October 26, 2020


TOT#16 Annie, Superman, Batman, and more!

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Kenric Regan John Horsley
TOT#16 Annie, Superman, Batman, and more!
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TOT#16 Annie, Superman, Batman, and more!

Oct 26 2020 | 00:46:06


Show Notes

This one truly is a tangent of tangents! We go all over the place, but it has a flow to it! We talk about the greatest version of the Annie movie (the 1999 Kathy Bates version), we talk about Superman and the Snyder controversy, and a lot more!

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[00:00:00] Kenric: You're not an part of the verse, go back to part of the country. I am can agreement that is mr. Horsley. And to day on the show, what is the often requested? Rarely heard tangent, a tangent also known as a tot. And I believe this is number 15.

John: Something like that. Yeah. 15. I could look it up, but

Kenric: yeah, we'll just roll with it.

It's around 15. It's

John: been awhile

Kenric: yet. Plus or minus

John: plus or minus a one

Kenric: it's plus or minus one. it's somewhere around there. It has been awhile.

John: It's been a minute that's for sure.

Kenric: We've been so busy bees dude,

John: between everything going on with just life and work and the website and personal stuff.

It's just like, I would have time to even think about anything.

Kenric: Well, for people who haven't figured it out yet, cause we haven't actually done an official [00:01:00] introduction. we brought on a new interviewer and she's awesome.

John: She is. Yeah, Melissa, I'm sure you've heard her on the show twice before I, as I was talking with her, but she's now doing interviews.

I mean, she's right in the mix with us. She's she's done like four or five now.

Kenric: Yeah, and she's going to do articles for the website and, which is great. Cause we'll have an actual professional writer writing on our website, what,

John: which is insane. She writes novels and

Kenric: everybody else doesn't do a fantastic job.

And we have actually people, we have legitimate writers doing reviews and. Yeah, everything's starting to blow up. It's kind of weird.

John: We've got, we've excited on three more reviewers to review books and movies and novels and stuff. And we got we'll listen to interviews. We got, Jeff did interviews, we got Casey and you and I had interviews.

We got five people doing interviews on the regular

Kenric: and we still have scheduling conflicts.

John: You still have not enough people to do all the interviews we have. We have lined up.

Kenric: Yeah, it's crazy. And the amount of books [00:02:00] and count books that are waiting in the wings to be reviewed. It's nuts,

John: dude. It's a folder that is so big.

I haven't even put all them in that photo because I don't want to overwhelm our reviewers.

Kenric: So I got a question for you.

John: What's that?

Kenric: So if you've been following along on the website, Robert, the host of bridging the geek dumb is. Just full on down Snyder's pants. It's terrible way to put it, but it's true because I mean, he's just super excited about what's going on and he's been part of this whole, you know, release the Snyder cut movement since, you know, he might've started.

I don't know

John: for sure.

Kenric: Yeah. He might've started that movement. Who knows.

John: Right.

Kenric: That's how excited he is. But he put out an article the other day and I gotta tell you, I've seen it pop up a couple of times. And I think you probably are with me too, that it legit bugs me the title of it.

John: Oh, I think I know.

I already know. He says

Kenric: that Snyder's version of [00:03:00] Superman is the quintessential version. Then he, I think he changed. I think he changed it. Maybe it has been this the whole time. I feel like he changed it. Cause I think he added for the 21st century, but that might've been there the whole time. That might just be me being, I don't think it was.

John: I don't think that was there.

Kenric: What was your reaction when you first saw that? And what'd you think? Cause you're cause like everybody in the group you have the most, I think you have the most history with Superman. Does that, if that makes sense. And so it, I don't know, like I liked the man of steel.

I liked Batman versus Superman. I liked all the Snyder movies. I was fine with them. You know, I know a lot of people hate them and whatever, but to me, they're fun movies that. You know, at the end of the day they have most of it. They have a lot of it. Right. They just have some glaring things wrong, but I can get past that, but to call Superman.

Yeah. They pick the call [00:04:00] suit, man. Is great. It's not capital, it's the writing and the situations. They put him in the quintessential Superman. I was just like, I just, I just can't stand behind that.

John: What's it? I think it's more of the wording and really when you're writing an article like this, and.

Robert, if you're listening, listen closely, when you're writing an article like this year, your word choice means a lot in what you're saying. And when you say quintessential version, we should all respect and you're not defining it to be the quintessential version on the big screen we should, all respect is, which is what I think you meant.

you're defining saying that these Zach Steiner, men of steel, Henry Cavill Superman, is the only version that people should look at. and in regards to any. Medium movie TV show, comic book, video game or anything. And this is the one that is the quintessential end all be all of everything in any medium ever.

And that is a big net to throw

Kenric: nothing [00:05:00] then action comics.

John: Right? Right. Well it's yeah. It's like it's. So before I say a

Kenric: hundred years,

John: right. What's that

Kenric: they're getting close. They're there. They're closing in on a hundred years of Superman comic books out of action

John: comics in 18 years, I'll hit June 20, 20, 38 will be a hundred years.

that's nuts. That's what idiot? Years. Yeah, but so let me preface what I'm about to say with a disclaimer, right? I think it's great. The passion Robert has for Snyder designer verse, his passion for science versus the Superman is wonderful. Henry Cavill is an amazing actor in the role. I think he could do incredibly well in this role if given the, the room to breathe.

Right. I think that it's got to work on this version though. Rap. This card is not very good, but I think that, it's just a matter of, it's an interpretation and it's one, that's not the normal, which is fine. it does miss on a few big key [00:06:00] steps of what Superman is, but that's okay if you're making a variation of the quintessential.

Not the actual, but if you're making the quintessential, you have to hit every beat. You have to hit every note and you have to hit every meaning behind what things are. You can't change. Big things. You can't change. Why, how his dad dies or why his dad dies. You can't change. Jimmy Olsen's of man's best friend for the entire, for 80 years.

You can't change. Intricate aspects of the character and expect it to be the quintessential. You can say it's a very good version or it's a version of you would like, or it's a, it's the best version you enjoy, but you can't say twin essential because it's not because you're missing out on the whole meaning behind why Jonathan Kent died and what that mean.


Kenric: the puzzles that make all the pieces that make the puzzle.

John: All the, yeah. All the pieces aren't there. Like, and Robert will say, well, it's just because Senator is taking a different path to get to the end of that road. And like, I agree with that. That's fine. It's taking a different path to get to the end, but that different path veers you from the quintessential.

You can't say, you know, Christian Bale's version is the quintessential Batman. It's a different [00:07:00] path, Batman. And it's a very good Batman. Although I still argue that the dark night Shoji, isn't a Batman on trilogy. It's a Gotham city, chose you with the vet with bad guys. And Batman happens to be in them, but that's interesting.

I think that it's

Kenric: I don't think you said the first one though, was that, I don't think you can say that on Batman begins clearly just Batman. I mean he, Christian bells, I can almost every single scene talking about becoming Batman. I mean, I can argue it though, because he does talk about the need of Gotham for Batman.

Yeah. Right, but I guess there is an argument there. Yeah.

John: Well, I'm talking about the darker and trilogy as a whole, all three films

Kenric: together

John: is not a Batman trilogy, right? it's a Gotham city of trilogy and it's about the villains and Batman happens to be the thread that ties them all together.

That's kind of what I think, but I think that, like, I don't know, it's, we're off on a huge rant here on Superman and Snyder and Robert here, but. I just think that when you're saying something like quintessential version of a character, you've got to be a little more specific and you've got to be more, accurate what you're [00:08:00] saying, because to say that they're okay.

So. And this was of all the people out there who would love Snyder's movies. I think it's great. I enjoy them to a certain degree. I don't think, I think some of the writing is crap. The special effects and actions is amazing, right? The cinematography is a fantastic, it's awesome. some of the ways he gets to places on my call that doesn't make a lot of sense, but that's fine.

I come to pass out for the most part, but when you have the people who wrote the stories, the people who created. Many of the aspects of the characters that we know and love. We ended up people who worked on their character for decades, all of them come out and say, Hey, this is wrong. This is the wrong way to get there.

Right. It's not quintessential. Right. You can, it can still be good. Right. You've missed the quintessential when you have

Kenric: the entire

John: creative

Kenric: say, no, it's quintessential for Robert. And I think that's a distinction that it can be quick to send. I mean, that's the lovely thing. About comic books as a whole.

And the characters that are derived from that medium is [00:09:00] that there's so many different variations. Like, you know, look a Spiderman and miles Morales, right? Miles Morales might be the quintessential for somebody else. and that's the, what they're read. That's the only thing they read, you know? And that's the only one they watch and they don't, they like the other ones, but they don't.

Identify with the other ones. You know what I mean? Well,

John: we'll be quintessential though, because that would be more of like the one you identify with quintessential will be the one that everyone should hold the candle to. Right. But I think,

Kenric: yeah, but some things can be quintessential to the individual.

you're looking at it in a macro aspect and I think you can look at it micro and say, Hey, for me, this is the quintessential Superman. I don't. You know, I prefer the path that this was taken down. I don't agree with it. You know, I can't believe that you would not have Superman save his dad and their tornado.

I mean, just doesn't that makes no sense. Yeah. You could have had him die of cancer, brain cancer. That was it made sense? That would have been fine. That would be, you know, as [00:10:00] bad as that sounds, that would have made sense that would have made Superman. The whole point of jiving Kent dying is the humbling of Superman.

The fact that he couldn't do anything, not that he had a choice to do anything that he couldn't do anything. Right.

John: and what they should have done is they should have had him save him from the tornado. But then he has a heart attack and dies. I mean, yeah. Or save

Kenric: them from the tornado and a board comes out and hits him before Superman realizes it.

John: Right. Something happens.

Kenric: Something happens, not a choice that his dad makes for him. That's like, Oh dude, no, you know, don't save me. Yeah. It's just that in itself just doesn't make sense. And so,

John: you know, I'm not a fan of Kevin Costner as Jonathan can't, to be honest, I don't,

Kenric: I'm not a fan of that bothering me at all.

I didn't, it didn't even like, I didn't even, I didn't even, it didn't even register. You know what I mean? I didn't care. I was looking at whatever, but when he died, I was like, that doesn't make any sense. That's dumb. Yeah. I mean, because wasn't it Richard Donner though that killed off Jonathan Kent in the first place.

[00:11:00] John: Yeah.

Kenric: It came from the movie. Right. Then I had become somewhat cannon, but not really Canon because sometimes you read stories and he's in there. And other times, I guess it depends on what earth you're on. He's there. And other times he's not.

John: So, yeah, he died in the comic books. He dies in during the, he dies a couple times, but one of the big times of the day is during the death of Superman run.

And in actually come with 500 is a whole scene with, Clark after he died in the AF some flight plane talking with Jonathan kitten, go through this whole mind fuck of things, you know?

Kenric: Right, right. What do you think they do for you? Like Roberts already? Off on his thing. and I want Robert to understand if he is listening, that we love you buddy.

And I'm so happy that you're as passionate as you are about what you're doing, dude.

John: We just don't

Kenric: see eye to eye. Yeah. If I didn't like it, I wouldn't teach it. And we just don't see eye to eye on certain things. I still love them. I mean, I don't, I shouldn't say that. I still really like the movies. I [00:12:00] still, I watched them not too long ago on HBO max.

I watched every single one of them again. So I sat down and took my time to watch them, but I like Scott Snyder's, I love the way he shoots a movie

John: that sucker punch in as a writer.

Kenric: I mean, Zack Snyder, sorry. I always get those two mixed up. I mean, they're both with DC. I mean, come on. How confusing can you get?

Right. But I liked sucker punch, you know, and a lot of people hated that movie. I liked that movie. I watched it like four times. I got, cause I love the visuals. Oh, I love the visuals. You know what I mean? Yeah. And that's what Zach does better than a lot of people is his visuals are on point, always shot.

John: It's like when we talked about 300 and I was like, eh, it looks, it's a pretty movie. Yeah.

Kenric: Oh, this has got some great scenes. I don't know. There's some great scenes in that movie, but at the end of the day, I just, you know, if you're going to say the quintessential 21st movie [00:13:00] version of Superman, I would still argue that as Brandon, Ralph and it's Superman returns because he captured everything of what Superman is.

And his Clark Kent is on point,

John: right? That's the one thing Henry Campbell fails eyes as Clark. Kent is just Superman was laughable.

Kenric: He's too cool. He's too swab. It's the same thing that you we've talked about before that you can rinse me out if you're like with, Andrew Garfield, you said he's too clogged to be Peter Parker.

And I'm like, you're right. And you know, the thing is, Tom Holland is falling into that now.

John: Right,

Kenric: right. You know, and the last homecoming he was too cool. It was like

John: what? Peter Parker should not be that cool.

Kenric: No. That's why I think Toby McGuire to me is still my favorite Spiderman, just because he never lost that difference between being Spider-Man and being Peter Parker.

They're two different people.

John: Yeah.

Kenric: In Spiderman or Clark, Kent and Superman. Two different people. Yeah. I got an intro for you.

John: Oh, go ahead. I'll just say that the [00:14:00] greatest movie version ever is Christopher Reeve. I mean, hands down.

Kenric: Yeah. But th you know, there's, there's one thing about that. For you.

And I, I don't think they'll ever be able to make a better movie because we grew up with that. We loved that. How many times did you watch it growing up? How many times did you identify with it? Just in the fact that you felt like a,

John: what's the word I'm looking

Kenric: for weekly?

John: You know what I mean? Oh yeah.

Kenric: And then here's this guy.

Portraying it like to a T the way the writers probably would love it to be portrayed, you know? Yeah. And so it's hard now to think back, like for you and I there's, no, they'll never be a movie. It could be, it could like on like, it could hit all the points and be film. It'd be cinema. Right. And what's his name?

Scorsese can come out and say, this is the greatest movie of all time. and it's a Superman movie and you, and I will still say [00:15:00] not as good as Christopher Reeve.

John: Yeah. I mean, you're probably absolutely right, but I think more of what hits that for us, at least for me, I can say isn't the fact that the movie is so great because if you watch Superman nowadays, I mean, it holds up for me because I hadn't solved it to it, but really it's data.

Right. A lot of it flying scenes

Kenric: are dated.

John: Yeah. Yeah. But what holds up for me is. Christopher is portrayal of Superman and Clark Kent being very much, two different people,

Kenric: all he does,

John: like he does an amazing job there. And I think if you had an actor who could portray that mean brand around it a damn good job

Kenric: too.

John: Yeah. But if we had someone who could portray that in a modern movie, that you could be, you know, it could take up, you know, get up there with what Christopher Reeve does dead. but it's going to be hard because it, he was so great at playing those two roles and I dunno. Yeah. Yeah, but you have another question.

What is it?

Kenric: Did you see that taboo of, the black IPS is writing comics?

John: Yeah. He's writing comics for Marvel.

Kenric: Yeah. They're bringing back [00:16:00] a werewolf by night.

John: Yup. Yup. And he's doing it. Yeah.

Kenric: And putting a negative spin on it.

John: We have articles on our website about it.

Kenric: We do have articles on, I was wondering what you thought about it.

I'm excited because I feel like it could be the verge of a new set of universal. Style monster come backs. You know what I mean?

John: well I'm all four more world finite. I'm all for more, for any of the Marvel monster stuff. I think it's fantastic. Even the cheesy ones. I still enjoy them because they're just fun.

Yeah. And I'm like,

Kenric: I want him to bring back man thing in a big way. That'd be cool.

John: That'd be cool.

Kenric: I say it.

John: I would love for them to make a main thing. Where's the swamp thing movie, just for the Hobbit,

Kenric: like just do it like a crystal versus Freddy. Right. I just said Kruger versus Freddy

John: versus Jason. He has inner demons. Jason, you mean?

Kenric: Yeah, exactly. Oh my God. Kruger versus Freddy. Yo,

John: have you ever watched, did you [00:17:00] ever watch pretty much, Jason?

Kenric: I did. Well, you think funny? It was funny. It's funny. I mean, it's just campy as I'll get out. I mean, you can't take it seriously. What do you know? You can't, you know, the first time I'm street was a breakthrough in horror.

Yeah. You know, and you watch it today. it's campy. It was it's just that it was the idea and the in West Craven's. Pulling it off the way he did. Yeah. Just shocked everybody. You know what I mean? Yeah. I remember watching it on video, scared the crap out of me that movie will always be the only movie that maybe not unable to sleep for almost two days.

John: Did it scare the crap out of me too? And I watched that way too young.

Kenric: Yeah. I had to cry myself to sleep. I'm not ashamed to say that I was 10 years old and I cried myself to sleep,

John: dude. that's the one where like the faces of the hands come through the ceiling. Right.

Kenric: And she's yeah, she's on the bed.

She's cluttering that crucifix and he

John: can look out over that's

Kenric: the scene. That's the scene that wasn't Tina flying up in the air and getting cut up. Wasn't Johnny Depp gets sucked out of the bed. It was [00:18:00] the simple scene that didn't even nothing even happened. He just looked out over the bed and then sucked himself back into the wall.

I was done.

John: that scene I had to Sue, I had that in my life.

Kenric: I literally cried myself to sleep because I was like, I'm just gonna, I'm just, you know, and then it was for like, probably a good year. It was blanket over the head with just a tiny mouth hole for me to breathe. You know what I mean? Oh man,

John: I'm

Kenric: totally covered.

No one can see me. I'm safe.

John: Oh, that's funny.

Kenric: I'm excited to see this werewolf by night. I can't remember the artist that's going to be helping. And I know they have another writer, which I think they do that a lot with people who haven't written comic books, but have strong and big ideas. They bring in a seasoned writer to go along with them.


John: It gives you a, it gives you a, somebody to play off.

Kenric: Yeah. It's more about the process, right?

John: I think it's going to be cool. I think it's going to be cool. Cause,

Kenric: we're  Oh, go ahead. Sorry. What's that?

[00:19:00] John: It's, we're fine. It's a fun character. And it's hasn't been around for awhile.

Kenric: no, he's awesome.

And he hasn't been around for a while and I think they need to do something, he, something big with them. You know what I mean?

John: Right. Oh, just the, over listening, Tabby was co-writing with, Benjamin, Jack and Dorff. Yes. So. Which is a really awhile, but cool.

Kenric: Huh?

John: Jack handoff is, it's just, sounds dirty to me.

I'm sorry. I don't mean to make fun of your name Benjamin, but the name Jack and Dorff. I'm

Kenric: sure he's gone through that his whole life. I'm sure you could ignore it. Not even say anything.

John: he's also a trained writer who wrote, seventh grade

Kenric: was like heaven. You know, he was at, I missed it.

John: He out the same writer who worked with will, I am to write marvels masher, masters of the sun.

Kenric: I love that. I love that the black IP is get into comic books.

John: Yeah. Yeah. Tell me anytime you have crossover with music and comics or anybody, who's not generally [00:20:00] seen as a comic book person and getting into comics, even though they may be comic books, you still know it like, you know, Gerard way getting into comics, even though he was always been a calling a person.

Kenric: I love nerd his whole life. Yeah, literally, which is, yeah. Which is awesome. I know you're not a big fan of that. My chemical romance. I like them.

John: I like them just fine with that. I was never, I never got deep into it, but I it's. Cool.

Kenric: Yeah. Watch the video for, the black parade. The visuals are so good.

John: Nice. I will.

Kenric: I'm not kidding. The visuals are so good. It's a it's I don't know. It's good. Did you watch a speak in a driveway, man? Did you watch the second season of the umbrella Academy?

John: hell yeah, I did.

Kenric: And

John: I loved it. I want more,

Kenric: I think I got three episodes left.

John: Oh man. It's so good. I was a little irritated at the beginning.

the first half of the season where I was like, Oh, this kind of feels like a repeat of the first one.

Kenric: Like yeah.

John: Yeah, but it's not, it really, isn't, it's a repeat in a matter of the fact

Kenric: that they have a time-traveling [00:21:00] aspect, but simply because they went back in time at the end of the day, first one,

John: well, it's got the time shopping aspect and the save the world from ending aspect on it.

But it's very different,

Kenric: but it's so campy. I love how they're having to save the world the second time from the same meteor, because they knocked it off course and sent it through time, back with them.

John: and I love Ben.

Well, that's a spoiler, cause he's there in the trailers.

Kenric: That's really as true. Okay.

John: And begin there and end with clauses in the trailer. So that's not a spoiler, but I'll just say that their interactions are the whole season is my favorite.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And I

John: think I want to say something, but I won't say it because you haven't finished yet.

Kenric: Yeah. They have the right cast.

John: Oh yeah. They do.

Kenric: Ellen page is great. I don't know all the care actor's names. I just, I know her is because she's been in everything,

John: but well, the guy who plays Klaus is amazing.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. Five is great. Number five is great. Who,

John: what do you ever watch misfits? [00:22:00]

Kenric: misfits.

John: So watch for it

Kenric: in a way.

John: Misfits is a British show. it's a R rated superhero show, but not, it's not okay. It's not super heroes. It's already show where a bunch of kids who are juvenile delinquents are in like juvie hall, juvie in England, have superpowers. And they're just random. And the guy who plays, cloud's Robert, Robert, Shane, he is in that as a main character, a lot younger.

And he plays a character, very similar to Klaus, but you know, a little younger and different his superpower is that whenever he dies, he just resurrects. He just can't kill him. And he does some fucked up things and that show and it's,

Kenric: so he's not a good guy.

John: no, he's, I mean, none of them are good.

Right? They're all a bunch of assholes. Right. But you should, if it's on Netflix, I think it is. And then there's like four or five seasons of it. the first like three seasons, I think it is three or four, but that he's in

Kenric: is

John: really good. And then he leaves the show cause he wants off the show and then somebody comes in to replace him as a new character and.

Well, [00:23:00] he's not bad. He's not the same. He's not as good as Robert was on that show.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah.

John: And there's the whole dynamic of the show kind of changes after that. But, he's a, it's hard. it's so good.

Kenric: It's hard. I'll have to check it out. I don't think I have seen that. I don't mean it doesn't sound familiar, so I'm pretty sure I haven't.

I'm watching, So if people follow me on Twitter, which I don't have very many followers, which is great, I don't, that doesn't bother me.

John: You're on Twitter and follow X, Kenrick, X he's like the coolest guy ever.

Kenric: Right. Right. But I've been trying to come up with 31 movies to watch during every day in October.

Right? Yeah. For 31 days of horror, which is going to be difficult with work and with podcasts and trying to buy a house and everything in between.

John: Right.

Kenric: And some other person's stuff, but you know, that's happening. So

John: it's just hard finding time to talk to me.

Kenric: Yeah. It's hard. It really is. Yeah. It's super hard right now.

Right. And I mean, I have people thinking that I was [00:24:00] mad at them for months when I was like, no, I'm just that busy,

John: but

Kenric: at the same time, I just, I created this list and I've been asking people to give me more movies. You know what I mean? And I got 22 right now. I think 21, I need 10 more, you know, and it's

John: kind of funny.

Kenric: Yeah, you added grabbers. So that's on there. Now. let me bring it up.

John: Ooh. A live reading of Kendrick's movies for the month.

Kenric: Yes. Yes. Yes. If we had

John: more time, I'd say I'd watch them all with you and be like podcasts about him every day, but there's no way in hell it's going to happen.

Kenric: I'm going to be honest. I'm not doing any, I'm not doing any


John: I'm

Kenric: not. Yeah, no, I'm not doing any interviews about it or, you know what I mean? I mean, we're not doing any chats about it. I'm not writing any articles about it. Reviews or anything like that. it's too big. You know what I mean? I couldn't do it every day. And just [00:25:00] watching them is going to be a challenge.

John: I know our listeners out there are still waiting for us to do our second version of, you know, doesn't know madness.

Kenric: Oh my God. You can

John: talk about that

Kenric: a year ago. About we were going to do a friends episode.

John: Yeah. Yeah. We're going to do it for that, but so even how we even started creating like the stuff for it and then just never did it.

Kenric: Yeah, that's weird. We probably shouldn't do that.

John: Yeah. Once you settled down and you're gearing your house and things settled down, we should definitely.

Kenric: Yeah. So, okay. So I'm trying to watch horror thriller every day, this month for 31 days of horror in October. so far I have the lodge and I don't know Mo some of these I know because I love them and I want to watch them.

So I put them on there. Some of them, I have no idea. The lodge don't know what it is. Absentee. You don't know what it is. Atticus Institute? no clue.

John: No clue.

Kenric: Pontypool don't know the ritual. I've read the book and watched the movie a man versus [00:26:00] no clue,

John: man, versus what

Kenric: a dark song. These were all like movies that people have told me to watch the lost boys.

Obviously it matter of fact, the lost boys tonight as we're re Johnny and I are recording this, Melissa and Corey, two of our interviews are together. And then you are talking with Corey Feldman.

John: How cool is that? You just said Melissa and Corey are talking to Corey Feldman.

Kenric: Wow. it's true, Freddy.

John: Okay.

Kenric: It's Kruger friend, Melissa and I talking to Corey Feldman. if you know, he was part of the, he was on the lost boys.

John: Yeah. That's super cool. And that happens super fast too.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. And I got near dark. You've watched that one.

John: I have not. No.

Kenric: Oh, with Lance Henriksen and Oh God. Oh God.

What's his name? Oh, he just passed away a couple years ago and he was game over [00:27:00] man

John: game over. Oh God.

Kenric: Oh, why am I blanking on his name? You know who I'm talking about?

John: I do know who I am. I can't think of the name though.

Kenric: Dang it. So I go, yeah, I got aliens cast. Cause that's what he's in. Oh my God. why am I having such a blank?

It's so stupid, bill. Thank you.

John: Oh, there we go.

Kenric: Lance Hendrickson, bill Paxton. They're vampires. And, I believe it's John Carpenter. I want to say it's John Carmack. I might be wrong on that. don't hold me to that, but it's one of the best, late eighties, early nineties, vampire movies. Fallen, which I actually watched this morning before I got up, I woke up like at five o'clock in the morning, it was like, Oh, I'm awake.

I was it. I love falling. You ever seen that with Denzel Washington?

John: No, I haven't.

Kenric: And he's fighting a demon that can jump from body to [00:28:00] body. No. Oh yeah, it's cool. I love that movie. I thought it was cool. It's got John Goodman, Donald Sutherland. it's got damn, who is the guy that was in the. God man, I'm just drawing blanks today.

He was in the, the TV show, the mobster TV show on HBO.

John: suppress

Kenric: the Sopranos. Thank you. He played Tony soprano.

John: Oh, James. Often to me.

Kenric: Yes. Thank you, James Gandolfini. He's in it. yeah, it's just, it's pretty awesome. Actually. I really like it. It's just, it's not scary, like scary or anything like that.

but it's just a good actor. I don't know. I just thought it was well done, audition. that's that one's coming from Jay, which I know which that one's about. I might skip that one because it's kind of a torture film and I'm not really into that. You know, it's like the human centipede. I hated that

John: movie.

Never watched it.

Kenric: he didn't do it with me. I don't care about Gore. You know what I mean? [00:29:00] Yeah. If it makes sense, it's part of the movie and it's like, Oh, that was cool. Like, you know what I mean? that's all good when it's just content to be gory that doesn't, it's kind of like nudity for nudity, you know, I'll just watch a porno, you know what I mean?

Right. But I just, I don't know. I don't like it. And then I watched the human centipede and I was just like, wow, why am I watching this? What am I doing in life? Yeah. Event horizon. That's a Jeff hostas.


that's a good one. Yeah. I saw that one already. It's good. But I saw a long time ago. A mid-summer mr.

Frost. You're know mr. Frost. Jeff Goldbloom came out like 1990, 91. Jeff Goldbloom plays Satan and he's just manipulating peoples.

John: Yep. I have seen that one.

Kenric: Yeah, it has this classic scene. I don't know if it's classic. It's classic for me. He has a scene where he's like talking to somebody and he makes a cake.

It's like all perfectly takes a picture of it. He goes, would you like a [00:30:00] piece? And the guy's like, no, he just throws it away. Just like baking and taking a picture and throwing it away. the stakes, of course, John, carpenter's the thing, the Prince of darkness. Do you ever watch that one? I have, yeah.

From 1987, it's got Alice Cooper in it. Pleases zombie. Nice. Third, 30 days of night, another J suggestion, which I've said to one. Yeah. In the mouth of madness, which I love that movie. I can't wait to watch that one again.

John: I have not seen that many to watch that.

Kenric: Oh, with Sam Neill from drastic park.

John: I have, you know, I know about it and I've been meaning to watch that one.

I never have it's on my list.

Kenric: The special effects I'm going to tell you right now, the special effects don't hold up. Cause it's 1994. Okay. Everything is puppetry, which the interaction is always great because you get an actual thing that you're interacting with. You know, it's not a seat CGI, but it just doesn't hold up, you know, but the concepts and the acting of all the people involved is great, [00:31:00] you know, and John Carpenter spins a yarn man.

John: Yo. Yeah.

Kenric: And then, so I have three right in a row or three on there, maybe four, I think. So I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure near darkest John Carpenter as well, of his movies. Cause he's just great. And then Mandy. Which I believe is the one with Nicholas cage, which was got a lot of good reviews. I haven't watched it yet.

John: And then that one.

Kenric: Yeah. And then number 20 of course is grabbers, which I've seen.

John: It's so funny. Yeah.

Kenric: It's a good one. I liked that one. There's another one too. That's weird. can I get, I gotta look it up again. it's in the same vein of grabbers, but it was after it and it was like worms.

John: It's

Kenric: not called worms, but there's

John: worms,

Kenric: not tremor.

Ooh. Tremors should be on there though, right? That's Halloween, right?

John: The first one should be on there. Definitely.

Kenric: You know, the first one was a complete dumpster fire in the movie theater, right. Oh, I know. [00:32:00] But it went on during the nineties to be the number one, selling video and rental.

John: Yep. Gives people like, did you, have you seen this?

Check it out.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. So it's Oh, a Nightbreed.

John: Oh, that breeds good.

Kenric: Oh, I love Nightbreed. I slept, let's see, I saw that one a long time ago, you know? should I do a hell raiser people like you should do the shining. No, I love the shining, but I've seen it. So I've seen it enough. You know what I mean?

John: Yeah. And honestly, I watched the shining before I watched, dr. Sleep. Right. And I love the shiny for what it is, but it's long and it's drawn out and it's long.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. I like the shining. I mean, just see the remake of it. Cause I'm not like that person. He didn't like Stanley Kubrick's.

John: Yeah, I know.

I know. I read that. I have not I've not seen the remake that I've heard. I've heard it's more to what he wanted it to be.

Kenric: Yeah. But it's bad. Yeah. It's got the guy from wings on it [00:33:00] is the dysfunctional brother camera's name, but yeah. And you know, and he does this chasing with them, with the croquet mallet.

Cause that's what it is in the book. Yeah. You know, but it's just the academics and way more sense, you know, it's it, the thing with that movie, the shining that's messed up. Have you ever read the, what happened to Shelley Duvall after that?

John: Yes.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. It's messed up, man. He messed her up and it's just like unfortunate.

I don't like the way that, you know, now when I, after reading that article and what happened to her and. Because I love Shelley Duvall because she did a fairy time theater on Showtime, which was great. You saw like Popeye's and Manila on there. You saw Robin Williams on there. Huh?

John: w wasn't she in Papa as olive oil?

Kenric: She was olive oil. She was Papa. Yeah. She was olive oil. Yeah. And Popeye again with Robin Williams. And I loved that movie cause I was like, well, that came out like TV one 80.

John: Yeah.

Kenric: Right after that [00:34:00] she did the shining. I remember seeing the commercials for the shining on TV when it came out and it looks super, the commercial scared me, you know, but really reading what he did, what he put in through.

Oh man. And when I went back to watch it again, I couldn't watch it. I was like, Oh, I'm thinking is she is going through hell, you know,

John: filtered right now.

Kenric: Yeah. And being like legit, mentally tortured. Yeah. You know, and she already had some, she was already fragile, you know, and to put her in through that was just like,

John: Oh, it

Kenric: just feels like I'm watching a snuff film in a lot of ways.

So that's why I'm not watching the shining, even though it's a great suggestion. I don't want anybody to take anything away from that.

John: Yeah. Yeah.

Kenric: I was thinking of.

John: Can I do something similar, but we're not making a list. We're just going to find, horror films that are streaming on like Netflix or Hulu or something like that.


Kenric: see watching [00:35:00] might have to do that too though. Right. Because trying to find these, like I purchased fallen and I got, I got the next one ready in the mouth of madness. I purchased that one in it, but that was $6 consult. Yeah.

John: Yeah. But

Kenric: if I go and purchase all of them, You know, it's like 150 bucks, 600 bucks, you know, 200 bucks.

I'm like, I don't want to spend that much. So it might be that if I can't find something on the list, then I'll change it to something that's available, you know? Yeah. Yeah. It's really just, I, you know, and the cool thing about this list, it's pretty eclectic. It's not, it is one thing.

John: You got a lot of stuff on there that does not normal film, which is not normal.

Like what you'd expect to watch, which is cool.

Kenric: Right, right. Like I'm not putting Hocus Pocus on there.

John: I mean, I'll watch that one anyways. So I watch it every Halloween on Halloween, but I wouldn't put on a so

Kenric: funny. That's another one that in the theater and got huge on video and really, as he just got huge because of [00:36:00] Halloween.

John: Yeah. I like it. I mean, we've watched it, we've watched it every year for like last 15 years on Halloween

Kenric: bet. Midler is amazing. Yeah, there's just, I don't understand people who shit on her and there's a lot of people.

John: How could you just so great,

Kenric: but she is like, that lady can sing her ass off better than 99% of the singers in Hollywood.

John: Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

Kenric: You know, and it's just like, why would you not, what

if she's good, if you're good. You know, I think what I liked about her in that role that she overreacted everything, but it fits the role

John: all three of them overreacted, but they overact it to their role and it was great.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. Sarah, Jessica Parker was great in that.

John: she was,

Kenric: you know, she, you know, Sarah, Jessica Parker was Annie on Broadway.


John: well she,

Kenric: yeah, she was originally Annie on Broadway with Carol Burnett.

John: Oh, that's cool. I just watched Andrew the first or second, I just watched the end of the Kathy Bates version. the other day.

Kenric: I don't know. Kathy Bates did a [00:37:00] version.

John: What she did. She paid ms. ms. Hannigan in a 1999 version with the guy who played, the order half a firestorm on, lives up tomorrow and flashy.

He plays, daddy Warbucks. And then, it's got an Allen coming in. It's got, it's got so many people. It's gotta have a lot of pretty good cat.

Kenric: did you watch the remake that

John: they did just a couple years? I have not seen the Jimmy Fox when I have not seen it. I want to see it

Kenric: though.

It's supposed to be pretty good. It's hard to mess up any,

John: right. I mean, it's a timeless story

Kenric: and it's funny thing is I think it's kind of versatile for any culture that you put it in.

John: Oh, I know it is. You know what I mean? Rags to riches. Yeah. But in a good way.

Kenric: yeah. Yeah. I think anybody should gravitate towards that and remake it for themselves.

I think a lot of stuff can be done that way. People think about it.

John: Like, do you really care? No, not

Kenric: anymore. I mean, like I used to care with the more that we've talked to people and the more that we've been, we've talked things out the less, I care we've Greg as an it, but in a weird way, [00:38:00] it's like, I care more.

You know what I mean? I think I care more for the people that are making it than I do for the people that get upset by it.

John: Right. Honestly, it wasn't taught me before. Honestly, I don't give a shit what you change the characters, anything, just make it a good story.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. Just don't kill Jonathan can't for no reason.

John: Yeah. Right, right. I meant like choosing their ethnicity or sexual gender, right. Oh my God. Hey, so I just found it. I just figure something out to take a hard one 80 back to the beginning of episode. Yeah. You said this episode 15. Yeah. It's actually episode 16.

Kenric: Oh, say plus or minus one.

John: Yeah. So it was plus one is that the 16th Todd?

Our last one last Todd was actually back in June and it was in a car I

Kenric: got, that means we went through a whole season.

John: Yeah,

Kenric: that's crazy.

John: June 1st was our last tot and it was in the car was [00:39:00] for the country where you and I were driving, doing errands and filmed with our demons. We've had those cameras for that long.

Jesus Christ.

Kenric: Yeah. That was a fun one. Right. We did it in the car and we were like, Oh, it's going to be bouncing all over the place. And then we watch her, like that turned out really good.

John: I know we want to do more of those, but then we cut. Couldn't

Kenric: yeah. Yeah. That's crazy. I can't believe it's been that long.

John: I know. Right. And well, and like before that we did a live stream one, and then we did, one talking about COVID then before that one was the one with the werewolf,

Kenric: there were a Wolf dong. That's funny.

John: The infamous werewolf story.

Kenric: The infamous is so infamous. Right, right. Oh shit, dude. I think we've came to the end of this taut.

John: Yeah, I think so. We've kind of gone full circle here and we've had a, quite the conversation about a lot of stuff here and in true fashion, he went and went from one topic to one topic all naturally.

And it, no one was fine.

Kenric: No arguments this time around.

[00:40:00] John: We'll try harder. Next time. They'll start.

Kenric: We'll try harder next time. We'll try to, we'll try to get you guys one. Just to make you feel better

John: next time we're going to do, I mean, I, it was funny is if we didn't have a silver Superman as a bullying and Peter Parker is not Spiderman, I think you would be able to be like, well, I mean, I guess it's cool.

Kenric: I

John: wouldn't argue it now.

Kenric: no, Peter Parker is always Spider-Man

John: well,

Kenric: Clark Kent is always Superman and yeah, it was just that one story that I think he's a bully. But I don't think he's a bully in the classic sense. I think he's a bully in the fact that he doesn't have to say anything, you know, and the way that they have it's the people's reaction around him, you know?

And he could do things to alleviate that, but he doesn't because he chooses to keep that intimidation. In the air, whether he acts on it or not, he chooses to keep it there. And I think I just explained it better. what I was trying to say. [00:41:00] And I think that's where I was, that's where my mind was going.

And it's just really in that story. it's not like he's like that in every story I've ever read. You know what I mean? It's just in that particular story and it might be that he feels he has to be that way for that particular story for it to get the message across that he's trying to do.

maybe I should reread it again and get that it's kingdom come. That's what I'm. Yeah. Thank you.

John: can you hear him come? He's very, he's definitely more on the aggressive side.

Kenric: Yeah. And I think it's just it. And like I said, it's not his actions. It's his inactions. Yeah.

John: But it's like, Being a boy though.

It makes it more of an intentional decision versus unintentional, right? Yeah. And I think a kingdom come was standing, you know, not, and some of the stories where he's intentionally being a jerk, like injustice and some of the harsher stories. But I think in general, what you're saying, it's, it is it's there for sure.

Cause it's Superman, he's all powerful, whatever, but it's not like he, he's not intentionally standing there doing that. It's just, that's the, what you're talking about [00:42:00] is people's perception of what he.

Kenric: Could do. Yeah. yeah, totally. But I think in that one, it's very obvious of their fear of it. And he doesn't do anything to alleviate it.

Like there's like the story that you sent me of him talking to the lady off the ledge. Yeah.

John: that's one of my favorite stories.

Kenric: Not a bullying.

John: Yeah. It's just so heartwarming because at that point you see a Superman of where it truly is and all of his powers mean nothing. it's him trying his best to be human.

Kenric: Yeah. And compassion. Yeah.

And you know, it is that, I mean, that's what I was trying to express when we had our,

John: you know, I know what you did it what'd you did it in a very attacking, pushing me in a corner.

Kenric: Cause we're having a

John: podcast.

I kind of wish you would've kept recording and having shut

Kenric: up. You're the one who said, we can turn this off. I was like, alright,

John: you should have just kept recording. Fuck you.

Kenric: Yeah. Okay. It's off, dude. No, it's not. I see it in record

[00:43:00] John: time. I promise. Oh man. I think we're.

Kenric: We're going to stop holding up here.

Right. So if you guys enjoyed

John: this

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John: We are compels you to do open the mind

Kenric: and read more.



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