March 15, 2021


WandaVision ASSEMBLED!

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Kenric Regan John Horsley
WandaVision ASSEMBLED!
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WandaVision ASSEMBLED!

Mar 15 2021 | 00:36:56


Show Notes

We are back with another Make Mine Marvel TV! This time we talk about the behind the scenes on the great show WandaVision!

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WandaVision Assembeled

Kenric:  [00:00:00] All right guys. Welcome back. Excuse me. Welcome back to spoil the country. I’m kidding. Regan. I want to say right there is Mr. Horsley in down below is, is incomparable. Mr. Sumner, greetings. And today on the show, this is the wrap-up. This is the wrap-up party. Yeah. Amazing one division. Yeah. Yeah. Did you guys watch assembled?

I did. They’re going to be doing this

Sumner: for all the shit. You know, what made me really made me think that. The, the machine that like that Fagin and desperate Zito and Alonzo and all those people have built it, Marvel. It really is exceptional because they do those making of shows. Fucking way better than anybody else does.

You know, I mean, it genuinely satisfying to watch and make them think about things. The, you know, not necessarily don’t necessarily remember it reveal more about the narrative, but there were two absolute high points of that [00:01:00] show for me of that behind the scenes show. And for me personally, it was it was.

Finding all about the creator of the show, which by the way and I think this is a wonderful thing. This is me being an old fucking possible. I just hadn’t put it together in my head. I hadn’t put it together. Showrunner was female, which I thought was fucking brilliant, you know, to me. And I just didn’t, I hadn’t clicked because that she’s got quite an androgynous name or the expression of a name’s quite androgynous and it jacks or something.

And I just hadn’t got it, you know, but I thought. Fucking hell. Of course. That’s why the show is so good. Cause it’s, it’s a female show runner number one. And number two, that the fat, the director is a former child actor. Who’d been in all those fucking eighties shows. Yeah. Yeah. Just thought it was amazing.

And then I love the sequence with the composers and how they did that. The deep dive. Yeah. Into all those original 50 seams and the fact that they had that one division [00:02:00] called theme running through each iteration of the music, which I hadn’t noticed. I realized when they were explaining it, I’d felt it subconsciously, but I hadn’t noticed it.

And I think. Spending real time with those three people. There’s four people in reality that was just worth the price of admission to that show alone. I was completely in it.

Kenric: My favorite thing was them starting, but you learn from this is that first, the first few episodes, they actually went back, talked with Dick van Dyke, went over the whole show.

She shot that show. Just like they shot. Those are original sitcoms. They even went to the point of putting in the metal railing for the audience and had an actual audience. And it had the wooden chairs just like they would have had in the 1950s doing the Dick van Dyke show. I was like, this is incredible.

And then to do this, the practical effects with wires, because they use the same style of [00:03:00] effects that they could. Then I thought that was, it was like this isn’t, this is a show that has gone above and beyond to create, to capture that realism just because. They want Wanda’s hex of, of bringing everything in for that to be as real as it can be based on how she was expressing her emotions.


John: there are a lot of detail on the detection to detail on how they shot the show is next level. Right. Watching this thing. I mean, I had thought they’d done some things to, to make it feel that there was no shows, but that, but I thought Melissa was your special effects, but watching the behind the scenes.

Yeah. No, they, I mean, they, they, they, they mimic the lighting. They didn’t make them make the camera angles. The cameras structure, they changed the paint on the, on vision to make sure it would show up right to blue versus dark. Oh God,

Sumner: that was so good. That cause that’s exactly like the, say the captain America costume from the, from the 1940 Cyril, the Superman costume from the ninth, from the black and white episodes.

Yep. So not red, [00:04:00] white and blue. You know, when you look at the color scheme, the kind of shades of gray, because it’s how it plays on camera.

John: And also what was really cool was seeing, seeing Wanda, that actress it was, was Olsen. So giddy over the, over the partner and how it’s grown and like her, her, her whole take on wearing the costume.

The first time where it’s like several years, he he’s like, no, this is dumb. Now. She was like, no, now it’s awesome. And it makes sense. And it’s so much fun. I just that growth. And then Paul Bettany is just sheer joy of doing this still. Like all of it was, it was really cool. And I don’t think I noticed this, but the, the couple that wrote the theme songs, that’s the same couple that wrote the songs for frozen, but let it go.


Sumner: They all stay our top level consultants. Those people are the best of the best. No, they’re married. Get married.

Kenric: The, Oh, they’re married. Yeah. They’re a married couple each other because of the way they, they spoke. I thought they were, I didn’t hear them say they were married. I thought they were brothers sister because of the way they [00:05:00] spoke about growing up together.

Sumner: I just think they were referencing, you know, kind of, experience straight. Both happened to her because cause the hot, you know, the high level musicians. Right. Do you know what I mean? Yeah know where it’s at, you know, to me, they’re just incredible. Yeah. It’s Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson Lopez. Yeah.

John: And they’re amazing. And they wrote their, their, their, their whole diatribe into that writing the songs were just, it was really cool. Like the one thing I learned from this, this assembled episode was sheerly. Just the level of detail they put into doing everything. It wasn’t just a make nine episodes of the superhero stuff and kind of hit them tropes.

There was a lot of research, a lot of time. And a lot of effort to make it authentic, which makes it just, it just goes to show what Marvel and Disney does best is what the stuff is. They, they have this, the MC was basically a giant

Kenric: TV show. I mean, it’s a big drama. There’s nothing like

John: it out there. And it’s just [00:06:00] insane how well they connect all this stuff together.

And it’s a, I don’t know, Amanda, it’s the behind the scenes of these things. It’s this is, this was one of the best behind the scenes I’ve ever I’ve seen in a long time. It was, most of them were pretty boring to be honest.

Kenric: Do you think Fox knowing that faggy was on X-Men? Watched him go on to do Marvel.

And we’re just like, Oh, why did we let that guy go? God dammit. Yeah.

Sumner: Yeah. Well, yeah, it’s all relevant now because now he’s like everybody’s boss worked on those shows. So it’s brilliant because he’s like the associate producer, but he was always right from the original alignment, right. From when he was working for for I, you know, Avi Arad and all those guys, it was failure as the one with all the Marvel knowledge, right?

From the get go. He was the guy who’s the D you know, because he was heavily involved in the casting of of of, of Logan in the first place of Wolverine who is massively involved in all of that. You know, he was because he was the associate producer in the X-Men, but he was one of the guys who literally sat.

Down you know, once that role was cast and you [00:07:00] have compensation over, over lunch, I mean, you know, he’s known Hugh Jackman for years, you know, and he’s, he was heavily involved in all that.

Kenric: And that’s that was a, that was a decision to cast you. That was. How do I say this? That was a, that was a gamble.

Because if you, if you describe Wolverine from the comic books, it’s nothing look, anything like him, you know, he’s tall, he’s a photographer, he’s muscular thin, and you know, Wolverine is short squat built, but he’s built like a tank, not like, and, and Jackman’s more like, he’s, he. He’s more like a gymnast that has acid bulk.

You know what I mean? It’s not the same. And that was, that was a gamble and it paid off in spades because now you think of Wolverine, when you, when you read it,

Sumner: you think of Chapman first, don’t you? Yeah.

Kenric: In some ways the SAC religious, because Wolverine is, is, [00:08:00] is the fucking Wolverine. And then it’s, it’s,

John: it’s going to be really hard for them to recast

Sumner: him.

Yeah. Did you know this, by the way, do you know that Chapman was only cast for Wolverine? Like literally at the very last minute. And he was the last person to be cast in X-Men and filming was all, was already underway when they cast him. And, and the reason that happened is. They cast a Scottish actor called do gray Scott.

He’s probably most well-known to us audiences for being the bad guy in mission impossible too. And I’m like mission impossible films tend to do, because this is exactly what happened weirdly enough, with Superman, right? Is that a mission? Impossible to, for various reasons went massively like over-schedule and so do gray.

Scott was cast as Wolverine. And, and he couldn’t do it because, because basically the mission impossible shoot ended up by running by two months. So they really tried to make it work, but it just couldn’t. So he had to go, sorry to walk away. [00:09:00] Yeah. Yeah. And then that, and then they, then they cast to Jasmine, like literally the last minute they were already like a couple of weeks into shooting.

Do you agree? Scott must be fucking gutted kiss, an interesting career as a. You know, as a kind of, it’s sometimes a leading man on TV, you a character actor. He’s a good actor. Yeah. But he’d been in at least one film where he had this kind of brooding kind of brutish nurse or a grown is her, you know, actually if you see him in that, if you see him in a bunch of films, you’ve got, how could he be well-run but it’s these one or two rolls if there’s in the past.

Well, you can see our, we put the muscle on him and we put the long hair, all that kind of stuff. We can make it work. Yeah. And I think he would have been a very interesting choice, but Chapman turned out to be so perfect. He’s just obliterated everybody else. And cause he played the he’s probably played the role.

I would say just about, longer than anybody’s ever played a stupid hero on the big screen for, I can’t think of anybody who’s played one for longer than him. No [00:10:00] same character in terms of

Kenric: the amount of movies and everything. Yeah. I can’t think of

Sumner: any, I mean, I think it’s, I think there’s a lot of my, my point being, I think it’s longer than our DJ like played a stock four, which is about 12, 13 years.

I think, you know, you’ve got to look at, you know, Jacqueline’s played Wolverine since the first action, which is what 2009 and Tel until last year

Kenric: before. Yeah, there you go. You guys, you got to get up because we can barely hear you. And then summer and I started talking and then Johnny has to like, enter, like he’s got a.

your back up, but you’re already halfway off the case. We can’t hear

John: you do great, Scott. He also played Prince Harry in ever after with drew Barrymore, which I liked that movie, so,

Kenric: Oh,

Sumner: he did? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ve never.

Kenric: So to play. So in the eighties they were trying to cast the X-Men and they were trying to get that [00:11:00] movie going in like 1985, 1986.

And the, the big rumor is that Danny DeVito was going to be Wolverine

Sumner: fucking Christ.

Kenric: Yeah. Well, if you think about Danny DeVito in the eighties, and you think about Wolverine and the comic books, it actually makes quite a bit of sense, fricking cool. I would, it would have been hilarious. Like, I don’t know, man.

I loved the TV show taxi and Danny, you know, and taxi has the attitude to do it. Yeah. You know, even though it’s all comedic he does have the attitude, you know, and you wouldn’t have to put on, I mean, obviously you can’t put on Wolverine style muscle because I don’t think anybody in the world could when, you know, when you look at comic books, but it would have been hilarious and it might’ve been, it might’ve been great.


John: that’s true. That’s true.

Sumner: That’s absolutely brilliant. I feel it. There’s no way it could have been [00:12:00] great. To be honest, I think it just would have been insane, but I’ve seen it, but you know, what they could do should be fucking

Kenric: brilliant knives back then though. Yeah,

Sumner: it just would have ended up looking like the the the knock of fantastic four movie.

It would have been, it would have looked like that. I mean, it would have been the hutches told the Roger Corman. Yeah. It would’ve been like Roger Coleman in an in-camera fantastic four movie or like the 19. The the mid 1970s universal TV shows. And you know, there’s only really one TV show, the whole TV pilots, which remember we are going to be covering off on future episodes of make mine Marvel TV.

Kenric: Yes, we will.

Sumner: Yeah. Yeah. That’s right. That’s exactly right. So, so. Oh man. There’s some apps I was going to say then. Oh yeah. Check, check this out though. We w we were talking a bit about Bobby Lopez and Christina Anderson Lopez, but how good they are. It’s like, not only are [00:13:00] they like the best, you know, kind of music writing team in the business, but like, Bobby Lopez, the husband, he liked co-wrote the book of Mormon and Avenue kid.

And he is one of, I think some like 16 people. It’s only 16 people who have literally won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony award. Yeah, he is like the best of the best, you know, he’s in a superclass of his own. So is she, but because he’s been involved on, you know, kind of some, some stage stuff he’s won, every one of those, like at the Eagle is incredible, you know, and there’s virtually nobody who has that credit, you know, in, in a hundred years of all these awards being given out.

Kenric: It’s so funny because as I was watching that making and I’m seeing all the stuff they’re doing all the money they’re spending, all I could think of, is it Richard Attenborough in Jurassic park? Is that who that is? Who’s in drastic park. Who’s

Sumner: the rich Dusenbery. Yeah. Yeah, for

Kenric: sure. Yeah. And he kept going spared.

No expense spared, no expense. [00:14:00] It kept going through my head. Every time I was watching this, I was like, God, dang man. Nine, eight episodes, nine episodes. Yeah. And you guys spent this kind of money. I mean, you must’ve blown the budget of. You know, cake force that must’ve been like two seasons of

Sumner: big bang theory, definitely higher budget than a regular TV show.

It was incredible because it’s not really a TV show is it’s really what it really is. It’s kind of, it’s a five-hour movie and nine parts. That’s what it actually is. Right. The other thing I was thinking, Oh, you know what piece of the detail we love? Sorry, boys. I can’t remember if W when you mentioned this, but I thought I thought it was amazing and I hadn’t realized that done this until I watched it.

So not only have they created the three camera the three camera situation, comedy format, but actually filmed it in front of a live studio audience. I thought that was amazing. An amazing thing to do.

Kenric: Yeah. All of [00:15:00] the TV, the TV are sick scenes in front of the live studio audience, which is incredible.

And then to get people to shut up. You know what I’m saying? Like after they got done watching this, Hey, don’t put out on social media.

Sumner: I mean, they just must’ve had some shit’s heavy NDAs. I mean, it wouldn’t surprise me if the people in the audience, because the audience and those things are minuscule.

The it’s a hundred, 250 people then tiny be the case that the role. Friends and family of the cast. And, you know, we’ll be Hollywood insiders, I think rather than just regular people or straight. Yeah.

Kenric: I love the fact that they everybody came dressed to work in the genre and decade that they were shooting, even the audience was dressed up, like they’re from the fifties, you know, It was so fricking cool.

I was like, Oh man, can I just get bet Annie’s coffee for that day? You know what I’m saying? To be a fly on that wall and how do [00:16:00] we get that audience

John: next

Kenric: time? Right? How do I get in that audience? Whose Dick does John have to suck?

Sumner: on camera.

Is me collating. Could I’ve been in the audience next time, please. There’s me sucking my own deck so I can do callbacks. Wait,

Kenric: we almost

John: got through that today, but no, no, it had to go there. That was funny now with Tiana Paris who played Monica Rambo, we just talk about her audition process. Like she didn’t know.

It’s funny that she didn’t know what she was auditioning for.

We’re off that January. Move on

Kenric: crying.

Sumner: I don’t just get the, she didn’t know the other thing that covered before, and we covered a little bit when we were talking about the Jolson [00:17:00] I’ll make those awesome. Was that I think one of the things that really shines through about every kind of interview piece of behind the scenes footage, the one thing that very lucky about in one division is some we’ve praised before and talking about the show is their original casting because.

Actually Betony and Lizzie Olsen are just so such thoughtful, smart, intelligent, but empathic actors, the very, very charming and engaging. And when you watch them talking about the Genesis and the making of the show, you think, Oh man, these people are lovely. You know, I mean, the, the, you know, I’m, I, as you know, you know, I’m quite cynic about about celebrities and famous people and, and, you know, if you’ve spent.

20 years too, you know, interviewing celebrities and famous people, you do will become a cynic because you know, that it’s a very, very deeply variable experience, but they just come across as so, so utterly pleasant.

Kenric: Yeah. I

John: agree. And they enjoy, they enjoy what they’re doing, which is [00:18:00] awesome. Like

Sumner: they, that’s the thing that you can’t fake.

It’s the enjoyment,

Kenric: right? Yeah, very curious, which is, which is obviously what you’re going to say about Tiana, because I, I, I was laughing and I couldn’t hear you. I’m sorry.

John: Talking about how she was excited and auditioning for a role, but she had no idea what she was. I just named four and then once, and they told her who she was playing and she was super excited.

And just the idea is, as you agree to audition for a show and you don’t know what your understand for it could be anything. And just that, that

Kenric: intrigued me. Yeah, well, she was like, it could be, it could be Monica Rambo,

then it was like, she’s awesome, man. She wouldn’t, I don’t know if she played the part. Perfect. She has a very Her face gives off a lot of expression. Yeah. You know? And so when you watch her her conveyance of emotion is, is

Sumner: done. It’s really high level, isn’t it? Yeah. She’s very good.

Kenric: Very good. Yeah.

And it’s, yeah, I can’t wait to see her in a movie, like where [00:19:00] they’re really exploring the depths of, of Monica in a different way. Yeah.

Let’s see what they did with her. Yeah.

Sumner: Hey Johnny, I actually can. We just got to quit for some reason. Your voice is very quiet today.

Kenric: I’ll turn it

Sumner: up. Yeah, definitely. You definitely need to pick it up a bit.

Kenric: Yeah, there you go.

Sumner: Yeah, there we go. I mean, you’re soft spoken at the best of times, but that’s definitely, you’re definitely unusually quiet.


John: should talk a lot around you too. I know that. I know.

Sumner: Yeah. And what does that set you in total Malta monitors to bellowing level? It’ll be fine.

Kenric: Two 11. What is w what is something you guys are looking forward to with the winter soldier, [00:20:00] Falcon in the winter soldier, based on what you learned in assembled. The making of one division. I don’t think you

John: can compare the two at all. It’s going to be two totally different shows like fucking resource.

To me, it seems more like a a buddy cop show of super powers, you know, and a military buddy cop show. And I mean, and this show is totally different. So it’s going to be it. We’re going from this really kind of wacky as any adventure of Wanda vision going through TV tropes and this stuff into.

Essentially you know, a military militarized Marvel show, right. With Falco, winter soldier. And I don’t honestly don’t, I haven’t, I’ve tried my best not to read anything about the show at all. I mean, I’ve watched the trailer, the one trailer that came out a while ago, so I’m kinda, I’m kind of going into a blind on purpose.

So I don’t really know what to expect. I don’t really know what it’s going to be about what their goal is. I know a couple of the characters are going to be in it. But I’m excited to say, I just, I’m excited for the fact that it’s going to be, you know, talking to winter soldiers, going through doing stuff, and then.

Zima was going to be in it apparently. And I don’t know what the plot is. I don’t know what their end goal is, [00:21:00] but I’m excited to see where it goes.

Sumner: I am sorry, mate. You carry on. You go. No, you’re fine. You’re

Kenric: fine. Oh, I was going to say is I’m just excited for the level of detail. I mean, Marvel, always the MCU is always I don’t know.

They always have a high level of production. I mean, that goes without saying, but seeing what they went through in the subtext of detail that they put into one division, like, I mean like seriously going to Dick van Dyke and talking with him about how they shot the Dick van Dyke show and then replicating the way they ran the sitcoms.

Of the fifties and did that just so that they could get the feel and the look and how they did camera angles, everything for just for the 1950s shows of wanting to provision those first couple of episodes was, was [00:22:00] surreal. And so I’m waiting to see how that transcribes into Falcon, winter soldier, knowing that’s a different group of people.

But having somebody like Figgy over overshadow, everything saying you got, you know, it’s, it’s like when you have your two teams working on a, on a, on a, on a project at work or whatever you’re working on and you got somebody going, man, these guys, man, you guys better, these guys are killing it right now because they’re doing this, this and this.

That makes me excited for what, what could come. And not only for Falcon, winter, soldier, but low-key and everything else that’s coming in after.

Sumner: Yeah, I agree. Even this chip that on paper, I’ve got no interest in like some of the, some of these shows that are coming up in the future, like the, like the scroll show, like Amores or stuff that off the top of my head, I’m like, I’ve got no interest in that, but I’m sure I’ll watch those shows and really enjoy them because that’s what they’ve done.

Time and time again. I mean, you know, kind of like off [00:23:00] topic that, that’s what we talked about before. When you know, we talk about, say, I’m looking forward to black widow, but I’ve zero expectation for eternal because I actually don’t like the eternal is that I think it’s very good comment. So, so, so this will be the first time that like failure, Alonzo Despres Zito of what headed up an endeavor.

That is adapting something that I really have gotten their interest in the TV guys did it within humans and did a very bad job. I mean the pre Fager TV guys, right. And and the Inhumans as a company, as a concept, I’ve always thought was horseshit. And that TV show was as well. But I can only think that they’re gonna do a good job with the terminals, but as we, as we’ve talked about length and I’m not gonna repeat it here right now is the whole concept of watching a Royal family, friends attainment.

When I’ve got to watch these fuckers in the UK, because I’ve got no choice because I’m English. So I have to live in a society where there’s still a Royal family and I don’t like it, you know, watching. Watching super [00:24:00] powered members of the Royal family has kind of has my head in my hands. You know, I’ve got no interest in that.

So, so I’m sure I’ll and I have faith in the process though. It’s the dial up back to the, there’s a bunch of these TV shows that are slated there where I’m like, man, I can’t wait like moon nights or whatever. Some of them are like Wars shit. Yeah. I don’t know. I’m not very techie, you know, I love iron man on the screen, but will this be interesting, but I’m sure by the time we get to it, I’m sure it will be To your point about specifically Falcon one soldier.

I completely echo what you were saying there can, right? Yeah. And you as well, Johnny, I think, I think the interesting thing that the whole making of one division, which seemed to be a very out there concept. And during the three first episodes before people really revealed the, before they really reveal their hand with what they were going to do.

A lot of people. Where, Hey man, you know, this is this is well, very well done. And this brilliant parody of these shows that fundamentally not very many [00:25:00] people care about, but this is kind of underwhelming. And then it kicked into this massive high gear from episode four onward, and then everybody was addicted to it, right?

Because remember all those jokes that were after the first episode came out. The first, the first, the first episode of one division means that I can’t wait for season three of the Mandalorian. Right. That’s what everybody’s doing all that’s forgotten about now because everybody straight off the Mandalorian was like, shit, this is a bit disappointing.

Isn’t it? And then at what? By about episode four, everybody’s. Fucking balls deep in the anus, old thing, they just love it. You know what I mean? They’re just completely in the moment and I tell, tell me it’s not evocative. You know, it absolutely is. Right. And and that’s that’s the deal, you know, and I think I think what it makes me re what it makes me think is they’ve done such a wonderful job of putting one division together, which is an impossible concept with tremendous intellectual and emotional rigor like it was do I have no [00:26:00] doubt that whatever Falcon and the winter soldier is, and I agree with Johnny, I’m sure it’s going to be, you know, basically superhero lethal weapon, right?

I’m sure it’s going to be really good. And I just have faith. This team haven’t actually fucked anything up yet. And if you say that, probably probably there’s a quorum of opinion that probably the two worst Marvel films to date are. Iron man two and Thor, the dark world. If they’re the two worst things they’ve done, they’re still monumental entertaining.

And if you watch them and two that haven’t ever seen a man, one, you go, Oh my God, that’s amazing. And I thought that world is still tremendously enjoy enjoyable moments. You know what I mean? That’s the worst they’ve done. Right. That’s the worst. So I have a lot of faith in them. I’ve got a question for both of you guys.

Yeah. And it’s based upon now, if you’ve only seen the original trailer, Johnny, you know that there’s not been that much material release, but I have watched some of the TV drops [00:27:00] over the last week and. I hope this is I. Yeah. And I’m not going to treat this, like it’s an advanced sport sponsored on it.

I’m just going to talk about what I’ve seen. So I’m joining together two things. Here’s a bit of speculation that I just wanted to ask you guys about. I’m joined together. Two things I’ve seen. One is the scene in which there’s a scene in which Sam is clearly dressed in a reservoir dogs type suit and shirt.

Yeah. So you, that you would assume he was dressed for a funeral, right? Okay. There’s a bit of dialogue, which is very funny, which is the two of them about to go on a mission and Sam called Bucky book and Bucky ghost. Don’t call me book. And he’s like, well, Steve calls you book and he goes, yeah, but you’re not Steve.

Don’t call me book. Right? Wait, does it go? Steve calls you book, right? Okay, Steve called you, but I’m just wondering if one of the things, one of the ways this starts is like 137 year old. Steve Rogers [00:28:00] is dies and there is funeral. You know what I mean? Because he, I mean, I know he’s got soup sold serum in him, which is no doubt why it lives so long, but you, when you add up, even the years that he’s lived.

You know, he’s very, very old or, you know, he’s in his, he’s in his hundred and thirties, you know, if you add it all together, not just when he was frozen, but what, you know, if you put it all together, he’s when he’s actually lived. Even if you forget the frozen years, he’s a very old man. Do you know to me?

So, cause yeah, it could be. Let’s see, he probably went into the ice when he was in his, let’s say mid twenties, right. Early twenties. Okay. And then he comes out and so he comes out when the Avengers comes out, then stir. Then he adds, you know, that the 13 years of the Marvel universe. Yup. But also Danny adds five years onto that, which is the time they live after fenestra snapped everybody out of existence.

Then he gets rocketed back and he has to go the [00:29:00] earliest point at which he has to go back is like 19, where he has to finish up his 1945. And then he lives from 1945 till now, when he put all that together, the dude’s 130 years old plus, and that’s not again, not adding him when he was actually asleep.

And you’ve got that in. He’s like he’s fucking 70, you know what I mean? So even with the super soldier serum within it, and even within looking so good as 130 year old, man, you’ve got to think that they might be starting this series with you, his funeral. I

Kenric: think it could be. That would make sense. Do you think Johnny, you think

John: deliver, bring him back in the future?

Sumner: I think it’s more than possible. It could do, because I think, I think it’s the thing is there’s a whole myriad of ways that they could do it. Right. You don’t, we all, as comic book fans know they could do. And that’s outside of just going back into the timeline that he secretly existed in, which was the timeline we’re in, you know, because what has to have happened [00:30:00] is that, is that Steve Rogers.

You know, on the downloads, Steve Rogers has been there and has actually been you know, has actually been there the whole time. And it’s actually been an agent Carter’s husband the whole time and all that kind of stuff, while all this is going on, just keeping it as God shit until he turns upon that bench in front of the light on a particular day.

Yeah. The thing is

Kenric: that the only thing that drives me nuts with that whole concept is that’s fucking Steve Rogers. That’s captain America. You can’t not stay. He can’t keep himself out. And Adrian, Carter’s going to get into trouble. She’s, you know, she’s Nancy drew. She’s going to want to get into things.

There’s no way he’s going to sit at

Sumner: home. You are totally hitting the nail on the head though, mate. That’s the point because what he’s done is he’s obviously, you know, it would seem to me, and this is my theory of it. He’s obviously plotted out all the key things that he’s done, you know, in the existence of the Marvel universe, in his lifetime, since he’s come out of the ice, right.

It’s pots. It all. And he knows he has to stay away from all of that. Right. [00:31:00] He knows he can’t touch any of that, but that doesn’t mean that there’s a whole bunch of other shit. He can’t get it to not dressed as captain America, but just on the download, you know, there’s a whole bunch of other things that you can be doing for that whole century.

So you can be going back into the fifties and, you know, secret undercover, Steve Rogers is doing X, Y, and Z. He’s just making sure he didn’t mess with anything that, you know, gets involved with the Avenger standoffs timeline. It’d be, I think it would be

John: super cool if they did it. I get a Disney plus show just of him going back and returning the stones.

Just tell that story, just to see him interact with, with ancient wine and the interact with all the different points where the stones came from. It’d be it’d be a lot of fun, you know, cause it’d be. I don’t know. I, I like to see cause he has, he has to do it very specifically and it had to be, it had to be done in a certain way.

And it’s to kind of see that journey. Cause you know, cause you know, it wasn’t easy, you know, it wasn’t just said drop it off real quick, then you know something and

Sumner: Johnny, this is right because that’s what the whole story about going back to Manhattan and [00:32:00] then having to go back to the birth of the super soldier project.

And, and seeing, and seeing Henry Penn, when he’s kind of the age that Michael Douglas was in the streets of San Francisco, the whole point of all that is nothing ever goes, you know, it’s, it’s this friend of mine news. It was a retired, like a retired fire chief of Liverpool. He’s always, he’s always into.

Plant disaster planning, right? Yeah. His name’s moose Davis. He’s big time into disaster planning. And, but his favorite saying, and it’s an old military saying is no plan survives first contact with the enemy and it’s right. You know, nothing ever goes according to plan. So when you sort of turned every stone, there’s a whole bunch of incident that could be going on.

Some of it might’ve lasted months. Some of it might’ve lasted years because. One of the things that happens in the doctor who universe, right. Is it’s a given that joined the course of any doctor’s life. You are only seeing a few highlights. I’ve actually what they’ve done. And in fact, the implication is that each incarnation of the doctor lives for [00:33:00] hundreds, if not thousands of years.

And you’re just seeing bits of it, do you know to me? And then the dots have complete recall of the complete total recall so they can meet somebody they’ve met a thousand years ago. They meet them again. And they pick up straight away, you know, cause they have this vast kind of intellect, but in reality, you’re just seeing the highlights of their life.

It’s not that the life last three years, which is the duration of their incarnation on the screen. It’s not that at all. And you’ve got to think logic dictates and want to say logic. I mean the same bullshit logic that I make fun of in, in end game that delivers every time travel movie I’ve ever made.

Cause just change the rules depending upon what your particular movie is. Right. Yeah. That those logics it takes though, but a bunch of other shit happened when he returned everything. I totally agree with you, Johnny.

John: Yeah. I want to see that story.

Kenric: Well, I think you’re going to see that story. If Chris having goes and does a bunch of movies that don’t do that, don’t fare very well.

Sumner: Yeah, I think you’re right.

[00:34:00] Evans is, is that he’s in great fucking shape. And if he doesn’t touch the Marvel universe for 10 years, right, he’s still going to be in great shape 10 years from now, and he’s going to be able to play. Captain America in his late forties. No problem. He’ll still look good. You know what I mean? And the way that down is if he’s not 60 already, he’s pushing 60.

I think isn’t this sixties now, do you know what I mean? And he still looks good as Tony start. Right? Cause he keeps himself fits as a butcher’s dog, as we say.

Kenric: Yeah. Well, I know Johnny’s got to go. He’s he’s itching at the bit, but he’s recording. So that means we got to go

Sumner: now, which makes complete sense.

We are, this doesn’t need to be our usual hour plus marathon, you know, cause you know, I mean this, this is probably already the longest, longest podcast. Anybody has recorded about a making of show in the history of entertainment, podcasts, you know, [00:35:00] we’ve done. I think we’ve done very well to crush out 45 minutes, TJ.

Kenric: All right guys. Well, I think the one thing I’ll take from this is that Disney and Marvel together, it makes magical stuff and the magical kingdom and who knew I’m making a, could be so entertaining. Yeah.

Sumner: Yeah. And you know, hats off to them. Well-played to them and well played to Lizzie Olsen and Paul Bettany once more

Kenric: for

Sumner: being, for being, for being beautiful people who are highly entertaining, smart, and fun, and empathic to watch talk about their work.

Kenric: Yeah. And you know, the one thing we didn’t get to talk about was Kathryn Hahn because,

Sumner: Oh man. She’s I mean, she’s just amazing.

Kenric: Yeah, she was, she was awesome. Absolute delight. There we go guys. Next week. When does the fucking winter soldier, what date? Kitchen?

Sumner: Some Friday. I think it jumps on Friday at kind of like, which is when the 19th.

Yeah, [00:36:00] 1991 division one is dropping. So the

Kenric: won’t meet everybody back here. You as well, right back here to talk Falcon, winter soldier sounds good.

Sumner: Same Avengers channel. True believers. Take care, Jen.


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