved it.
[00:12:02] kenric: [00:12:02] The basement was crazy, right? The
[00:12:04] John: [00:12:04] reveal of when they could see when they showed her on the, on the the grass and Patriot the door and that. If, you know, if I watched it, if you’re watching the episode that Patriot comes in, if you look in the very far back there and you can see her hand behind Patria when he first shows up.
[00:12:18] Oh, brilliant. Really seeing that her hand is in the background. As you can see, kind of like blurry in the background, come up and it’s like, This into the details on the show.
[00:12:30] Andrew: [00:12:30] Oh yeah. I mean, I know, I know that we keep on giving a Catherine Harner props, man. She was amazing. It just in that in three minutes, secrets alone, she does so much.
[00:12:41] And she has so many different variations of Agatha and she’s leaning hard into the whole Munsters Addams family vibe. It’s just brilliant. Good.
[00:12:49] kenric: [00:12:49] Do you think now that we know she, she’s the one who. Brought in Quicksilver, but she’s just messing with Wanda by having it be Evan Peters and not the original Pietro, but it’s just a big mind for black, a big mind.
[00:13:05] Fuck. Okay.
[00:13:07] Andrew: [00:13:07] Like she could have deliberately plucked Evan pizzas, Pietro from another, from the aspect of the multi-verse and put in a minute. And then the thing is, that’s really fucking with one because Hey, it feels like my brother, it’s not like he isn’t Gacha, he’s just not my Pietro. You know what I mean?
[00:13:22] And it’s got much more resonance than him just being a guide. She’s cast to see him, the fact that he really is him. So that when, you know, when one does kind of, you know, contacting his mind or whatever, it’s like, well, yeah, you are. You are Pietro. So I think that’s a much more powerful thing to do that.
[00:13:37] It’s just, Oh yeah. He happens to look like him. I
[00:13:40] kenric: [00:13:40] was like, it’s kind of a crazy episode. One of the things I can’t wait to do is for the end of the season, for the season to be done and be able to watch it all the way through. Oh,
[00:13:50] John: [00:13:50] I know it’s all in one fell
[00:13:52] kenric: [00:13:52] swoop. Yeah, because I’m right now, I’m enjoying this, us talking about it and being excited for next week because Netflix doesn’t give you this.
[00:14:03] Yeah, this, this is what else. Yeah. You know, who does give you this right now is HBO. Yeah. Yeah. You know, and DC has a chance to be the same kind of stuff of week to week excitement for it, which I think it’s kind of funny. We’re coming full circle. Like this is how it was like, I remember when Dallas was on in the eighties.
[00:14:23] Yeah. And you’d go to school and all the girls, not so much the guys, but all the girls would be talking about Dallas. And, you know, what was going on. And then you’d see all the commercials and who shot Jr. And it was a big deal, you know, and it was that excitement from week to week and giving something people to talk about, or the stand when the miniseries of Stan came out, you know, how everything was happening and you know, just all of this kind of stuff.
[00:14:49] It’s kind of fun. And then in like 2010 or, you know, everything just started becoming dropped on us. Well, it’s
[00:14:57] Casey: [00:14:57] all reality TV too.
[00:15:00] kenric: [00:15:00] It’s kind of fed that binge feeling of it. I want to binge it all at once. Want to bend it all at once and now Hulu and Disney plus and HBO, max, they’re all kind of keeping that old school style filming, not filming, but old school stuff.
[00:15:17] Scheduling. You know, that’s how you’re building this excitement right now, but you don’t get, you don’t get that.
[00:15:24] John: [00:15:24] Well, it’s better now too than it was like, honestly, like having to go watch a channel at a certain time when a show comes on, always pissed me off. I hate having to schedule a timeout, but now I don’t, I don’t mind that actually.
[00:15:35] I love it because it builds the, it builds anticipation. It’s awesome. But the fact that on Friday, I could watch it anytime I want on Friday, you know,
[00:15:42] kenric: [00:15:42] I am in the morning, you can be watching one division, right? I mean, I watched it. That I was like, I got to get to sleep. It was Thursday night, went to bed.
[00:15:51] Couldn’t fall asleep, couldn’t fall asleep, which I have been having a lot of issues with that. Like, like last three months, 3:00 AM comes around and I’m just like F it, I just turn it on one vision. And I had already watched it before I even fell asleep. Just start my name, my new day.
[00:16:05]Casey: [00:16:05] I had to watch it again.
[00:16:06]Today when I got home from work, we had crazy weather this week and I had to missed a day of work. And that meant that I had to stay for like 12 hour days. And then I came in for a few hours this morning. I tried to watch it last night and I fell asleep. So I watched you, I was having my coffee when I got home.
[00:16:28] And did y’all notice in Angus’s basement? The book. Yeah. Yeah, that is possibly the dark hold.
[00:16:38] Andrew: [00:16:38] Yeah. Pretty cool.
[00:16:41] kenric: [00:16:41] See, that’s so funny because the dark hole is a series of books that was in the nineties. I love that whole thing. Yeah. I got all in. I mean, I dove deep, deep into that, that whole thing. I got all the midnight suns.
[00:16:57] I got everything I read in that like crazy. And then they just kinda dropped it. Just right, because it wasn’t a real popular thing. Marvel just kind of drop out whole series
[00:17:07] Casey: [00:17:07] cause of like the ghost treasure series and everything. Like they were running on all cylinders for a little while. I can’t think of the writer.
[00:17:14]I actually talked to him not long ago for the podcast, but he didn’t Danny catch. Yes.
[00:17:20] Andrew: [00:17:20] Yeah, because it’s that period of time where Johnny, John is like, he’s not the ghost ghostwriter and he’s, you know, supernatural investigator, right? Yes.
[00:17:29] kenric: [00:17:29] And they introduced Danny as the ghost writer. Yeah.
[00:17:34] Casey: [00:17:34] Yeah, Howard Mackie and the like the villains for those books were fricking fantastic.
[00:17:41] Like crazy. Yes. Like Skinner, creeped the hell out of me when I, cause I was around that age where I could read a comic and get kinda creeped out like
[00:17:51] kenric: [00:17:51] 11,
[00:17:52] Casey: [00:17:52] 10. Yeah. Yeah. Like Skinner was like the big, one of the big bads where he He got called back to he had gone off, started his own life, had a family and kids and everything.
[00:18:04]But he had this secret past where he was a demon and then he got called back. To Oh, it was, it was fucking brutal because he was like, Oh, I guess I’m going to go be a Damon again. And he murders his entire family in this comic Mayfair children, so, right. Yes. So that shit was off the chain. So knowing that they’re kind of dipping their toes in.
[00:18:32] Like supernatural stuff.
[00:18:35] kenric: [00:18:35] It had an M on it. You look at that book. Oh, for real book, hasn’t looked like it has an M on the front of the, on the front of the book. Maybe it’s the Mark hold and catch. Maybe it’s maybe it’s the book of a fiasco.
[00:18:48] John: [00:18:48] Well, did you guys catch them? They did interest in festivals episode.
[00:18:52] Casey: [00:18:52] Yeah,
[00:18:55] John: [00:18:55] 100%. Yeah, 100% professor he’s in the show, but now they’re going to, they’re going to, are they going to reveal them fully on the show or is this a tease for leaders for later movies and stuff?
[00:19:04] kenric: [00:19:04] Y’all realize the big, bad for Dr. Strange. Yeah, maybe
[00:19:08] Casey: [00:19:08] Joe get the rabbit’s name. Mr. Scratchy
[00:19:11] kenric: [00:19:11] scratchy. Yeah.
[00:19:12] Andrew: [00:19:12] Scratch. Is that, is that what the rabbit is called? Mr. Scratching? Yes. Oh, that’s this is biggest. That’s the biggest signpost imaginable. Yeah, because it’s to, it’s going to be a scuppers to Harry Potter type deal. Isn’t it? Where he’s gonna have been in plain sight the whole time. Of course, I think that’s a really good, cool, Casey.
[00:19:32] Casey: [00:19:32] This is me totally being like. I totally missed that Marvel version of Q Anon idiot, but
[00:19:48] Andrew: [00:19:48] tweeting crazy horse shit about mobile
[00:19:53] fucking come and fake news on a flight with Trump. Now they’re both going to become president.
[00:20:02] That’d be slightly making shit, which let’s face it. That’s what those, that’s what those people do. I want to jump into word people rather than me, the English word, I was going to use them. So maybe we might not be that unfunded from the English
[00:20:16] Casey: [00:20:16] C word. That’s right. Yeah.
[00:20:21] Andrew: [00:20:21] All the time. As Jen said, I just felt like it wasn’t the right time.
[00:20:27] John: [00:20:27] Yeah. Probably not. Probably not
[00:20:29] kenric: [00:20:29] only in America is to see where it’s so wild. Right.
[00:20:34] Andrew: [00:20:34] It’s just ridiculous. I mean, there’s, it does. Oh, I’m going to open a whole can of worms. So I’m not going to go down the street, but there’s another word that, you know, every other nation in the world uses because I’ve been you don’t because it’s a hot topic issue.
[00:20:47] And all I’ll say is it ties around the issue of pro-life and pro-choice right. And no other country in the world in the developed world is pro-life and pro-choice even a conversation. Yeah, well, it’s just, you know, the, the real thing that, that is is just a legal medical process that’s considered to be necessary.
[00:21:03] And everybody uses that word to me all the time. You know, nobody else. There’s no other countries it’s like probably life for prejudice and have these weird kind of ultimate words for it to know for sure, by the way. By the way. So it was the UK. So I’m not trying to say that things are okay here. You know, as you know without sounding like a broken record, all I’ll say is we’ve got a Royal family, right?
[00:21:28] That’s all you need to know, but how sensible the UK is. Yeah.
[00:21:32] Casey: [00:21:32] So circling back to last week yeah. As, as a callback we start, I started off this episode and starts off with Wanda in bed. She goes in and her kids are up and kind of fighting and she immediately goes before. Really saying anything to anybody else pours her own self, a bowl of cereal.
[00:21:55] And my wife got a whole lot out of that.
[00:21:59] Andrew: [00:21:59] She said, I told you that bitch was talking.
[00:22:04] Casey: [00:22:04] So that’s she, she was feeling it.
[00:22:08] Andrew: [00:22:08] That’s funny. Yeah, no, that was great. And also, I basically, we haven’t really touched upon it, but I, yeah, I love the whole modern family touches and the subtle nods that there was that great moment where we’re vision has that, you know, Jim, from the office moment, just looking at the camera, you know, there’s a point where something happens when he’s in, you know, thinking about some inquiries in the truck with Darcy and he just looks at the camera with that kind of light.
[00:22:37] Look, you know, to me, it’s just brilliant.
[00:22:41] John: [00:22:41] It’s like, what am I doing? What am I, why am I talking to you? And just flies away? Like, just leave me here.
[00:22:47] kenric: [00:22:47] Okay.
[00:22:48] Casey: [00:22:48] On the intro, there was a, you know, you kept seeing different variations of Wanda during their, their introduction, like the, the theme. There was a, it only showed it for like two seconds said there was a message that said something like, we know what you’re doing, Wanda like hidden in between all the different flashes of, of Wanda.
[00:23:09] I thought that was interesting. And then when she’s being like the face-to-face interview with the camera and she that, that voice speaks up. Yeah. It says something like, do you think that this happened because you deserve it or something like that? That w was that her conscience or was that was that Agatha?
[00:23:33] kenric: [00:23:33] That was well, according
[00:23:34] John: [00:23:34] to the magazine, it was Agatha. Cause she was sitting there at that.
[00:23:37] kenric: [00:23:37] Well,
[00:23:37] Andrew: [00:23:37] sat behind the camera. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Right.
[00:23:41] Casey: [00:23:41] That was wild. I really dug that
[00:23:45] kenric: [00:23:45] something was happening with the breakdown of the hats. And that things changing and like, you know, the kids playing the video game turns all that back into cards.
[00:23:56] Andrew: [00:23:56] I thought it, I thought to be, I took that to be wonders. Would the extension of the heck she just doesn’t have a control over it that she did when she kept it to a relatively small field. So now it’s projected that much. Why there, it takes a lot of energy, which is why she’s tired by the way. She’s because she’s, she’s exerting all that energy over that smelled.
[00:24:16] Which is also a callback
[00:24:17] John: [00:24:17] to the economics. So it has been in the comics when yeah, I think it’s an that’s relevant envision series in the eighties when she has the, she manifests the kids for the first time Billy and Tommy and Agatha is the babysitter. There’s the whole part where she gets, when her power gets expressed too much, the babies just disappear.
[00:24:31] And things just cause they’re just, they’re just visions of, it’s just made them up. And I don’t know they’re doing that in the show here, but you know, as they disappeared public, cause Agatha made him go somewhere. But other things are changing because their powers are being stretched, which is a callback to like the old Commonwealth, when your powers get stretched too much things to can’t control it.
[00:24:47] Yeah.
[00:24:47] Casey: [00:24:47] Is that also like in the same storyline where they become baby hands? Yeah, it is, you
[00:24:52] John: [00:24:52] know what I’m talking about? The guy with the babies, his arms were baby hands, which just the weirdest thing.
[00:25:00] kenric: [00:25:00] Hey, w when you in the comics, I can’t remember what street it is. It might be house to em, or it might be before. I’m not quite a hundred percent sure. One of them, when she hurt, would you loses her kids and they die. And she she’s going, she’s in the throws of guilt. She’s in the throes of depression. She whispers no more mutants tasks.
[00:25:26] All the mutans are gone. Okay. I’m wondering if this is how they’re going to bring in all the mutants, cause she’s going to say something or she’s going to produce something to say, you know, Like bringing her kids in is, is the catalyst for creating all these meetings.
[00:25:45] John: [00:25:45] Kids are real, they’re technically the first meetings cause they’re born with powers.
[00:25:49] Right. So they’d be, they would be the first, if they’re, if they’re not just magical that, you know, but the thing they seem to be real, I think academics is hiding them somewhere. So
[00:25:57] kenric: [00:25:57] w w it’s going to be difficult. I mean, I guess they’re the first mutants in the world. In the current universe. Yeah. But we can’t forget because at some point they’re going to do apocalypse correctly.
[00:26:11] Hopefully not mighty Morphin power, Rangers style.
[00:26:15] Casey: [00:26:15] It was so awful.
[00:26:17] kenric: [00:26:17] And, you know, and, and he’s at that point, if they do him and he’s going to be, had been there forever, you know? So it’s going to be an interesting, interesting thing. I, I, I’m curious how they’re going to.
[00:26:30] John: [00:26:30] Well, they’re gonna the, and there’s going to be, it’s going to be to where everybody is going to be there.
[00:26:35] Right. Cause they’re going to the worlds. Right. I think after Dr. is, it’s going to be that the meetings are just are, they’re a part of the world and they’ve always been there because of this merging of universities that’s going to happen. And it’s going to be, we’re going to know that, Hey, they didn’t used to be there, but in the world of the MCU, there’s going to be mutants who have been there for ever.
[00:26:54] And it’s just going to be part of the world now because it’s going to be the whole merging of the universe.
[00:26:58] kenric: [00:26:58] Do you guys like that they’ve taken Wanda away from being a mutant now she’s
[00:27:03] John: [00:27:03] not,
[00:27:04] kenric: [00:27:04] no,
[00:27:07] Casey: [00:27:07] it’ll fluctuate. I’m sure. Again, even in the TV shows and movies, because it’s done that in the comics so many different times, I
[00:27:14] mean,
[00:27:14] kenric: [00:27:14] right.
[00:27:14] But she was a mutant in the comics for a really long time
[00:27:17] John: [00:27:17] up until Fox. Yeah. Yeah.
[00:27:20] kenric: [00:27:20] Go ahead. Casey, you look like, are you raising her hand? Is that what you’re doing? Are we in grade
[00:27:24] Andrew: [00:27:24] school cases introduced to this questions by, by raising your sandwich is a brilliant thing to do like a, like
[00:27:33] Casey: [00:27:33] a presentation?
[00:27:34]No, no. I wanted to say one of you guys had a point earlier about, I think John said something about merging The the commercial this week was for nexus which brings to mind the nexus of all realities in the comics. Yup. So are they, you know, spoonfeeding us. Like, Hey, this is going to happen. Or is it just like, you think that stuff is just back for the fans or they’re going like, no, buddy, we’re going to get into some.
[00:28:02] And if that’s the case, are we going to get main thing you’re going to get a giant size man thing up in here? Well, I mean, I
[00:28:11] John: [00:28:11] think they’re doing next as our realities and they’re, they’re participating to wanting to be at nexus being like she is in the comics where there’s only, you know, one next is being per universe.
[00:28:19] And that, that leads into the creation of man thing. I think, I mean, it’s not a far stretch to think that down the road, we’re going to get a man thing,
[00:28:27] kenric: [00:28:27] which would be cool.
[00:28:29] Andrew: [00:28:29] So I’m going to, I’m going to I’m going to put my cards on the table here and. Tell you that I absolutely don’t care if man thing is in the MCU or not.
[00:28:39] I literally could not care less that I hadn’t thought about this. You mentioned the words, but realize, yeah, you might just have found my least favorite Marvel character to me.
[00:28:55] Casey: [00:28:55] Did it better? Yeah.
[00:28:56] Andrew: [00:28:56] Yeah. W it’s I’m here’s the thing, right? Check this out. This is fucking heresy, but I didn’t really like swamp thing that much.
[00:29:04] I just didn’t like, you know, kind of like, you know, kind of swamp based you know, alternative consciousness has come
[00:29:13] Casey: [00:29:13] to the blog, Alan Moore. Start worshiping 800 year old Greek gods for you to be lukewarm on
[00:29:20] Andrew: [00:29:20] swamp thing. And she said she kind of hates as well, but yeah, I, I’m not a massive guy, certainly not a massive fan of, of man thing.
[00:29:30] And, you know, while we’re on to kind of like, Superhero Marvel, DC heresy or mentioned a few of things. I, I don’t actually, I I’m not at all bothered by the fact that one, the Pietro and whoever wasn’t identified as mutants. Cause for me, As an old school, as an old school Marvel fan, I, you still love the X-Men when it was the moment when the next man became a universe within the Marvel universe at a certain point, when they became as big as they are, I read every X-Men comic was, this is probably in the early eighties, you know?
[00:30:03] So once it, once it’s, you know, Claremont and, and and bird. Or that it’s Claremont Cockrum. I read all of those books. Right. But once it started to massively expand into that, multi-level ongoing soap opera than it is to this day. I just kind of stopped caring about it. And for me, that it might, yeah, exactly.
[00:30:22] It’s only my opinion, but yeah. It sat, it creatively sat in the same space as why I don’t like reading the Legion of superheroes either. You know, it’s a man it’s like, ah, man, you know, it’s just that it’s too big for me. I’d rather see like per down stories. I love the connectivity in the universe, but someone come not into his crossover books, right.
[00:30:42] There are very few of the big crossovers that I’ve actually read all of and really enjoyed. Cause I just don’t like the way that within the books that you follow. The narrative, which you may be loving, kind of gets dragged to a whole tool. It has to fit into the overarching narrative. So I love Brie bakers, captain America, for example, but there’s a whole sequence of which gets dragged into the whole civil war thing.
[00:31:05] And I think it might be good for civil war, but it wasn’t good for the story he was trying to tell, you know what I mean? So, so anyway, that’s a very kind of long involved way of saying that I just don’t care whether. Whether one person, whether one does a mutant or not. I just, I wouldn’t want that to be used really.
[00:31:24] Interestingly, which currently definitely what they’re doing. However, it works out very interesting. Yeah. Yeah.
[00:31:34] Casey: [00:31:34] The, what you brought up about the X-Men as, you know, being so big in the Marvel universe and having their own little thing. That was one reason I wasn’t really bothered that they weren’t part originally part of the MCU, because it was, there’s so much in their stories. Yeah. We didn’t need.
[00:31:52] Andrew: [00:31:52] Yeah, no, that’s fine.
[00:31:54] Do you remember there was a period of time in the, yeah. In the late eighties where they essentially developed a whole punish universe as well. So, but punish, it became very, very successful and it’s a cold pots and author, Stephen Grant retreats it, and then you have all those great stories are written by like Mike Baron and guys like that.
[00:32:13] This is Chuck Dixon, Ryan barren Dickson, both of whom are incredibly right when dies by the way these days. But you know, like, you know, if you want cue on, you want to lose word that I wonder where the clues were, you know? And but once they widened that, you know, punish the universe, it’s like four books or something.
[00:32:33] Yeah. They write these entertaining stories of, of a maniac maniac fascist is going around and cheating people. Apparently these does caught, right? Wait, you know, I hear
[00:32:44] kenric: [00:32:44] Punisher is hardcore too, man. Read it. And they’ll be like, Seems to just torture and rape and just it’s, it’s
[00:32:51] Andrew: [00:32:51] insane. It’s heavy. I mean, one of the reasons that I actually prefer the the Garth Aniston iteration is because it’s, that’s a black comedy, right?
[00:33:00] From the get go. He he’s a guy who’s goes not, right-wing writing about very right-wing things and finding it amazing times. Like the guys he writes about judge dread there. All I do is just a joke, right? Casey? Yeah, no,
[00:33:12] Casey: [00:33:12] no, no. I was seeing Garth in his nose. The, the P like, I think the the guys from the eighties, like Dixon and bear and all those, they were like, this guy is doing what needs to be done in Garth.
[00:33:25] And this is like, fuck, this guy, this guy is a fucking terrible person. And he’s still out there. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. He was written by Innes. Not as a hero, but as somebody who is deeply damaged,
[00:33:43] Andrew: [00:33:43] that’s, by the way, that’s the way that Conway created him. That’s what he is. That’s Conway’s vision of, of who the Punisher is.
[00:33:51] Casey
[00:33:52] kenric: [00:33:52] asked Conway when he was on about his feelings with everybody. Kind of using the Punisher symbol as an icon, like on their truck and on their, you know, on their shirts, but they’re not wearing it. Like I’m a Marvel fan and I’m a fan of these characters. They’re using it as I believe in what this guy is doing.
[00:34:13] I am the fastest off of what has it’s supposed to be. Yeah.
[00:34:16] Andrew: [00:34:16] Yeah, 100% mate. Yeah, 100%. He is supposed to be a commentary on the extremity of that. He’s not supposed to be a standard bearer for the extremity of that. That’s a very different thing.
[00:34:28] kenric: [00:34:28] Yeah. I don’t think some of those guys that, that are using that symbol understand that.
[00:34:34] Andrew: [00:34:34] I would say, I don’t think any of them, I don’t even stop any of those cops or soldiers who were ballistic. I weren’t punished emblems. You go what’s that about? And they’ll go. Oh yeah. And I’ve just been glorious that RONIC, you know, I read this and then I read a copy of the ragged Trousered full of philanthropy.
[00:34:51] You know, I think you might call March for a few seconds, Emma, you know,
[00:34:56] kenric: [00:34:56] from my book
[00:34:59] Andrew: [00:34:59] and I go back to battalion headquarters and get deployed. That’s absolutely not the conversation. These guys.
[00:35:09] Casey: [00:35:09] Yeah. The cops were in the The Punisher shields. I wouldn’t be surprised if they like roll around the cop car, listen to like screwdriver or something like that. Oh yeah. Yeah.
[00:35:21] Andrew: [00:35:21] Before they stop, before they start taking drugs from fucking each other as well.
[00:35:30] Checking each other off to like punish the comics. Well, like snorting cocaine in the back of the Paddy wagon, you know, to me,
[00:35:39] kenric: [00:35:39] hard to be clear.
[00:35:42] John: [00:35:42] See, it’s too hardcore for this podcast. That’s not.
[00:35:48] kenric: [00:35:48] Oh, yeah, cats are funny
[00:35:52] and
[00:35:52] John: [00:35:52] explicit.
[00:35:54] kenric: [00:35:54] Oh God. Oh, so Wanda.
[00:36:01] Oh my God. You got to make me cough. I’m
[00:36:03] John: [00:36:03] laughing too hard. What do you thinks happened next episode? Because this is a huge switch. This changes the tone and everything in the
[00:36:09] kenric: [00:36:09] show, because we think we start seeing the breakdown of the hex more, or you think it’s done.
[00:36:14] Andrew: [00:36:14] Casey. I know you’ve got some say about this moment.
[00:36:16] No, I was going to ask
[00:36:17] Casey: [00:36:17] how many more do we have, do we just have to do more, do more? So we’re going to have to get some answers
[00:36:24] Andrew: [00:36:24] soon. Am I right in thinking that the final one is a bit longer than the others? Is that right?
[00:36:32] John: [00:36:32] Oh,
[00:36:32] Andrew: [00:36:32] short. Yeah, it felt, I mean, it just felt really sure. Cause it’s like the it’s like the the experience. Have you, have you have like favorite network show, but you watch it on a streaming platform. Like I think I mentioned it before. I’m a big fan of SVU, but when you watch SVU on streaming, You realize every episode is only 42 minutes long, and actually you burn through them really, really quickly, really quickly.
[00:36:55] And it’s like witness spin essentially a half hour show, but it has massively long credits. You really only get about 25 minutes of content in each episode. And you’d just desperate for more. Did you see that meme about, I figured out who the real arch villain is in one division. It’s this titled Todd, and it is a speech.
[00:37:15] Please stay tuned or whatever everybody sees and goes, Oh fuck.
[00:37:20] John: [00:37:20] Oh God, it’s just getting really good. Keep
[00:37:24] kenric: [00:37:24] going. Why? Why is that title? Why is the in credit? So fricking long on this show
[00:37:32] Andrew: [00:37:32] goes on forever. It drives me
[00:37:33] kenric: [00:37:33] nuts. I’m thinking, Oh, no, I got to make sure there’s not another scene. And they, and they, and they do that stupid fricking scene.
[00:37:42] They’ll do that. They’ll do a little bit of the credits and then they’ll do a scene and then they have this 30 minute long. Credit’s been going on and you’re thinking for long, it’d be another scene. So you sit there and you try to fast forward it. And then, and then in my mind, I was like, well, the scene might be 10 seconds.
[00:37:56] So I might not see it in the fast forward and the preview during fast forward. So I don’t want to do that. And then I’m sitting there for nothing, literally,
[00:38:04] John: [00:38:04] nothing Africa. It seems in every episode.
[00:38:08] Andrew: [00:38:08] And I think there has certainly hoping that was the only one.
[00:38:16] kenric: [00:38:16] Wasn’t there one last week to like a mid credit scene. I just
[00:38:21] John: [00:38:21] know this week had Pietro in it to show you still there, but I didn’t know there was any of them at any still haven’t wait. Do have to go back and watch all these things.
[00:38:28] Andrew: [00:38:28] Again, Johnny,
[00:38:30] kenric: [00:38:30] you got to do that and you can report back, let us know.
[00:38:32] Casey: [00:38:32] Thanks. Thanks. My favorite line from 30 rock where I’m Tracy Jordan, Tracy Morgan is his character says, I just realized what the, the ending of the 6 cents the names. Are the people that worked
[00:38:48] Andrew: [00:38:48] on the movie.
[00:38:57] Casey: [00:38:57] Very
[00:38:58] John: [00:38:58] perceptive. I bet you a question though. What do you guys, what do you guys think happens next? Like, cause we now know that Agnes’s Agatha she’s, she’s revealed herself to Wanda. Is she going to reveal is one actually controlling things or is it Agnes like. Oh, hence that. And she’s pulling the strings behind it, but like, what’s going to happen in the last two episodes.
[00:39:13] This less next episode.
[00:39:15] kenric: [00:39:15] I think we’re going to see Agnes as is, I think Agnes is doing some things, but I think at the end of the day, she’s a handler. Yeah. I don’t think she’s anything more than just a handler to make sure that things run the way they’re supposed to run for Wanda.
[00:39:29] Andrew: [00:39:29] I think thing
[00:39:31] John: [00:39:31] like she’s working
[00:39:32] kenric: [00:39:32] for Wanda or like, no, no, no, no.
[00:39:34] When I say for Wanda, I’m just saying. That things happen the way they need things to happen for Wanda she’s
[00:39:40] Andrew: [00:39:40] the massage, the narrative and assert exactly. She’s a handler. Yeah, I think, I think that’s exactly right. I think the other thing is it’s I get hung up on the suspense a little bit of time in the mobile universe actually being like a, either a positive influence, but she certainly always, wasn’t a fantastic fool or an ally of some kind, right.
[00:39:59] It’s entirely D it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that while of set her up being evil and whatnot. And that brilliant, you know, the, all the long title sequence, it could be that they’re going to pivot at some point, you know, before the show ends and she either redeemed herself or in actually come, comes out of the closet.
[00:40:18] It’s actually being some kind of good guy or like a representative Dr. Strange, you know, who’s been there like, you know, like deep on the agent. Yeah.
[00:40:27] kenric: [00:40:27] She’s she’s she’s Mr. Snake.
[00:40:29] Andrew: [00:40:29] Yeah. Yeah, exactly. It’s like snake. Exactly. Yeah. But by the way, I don’t, we’ve ever talked about this, but something else crossed my mind and maybe we have, maybe it had come up, but in all our predictions about where she’s definitely going to be able to get the harness, she knows something that only struck me in this episode is that the name madness is in fact, you know, the first two letters of Agatha Harkness and the last three letters of mountainous.
[00:40:57] Do you know what I mean? It’s like, Agnes is like the beginning of the end of that name. Just not get to that at all. No, I just thought about it just super deliberate. Like it is,
[00:41:09] kenric: [00:41:09] that’s like a Stanley thing though. Right?
[00:41:10] Andrew: [00:41:10] Peter Parker. It’s not a massive clue. None of us ever talked about, Oh yeah. Staring us in the face the whole time.
[00:41:20] I was saying Casey, that’s a. The actually what I realized, I guess, because English is my thing. Right. And I liked words and what I wanted, I was thinking about it. It’s not that this is rocket science, by the way, I’m saying it was obvious. We didn’t realize before is that Agnes is made up of the first two letters and the last three letters, Agatha Harkness, Harkness, Agnes.
[00:41:43] Yeah. Yeah.
[00:41:45] kenric: [00:41:45] Yeah. I knew that guys
[00:41:52] Oh my God. We totally, totally missed that.
[00:41:56] Andrew: [00:41:56] The hidden illustrations in mad magazine,
[00:42:00] kenric: [00:42:00] do you
[00:42:01] John: [00:42:01] think, do you think that next episode is going to, is it going to like fall back to a trope to start out with the kind of throw us off? Or is it going to pick up right where it left off with Agatha and Wanda in the, in the dungeon?
[00:42:11] Like, and this is going to be a battle or something going on.
[00:42:14] Andrew: [00:42:14] Excellent question. I think the only place that could possibly go by the way, correct me if I’m wrong for, if you’re going to do another comedy, B would maybe be to go down the big bang theory route. I can’t really see if there’s anything left that works within the timeframes.
[00:42:30] Once I’ve got it to modern family, they’re not going to do the office because the modern factors, the office is mainly the same thing as is parks and rec. So what is left for them to do in the
[00:42:38] Casey: [00:42:38] Thrones? Hour long
[00:42:42] kenric: [00:42:42] the ultimate comedy.
[00:42:47] No, I think you’re right. I think the big bang theory is about the only thing,
[00:42:52] Andrew: [00:42:52] but they might just step away from duty
[00:42:54] kenric: [00:42:54] Sabrina, the teenage witch.
[00:42:55] Andrew: [00:42:55] Yeah. Yeah. That’s, that’s, that’s potentially a good one, I think, but because we’re all we’re. Yeah. Cause they could go for the current version of Sabrina and mentors.
[00:43:04] But I mean, you, I think you’re at a point where it’s all about to blow up because you know, once, once vision kind of went, Hey actually, what am I doing to sat here? I’m just going to fly. Correct me if I’m wrong, you don’t see how that resolves itself. So presumably that reveal is going to get made. You’ve got the Rambo second Pietro thing going on and vision’s going to turn up any second.
[00:43:24] So it’s all going to blow apart, right?
[00:43:26] John: [00:43:26] Yeah. What’s Darcy doing, you know, she’s on her way there. She
[00:43:30] kenric: [00:43:30] has seeing now having her mind back to herself because vision helped her do that. Is she going to be the catalyst to bring down the hex within.
[00:43:42] Andrew: [00:43:42] Yeah, you’d have to think the answer was probably particularly at turns out to be a scientific, rather than a magical phenomenon as you guys were positing.
[00:43:51] It’s a bit of a, Mandelbrot kind of deal where it’s all about code and whatnot and you know, patterns
[00:43:57] John: [00:43:57] and she still, she still talks about bringing it in her, the, the aerospace engineer that she knows or whatever. And we haven’t had it talked about a couple of times that we haven’t, we haven’t had that reveal yet of who she was talking about, or if they’re on their way or who’s or if that’s going to happen.
[00:44:08] So there’s still. The there’s still the idea of, of this person. She was talking about coming in at, you know, on the outside to, and we can make any connection with her. So they have like the in and out again between Darcy and whoever this person is.
[00:44:19] kenric: [00:44:19] Yeah.
[00:44:20] Casey: [00:44:20] And we can’t, we can’t forget a
[00:44:22] Andrew: [00:44:22] minute. Sorry guys.
[00:44:24] It couldn’t be what, what is Jane Foster in the MCU? Yeah. Yes. Yeah. What is she? Could it be Jay? I mean, Jane Foster, she’s going to be, she’s going to be there. Isn’t she?
[00:44:38] kenric: [00:44:38] Yeah. Now it’s coming back. They had the whole press conference. She has the hammer. And one of the things that made her want to come back was the fact that they’re going to do the whole what was he like the writer’s name that made her
[00:44:52] John: [00:44:52] Jason, Aaron, huh?
[00:44:54] kenric: [00:44:54] Yeah. They’re going to do the, do the Jason Aaron storyline. Well at least base the Thor stuff on the Jason Aaron’s storyline, which I think was, was great. I, I. Thor went into depression. He didn’t think he was worthy enough anymore. The hammer wouldn’t let him pick it up because of it. And she picks it up and
[00:45:14] John: [00:45:14] becomes, I still think they missed a huge opportunity with Thor because they’re going to have Jane Foster throw in there.
[00:45:19] The talking about having like frog thrown and their Thor’s in there. They should have called it. Thor for more Thor’s cause they missed
[00:45:27] kenric: [00:45:27] Thor
[00:45:32] Thor for four more. Thor’s Oh my God. It’s a mouthful. It should’ve been the name, but whatever. I don’t want him to do the frauds or I gotta be honest, man. I never reading. That was always just so.
[00:45:44] Casey: [00:45:44] That would be amazing if they did Frankfurt,
[00:45:48] Andrew: [00:45:48] they could do it. They could do it spider having to style and just be a relatively small cameo, I
[00:45:53] Casey: [00:45:53] guess.
[00:45:53] Yeah. Even like, because they have the one show, I mean, they could, they could even do it in that. That would be amazing to see some of the stuff from Simon says run like, like that, like the little stories like that. Cause it was just one issue where he was the frog, I think.
[00:46:08] kenric: [00:46:08] Right.
[00:46:10] John: [00:46:10] And it was one when two issues and he came back into it, but it was, it was a good issue.
[00:46:15] kenric: [00:46:15] Battery bill. That’s great.
[00:46:17] Andrew: [00:46:17] Bill is a good one. That would be Simon yeah. Yes. I’ve
[00:46:23] John: [00:46:23] heard rumors. It’s going to be 11 thunder, at least in some way, but I hope
[00:46:27] kenric: [00:46:27] so. Well, they showed us, they showed us effigy and Ragnar rock. Yeah. Yeah. So I think he’s right there. I mean, he’s definitely in the universe somewhere.
[00:46:38] Yeah.
[00:46:38] John: [00:46:38] Yeah. So I go back to my question. Do you think we’re going to get them a Vista the form of historic reveal in this episode or the season? Or is that going to be something that like, you know,
[00:46:46] kenric: [00:46:46] did you ask that question? We answered that. Nobody answered it. We just said, yeah. Then we moved on and did right.
[00:46:50] I said that we might get someone to reveal, but I think he’s going to be the big, bad in Dr. Strange. Okay,
[00:46:58] Andrew: [00:46:58] but your point is, are we going to get full blown the Festo, or are we going to get just, you know, cause what he’s going to be massive. He’s going to be hugely tool and he’s going to be the full Satan.
[00:47:09] That’s what I’d hope for, you know, that’s I would hate to say
[00:47:12] kenric: [00:47:12] it. He looks like Alice Cooper in the comic books.
[00:47:15] Casey: [00:47:15] What if he’s the atrial and we just don’t know, it
[00:47:19] Andrew: [00:47:19] could be. Yeah. Could be. I love you, Mr. Scratchy option though. I think that’s the one I think. Yeah, I think, I think that’s
[00:47:28] kenric: [00:47:28] right on. I missed that whole,
[00:47:30] Andrew: [00:47:30] so did I
[00:47:31] kenric: [00:47:31] mention that I missed his name?
[00:47:33] John: [00:47:33] I hope they don’t do any kind of, I hope what we’ve seen in this episode is all we really see it in a festival except for like maybe a namedrop and they don’t like, he doesn’t show up in the series. I hope he’s like, it’s like. They mentioned that he’s part of it or whatever, but I don’t like bring him in at the last minute.
[00:47:47] Cause it’d be great for them to build out to the show. And then how that shows up in Dr. Strange. And it’s like ties in because one is going to be in that movie to be a good time.
[00:47:56] kenric: [00:47:56] Yeah, that’d be right. I want him to show him, well, I want to see him. I. That I never like it when they, they tease something.
[00:48:03] And then you got to wait 50 years to see that the combination of that drives me nuts. Let’s see, I see it. I want to, I want to see if it’s my piece too, because he’s, he’s such an interesting character because they didn’t want to use the name Satan, even though they had that whole comic book Satan, which was weird, but they didn’t want to have the whole hell concept associated with them as, as much as they wanted to use it.
[00:48:30] You know, so they created a Festo and he’s an interesting character. He’s had a lot of these, his, his, his intertwining in his, his messing with people has had a lot of variations in the comic books. So it’s, it’s going to be interesting. I I’m excited if it is a freestyle, let’s put it that way. And now Casey St.
[00:48:52] Dark, hold on that book, you know, now it’s like, well, shoot. You know, is it that, or I kind of want to go back now. Cause I think there’s an M on that book though. Yeah.
[00:49:03] Casey: [00:49:03] So given that Mephisto is, you know, short from Memphis Sophocles, who is one of the characters and Faust, could this have a, you know, a fasting and ending,
[00:49:20] kenric: [00:49:20] that’d be interesting where he’s going to sell their soul.
[00:49:22]Casey: [00:49:22] How, how do we know that, you know, it hasn’t already happened or
[00:49:26] Andrew: [00:49:26] this is just, I mean, that’s exactly what drives old pizza, Mary Jane divorce, isn’t it, that’s a fascinating book. So yeah, no, you’re absolutely right. Once you, once you use a character, that’s blatantly got gold that, you know, you can open up all those, you know, Possible uses.
[00:49:43] I think you’re right by the way, Kenrick. I think you’ve if they are getting a Festo disappear, I would really like him to be fully revealed as a Festo because I don’t know if I showed that I quite liked, I don’t know. You both watched, it was teen Titans, right? DCS Titans. But I re I really enjoyed that show, but in season one, I didn’t like the fact that when Tragon turned up.
[00:50:08] He’s just a guy in a business suit. Like you will find in the show like charmed, right? You see his demon hand for a second and in season two, you do. Yeah. To see you get to see what he looks like, but you get all this kind of mapping through the portal where it’s like, Oh my God, this is what he really looks like.
[00:50:25] But when he comes to the door, he only got a lighter tint to it. And then he’s just the regular guy. Yeah. I really hope I can’t see because of that. The, I can’t see one division going down that same route. Cause you know, DC’s Titans on a much lower budget has already done that kind of reveal where your days TAF are.
[00:50:42] So I think the, the revealable, they weren’t art my guess is if they do reveal them, it will be full blown, the Festa in the same way they revealed full, full, blind fantas years before he was ever in the narrative. Do you know? I think
[00:50:56] kenric: [00:50:56] you’re right, dude. I think budget does that come down to it? And if this, and this is the catalyst to jumping off, was it, is it phase four that we’re, that we’re getting them to.
[00:51:05] And then if this is the catalyst to our phase four, jump off, then I don’t think you hold any punches. No, I don’t. I don’t think you sit there and, and cause that you’re, I, I, that, that is kind of boring to have. That that’s low, that’s working around and trying to do the character development and working around that budget constraints.
[00:51:25] When you have somebody walk through and they’re just wearing a three piece suit and doing that classic look on the double. So I’m wearing this nice
[00:51:32] Andrew: [00:51:32] style. Performance is good looking like in the dark. So yeah, it’s really well tailored, you know? Yeah, exactly.
[00:51:39] kenric: [00:51:39] So I think having it be the full visual effect to who must be still is.
[00:51:44]And they don’t even have to do it in the rec. They can have in a different realm. You know, I th there was something that I wanted to bring up actually. And I’m sorry if I could give me one second. I had this interesting article I read just the
[00:51:59] Andrew: [00:51:59] Last night. This is when Khan Kenrick comes back on screen and he’s completely naked.
[00:52:05] Yeah.
[00:52:06] Casey: [00:52:06] He’s, he’s doing the tough though. He’s doing the tuck
[00:52:09] Andrew: [00:52:09] like exactly. Yes. Silence of the lambs. Yeah. So you’re, you’re listening to this on the podcast, but we’re doing it as a, as a video call so we can see each other, but Kenrick is just solid. This camera for very straight Jesus. Maybe he’s revisiting.
[00:52:23] Seen that whole cops with like punish it.
[00:52:29] That’s the straight path.
[00:52:32] Casey: [00:52:32] Oh, come on.
[00:52:36] Andrew: [00:52:36] That’s great sound effects. So actually selling what we’re talking about.
[00:52:46] kenric: [00:52:46] God, dang it. I can’t seem. Why are you have tassels on? Yeah, I just totally did. I only paid the the motion to swing my tassel with my pity.
[00:53:00] Casey: [00:53:00] Is that bologna or is that your,
[00:53:02] Andrew: [00:53:02] Oh my God.
[00:53:07] Casey: [00:53:07] And I’ll tell you a story real quick while Ken’s doing this right. Okay. So I used to work for a medical company and we would go to people’s houses and I would set up medical oxygen for people. I was at this house, there’s this little redneck kid that was like, follow me back and forth to the truck.
[00:53:22] Cause I was getting the supplies for his grandma. Right. So He was kind of annoying, but it was, you know, it was cute little redneck kid. He was wearing a pair of shorts, no shoes, you know, his bare feet and his fat little tummy. He was hanging out cause he didn’t have a shirt on. So he was just kind of asking me questions and stuff.
[00:53:42] And finally I heard his mom called him into the other rooms that David Tom for dinner. So, you know, a little David goes out and I was like, thank God this kid is finally gone. I can. Do what I need to do to get out of here. Cause I was out in the middle of the night, I was in deliverance country. I was way out in the sticks.
[00:54:03] And five minutes later, David comes back in. They had, they had had like cheeseburgers for dinner apparently. And I know it was cheeseburgers because David comes in with a piece of cheese, slept on the state right here, the piece of cheese slapped on the state right here and very casually. Peeling the cheese off and eating it as he’s talking to me, like it’s the most natural thing in the world?
[00:54:30] Like, of course, why would I not slap this piece of square cheese on my tit and eat it off? The child gave me a strip cheese
[00:54:41] kenric: [00:54:41] and
[00:54:44] Casey: [00:54:44] I swear to God, this happened. I packed up, I got everything done. I ran to the truck and immediately called my wife because I was about to die.
[00:54:58] Andrew: [00:54:58] Who does that?
[00:55:04] Casey: [00:55:04] Yeah. Yeah.
[00:55:05] Andrew: [00:55:05] Like, did he say to you messages I’ve already eaten, but I’m bringing home dinner for you.
[00:55:13] Casey: [00:55:13] Oh my gosh, this kid, it was the changes. Like that is a future psychopath in the making. It’s like, it’s just like, I don’t know, man. What, what are you doing all day? Just peeling cheese off of his fat little boy titties and yeah,
[00:55:31] John: [00:55:31] that’s wrong on so many levels, man?
[00:55:33] kenric: [00:55:33] Oh my God.
[00:55:34] Casey: [00:55:34] That is, we might need to cut this far.
[00:55:39] kenric: [00:55:39] Okay. Okay. That’s so I read this interesting article. Thank I found it. It’s on screen rant. And it’s just basically talks about the different people that could be. The Fiesta? Nope, this isn’t the right one. Damn it. You know what? Forget it. I’m just, I’m just done. Just done. I can’t find it. I’m back. I put my clothes back on, take the tassels off.
[00:56:07] I should have just printed it out and had it paper style because I had it. I saved it and everything on my phone, but for some reason it’s going, you don’t have an app. I can open this. I’m like it was a fricking website. Your
[00:56:19] Casey: [00:56:19] shirt’s on backwards now
[00:56:25] Andrew: [00:56:25] call for the bucket.
[00:56:26]kenric: [00:56:26] So next week, Wanda, vision
[00:56:32] Andrew: [00:56:32] eight next week.
[00:56:33] kenric: [00:56:33] And. Vision is flying around. Where’s the vision going? What, what are we going to see?
[00:56:39] Andrew: [00:56:39] Got to be going home.
[00:56:40] John: [00:56:40] Yeah. Yeah. He’s going to wonder what, he’s not going to find it there cause she’s, but
[00:56:44] Andrew: [00:56:44] he’s kind of tuned into anyways now and you can find a pretty it’s like, you know, when he snaps, it’s conscious, is it gone?
[00:56:50] You know, why am I sitting here? I could just go. And, you know, and you know, you’re automatically phases through the roof of the van, you know, it’s like he’s in full control of himself in that moment
[00:56:59] kenric: [00:56:59] when he’s making those realizations is, do you think he has. Brain is, is his synapses are starting to repair themselves and that’s what’s happening is we’re seeing him going.
[00:57:10] Oh, another
[00:57:11] Andrew: [00:57:11] thing I think it’s certainly possible. Yeah, for sure. I mean, the thing that it never felt, you know, because the, the, the implication in infinity war was that they might be able to. You know, free vision from the, from the power of the stone, the energy source that is stone and still having been kind of self-sustaining, but should we just didn’t have the time to do it.
[00:57:33] So clearly the people are working on in the moment, don’t have the ability to do that, but you know, it makes you wonder if they will end up getting into the point where he is actually can be sustained via some kind of. Some other kinds of energy force he can tap into and become self-sustaining. I feel that probably the art could be more interesting than the ones being dead though.
[00:57:52] You know? I mean, I think that would be better from a dramatic perspective, although I don’t want him to be, cause I love that character.
[00:57:58] kenric: [00:57:58] Yeah. When they started doing the whole thing and they’re talking about them, you know, bringing vision back to life and the, and the guy is heading that up. And that’s why he’s so interested on what’s happening and wanting to get him back, all that kind of fun stuff.
[00:58:15] It made me start thinking because in like the second episode or the third episode, you saw that whole kind of like zombie version going on when he was talking to Wanda and she saw him and the way she saw Pedro with the three gunshots, if that’s, what, if that’s what they actually look like and she’s appearing through the reality, or if that’s just her mental capacity at the time of her depression and her and her Mourning the loss of these people.
[00:58:40] And that’s what she’s seeing them because they’re standing in front of him.
[00:58:42] John: [00:58:42] Yeah. At first I thought it was just, she was seeing what they really were behind the facade, but yeah. Being vision outside of the hex. And he didn’t have the hole in his head. I think that’s not there. That Pietro really was pulled from the universe and this is vision rebuilt and she’s just seeing the horrible things and her memory.
[00:59:00] But that that’s not the reality is they’re there. They’re done. They’re there. They’re back or they’re not they’re whole again.
[00:59:08] kenric: [00:59:08] Yeah. Yeah. I think so, too. All right. Well then we should wrap up Casey’s dad to get out of here. Look at that wild hair. Look at him. Look at him. He is the. He is the complete boy band lumberjack, man.
[00:59:21] Yes, he is.
[00:59:23] Casey: [00:59:23] That’s my COVID hair. It was good talking to y’all. Y’all take it easy
[00:59:26] Andrew: [00:59:26] guys. Take care, brother. We’ll see you next week.
[00:59:31] kenric: [00:59:31] All right, well let’s I guess we should probably wrap this up anyways and yeah, sounds good. Now that Allen’s gone, let’s re now that case is gone. Let’s really talk some shit about them
[00:59:42] John: [00:59:42] because the kids aren’t going to go back into video child.
[00:59:44] So let me try that again.
[00:59:50] kenric: [00:59:50] You know what? Let’s keep this on the air. So, so Sumner Casey, I don’t know if we told you this. We might’ve told you this already, but Casey has a Kickstarter going on. With a really great artist named Pete woods out of your neck of the woods. Yeah. And it’s called Buddha child. Okay. But they spelled it C H I L L E, which is fine.
[01:00:15] Andrew: [01:00:15] Right. Except C H I L, which is fine, but it doesn’t say child. So it’s chill.
[01:00:20] kenric: [01:00:20] Yeah. So me and, but me and Johnny, Kate, we didn’t really talk to Casey. Like we don’t talk to Casey everyday like this. Right. So most of it’s done through messenger, right? Just how we talk to you a lot of time through some type of instant messaging, discord or Facebook or whatever.
[01:00:40] So he’s sending us all over and Johnny are talking about it and me and Johnny, literally voice Lilly. If that’s a word I can use verbally to each other, almost everyday, verbally. There you go. Thank you. Yeah. Yeah. And so we called it Buddha chili. I felt like year and a half. He’s been saying, we’ve been thinking voodoo, Chile.
[01:00:58] This thing is called voodoo Chile. And when we did episode, when we did the second episode, or maybe the, yeah, the second episode of this one division thing that we’ve been doing every week, Johnny and I were saying Buddha chili. Cause that’s what we think in each case is like, Oh, you guys are messing with me.
[01:01:14] What are you talking about? It’s child. And we’re like, What he’s like. Yeah. Like Jimmy Hendrix, your child, and I’m like Buddha child. He’s like, yeah. And I’m like, dude, it looks like voodoo Chile. And to me it made sense. I’m like, it’s loaded chili, like, you know, eating Crow. You’re like, it made sense. I’m like, Oh, it’s perfect.
[01:01:38] I thought it was cool, man. And then, yeah, it was so funny. It was like, Oh my God. Now we gotta really watch ourselves. To make sure we say it. Right. So I might see
[01:01:47] Andrew: [01:01:47] him. How’s he amended the spelling? No,
[01:01:50] kenric: [01:01:50] no, they’re keeping it C I C H I L L E because Pete said he looked it up and there is a variation of it and it chill and child, the way they’re spelling it is is if you look it up, he said it, it stands for a Godhead.
[01:02:06] Yeah. So he was like, so he’s like, it’s still kind of made sense and it sounded cool. So we kept it that way.
[01:02:12] Andrew: [01:02:12] Ah, interesting. Well, boys on that interesting voodoo child notes, I, I have had a great time talking to you and to basically about what division seven, I looked forward to talking to you both about one division eight
[01:02:28] kenric: [01:02:28] one week, we’ll be back.
[01:02:30] And then after all this series is done, we will continue this with a winter soldier. And the Falcon is
[01:02:39] John: [01:02:39] a soldier. Keep it in alphabetical order, I guess. That’s sure.
[01:02:45] Andrew: [01:02:45] Also just keep it rolling. Cause there’s, there’s in the, in the off week, there’s a making of one division, which we’ll probably go into it behind the scenes on a bunch of the decisions they made.
[01:02:56] So it could be that we’ve got a half an hour conversation. Yeah, I’m sure.
[01:03:00] John: [01:03:00] I’m sure we can talk about half an hour. Anything guys?
[01:03:02] Andrew: [01:03:02] Yeah. Let’s face it. At least half of this one. Wasn’t about one division, you know, so, you know, it’s all good though. But it
[01:03:09] kenric: [01:03:09] was a lot of fun. Yeah. Oh, do we want to do something like this for the Snyder cut when it comes out?
[01:03:19] Andrew: [01:03:19] We do for sure.
[01:03:21] John: [01:03:21] We just, don’t what I’m talking about or afterwards, you know, cause it’s going to be, it’s kind of a big deal, whether you’re a fan of center or not, it’s a
[01:03:25] kenric: [01:03:25] big deal. Do we watch it all together and your reaction to you? I’m kidding. That’s four hours long,
[01:03:32] John: [01:03:32] but apparently now
[01:03:35] kenric: [01:03:35] can you imagine we sit there and we all watch it on our own little devices as we’re on a zoom meeting.
[01:03:42] For our reaction video to the Snyder. Cut.
[01:03:47] John: [01:03:47] I bet you people to watch it though.
[01:03:49] kenric: [01:03:49] Oh my God. And with that nuts, let’s get out of here guys. We’re out. So you guys lay a little, give you a little, Mephisto
[01:03:56] Andrew: [01:03:56] take care, everybody. I’ll see you all there. See you soon. Take care.
[01:04:02] kenric: [01:04:02] How do I stop? This thing will stop.
[01:04:05] Andrew: [01:04:05] Normally we press the record button again.

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