May 26, 2020


George Newbern - Superman! Sephiroth! Scandal! Father of the Bride!

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Kenric Regan John Horsley
George Newbern - Superman! Sephiroth! Scandal! Father of the Bride!
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George Newbern - Superman! Sephiroth! Scandal! Father of the Bride!

May 26 2020 | 00:46:12


Show Notes

Tonight we sit and talk with the voice of Superman himself, George Newbern! He also voiced Sephiroth for well over a decade! (Funny side note: In the new FFVII Remake Tyler Hoechlin does the voice of Sephiroth, meaning two Superman have also voiced the FFVII bad guy)

He also worked with Steve Martin on Father of the Bride (amazing movies, check them out) and was on the hit TV Show Scandal!

Check out George online:

Transcription by Steve, the drunk robot looking for love.

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George Newbern Interview 

[00:00:00] Kenric - George Newbern RX: You're not in armies of this part of the verse. Welcome back to sport a country. I'm kinda bringing that is mr Horsley and today on the show, well, we have the man that 

is more super than most. 

John - George Newbern RX: Yeah, he is. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yeah. He really is though.  

John - George Newbern RX: Yeah.  

Kenric - George Newbern RX: he, you know, he defines morality and ethics, uh, today in a way that is probably more needed than ever time before. 

But we got lucky enough to have the voice of Superman through all the cartoons for the last 15, 16 years. George Newbern. 

John - George Newbern RX: and the voice of Sephora from final fantasy seven which is kinda like the opposite kind of character. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Right. Kind of crazy. You kind of gave him a little bit more depth, a little bit more things to do. George is a very interesting cat 

John - George Newbern RX: yeah. He was, 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: he was in the early nineties he's part of some of the biggest movies ever with father of the [00:01:00] bride, which, , if you're my age, will remember those movies and they were ginormous successes. 

John - George Newbern RX: they're great movies too. One and two. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: And he played it. He plays, he plays the son-in-law. 

John - George Newbern RX: Yeah. And does a damn good job because there's 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: does a damn good job. Yep. And he's been in a bunch of movies in the eighties and he was in designing women. And when you guys are gonna hear all this. 

John - George Newbern RX: Yeah. He's been around a lot, so we should 

let them listen to it. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yeah. So George Newbern in his own words. 

All right guys, thanks for coming back. And today on the show, it's going to be really exciting because, well, he's [00:02:00] appeared in such movies as father of the bride, part one and part two TV shows like designing women friends and  our fan base might know him better as the, uh, the most super evolved men in the justice league, justice league unlimited series as well as the injustice video game series. George Newbern. 

Thanks for coming on. 

George - George Newbern - RX: How you doing? How you doing? 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Doing well. Thank you, citizen, man. It's exciting. You've, uh, you've been doing voiceovers for a long time with justice league and, 

George - George Newbern - RX: Yeah, yeah. And final fantasy voices. Suffereth and final fantasy until  latest incarnation. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yeah. That's kinda, that's kinda bumming. What's up with that? 

George - George Newbern - RX: you do, I don't know that they replaced the entire class and started over with her. You know, some other people, I mean, nothing against them bulbs. I kind of don't know why they did it. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yeah. Cause you're, you're kind of synonymous with that  


George - George Newbern - RX: I know, man. I just don't. Yeah, it's odd. It's odd, but Hey, it's your [00:03:00] business. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: So man, you've been, you've been doing this a while now. 

George - George Newbern - RX: I've been doing it a long time. One 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: I mean, no messing around. You're on designing women, which is, is crazy to me that the thing, cause I remember watching that as a kid growing up and you know, what did, uh, what are those girls, those girls teach anything? I mean, you had Dixie Carter on there who was a legend already. 

George - George Newbern - RX: Dixie Carter was an amazing woman. Um, God rest her. And, uh, I met her husband, Hal Holbrook, and then I just looked him up. It's so funny you mentioned it cause I was just looking him up the other day and I talked to the producer that Harry Thomas on this morning actually via text, he and his wife just checking in on him. 

And, um, but yeah, I'll, Holbrook and Dixie used to see them fairly frequently and. He's still alive. He's about 92 years old and still doing his Mark Twain show. It's just crazy. But yeah, they taught that, you know, they were, they were my first sort of show business, um, um, big job out here. And, uh, it was pretty exciting, very exciting. 

[00:04:00] And I was scared out of my scared out of my wits 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Did he give any good advice that you remember? 

George - George Newbern - RX: Yeah, well, she tried to say, she said, George, don't do any movies. You just go do some plays. End up. Of course, all I wanted to do was movies I'd been doing plays up to that point. I was like, I don't want to do that. Grab on to a movie or a TV show 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: You're crazy lady. I want to do movies 

George - George Newbern - RX: and crazy Eddie. 

I'm sick and plays interesting movies. She's a lovely person. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: That's funny. How so? I got to ask, I don't think I've heard anybody ask you this, but has ballet helped you in your acting career at all? 

George - George Newbern - RX: You know, uh, no one has asked me. That's funny yet. No. Yeah, I, , I, it's funny cause up in Arkansas and, um, I wanted to, I just wanted to be an actor. I was crazy. I got with a bug and it was like 12 or 13, and, and as I did more and more plays and did musicals, I kind of a sort of add, kind of want to sing. 

And I did love singing and. I realized that the people who got the best parts were the people who could sing, dance and act. And so I started taking ballet for six, seven, eight years. And then I got quite, [00:05:00] quite proficient at that. And I think it just helps you, you know, get girls number one. Number two, if you're the one straight guy in the ballet class, it's open 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Right? That's a good thing. 

George - George Newbern - RX: yeah. But, uh, yeah, so it just, it just helps you to, you know. It's, it's the most athletic thing you could do, you know, aside from, I don't know, football or something like that. It's, it's pretty, pretty demanding and, um, um, it's a great discipline. Uh, I learned a lot from it. I think it's just good for life. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yeah. I know a lot of football players, like especially in the nineties took a lot of ballet 

George - George Newbern - RX: yeah. Yeah,  

man, it's real 

hard. It's 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: is crazy, and I don't know if they still do that. I don't know if a lot of them still do  

George - George Newbern - RX: I don't know if they do. They probably should. If you've seen. Not originally called off or any of the early Nureyev and all this earlier, ballet guys mean those guys are, starts to complete stats 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yeah. But you got to have so much strength. Like I remember my mom. Yeah. She was a huge ballet fan, and I just remember watching on TV with her and just seeing these guys just [00:06:00] whip those girls around you like you gotta be strong to be doing what they're doing. 

George - George Newbern - RX: Oh yeah. Yeah. And it's also, it's actually not, it's not a natural movement that the exercises in the ballet positions are not natural. So you get a lot of. ballerinas and ballet dancers who, you know, their knees are blown out and their ankles are screwed up. They all have arthritis because it's really demanding and you just, you know, you're just crushing your joints. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: So your mom, so you grew up in newborns where you're born and raised or just born in little 

George - George Newbern - RX: but no board. Born and raised in little rock. And then when I was graduated high school, went to Northwestern in Chicago to go to university. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Oh, nice. How was  

George - George Newbern - RX: and it was amazing. Amazing. Oh, I met my wife there and a lot of great friends still from there and moved out to LA. And then I've been in LA ever since, 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Oh, that's awesome. But your mom Pat smashed it. So we use fluent 

George - George Newbern - RX: Good. Uh, you know, I wasn't fluent. I, I, my mother was certainly fluent and, , I can speak it.  , I can make any, um.  [00:07:00] I can make all the voices in Spanish. I know how to do it. I just can't write a paragraph. , I can read it and I can sound like I know what I'm talking about. 

If you give me a sentence, but my grammar is awful. I've just never gotten the grammar very well. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: W w was your mom? Uh, Spanish 

George - George Newbern - RX: She was just, no, no, no. She's from Arkansas, but she was a Spanish tutor. He learned Spanish and was a Spanish teacher and has taught English, English, and Madrid. And, uh, yeah, she was very, very, very, very, uh, uh, professional expert in Spanish is so 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yeah. Did she, did she ever switch over to Spanish when she got super angry with you? 

George - George Newbern - RX: She would sometimes. That's funny. She was when we would leave, when she wanted us to leave sheets, like Twitter quitter, quitter, like mince means get the hell out, like get out. And I was like, that's the only word I knew growing up. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Oh my, my ex wife was from Brazil. 

George - George Newbern - RX: Oh yeah. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yeah. And when she gets super mad at me, she'd start just railing me in 

George - George Newbern - RX: And Portuguese. Yeah. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Oh yeah. Or she wanted me to shut up. She'd say Calla Boca, [00:08:00] Paula, and at which is shut your mouth. And then poet, which is so weird. POAs a weird word because they use it like we use dam. 

George - George Newbern - RX: Oh, okay. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: But the literal translation is sperm. What? Just like what? But yeah, everybody down there uses it like, damn. 

George - George Newbern - RX: that's really funny. You know, cause I, cause I also hear, you know, a term of endearment. I don't know if I can say this. In 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: You can swear anything on this podcast, 

George - George Newbern - RX: Konya.  which, which means for Jack, which means vagina, I think it's like, Hey, come on y'all. What's up? Vagina? Which is kind of odd. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Oh man, it's just, it cracks me up some of the things, cause she would just switch it on and it would be like, okay, I don't understand anything you're saying right now. I just can pick out the swear words. 

George - George Newbern - RX: Well, maybe, maybe. Maybe that's why she's your ex wife. I don't know. I'm just, I'm just guessing. I'm just gonna. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: That's, you know, you might be under some of that. 

George - George Newbern - RX: Oops. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yeah, I have to ask [00:09:00] you and only because I'm being somewhat sarcastic because you were sarcastic about this. How good is paramedics? 

George - George Newbern - RX: Oh, it's the worst movie ever made. It might be the worst movie ever made. I'm pretty sure. I didn't know. It's that one. And another one I did called doppelganger with drew Barrymore. Those two movies might be the worst thing ever put through a film camera. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: What'd you guys are shooting paramedic? Did everybody kinda. And on the gag kind of knowing like, wow, this is really bad, or do you feel like, no, this could be good. And then you see the final 

George - George Newbern - RX: honestly, I don't think anybody sets out to make it a bad movie. They really don't. But, but you knew Chris McDonald has done a million things. Who's a great actor? Really funny. He and I just had literally just met. We were both appliance and creative artists, and I'd just been in LA and I had this like big fancy agent. 

And, uh, I'd gone like four minutes and had a big job. And then I didn't have a job for a minute. And then I kind of panicked and I said, Oh, you should do this movie. And they, I guess they packaged it and it was [00:10:00] terrible, terribly written. And I kind of looked at, I don't know. And they said, they're going to pay you $50,000 to do this movie. 

And I mean, it's a lot of money. And back in 1980, whatever, seven, six, 87, I think it was, I was like, Oh my God, I got to do that. I can't say no to them, you know? Christian and Dan and I both did. It said, okay, let's go do it. I got on an airplane and we had sort of only cursorily read the script, and as we were sitting in our airplane seats, we were finishing reading it. 

Basically, we're, we're not being very thorough about our jobs, but we had sort of looked at it a little more and we looked at each other and we started crying, laughing at the same time going, Oh my God, what have we done? And we started making like. You know, poopoo jokes and PP jokes and just like, just go and just go and this is going to be a nightmare. 

And it, it was actually worse than I expected it. If it's possible. It was like the material was so bad, the [00:11:00] director is nice, but in the middle of a shoot, I would get in the elevator in the hotel lobby and I would get in. And I remember one night, the editor of the movie was so drunk and cause he was, whatever he was seeing was so bad. 

And he turned to me, he looked at me and he said, could you just give me some vendor work with? So not only was it bad, apparently I was really bad in it, and because I didn't know what the hell I just got. I know I didn't know what I was doing. And so the drunk editor was saying, could you just give me something to work with? 

So I'll never forget that. And it just really, you had to really bring it down on them and do it. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Oh my God. 

George - George Newbern - RX: yeah, I was a bad, bad memory. Although we had fun in, you know, a perverse way, but it was just awful. No, 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: God. How does so you, you talk with Chris McDonald's, you, you guys go and have lunch together at all 

George - George Newbern - RX: you know, we, we, we just touched by, uh, last week. He's, he was in New York or he's actually, no, I'm sorry. He's up in Arrowhead. His family, 

they have a house.  

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Did [00:12:00] anybody call him shooter 

George - George Newbern - RX: No, no, I don't think so. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: for when he was in happy Gilmore 

George - George Newbern - RX: Oh, that's right. Yeah. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: saw an interview with him, what he was talking about, he'll, you know, 20 years later he's going through the airport and people still call, call them out as shooter. McGavin. 

George - George Newbern - RX: Sure. I'm sure he's, he's or Darryl from. He was in, um, you know, um, uh, what the hell is moving with the Gina Davis and, um, Sarah. Um, but you know, with Brad Pitt, the car that goes up the clip at the end, 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: yeah, yeah. Oh my God. Now you're making me do the flame thing. 

George - George Newbern - RX: movie? Anyway, 


Kenric - George Newbern RX: Davis, Susan Surandon, and, and they had the whole scene with Brad Pitt. They, yeah. 

George - George Newbern - RX: is the name of the 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Oh my God. Are you serious? Are we both doing this right now? 

George - George Newbern - RX: But, but, but anyway, can you put Darryl, so he's, he's like panic, but 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Thelma and Louise. Thelma and Louise. 

George - George Newbern - RX: Tell the lawyers. That's right. [00:13:00] How could you not remember that? But got a. But, but anyway, yeah. He's up in quarantine with his four kids are, they're all adults now, but they're all from Arrowhead and he's in New York, back and forth to LA, which are all times every couple of months. 

Good guy. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yeah, that's cool. That's really cool.  

 So you landed a really big role in the early nineties playing Brian McKinsey, and you were opposite of Steve McMartin or Steve McMartin. Are you serious? I just say that Steve Martin. Steve McMartin. 

Yes. Steve Martin. Diane Keaton, Martin short. What, pardon my language, but how fucking cool was that? 

George - George Newbern - RX: yeah. It was off the chart. I, I honestly, I, the first day we were shooting at Kim Williams, who's I guess about 10 years younger than me, she went to the same university and she was still in school when we got it. And, uh, she and I were. Outside a door outside the door about to open the door and see Steve Martin. 

Correct. [00:14:00] Or Saint Anne. I was literally, and I had already worked, I've worked with some, some big stars, performance, not even Keaton. And Steve Martin now is pretty huge for me. And, uh, I was so nervous. I was sweating. I was flop sweating all day. Chris block's wedding. Yeah. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: I would be freaking out because I always think of, when I think of Diane Keaton, I think of her as like kind of a fashion icon doing Annie hall, you know, and then having that whole, you know, she was very influential in the late seventies and the eighties and then she did that. I don't, you know, she did all these amazing things. And then here she comes in father of the bride and it's just like, Oh fuck, that's Diane Keaton. And she's been on some of the biggest movies of all time with the godfather and godfather two. And then. 

You know? And then on top of that, if I was in a room with Steve Martin, I don't think I'd be able to talk. 

George - George Newbern - RX: Well, he, you know, and he's not a super talkative guy necessarily. He's kind of serious, but I'm smart and very witty. And, um, he, he, uh, the [00:15:00] most real thing, I mean, doing, you know, working on the set. After a while, it did just become like, you're working on set and everybody is just, it's an acting job. But surreal parts for me were lunches. 

Every day. We'd all go out to lunch. It'd be Steven. Martin and Diane and Kim and I, and then sometimes BD Wong would come and he played a Martin Short's assistant, but we would be joined by like whoever was in town, like Eric idle would show up, or, um, who else? Um, Michael Pailin, just different people that were, they were friends with. 

We would just go out to lunch and I was like, am I, is this really happening? Am I really sitting here ordering a Turkey sandwich? Talking to, you know, Eric idol. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. I mean, I'm sure they were just being polite and inviting me, but Jesus, I felt like I had a part row seat to like, you know, just having Hollywood heaven. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yeah. What was Wharton short like? 

George - George Newbern - RX: He's hilarious. He's just  

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Is he just on all the 

George - George Newbern - RX: chart. He kind of [00:16:00] is, or kind of was. I don't know if he's like that now, but, but he certainly wasn't. He certainly was then just really just cooky, funny, funny all the time. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Cause I, cause I've watched things with Steve Martin having to do interview, you know, listen to him do interviews and he seems pretty subdued, 

George - George Newbern - RX: Oh, he's a dude. He's a dude, but I saw he in alert shirts. I have a comedy standup. Playing a show that goes, went to Vegas with a friend to go watch them, and we went backstage and chatted with them after. It is hilarious. They are so good to go. Oh my God. So good.  

Kenric - George Newbern RX: You know, they should do now they could do grandfather of the bride. 

George - George Newbern - RX: they could. I heard there isn't there. They had mentioned that there was a third script out there somewhere, but I've yet to see it. I'd love to see it though, 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: my God. Didn't you guys do like a commercial or something? You, and 

George - George Newbern - RX: Well, Kim Kim and I did some of these hallmark commercials, um, right after. And, um, it wasn't as the characters, but it was sort of like, you know, alluded that we were those characters. 

And, I, [00:17:00] that Nancy will create her movie, one of those to do it, but got, you know, I was like, you know, I'm an actor. I gotta pick a job, so that'll work, man. So, uh, yeah, we did. So we didn't see a bunch of those commercials for hallmark. They turned out pretty cute. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yeah. 

That's really cool. So. Now you're doing a lot of voiceover work. I mean, you don't just do voiceover work. You just got done doing scandal a couple of years ago, uh, which was a 

George - George Newbern - RX: We did that for seven seasons. It's been job, for example, 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Oh my God. I can't even imagine being on a show that is all the talk for that 

George - George Newbern - RX: it was, it was to me too. It was the first time I'd been in a TV series from the beginning. And be part of filling that sort of like, you watched it, you felt that lift off the ground and like go, you know, usually you're, you know, you're usually in or I've curious, has been, I've either done a recurring on a show that's existing or you know, done TV series that don't ever get seen or that this was really, really, it was [00:18:00] kind of honestly, probably a once in a lifetime thing for an actor to get to have a cool part on something that's popular and it's just 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: and you guys are going against juggernauts at that time, game of Thrones 

George - George Newbern - RX: yeah. Oh yeah, 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: walking 

George - George Newbern - RX: It was top 10 show up for a little bit though. Yeah. Yeah. It's pretty cool. And then I've been doing, we sort of step out of that just to add any way throughout, you know? So I never 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: yeah. Video games, cartoons, 

George - George Newbern - RX: the video games. Yep. All of it. I just kind of do everything at once. 

I got three kids, man. I'll do, do any and everything. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: I got five miles of feed, 

George - George Newbern - RX: Yeah, that's right. I got my, I got five man. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yeah. You know what I used? You say that all the time. You're the first person that ever got the reference. 

George - George Newbern - RX: good. Uh, well, I can't 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: I love it. Yeah. I mean, Oh, I say that. You know, it's funny, as my cohost who is having technical difficulties you've been trying to get on, but I think he's given up. He's, he literally has five miles a feet.  

George - George Newbern - RX: yeah. Oh, 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: kind of funny when he says it, but I said all I see that all the time I [00:19:00] was one of, I was kind of bumming cause they didn't really use that line in the remake of total recall. 

George - George Newbern - RX: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: you show the three that you show the girl with the three breaths, but you don't say the line. 

George - George Newbern - RX: that's right. All right. I got five rounds. Me, 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: So sever off, you've said is your favorite voiceover character to voice. 

George - George Newbern - RX: No, not necessarily. Did I say that I didn't, so I don't know. Superman was not 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: This, yeah. You said could, you said Superman, you know he's a, he's Superman. You know you're going to have the same where Sephora gave you like more things to  

George - George Newbern - RX: That's true. Separate off was a little more fun, actually. A little more edgy,  

Kenric - George Newbern RX: So how long have you been doing stuff? 

Roth were, how long  

George - George Newbern - RX: Uh, honestly, um, we did it for, I guess about 15 or 16 years, something like that. And then, uh, then a justice league was probably about the same, but even longer, cause I just did another DC universe, uh, three weeks, three weeks ago. 

And then I've been doing these cons and meeting the fans. It's been a [00:20:00] blast. 

It's been such a blast until they all got canceled on the world of it. Yeah, 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: well now with the DC universe app, your, your work is being seen all over again, 

George - George Newbern - RX: I know, man. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: which is awesome. And I know they're bringing some people back cause they just had, um, Wonder woman? 

George - George Newbern - RX: Laura. Susan as well. Yeah. Yeah. I just did a DC. You're talking about the DC online universe right? Yeah, yup, yup. Just did one, two weeks ago, three weeks ago. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Oh, that's cool. Are you guys any chance of it coming back on as a, as an 

George - George Newbern - RX: Man, I don't know. I don't know. You know. Got it. You never know. We just did a movie. We did a fatal five was out, I guess about 10 months ago, 11 months ago, something like that. Um, that was fine. Um, there's always been going to these conventions and they're huge, huge. Fanbase still for the, for justice league. 

They still love it. People love it. And they, I guess I've been surprised at how much, uh, you know, how much love is still, it's [00:21:00] really fun. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yeah, it's kinda, it's kind of crazy. Like the DC animated universe and the CW show really did what for DC? What Marvel is doing with the MCU. They're finally doing the shared universe, and they do it right on their animation and then on the CW. 

George - George Newbern - RX: I agree. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: so yeah, the, the fan base on there is rabid. 

George - George Newbern - RX: Just huge cheer. Superpower. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: So you took over from Tim Daly, really,  

and now you've done a lot more than he did, 

George - George Newbern - RX: Yeah. Yeah. He was here. He was busy working and it couldn't, couldn't get to it, and then I just happened to walk in the door and then, you know, take a, take a 

check over and then 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: But you've done more than he has now. 

George - George Newbern - RX: I think I have, I think I have, I'm pretty sure, 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Cause what? What do you remember what year was your first year of 


George - George Newbern - RX: Uh, I can't remember. It was, 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: That's not a bad thing. It's been that long. Been that many episodes. 

George - George Newbern - RX: it's gotta be 2000, I want to say 2002, [00:22:00] three or like that. So I know, you know, you know, then it was a couple of three years of the series and then movies and games and all the way sorta kinda dribs and drabs 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: have you ever had a chance to go back and read some of the old storylines? 

George - George Newbern - RX: Um, you know, we did it, we've done some justice league reunion and step at these cons and, uh, read one of the episodes and, uh, yeah, we've gone back and it's really fun. It's still sort of stands up, you know. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yeah. Have you ever, have you ever thought of going back and reading some of the old comic books. 

George - George Newbern - RX: Oh, you know, I haven't, but I would love to, but I haven't. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: You should check out because by now you know the character well enough through all the TV that you've done and all the lines you've done. And do you go back and re and watch the episodes that have happened from time to time? Cause I know some people just don't do that. Like, no, 

George - George Newbern - RX: yeah. I, I, you know, I don't, I don't do it on purpose that if it's there, so I have to come across it. Or I [00:23:00] just say, God, do you know that was actually putting together a reel of some on the voiceover stuff? You know, it's amazing on YouTube that people do these little edit, they do editing jobs, and also I'll type in my name and Superman or justice league and somebody will have gone on and like, you know, act at what's your aggregated like five scenes or 10 scenes or something like, and it's really, really good. 

And I'm like, Ooh, Oh, I don't remember doing that. Or, Oh, I don't remember doing that, but that's really good. Um, but it's fun. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Cause I was wondering because there's a storyline that I, I so want them to do and it's called, and maybe you've been asked, it's called kingdom come. And I think as you're getting older, your register starts to go down, right? 

George - George Newbern - RX: It does. We're, I'm melting. Yeah. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: And your eye, you're like right at that time where the storyline for kingdom come is Superman's much older. 

And like these bombs had gone off and a bunch of earth has been just, you know, has been decimated and there's all this weird stuff going on [00:24:00] and he kind of goes away into his own little world and not dealing with the outside world. Then he comes back out and all this stuff is messed up, so he wants to reestablish the justice league and redo all this stuff. 



That's a really amazing storyline and I would suggest if you have a chance to check it out. 


John - George Newbern RX: Sorry, I gotta cut in here real quick in this kind of corrector released. We know. And what can you call me is really about thought about what Kendrick said it before. Kenny comes from elsewhere to start with Midmark way with art by Alex Ross. It's an amazing story, but basically, uh, Superman, his generation of heroes from justice league have been succeeded by a new generation of heroes who are more who ideals are more, more about their own image, their own egos, lots about.  

Bread, protecting people more about like, Hey, look at me. I'm awesome. I'm amazing. Less about, Hey, let's say of the day and a Superman goes supports of solitude and there's this farming life and flash becomes like the Uber flash of his city and run so fast. He, he comes between different realms and, you know, Batman does what Batman does and all the, all the [00:25:00] superheroes of the superintendent. You kind of handle things a little differently because there's this new heroes on, on there.  

On the spam, like hyper time and Magog and Greg and stuff. McGovern God, I can't remember which one it is. I think it's the Gog. I dunno, whatever, but they, it's a major disaster happens and there's a big battle in Superman has to come out of hiding and they all come back together and it's, um, It's really, it's an amazing story. So it's definitely go check it out.    

George - George Newbern - RX: Is it what we did already in the justice league of the original or the justice league unlimited? W what story, which was, it was just of comic, that kind of quick story. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: story. It's called kingdom come. And it's like you'd be, you'll find like a ton of people are really want this to be done. Yeah. And it's kind of a cool thing. Yeah. You should. I think if you checked it out, you'd probably 

George - George Newbern - RX: Wow. I'm sure it will. I would love it. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: So. Yeah. We love it so much. So does your, your, uh, your son Ben still watch the cartoons and tell you, Oh, 

George - George Newbern - RX: You know, he doesn't, he doesn't. He did when he was little, but he's, he's 17 and he's [00:26:00] kind of, you know, he's in quarantine and we've been locked down for the last, like everybody can 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yeah. 

George - George Newbern - RX: And he's, uh, he's been in school, but man, now Nissan time, and, uh, like after his schoolwork is done, he's been playing, you know, online video games with all his friends all over the country. 

It's really crazy though, you know. And I, I think that playing grand theft auto and what does that mean? That that dude, that dune buggy thing, that dune buggy game in space or like in a big sphere where they are like, you try to get them kick the ball and the goal, I don't know what the hell that thing's called me. 

It's crazy. And it's really, it's really fun. But, uh, he's, he's, he's good at all that. There's no, he doesn't, he doesn't watch this part teams much. Honestly, he did. He did when he was a little bit, but he doesn't. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: I just thought the story was cute when you were talking about it, how he thought it was, you know, you're like, that's a cartoon. You're good. I'm okay. I'm not hurt. 

George - George Newbern - RX: yeah, yeah, yeah, that's right. Yeah. And then the coolest thing was that when he had it, he had one of those [00:27:00] toys that I voiced, a toy and Superman and Cape and a little chest chest plate, and you touch it and my voice comes out and you run around, you know, like you're Superman. He would do that man in the house and just, just made me very proud. 

Very proud. Yeah. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: cool. So are you, so are you preferring to do more voiceover or are you 

George - George Newbern - RX: No, no, I, it's, it's the other, what other jobs come up, man? I, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm, yeah, I'm available and ready to go and do everything. I mean, um, I read a ton of, uh, narrative kind of audio books because it's just, you know, I have a studio at my house and I just, I still visit every day. If I'm not reading audio books, I'm doing an audition for an on camera thing. 

If I'm not doing that, I'll be doing a Superman thing or whatever. It's just the goddess. You got to keep getting it. Always be closing. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Always be 

closing. Yeah. I love 

George - George Newbern - RX: So yeah, I agree. It's a great, great [00:28:00] move. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: So what are you, you're doing audio books. Is there a favorite genre that you have? 

George - George Newbern - RX: Um, gosh, you know, I've been doing audio books for about seven years. I don't have a favorite genre. I loved. , I do really, really love nonfic. Um, a lot of historical nonfiction and biography stuff. Cause I feel like I learn, learn a lot. And I've also learned a lot about, um, tech stuff, which is fascinating to me. 

and I liked a lot of the fiction, but, but, but I think. I tend to talk more about the things that I learn, you know what I mean? You're being paid to read a narrative book, and, and a lot of times that nonfiction stuff is super interesting to me and especially science in science and technology. So 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: That's cool. So you have a studio in your house, so you just get the book and then you just record yourself, or does somebody 

come and help you edit 

George - George Newbern - RX: well actually, actually. I have, the last two weeks I've been working with the director. One director is in New Jersey and one was pure [00:29:00] silver light, but it's, um, via zoom, you know, the zoom conference thing and, and basically we, I share the screen. Yeah. I share the screen with them and they, and they're basically listening to me as I'm recording it, but it goes through my, my processor through the internet line, and they can hear what I'm doing. 

And. See the wave form and you know, they direct them. But 90% of the time I direct myself. I'm actually engineering it as I'm doing it and I'm doing the research. And um, it's, it's sort of like the, I don't know if you know that. You've seen that the picture of the guy with the bass drum in front, it's got the symbols on his knees and he's got the core, he's got playing seven different things. 

That's kind of what doing your ads streaming. Like what an audio book description of an actor as you're just. It's really, really hard. It's long hours. It's solitary, but, um, but it's interesting and it's, you know, keeps your brain alive. If you're not doing something else, it's good to be doing something that nothing, you know, good to state. 

I do. Well, it's called a vocal booth. I've got a vocal [00:30:00] booth. It's a team. It's a four by four booth 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yeah. 

George - George Newbern - RX: is, you know, 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: like a whisper room. That's probably a competitor 

George - George Newbern - RX: Yes. A competitor, whisper booth, the vocal booth in the same things. And, um, yeah, it's, it's awesome. I spend all my waking days and it's 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: do you mind if we geek out a little bit here for a second? What kind of, what kind of mic do you use or 

do you have like a plethora of bikes depending on what they want. 

George - George Newbern - RX: several Mike's, but mostly for the reading and commercial stuff. I use my Sennheiser four 16 Sennheiser, um, shotgun mic and it goes into my inbox and then I use ProTools software. I have an app. I have an Avalon processor, which is kind of a big, beautiful, big, beautiful old vacuum tube, you know, processor. 

It's very warm with that. Um, and then I have another mic that's a, it's actually a  knowing a knockoff. It's a group tube 66, a GT 66 that I'll use, that I'll use for, um, it's about 10 years old. Ax or no, sorry, about [00:31:00] eight years old. And it's for animation work for animation and stuff like that. It's sort of just a different, more of a, um. 

Omni-directional markets, you know, the Sennheisers are really sort of unidirectional, like right. Pointed right. At you. They're more focused, more, yeah, more focused, you know, more focused on, but the other is sort of more performance oriented. The GT 66 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yeah. And then you're doing a lot of your own editing through pro tools. 

George - George Newbern - RX: yeah, I mean, as, as you're doing an audio book, you're basically, I've got an iPad and I've got my screen two different. 

Screens. I'm looking at it and I'm reading and I'm narrating a book on the iPad and I'm dealing with the screen. The computer screen is my way for them and say, okay, I hear a sound, or if I screw up, I can go and click the ProTools and take the sand out, or change the signal, or, you know, that's that. But so I'm basically engineering and performing and directing myself with the same problem as I'm  

Kenric - George Newbern RX: That's awesome. That's awesome. How long have you been recording yourself and doing it? 

George - George Newbern - RX: I've got about 300 and 350 [00:32:00] titles of been so far. So yeah, it's a lot. It's a fricking lot. My period is trashed, by the way, but, Yeah. I've been, 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: So we, cause we, cause so Johnny might, my cohost and I, we edit everything. You know, and we started off with just cheap mix. You know, my first mic I bought was the blue Yeti. This isn't 2017 and then I just, I just totally geeked out. I had to know everything, you know, and I, I got addicted to subscribing to booth junkie on YouTube, and then he's a voiceover guy and he does wonderful work, but he taught me a ton just watching his YouTube channel, 

George - George Newbern - RX: Oh, I think I've seen that. I just think I've seen that guy. The latest thing is the source connect thing. Have you 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: yeah, yeah, yeah. We, we use source connect back in 2017, but it's been, it was, it just wasn't working very well. We're using that and we're using, um, Zencaster 

George - George Newbern - RX: Really, I just assigned up for search connect to it. I haven't used it yet, but I was told I [00:33:00] had to get it. I mean, was it 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yeah. Well, I think, no, I think it depends. Like we used to use the free account. We didn't, we didn't pay for it, which they still had, but it gave you a good idea. But I don't know. If you get dedicated bandwidth, you PR, you probably get more dedicated bandwidth if you're paying for it.  

George - George Newbern - RX: I think so. I 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: you are you doing it. 

Like a lot of times, like if I knew you had all this setup, I would have asked you if we could do a double ender, where that's where on your side, you know, on, on whatever. Digital workstation, audio workstation, you use whatever doll you use. And then on my doll, we both hit record at the same time. Like I'd go three to one record, and then that way you would send me your local file and I would edit them together and it would sound like we're in the same room. 

Yeah. And they call it in podcasting and they call it a double ender. 

George - George Newbern - RX: Yeah. I have never done that. I haven't done that, but I think that's what the source connect is. Basically, you're supposed to be live like right there and you're giving me a 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: connect. Yeah. So the source connect, the one we do in it, it, [00:34:00] it, it tried to merge into one room, uh, but it was supposed to record locally for the person, for each person. And that should give you that simulation of being, doing a double ender. But I swear to God that like something was being compressed or. 

Anything like that, then it wasn't quite doing what we thought it was going to be doing because we'd get it and you'd hear some, a lot of digitizing of from compression of the audio signal, and we were just like, 

George - George Newbern - RX: that that's, that that defeats the purpose. I mean, I'd assume that, I don't know. I, I've heard that if you both have, like if there's a director in London, England, and I'm here and he has pro tools and I have pro tools, apparently there's a some button within source connect that will actually take away any latency and it completely sinks that that frame rate is completely, it's exact. 

And, and you're, and you, and you're getting the same signal over the, um, you're getting a great, you're getting the actual signal [00:35:00] as if you were You know what I mean? 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: yeah. Oh my God. I'm going to nerd out with you and I'm going, I'm going to be bugging you. To know how your experiences with that, because we want to know, because we have a lot of fun we're using to record into, right now we're using the zoom live track, L eight and zoom just produced it specifically for podcasts and it has like a mix minus functions, and you can actually call me on the phone and I can record everything and then I can mix in multiple Skype accounts so that we could have people on different things. 

We can all talk together. It's really nice. 

George - George Newbern - RX: Wow. Wow. I've been on a zoom all day today. I've been on a zoom for five hours, 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Oh my God, why are you, why are you taking the time you could have rescheduled if your voice is 

George - George Newbern - RX: well, nah, you know, you never know. Just do it and stick to a day, you know, 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Well, George, we've been on for like 40 minutes already. 

George - George Newbern - RX: yeah. Okay. Well cool. Um, I actually, my voice is trashed. I'm gonna have to say goodbye to you soon after it is dying. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Well, we really appreciate you coming on. [00:36:00] I hope we can get, 

George - George Newbern - RX: you. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: you to do it again and um, maybe we can try that double lender. That sounds 

George - George Newbern - RX: Let's do it. That doesn't sound right, but yeah, I got ya. Yes. All right, man. Nice talking to you. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: You too.  


John - George Newbern RX: You know Kenrick you know what's funny about this interview? While if I didn't say the next thing I'm going to say, nobody listening would probably know this because I don't talk about your interviews anyways, but I was on this interview, but I actually couldn't talk this time. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: No. Johnny was literally on this interview. Nobody knows. This actually does, cause I think I said it throughout the interview, like were you were trying to get on, but you're having technical difficulties and now you just can't. So, but yeah, you were, you were on, you could hear, but every time you talk, no one 

John - George Newbern RX: Yeah. For some reason, my mic just wasn't working and I was outside. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: it's pretty much normal. 

John - George Newbern RX: It's like basically normal, basically a normal Miata interview with you. Right on talk, so it was fine. 

[00:37:00] Kenric - George Newbern RX: No, but George was awesome, man. He's a, he's a cool cat. I love the fact that we nerded out at the end. 

John - George Newbern RX: Oh yeah. That's, that's the point where I wanted to talk. So I wanted to get into that nerd talk there about all the gear, but I was like, I 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yeah, yeah. And then he's got the, he's using source connect and I'm really curious on how that's going to go for it because we use 

John - George Newbern RX: we did try that. Yeah. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yeah. But we use source connect in its 

John - George Newbern RX: We did. Oh, that's right. That was what we used to use them in its infancy. Now it's all, we should try that again. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yup. Yup. Well, we use Zencaster in its infancy and we use source connect in its 

John - George Newbern RX: Yup. Yup. We were OGs on those 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: we're, Oh juice, but he's paying for it and he's probably paying a ton of money. 

And they, they got it where it took it up between their two doors. And so when they hit record on one door, it, it reconnected the other. Dot. At the same time. And then everything becomes, and I think really what it's doing is probably recording locally and then sending that mess that, that signal over the internet. 

And so you don't hear the [00:38:00] delay, but when you go back to play it, that original signal from the 

John - George Newbern RX: it's, it syncs up, which is cool. And I wanted to, I actually got to, to actually go log into our source account or source connect account and test it out again here a little bit. But it was funny cause I couldn't talk, but as you guys were trying to, you got a couple spots where you guys are like trying to think of something and I'm sitting here going like, it's thumb on the wheeze. 

So when the weeds. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: yeah. Yeah. That's be good. We both like, totally just blanked out. I've been working all day. He's been working all day, and then we're talking and he goes, you know that one with Gina Davis and Susan 

John - George Newbern RX: kind of a famous movie. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: in it. They drive a car off a cliff, and I'm like, Oh my God, what is the name of that movie? 

And he got my, uh, I got five miles to feed. Oh. I, I fell in love with him as soon as he knew that reference, because I say that all the time and no one ever 

John - George Newbern RX: Right. As good as he was, he was a lot of fun. Oh, and the game, he was talking about his kid playing his rocket league. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. I don't know that [00:39:00] game, so I was like, I 

John - George Newbern RX: I never played it, but my nephew, JT, he plays it all the time, so that's all that was mine. I know what it is, but 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Well there you 

John - George Newbern RX: yeah, he was cool, man. I wish I could have talked, but he was cool. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yeah, Little George Little George Newman Newman. What the hell is going on with me today? A little George Newbern for ya. It's a lot of fun, man. The voice is suit, man. Suffer off all those stuff, man. I don't know, man. It's, you're not going to get that in a lot of other 

John - George Newbern RX: No, not gonna get it. Can't resist the conversation. I told him like the one, and I'd say we, but the one that you just had anywhere else, because it's a, we have, we do special talks here at a spoiler country. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yeah, we do special Tufts. If you guys enjoyed that, which I hope you did, I added a lot of fun being on it and talking with George. Uh, I felt really lucky. If you guys enjoyed that and you want to hear more, then head on back down to spoiler That's spoiler verse S P O, I L E R V E R S, and check out our back catalog. 

[00:40:00] There is a ton there for you to enjoy. 

John - George Newbern RX: There's so much in the back catalog of so many more interviews with great voice actors and actors and composers and directors and writers and artists, and just so many creative people that we've talked to over the last three years. It just, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's inspiring and how many people and the kinds of people we talk to and it's, it makes me so blessed for what we do to, I don't use the word blessed. 

You know very often, but we also have so many great regular topic episodes of kindergarten, just, you know, shooting the shit, talking about whatever, going on tangent to reviewing a movie or discussing our opinions on variant covers and stuff like that. So there's so much there for you. Over 300 episodes, more adding every day and more. 

You know more from other shows on our network from me, from bridging the cake domes to Nataka libs to the shoot and the cyst to misery point radio to a bunch of new ones. Like narrative counseling has just come out, or we have one launching called polygon warriors about video games coming out soon. Or actually by the time you hear this, it's probably already out. 

There's just so much coming out from this ever. So if you're, if you're not up to date on it and you're not into it yet, you need to get [00:41:00] into it now. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: I don't think I could explain it any better than that. So the last thing that we need to say is an oceans of podcast, and Catheline always wants you to open the  

John - George Newbern RX: And read more. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Oh yeah. 


 George - George Newbern - RX: Okay. Here. 

So can you hear me?  

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yeah, I can hear you just fine. Can you hear me okay? 

George - George Newbern - RX: Uh, yeah, that's better. Yep. Good. Okay, cool, man. Where are you 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: I'm in Seattle. Well, outside of Seattle. Just outside of 

George - George Newbern - RX: Oh, okay. Near a near channel. Okay, cool. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yeah. How about you? Are you done in LA? 

George - George Newbern - RX: Yeah. In Los [00:42:00] Angeles. Yeah. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: my dad grew up in 

George - George Newbern - RX: Is it you? You grew up in Newport, you say, 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: My dad did. We were there all the time. 

George - George Newbern - RX: Oh, really? 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: County, quite a bit. Growing 

George - George Newbern - RX: A little warmer down here. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: I love it. I love that area. I mean, I'm not a huge LA fan, but I love Huntington and Newport and Laguna. 

George - George Newbern - RX: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Southern California, so it's nice. It's nice down here. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yeah. I'm going to bring my cohost in 

George - George Newbern - RX: Okay. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: to chat in with us if you don't mind. 

George - George Newbern - RX: Yeah, no problem. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Cool. And then we can, we can keep doing, 

George - George Newbern - RX: It's a, it's a look. It's a little echo. It's a little delayed for some reason. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Oh, is it? Do you want me to try calling you back? Maybe you just got a bad connection. 

George - George Newbern - RX: Yeah, it's possible. It's possible. Should I, should I go on wifi or just do wifi or, 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Uh, well, wifi would probably be a better connection for you, so I would try that. [00:43:00] Yeah, I'm on wifi. 

George - George Newbern - RX: hello? 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yeah. You're still getting a, are you still getting a delay? Yeah, I'm here. Can you hear me? 

George - George Newbern - RX: yeah, I can hear you again. It's a little, just sort of crackling, 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Oh, okay. Do you want me to call you right back to see how it sounds? 

George - George Newbern - RX: uh, yeah, sure. Yeah. Coming back. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Johnny, you there? I dunno. Your, your mic is saying that your mic is off. I'm gonna call him back. Hello. Is that better? 

George - George Newbern - RX: Yeah. That sounds a little better. Okay. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Okay, good. All right. Then I'm going to start recording on that side and then I may or may not have a [00:44:00] cohost on. He's having some technical difficulties, but we can start without him, so it's not a 

George - George Newbern - RX: Okay. Let's do it. Let's do it. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: And then, um, okay. George, thank you so much for doing this. 

George - George Newbern - RX: You're welcome. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: I really appreciate it. 

It's nice to have you on. 

George - George Newbern - RX: Sure, sure. That'd 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: I was shocked when I started doing some research and how long you've been in the business. 

George - George Newbern - RX: Oh yeah, I'm doing a long time. I could 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: Yeah. And you had that a movie, my new car, and I was shocked to find out that I saw that back in the eighties I'm 45 

George - George Newbern - RX: you did you really? Did you really? I think it was called, I think they changed the title to it takes two years or something. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: yeah. Oh, is that what they, they changed it to, it takes two and, 

George - George Newbern - RX: yeah, yeah, yeah. It started out as my new car, which is actually a better title. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: yeah, and it's kind of funny because it has kind of a cult status to it. 

George - George Newbern - RX: I know it's there. It's actually, it's kind of a good movie, and in a sort of weird way, it kind of kind of bizarre, but yeah. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: It makes you want to go and try to find it online to see if 

[00:45:00] George - George Newbern - RX: No, I know. I know. I've signed a bunch of those posters for people, actually. 

Kenric - George Newbern RX: cool. Okay. Give me a second and I'll, I'll, I'll do an introduction and we'll, we'll get going. 

George - George Newbern - RX: Yes. 




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