December 09, 2020


Gabe Valentin - Digital Lizards of Doom!

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Kenric Regan John Horsley
Gabe Valentin - Digital Lizards of Doom!
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Gabe Valentin - Digital Lizards of Doom!

Dec 09 2020 | 00:47:31


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Tonight Casey sits down and chats with Gabe Valentin about the graphic novel Digital Lizards of DOOM!

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Gabe Valentin Interview


[00:00:00] Casey: all right, everybody. Welcome again, to another episode of spoiler country today on the show we have Gabriel Valentin. Gabriel is. Among other things, a musician, he is also a comic creator and he has a, a project called digital lizards of doom. And, I want to challenge you guys to try to say that without sounding like a jackass, because that’s really hard.

my big fat Southern tongue is tripping over itself. So I’m going to let Gabriel take over Gabriel, how you doing brother?

Gabe Valentin: Doing great, man. How are you doing?

Casey: I’m good, man. I’m good. So, you, you wear a lot of hats, man.

Gabe Valentin: I’m trying to get rid of them and they just keep coming. You know, that scene in like the end of the prestige.

Casey: Okay.

Gabe Valentin: The Tesla machine and the hats are just like, they find all the hats in the Valley. I do that. That’s kind of how I feel. I’m trying to get rid of them, bro. So,

Casey: so

Gabe Valentin: what, what do you.

Casey: Most people have like one thing [00:01:00] that they’re good at and they’re like, this is, this is what I do.

Gabe Valentin: I’m a writer.

Casey: But you, you kind of a Dick because not because, because you’re like, no, I mean, I don’t have just one thing I have, well, I’m a writer.

Also have this music thing going on and I have all these other projects going on. So, yeah, man, I want to tell everybody right now don’t let Gabriel Gabriel, no, man. So what, what is it about you that, that makes you take all these things on?

Gabe Valentin: so it’s funny you say that cause like I’ve never been good.

At, at any at L I a lot of stuff. Okay. So, and, and I don’t mean that as like a booboo kind of way. I just, I’ve never felt like I was good at a lot of things. And, it wasn’t until I was about 15 where I was like, [00:02:00] okay, you know, I really like storytelling. I’ve always liked storytelling. And so I got into music around 16 and I was like, well, I can’t draw.

Play sports. I can’t, I’m not cool. You know, I don’t, you know, I, we grew up pretty poor, so, you know, I didn’t have cool clothes. I didn’t have like the cool house to come to. Like even like shooters, like video games and stuff. I was never really good. I, I stick to RPGs. I stick to problem solve and games.

I like action games. Don’t get me wrong, but I usually can’t get that far unless it’s on easy mode. And, so yeah, that’s, that’s really, that’s like not fake humility that I’m a hundred percent being serious. And, and so I, I just, I knew I liked storytelling. I grew up with Tolken and CS Lewis and, you know, the earth, sea Chronicles and anime, and I’ve just always loved these.

I was like these storytelling avenues. So I was like, you know, I think I’m good at telling stories. You know, my friends [00:03:00] would ask me to tell stories. I would be hanging out at, you know, when the family would get together for holidays, I would start telling stories. And the whole family would like listen to my stories and, you know, I just make them up off the top of my head and people would laugh, you know, usually funny or sad or whatever.

And so I was like, well, I can, I’m trying to learn guitar. And I’m trying to learn bass. And, you know, I don’t know too much about music, but. I can, I can tell a story and then I can put music to it. That’s cool. And then that kind of took on a life of its own. And I was, I was touring with, a couple of different bands for a while.

And then, I, I’ve always loved comics. my very first comic was an Indiana Jones comic that I found at a garage sale with my dad. And so from that point on, I was like, this is, this is cool. And so I was like, all right, so. You know, all of our songs, I was in like a punk and a metal band. And, and I was the main songwriter, not by choice.

Just the other guys didn’t really care [00:04:00] that much. They didn’t really care about what we just wanted to like, you know, rock out and get chicks. And so, I was like, well, I’ll write the lyrics. And like all of our lyrics. We’re about like fighting dragons and, you know, giant robots and, all this stuff.

Like, I wasn’t really that angry and, you know, we were a punk rock band and I was like, yeah, I’m not really that pissed off. But I mean, I guess I could create a situation where my, my girlfriend is like a goddess and she like. Turned evil and destroyed the world like that. That would piss me off that actually have, yeah, I’ll write about that.

That makes sense. I’ll fire it up. Fuck. Yeah, I did. Oh, can we swear on this podcast? I’m like, dude, go, go for it, man.

Casey: Go for it.

Gabe Valentin: And then, so yeah, that kinda like took on a life of its own. And then I just decided I wanted to take a stab at comic books and I tried to get into the comic book industry and didn’t have a lot of luck at first.

And, I said, all right, well maybe, maybe comics aren’t, you [00:05:00] know, maybe people just don’t like my storytelling in the comic book form. So I’m going to go with writing podcasts and I’m going to, that was starting to get really big and like, 2011, between like 2009 and 2011. And so I was like, Oh, I can do this.

So I started doing podcasts and helping other people write their stories and a lot of, a lot of mostly fiction. And then, you know, I had this thing in the back of my head where I was like, I had been talking with my friends for years about how come there’s never been. A multimedia brand that fuses all these things together in the same house, because of course there’s, you know, like Disney has everything and, and, you know, there’s like universal studios as, you know, bands on their record label.

And then they put their music in their movies and Warner brothers, same thing. But I was like, No, we’d be sitting around the campfire on [00:06:00] tour, having these long conversations, like, how come, how come Batman doesn’t have a band? You know, like how come, you know, how come the fantastic four? How come no one has ever made like a fantastic four story where like, in between their missions, they’re like writing their own songs.

Like, that’d be so cool. Like they can’t figure out how to do that. Like have they thought about it? And so after years of just kind of having those conversations, I was like, screw it. I’m going to do it. And so, I just, I do pride myself on having incredibly talented friends and just trying to always learn new things from new people.

So I was like, I can write this stuff and I can find people to help me create it. And so, I was working as a bus driver. And I was, I had been writing this story called digital lizards of doom and which actually came first. It’s funny because people know the music have known the music for a while, but, and they, they know the characters.

[00:07:00] We have the characters that come out on stage. Does he do them as our, our hero or lizard hero and then may have coriander echo who’s a giant robot. But, but yeah, I just decided I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna go for it. I’m just gonna do it. And I actually called my friend. Jesse. Who’s one of our layout designers and now not at the time, but now I said, dude, I have this idea.

that story I’ve been working on it, I think I’m going to, I’m going to make some music for it. And, you know, I wanna like, I wanna make a game and I wanna make, some movies and I want everything to tie into each other. And. and then around, like, I mean, watching what the, what Marvel did with the MCU, I was just like, okay, I gotta do this now, before this just becomes the next thing wherever.

So, so yeah, it’s like, I’ve, it’s odd. Cause I’ve pretty much just stuck to writing. I consider myself a writer first and foremost. Like, you know, I’m not. I’m okay at the [00:08:00] other stuff and I can navigate it pretty well, but I try to stay in my lane and I know my strength. So it’s like storyteller first and foremost.

And. Everything else just kind of seeps into the crevices and hopefully we create something cool. That’s, that’s kinda always been my goal.

Casey: That’s awesome. And I definitely understand the, the desire to keep everything kind of in-house and to keep your vision intact. also it is a shame that the fantastic four don’t have a band because the thing.

Rocks. I’m sorry. I’m a dad.

Gabe Valentin: I’m talking about like, can you imagine, like, I mean, or with any like group of heroes, like the X-Men like, are you kidding me? Like Charles massive program? Not only do they not have a music program, but they’ve never just made a comic book series. That’s like, [00:09:00] It’s like, you know, professor X and the, you know, , I don’t know, like whatever it is.

And like every issue has its own song that you can also download like that just, and

Casey: I’m coming to a public, public relations boon.

Gabe Valentin: Duty. Yeah. I’m like,

Casey: Oh, just be

Gabe Valentin: cool. Well, that would make money. And like that wouldn’t be there. And it’s like, well, who cares? Like that? That would just be awesome. I think, you know, and I can’t be the only one who thinks that.

I mean, I’m a weird guy, but I’m not that weird. I mean, I feel like there’s other people out there who would be like, yeah, know that that’s so cool. Like every time you go and pick up the next issue, it comes with a little download code where you can go and listen to the song. That’d be so sick. So, so yeah.

I’m just like, yeah, no one’s doing, having to do it myself.

Casey: That’s cool. That’s cool. So in a way, there’s a band called guar. I’m sure

Gabe Valentin: love.

Casey: And they have, they have the comic, but it’s not made by any of the guys in guar. So you’re literally taking the reigns of, [00:10:00] of this. I don’t know that anybody else really does it, with that much creative control.


Gabe Valentin: Cambria, I don’t know the insides and outs of Coheed and Cambria, but I knew they had ’em. Oh, what was that? What was their book called? It was like kill, kill audio. Cause the, the lead singer of coding queen Camry is Claudia. And so they had this book called this book series called kill audio. And, and I got like, if they, if they ever hear this, I hope they don’t get upset with me when I say this.

Cause I don’t mean this in like any negative way, but like I saw that and it was so cool. A story is really cool, but I’m like, It, it could have been. I know maybe that just wasn’t their intention, so, but it could have been so much, bigger, like so much more integrated. And, and, I guess Metta is, you know, a very popular term.

That’s getting thrown, thrown around right now, but, and that’s what I wanted to make. I wanted to make something where it’s like, [00:11:00] Not that you would at this, you could listen to the music. You could be a fan of music and hate this story, or you could hate the books, but you could also like love the books and not really like the music or you could like the car game.

Or not really like the other two things, but yet you’re still a part of the world. And then it’s always there. If you want to check it out, you know, it’s always, it’s like a buffet table. It’s like, yeah, I go here for the pizza, but the seafood kind of sucks, but, yeah, that’s, that’s kinda, that was my goal.

And I’m a fan of all that stuff too. So I’m just a fan of. Of pop culture. And I just, I think it’s cool. And I’ve said this a couple of times, but it’s, it’s just a huge excuse to not grow up as well.

Casey: It’s like

Gabe Valentin: the world beats and down, and I’m like, dude, we spend so much time as children growing up with these heroes and these, these mentors.

And I don’t think that’s exaggerated at all. I mean, we’re watching. [00:12:00] You know, GI Joe or watching teenage mutant Ninja turtles. And we’re learning these life lessons or watching Batman, you know, follow these, this moral code or Superman, whoever it is. And then, you know, everyone’s like, well, that’s not the real world and grow up.

And, and then you got to get, you gotta get a job and then you gotta pay the bills and you got to stop playing video games, and you’ve got to stop doing this and stop doing that. And I’m like, you know, no wonder everyone’s so stressed out and having anxiety attacks because. Were raised this way or raised a certain way.

And we were raised with all these things that we fall in love with, and it’s, you know, doing so much for our brains and hopefully good things for our brains learning these good values and these good morals. And then out of nowhere, we’re just told to give that stuff up. And so, yeah, it’s like kind of like a culture shock.

So I’m like, no, I I’m a firm believer that you can have both, you know, growing up. Does it mean. You have to stop doing cool stuff. It just means you become a [00:13:00] super kid, not like a, you’re not a kid anymore where you just, you just love a luck, you know? So that’s, that’s basically, if I’m being totally honest, it’s this is all just a big scam.

Casey: Well, I’m with you though. Like, I, I don’t, I can’t understand people that. Don’t have something that they want to create, that don’t have something that they are passionate about. and it, whether it’s, you

Gabe Valentin: know,

Casey: very serious stuff or something very, you know, silly and not earth shattering, but, like it’s something that when you create something, In music in, in art, like.

Comics, sequential art. It’s all very collaborative mediums. And there is such a transcendent feeling to creating [00:14:00] something with other people that is much greater than the whole, or excuse me, much greater than, the part that you put into it. Yep. So that the whole is, is. The, the output of, of the team is exceeds far more than what you had anticipated.

Totally. there’s such an amazing feeling, when you do that, I used to play music and it was, being up there with people and, You know, playing a three minute song with, you know, three other people is just a fantastic feeling and just, yeah, you, you, you don’t even feel like you’re there. You, you are more than just the parts.

So it’s, it’s really fun.

Gabe Valentin: Did you ever like transcend. Like so, so I’ve talked to a few different people about this and like it’s blown my mind, how many different answers I’ve gotten for this, but like, [00:15:00] just exactly what you just said, like playing music with a handful of other people on stage. I. I remember the feeling, but I don’t always remember the show almost.

I almost never remember the show. I remember the feeling I never felt good. Oh yeah. I go to a different place. It’s exam. We

Casey: had a four, it is the dumbest shit ever. because we, we would, at our practice pad, for some reason, the TV would always be on, it would be late. and the TV would be on like, whatever.

Like rerun was playing and that rerun always happened to be Seinfeld for some reason. And, we, it, it, it made us think of a, of a, she was like, I got fingers. I got our fingers and is when you’re in the zone. And you’re able to just kind of. Play without, putting much mind to it because it’s all, it’s all instinctual, it’s all, [00:16:00] feeling rather than the knowing, because you’re so tuned in to what everyone else is doing.

You see you kind of, I hate the term, but you kind of just jam with it. not a, not a jam band fan at all, but, the same feeling applies. Yeah. it, it was. It was a great feeling. And, and I get that out of making comics. Cause I, I, I do that myself, not near on the scale that you, that you’re doing now, but, you know, I got some tricks up my sleeve we’re we’re, we’re making it.

So you talked a little bit about your literary, inspirations, like talking and, and, urgency and all that other stuff. what are your musical inspirations?

Gabe Valentin: So from music. I mean, I feel like this is such a lame answer, but for music it’s, the problem is it’s everything, man. Like, so I grew up with classical and then I wasn’t really, [00:17:00] I’m not sure if I wasn’t allowed to listen to rock music or anything like heavier, because that was never said like, or you’re not allowed to listen to that, but.

It just wasn’t around. It just, wasn’t what my parents listened to. So I grew up with a lot of Celtic music, I’m part Irish. So I grew up with a lot of Celtic music and a lot of classical music. And, and I, I mean, I just thought it was awesome and it is it’s totally awesome. And then, it wasn’t till I was a teenager, I got into like Metallica and I got in a blink one 82 and I got into, No effects and, queen and, just everything.

And I, I just, when that door opened, that was just unreal for me. I just like punk and metal and electronic. I just like the flood Gates opened and I just went crazy, man. I was like, just give it, give it all to me. I want it all. And, it was just. [00:18:00] I was in a way frustrated, but because you can’t, you know, you can’t quote unquote mix all of these different genres together it’ll sound like garbage.

So, that’s part of what another part of what led to D lot as well is like at its, at its core, digital lizards of doom is a celebration of. Pop culture. And I mean that in such a broad sense. So, you know, we actually have a, we have a metal album coming out. We have a death metal album coming out. And for those of you who haven’t listened to the music that might not be surprising, or it might, that might not mean anything because you’re like, I don’t even know what the music sounds like, but our first album is.

Straight like goth pop. it’s called pretty spooky pop is very much on the nose. And then our second album was like blues, electronic rock. And then their next album was like this [00:19:00] mix between. flogging Molly and daft punk, the acoustic album. And, and then, we have like, a musical that we’re working on right now.

And then, we have, a death metal album that’s coming out, right, right at Halloween, actually. Nice. and so it’s like, Try. My influence is kind of just been everything. And I, I can hear the eyes rolling already when, when people hear this, but, but it’s true. It’s like, Oh, you know, like, I love, I love your music.

I love, I can always find something, even if it’s an artist that I shouldn’t like, because. I come from a punk and metal background. I found myself defending Justin Bieber the other day, and I’m not a fan of his per se, but someone was like, just be reasonable. How can you think that’s good? And I’m like, okay, you’re making a blanket statement.

I’m not saying Justin Bieber is good. I’m saying. The production value on this is great. [00:20:00] Like, I can listen to an entire album because the snare sounds amazing. You know, I can listen to it. Like, I don’t even need to like the band, but I’m like, man, how did they get that snare sound? That is so awesome. Like how did they get

Casey: mad?

Gabe Valentin: So creamy? Like how did they, Oh, it sounds so good. And like, so, so that’s what I’m, that’s what I want to create. And, and I, that’s what I want to put back out into the world. just hopefully cool stuff, you know, just, I hear you try. I think it’s cool. You know, and hopefully other people do too.

Casey: It’s funny.

You, you were talking about production value. my wife is a, a fan of Drake who I’m not a fan of at all, really. whoever is making his beats, which I’m sure it’s not Drake. He didn’t even write his own. Right. Yeah. So, but whoever does his, his beats is like fucking killing it. really, really solid stuff.

and, another, another [00:21:00] genre music I’m not really normally into, I guess, R and B, FKA, twigs, whoever does her music is fantastic. And she is, an immensely talented. But, yeah, man, I, it seems like the, the older I’ve gotten the less entrenched I’ve been in. my, what I’m into in terms of like sound, when it comes to music, And it’s because, I’m in my late thirties now.

Nice. It’s so easy. No, it’s not nice. It sucks, but no is, is so I have so many friends that are listening to the same shit that they listened to when they were, you know, in high school or whatever. It’s like, no, man, like you’ve have to. Force yourself to try new things because otherwise this is when you get old,

Gabe Valentin: I guess when you

Casey: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

[00:22:00] it, there, there’s always something new that you can find that is, this fantastic. And it’s just, Sometimes it’s like, you know, finding a needle in a haystack, but I mean, that’s, it’s worth it.

Gabe Valentin: Oh yeah. I love Spotify too. I, I have, I have both Apple music and Spotify, but I like, and I use them for different things.

Cause there’s certain albums that are on Apple music that aren’t on Spotify and vice versa. And, I love. Just like adding like 20 songs to a playlist and then going to the bottom and seeing what they recommend. And I’m just constantly finding new bands. I’m like, this is so good. I guess it’s so cool. I didn’t know about this band yesterday and now I’m listening to this band and.

It’s I’m a fan. Like I said, man, like, I’m just a fan. I’m just a fan of this stuff. I love discovering new music and your stories and new mediums of art. And it’s like, I just, we only have one [00:23:00] life, you know? So I just, I want to get, I want to gobble up as much as I can. Oh yeah.

Casey: Yeah. Who’s blowing your hair back right now.

Gabe Valentin: What’s that?

Casey: Who’s blowing your hair back right now. Like.

Gabe Valentin: Like that.

Casey: do you have a Robert for, for people who are, who are solely, you know, just listening to this? he, he has a very Robert Smith style, haircut, and it works, it works. not many people can pull it off. I couldn’t.

Gabe Valentin: hop along this band called whole men.

Casey: Her vocals are fan fucking tastic dude

Gabe Valentin: saying

Casey: they jam their, their guitarist is fantastic.

If they’re so solid.

Gabe Valentin: Oh, they’re so good, dude. It’s like early alkaline trio with like a female vocalist or something like it’s so good. so this is, this is gonna,

[00:24:00] Casey: this is against the solo on this good too.

Gabe Valentin: Oh, she does. I got to get into that. so coupla con is this, like metal band, the Spanish metal band.

and then, John belly into his a been tripping me out a little bit. Like I love his stuff, but my all time, all time, favorite artists right now, is probably Alex Cameron. he’s, he’s like, I don’t even know how to describe his music, but everyone should go listen, Alex, Cameron, he has a song called, Miami memory.

That’s probably like his biggest song right now, but, but dude, his lyrics are just incredible. The songwriting is incredible, but what I love about him is that you can listen to his music and every time you can hear something different, like. He has it, he has his own, his own shtick going on to like, he’s, he’s like, he talks about like the seventies and the eighties.

And like, he [00:25:00] has this whole like failed businessman look like he wears like this, this like, kinda like gentleman’s jacket from like the seventies and eighties. And he always talks about like, he’s making a comeback and all this stuff. And if you like watch his videos, it’s very. Earthy and retro and vintage and super cool.

But, the lyrics are just brilliant. He’s like one of my favorite lyricists right now. And, it’s, it’s just, it’s like what music should be. And he’s like, he’s like the closest thing I think we have to a David Bowie right now. it doesn’t matter how weird it gets. It just, it just goes so, So, yeah, I’m a big fan of Alex camera, but, but that’s kinda my point, like the last three bands I listed, like, one’s kind of like a pop punk band, pop punk, like grunge band.

One’s a metal band and then one’s a pop band and, and that’s, and [00:26:00] those are like on my current rotation and it’s just, just gobbling it up, man.

Casey: I hear ya. I hear ya.

Gabe Valentin: Let

Casey: do when you’re writing, do you have anything that you put on to, to kind of get you where you need to be? Is there a Headspace that you try to get into?

Gabe Valentin: So, so writing music or books,

Casey: books, books, books,

Gabe Valentin: I try to put on more like earthy. Stuff like, actually kind of going back to classical music, stuff that doesn’t have lyrics, stuff that doesn’t really have a lot of imagery. So, and also Celtic music, like listening to a lot of old Irish, songs without lyrics, just instrumental stuff.

and even actually listening to. jazz as well, because nice. I just like the, it lets my mind wander and [00:27:00] I can kind of just get into like a flow and then be like, all right. All right. Yeah. So here we go. And then once I’m in the flow though, I have to actually have to like kind of turn down the music and I kind of need silence and I’ve realized.

That I write better at night, I think just everything’s quieter. And so it’s just me and my brain and we can just, we can just go to town, we’re going to bang out a story and just let things flow. And then all this, you know, read it the next day. Or, or if it’s a song, I’ll listen to it the next day. And I’ll be like, man, that’s that’s total garbage or I’ll be like, that’s awesome.

And then, and then I’ll just tighten it up a bit, but. Usually just instrumental music kind of gets me, gets my mind going. And, I try to like focus on emotion. Like emotion is super important. in my opinion, for telling a story, it’s like, if you can’t [00:28:00] captivate the audience soon, you’re going to lose them.

So there has to be something that, I, I not, not even for. The audience for myself too. It’s like, if I’m just writing nonsense for, you know, 10 pages, I I’ll lose interest. So I want, I want something I can latch on to. It’s like, do I care about this character? No, not really. I’m going to move on. Or it’s like, wow, I’m going to be up all night writing about this character because.

I, I w I want to know what happens to this, this lizard or this robot, you know, like, I want to see what happens to these guys. I’m, I’m excited to see where this goes. it was interesting. I was a, I’ve been reading a lot of the Rorty, Howard, the original, Conan. The barbarian, short stories. And, I was doing some research because I never knew I’d read the, I read some of the comics.

I’ve seen all the movies, but I’d never actually read the [00:29:00] original. Robert D. Howard short stories. So a friend of mine loaned me a book and I was checking it out and I was blown away at the world building of this. And I’m like, this was in the thirties. How well did this guy, like, this was so amazing. So I’m like going through and I did some research and, I found out that when he came up with the character Conan the barbarian.

He. Oh, and that was another thing. So the, the short stories are, are out of order, chronologically. They’re just, it’s, it’s kinda just like story after story, each little mini story is all inclusive. And so I was like, man, I wonder this is interesting. Like, am I, is there another book I should read before this one?

Like in one of the short stories, he’s a King. And he’s old and the next one he’s young and I’m like, kind of confused. And so when I was looking into it, it turned out when Robert Howard came up with the character, Conan, Conan, the barbarian, he just went wild. He wrote, he just wrote and wrote and wrote for [00:30:00] months.

And he was like, this is Conan at this age. And this is Conan at this age. And he just had this interest in the character. He had just made this cool character and he’s like, now I want to. I wanna see what this character does in this type of scenario. I wanna see what this character would do in this type of scenario.

And so I just love that so much because it’s like a really good friend of mine told me a long time ago. It doesn’t matter what happens around the story. It’s about you. You could write about anything. He’s like if you have two interesting characters, you could write an entire book series. On two interesting characters, eating ramen at the same table and

Casey: dinner with Andre.


Gabe Valentin: Yeah. You know, like still be entertaining because it’s, it’s about the characters. Like what would these characters do in this type of [00:31:00] scenario? What would they say? How would they speak? Are they consistent? Do they. Do they think the world should be ran this way? Do they, do they not care about that?

Do they, you know, do they like the person they’re talking to? Is there, is there animosity, is there love between these two characters? So, that’s what I try to focus on. That was the longest way of answering your question of getting into, getting into the zone. But, but yeah, like I just kind of let my mind wander and I, I try to focus on character development first and foremost, and then.

It makes it a lot easier for myself to just let the story happened after that. So

Casey: I hear ya. So, so with, with these characters, is it hard to write a character that is so completely different than in no human and yet make the reader care about them as if they were. And, and adding [00:32:00] those human, the human, feelings and the emotions and, and, agency and all that is, is it hard to get into that?

Gabe Valentin: I’m going to go ahead and say yes, for me, it is because, and it’s, you know, book, we, We, we just had our pre-order, which went amazing. We sold over 2000 copies, and pre-orders for our first book, which comes out late October. Awesome. I’m so stoked, man. I can’t so yeah, like, you know, it is, not trying to be like.

How do I say this diplomatically? Like not trying to be a bummer or downer about it, but it is something that’s I worry about because all of my ego is in my writing. It’s not in really, like, I don’t care what car I drive. I don’t care how I dress. I don’t care if I win or lose. W all of my, my ego is in my writing and I want, I want [00:33:00] people to respond well to it, and I want it to mean something to them, and I want them to benefit from it and gain something from it.

So, so yeah, I mean, having characters and having a story that has nothing to do with our universe or. Galaxy at all, is a little, is a little like it’s on my mind, you know, I’m very curious to see how people respond, but, what the characters deal with on their journeys, I think are very human elements, you know, just loss, you know, losing your.

losing your faith, losing your worldview, gaining a faith, gaining a worldview, being, being told one thing and realizing it’s not true versus, you know, someone who had something that you needed and they, they didn’t bother to give it to you. What, what is right or wrong? You know, relationships between people like one of the biggest themes of digital users [00:34:00] of doom is, cite as sorcery and science.

they, they believe different things, but yet when they come together, they realize that. They’re talking about the same thing. They’re just explaining it differently. And I feel like, especially right now, like in the world, there’s just so many different beliefs. And so many people like, are you’re wrong about this, or you’re wrong about that?

And it’s like, when you really get down to the nitty gritty, people are talking about the same thing. They just have different words or names for it. And so. I’m hoping, you know, fingers crossed that those elements come through on, on these stories. book one is, one of eight and an eight book series, via Clover press by the way, shout out to Clover press cause that’s my publisher.

And they’re absolutely amazing. And, they’ve. Given me a lot of encouragement and believe in this story. Cause it is, it is pretty wacky. It’s pretty weird. It’s somewhere in [00:35:00] between like, transformers and doom patrol, I would say. So it gets pretty weird, but, but those elements of just like, what is right, what is wrong does right.

And wrong even exist. what’s good for some. But he might be bad for somebody else. And who’s the judge of that. So just kind of asking these questions, starting this conversation in a fantasy world where there are no humans, humans don’t exist and I’m seeing kind of seeing what happens. So it’s, it’s, it’s interesting.

And, and yeah, I am a little self-conscious about it because I’m like, man, I hope, you know, people. Like what, like I’m not a lizard or a dead Ninja or a cyber

Casey: hire.

Gabe Valentin: I can’t, you know, or a giant, I’m not a giant robot. I’m not a witch. I don’t even like, how can I even relate to these characters? So, so yeah, it’s always in the back of my [00:36:00] mind.

And, but I do hope that, you know, people are like, Oh yeah, okay. Like that’s pulled from this and. You know, that’s pulled from that. And it also comedy too. It’s, it’s a comedy, it’s a space, fantasy comedy. So hopefully, you know, you, if, if you don’t like the story, hopefully you, you appreciate the jokes and.

And the artwork, if nothing else, because earning a Hara, who does the pencils and ink and Margot Pro-D and who does the coloring, it’s just, and I’m going to brag for a second about them because that they are like I’m fans of them.

Casey: Like, yeah, you have a great team behind you. I was, I was wanting to ask you about that.


Gabe Valentin: They’re insane, man. These guys are cool. Why are you working on my book? You know, you guys can be doing so much cooler stuff, but like, they are. They are just geniuses. And I, I am, I am just lucky. Hopefully I’m in the business of just getting lucky. So it’s like, yeah, here’s my story. Here’s what I want you guys to do.

But they just breathe [00:37:00] life into these characters and I’m like, I find myself just looking at this stuff and all, like, I’m not even reading the book anymore. I’m just looking at the pictures being like, this is just, I could, I would pull these out and put it on my wall. It’s amazing. So,

Casey: Yeah. And you, you not only have the traditional team that a standard comic book has you, you have a whole Contra of people that are, you know, working to make this thing and, and make it a pretty massive endeavor.



Does it scare the shit out of you? Sometimes that’s a lot, that’s a lot going on, man.

Gabe Valentin: If we’re going to get we’re to get real right now, I’ll get real. Cause you know, I mean it goes, it goes with the territory spoiler, I guess, but, but yeah, I mean, yeah, I’ve, I’ve had, you know, I become much more a fan.

[00:38:00] And a, advocate of mental health lately. And this is no joke. I’ve had, four, five, I’ve had five visits to the ER, Oh, last couple months because of. It’s just the stress that’s come with this, you know, we’re working on. And for those of you who don’t know, we have a music department, we have a, a gaming department now, which is the newest thing.

We have a grab a card game that’s in development. We have an, a, app video game that we’re working on as well. We have obviously the graphic novel, and we’re talking to blank. Right now about a TV shoot, a TV series. And, I’ve been making these decisions. Like, I don’t know what I’m doing, you know, like I have like what, I am not qualified to make these decisions, but every, but everyone looks at me cause it’s like, you made the thing.

Yeah. You know? And so, so yeah, man, it’s a unique

Casey: position that not many people have been though. You [00:39:00] got to think like Eastman and layered were in a similar position when, right when Ninja turtles took off. Yeah. I mean, they, I’m sure they were just like, we just got out of art school and you don’t know what we’re doing and, you learn as you do.

And, you’re going to come out on the. The other side, knowing. So, I mean, this is your hero’s journey. You are living it. And, you’re, you’re, you’re going to, come out having learned something and, and, you know, all the better for it. So, man, I’m stoked for you. I think this is such a cool project and, there is, there’s a little something for everybody in this and, I know the pre-orders have already happened, but.

When will people, people, you [00:40:00] know, a regular Joe schmoes that, you know, are just hearing this, how are they going to be able to get ahold of it?

Gabe Valentin: I do believe when, when is this coming out? Do we know?

Casey: Do you know, we can make it come out, whatever you want it to.

Gabe Valentin: Okay. I think, I think so this, this week as we’re having this conversation, I’m supposed to hear.

When delivery will happen. right now it’s tentative end of October, early November, but, on our website, we will have a link it’s, de LA for short, de LA And you can, you can pick up the book and I believe I will know that this week. During the time that we’re recording this.

So, it should be out by the time that this. That this airs.

Casey: Okay. So, so let’s just pretend [00:41:00] it’s November right now. Today is November, you know, November 8th, man, holidays around the corner. Yeah.

Gabe Valentin: Right.

Casey: So

Gabe Valentin: perfect stocking stuffer.

Casey: Yeah. Do you know what? You have a book and it’s coming out, you know, just around the corner.

very soon, actually.

Gabe Valentin: So. And you can, you can also order it at your comp book shop. we’re available in every comic book store. So, if you contact your local comic shop and say, Hey, can you order me a copy of digital lizards of doom? level one, does he do them, they’ll have the diamond code for you and you can get it from diamond distributors.

or you can just go straight to our website. and it’s a full for the cause. for those of you might be curious, it’s a full, it’s a full graphic novel, so it’s all one trade form, like trade papers. So it’s a hundred [00:42:00] and something pages. So, so go ahead

Casey: doing that digitally as well, or is it all just,

Gabe Valentin: physical.

it’ll be uncommon psychology and, Amazon and, and nook. Isn’t it still around? I’m assuming Nick is still no idea why it’s a noble one. Yeah, it’ll be, it’ll be global too. and I’m pretty sure I can say this actually. No, I’m I’m sure I can say this. We are working on, we actually got contacted by a Japanese company and there will be a Japanese translation coming out.

Casey: Oh, nice.

Gabe Valentin: Contacted by a Spanish, company in Mexico. And there will be a Spanish version coming out soon. I don’t have any dates on those or much information, but the, The publisher has already signed off on that. They’re like, yep. We want to do them. So we will also have Japanese versions and Spanish versions available too as well.

Casey: That’s awesome, [00:43:00] dude. I’m so excited about this. I can’t wait to read this book. Can’t wait to get into my grubby little hands. and, is there anything else you want to promote while, while we’re, while we’re still on?

Gabe Valentin: I, We have, let’s see, I’m trying to think we were right now, we’re working on book two.

So I just, like I said, it’s eight book series. I just wrapped up book two, which is supposed to come out April, 2021. and the team that I work with is amazing. And, instead of promoting something, I would just like to give a shout out to those guys. We have, earning a Hara who does a pencil is an ink, Margot protein, who does the colors, chance born, who produced it.

And by the way, Jasper had actually has his own slew of fancy. He did the transformers books. he’s been an IDW for years. He did transformers. He did metal gear solid. He did 30 days of night. He did the entire angel series when that was on. [00:44:00] and, Dan Brozo who, is, is more of like the second beetle, I guess, or whatever you want to call it.

he’s always just been there for me and we’ve written podcasts together and hosted shows together and, and he’s just always been, a believer in me and he’s helping me out with this book and then, Christina Marie McCready. She’s our executive producer. And then, Dylan Davidson, who’s like the right hand man of, he handles most of the deal OD correspondence and make sure that our stuff gets out on time.

And, and then, everyone at Clover press Nate, Marie, it’s just, I’m in awe that these people are working with me and it’s like, You know, bringing it back to the beginning of this. It’s like, I’m, I’m just a fan of this stuff, man. And the fact that these people believe in me and believe in my vision, it’s like, I don’t know what else to ask for.

So hopefully, hopefully this thing is good and hopefully people [00:45:00] dig it and if it doesn’t work, then we’re just gonna, We’re going to make a movie. And if that doesn’t work, we’re going to build a space station. And if that doesn’t work, we’re going to build a museum. There’s going to keep trying stuff until, until people get it.

So that’s, that’s kinda my attitude.

Casey: Dude. That’s awesome. I’m so excited for you. We are going to post links along with, the, in this episode and, on the show notes, as well as, you know, hitting with our social media and all of that. and, like I said, today is November 8th or whatever, and, so, so we’ll be leasing around the time that you guys have it out, ready to buy.

And, man, if there’s anything else ever, hit us up, I had a blast talking to you, man.

Gabe Valentin: You’re at Casey. Thank you so much, man. It was, I’m going to send you a book too. I’ll get your info later. And let me go ahead and send you a book when I, when they come out,

Casey: dude. Thanks man. That’s great. I’m I’m stoked.

Gabe Valentin: Cool brother, dude,

[00:46:00] Casey: be safe. Stay away from burning things. And, yeah, I’ll all my friends out there and I’m terrified for them. So, you know, just hanging out there, be safe and, can’t wait to read the book, man. Y’all take it easy and, enjoy the rest of your evening and do

Gabe Valentin: YouTube. Your brother have a good one, man.

Casey: All right. Take care, man.


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