October 23, 2020


Tim Rozon - Doc Holliday and Mutt Schitt himself!

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Kenric Regan John Horsley
Tim Rozon - Doc Holliday and Mutt Schitt himself!
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Tim Rozon - Doc Holliday and Mutt Schitt himself!

Oct 23 2020 | 00:45:51


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If you watch Wynonna Earp (and who doesn't? That show is great) you know Doc Holliday is played by one cool AF dude. Well Jeff had the chance to sit down and chat with him and man is it a lot of fun!

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Interview scheduled by Jeffery Haas

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[00:00:00] Jeff: welcome listeners of spoiler country today on the show we have Tim Roseanne who plays doc holiday on the show. Wynonna Earp. Hello, mr. Roseanne.

Tim Rozen: Hey, how you doing? Thanks so much for having me.

Jeff: It's definitely my pleasure when it's a fantastic, TV show and you're definitely my favorite character on that program.

Tim Rozen: Wow. that's a big statement. It built a lot of great characters on

Jeff: that show. I find that show does have a wonderful way of creating not only great characters, such as Wynonna, herself and Waverly, but even the side character or the, the one episode characters are still given, a wonderful performance and they are well created, well rounded.

Tim Rozen: I would agree with that statement a hundred percent. I mean, Emily address our show runner and the rest of the writers, that creates such an incredible world. it's odd. You said that I was talking about it yesterday on set with Dominique. I won't give any spoilers, but we had a couple of new characters that were there for the episode we were filming.

And I said, man, these [00:01:00] characters are so fleshed out. and I, you know, I won't give away the size of their parts, but they weren't huge. But the amount of character that the character has had to play with was incredible. yeah. Unfortunate.

Jeff: Now how much say in your development of characters, does, are you the actor giving apart or at least give him a chance to speak your mind on.

Tim Rozen: you know, again, another Testament to Emily, but I'm just gonna keep saying how amazing she is. Cause she's amazing. But a lot of show runners, would close that door to a lot of actors, or even worse, pretend it's open when it's not, when Emily is, she's very open to, character discussion character analysation, breakdowns, thoughts on scripts of where the characters going.

listen myself personally, I put so much trust in the writers, and what they do and I'm down to do anything, you know, like I like the dark. I like the vulnerable dark. I like when he's pure cowboy doc. I like when he's being a guys, guy, I like when he's not [00:02:00] being a guy's guy, I like, you know, I like all that stuff.

So, I kind of just trust them what they do and I'm ready to play. So, but the door is always open. Yeah. If I have input, which is incredible,

Jeff: somebody else I thought was amazing or at least something I wasn't aware of, but as I was doing research for the show and you as well, I didn't realize there was such a strong hardcore fan base, I guess they're called the , which is, I guess the version of like a Trekkie.

Yeah. And I went on a Facebook group, for a not Arab. And I asked them, you know, do you have any questions for Tim Roseanne before? I'm going to interview the guy and we were not, when the main question I did get was is the mustache real?

Tim Rozen: Wow. That's a, I can't believe we're still talking about that four years later. That's great because that means a lot of new people are watching the show. Oh yeah. It's a hundred percent real. Yeah, that, you know, that was a very important thing for me to do, because trust me, this mustache has caused me a [00:03:00] lot of problems for other productions, because it takes me about three months to grow it.

So we shoot five months a year. Plus three months of me growing a mustache takes me out of contention for other projects for almost. Eight months of the year. So, you know, my agent is always anti mustache. other productions have been wonderful working around the mustache. yeah, it's funny if in the past five years, if you see me do any other product, I normally have a beard of some sort and that's pretty much.

Just to hide that the giant fat, the giant dark mustache. But look, when I got this part, yeah, I was a hundred percent aware of, especially Val Kilmer's performance in tombstone is one of my all time. Favorite movies. You know, you say doc holiday, I think,

Jeff: Valkyrie. I love that. Yeah,

Tim Rozen: me too. I'm your huckleberry.

That will go down with me forever. You know? you're a Daisy, if you do, you just incredible. Right. Dennis Quaid also was incredible. I'm a Willie [00:04:00] Nelson fan. I like why? Like all music honest, but he actually played doc holiday. You know what I remember that from as a kid, I've been a huge. Yeah, he did.

I've been a huge doc holiday fan, just my whole life. So to get the opportunity was a real dream come true. And the dream turned into an absolute panic after I went from being so happy to getting the part of realizing, I got to step into these shoes, you know, played so incredibly by these other actors.

And I mean, not just incredibly, but I Connick, you know, I said, I'm your huckleberry? And it brought emotions out of you. You know what I'm talking about? So I was like, man, how am I going to I'm scared now, but I looked up some old pictures of him. I realized the one thing Val didn't bring to the part was the mustache.

So I'll call it a giant mustache. So I said, look, man, I can't act as good as I'll kill me. So I got to at least. See what I can do. So I'm going to grow the biggest mustache I can grow for doc holiday. So that's what I did. And then that's, I'll always [00:05:00] have it just cause it's so worth it to have it for the five months that I play him because it just, I can't do it without the mustache and having a fake mustache with every day, it would take me out of it, you know?

And I don't care about other jobs I'm playing to I'll call it. I want to hurt if I already have the best job in the world, you know? So if I lose other things, I lose other things.

Jeff: Now since you played doc holiday, have you ever had a chance to speak to Val Kilmer, Dennis Quaid or any of the other actors previous from doc holiday and asked, you know, compare notes or whatnot?

Tim Rozen: Incredible. So, oddly, I, when I went to screen test for the part of doc holiday and for anybody who doesn't know a screen test is kind of the final step of an actress. When you fly to LA, you got to go to Hollywood and go in front of the studio and it's like, it's nerve wracking. you know, normally because it's, you know, you're really close to getting this huge part you want.

and on my plane ride over. From Montreal, Canada to, to Los Angeles, sitting in front of me in first class was Dennis Quaid. [00:06:00] And I saw him and I'm flying to screen test for doc holiday. And it gave me such a, an inner peace because I just said, this is fate, man. There's no way I'm going to see Dennis Quaid that I know

Jeff: from wider

Tim Rozen: played doc holiday, that I freaking loved his performance.

And I'm now going to do this. I'm like, this is the universe. And then my Val Kilmer was Val Kilmer. I'm going to blame it on my father. So my father calls me and he says, son, doc, holiday's in town. I said, what's what do you mean what's going on? He says, Oh, I saw the big billboard on the drive home. Val, Kilmer's coming to town next Sunday for Montreal Comic-Con.

So I said, okay, you know what? I'm going to go meet this guy. I got to go meet him, the double docks and oddly enough, I've been invited to Montreal Comicon, and I've always declined because my friends are just savages and I live there and they're just going to come and make fun of me. You know, I can't do it.

I just don't have the courage to do it. So, but [00:07:00] whatever, I, it was this was the Sunday before that my father called me. So. I buy the package that the big pack has to me, Val, you know, I buy the package. I'm still going to have the double doc is going to be amazing that night I'm in town. And I ran into, Adrian Holmes.

he had been on arrow and all kinds of he's a friend of mine. And then I ran into a couple of other actor, friends that I knew, and I said, what's everybody doing in town? And they said, Oh, we're here for Comicon. You're here a week early. This dude it's over today was the last day I said, Oh my gosh. So my dad.

Was wrong by a full week.

Jeff: The moment he called me

Tim Rozen: that the actual ticket I was buying was from an hour from when I purchased it. It was 1100 a Sunday and I bought it at 10 o'clock. So I missed my valve thing, but, he sent me a video. You know, other people able to reach out to him that are more important than me.

And, he sent me a video this year actually. And, they saved it. I got it on my birthday, foul [00:08:00] 70 a wonderful message. I'll treasure it forever. It's gone my phone, it's on my computer. And, he just wished me luck and he seen my portrayal, man, which, you know, that means everything. And he said, I did a great job, so I'm good, man.


Jeff: good for life. Yeah. I was lucky. I got to meet Belle Kuma, briefly at, I think it was. terrific con maybe last year I went with my wife, Joey Lynn, and, unfortunate. Wasn't able to talk to you, I guess he has a, his throat cancer or is recovering from it. We'll be able to talk to him, but once again, he just seemed like a great guy.

And I was, when I was watching you play, doc holiday. my wife comment that she goes, he seems like he's, he has, he's doing a little bit of a Val Kilmer doc holiday in there. Am I correct in that? Like, did you watch them the Rose and go, I'm going to take from this actor here, I'm gonna take this piece from this actor over here.

Tim Rozen: You know, I try not to, hopefully that's just the real doc coming out in both of us, because I haven't watched tombstone specifically on purpose since getting the role. and I want to, because I probably [00:09:00] twice a year before that, you know what I mean? It was just that good. I loved tombstone. yeah, I tried not to on purpose.

So if it's happening, in any way, I'm going to take that as a great compliment. And that's just a nod to the doc, hopefully coming out then that's who that character is.

Jeff: So in PR and preparing to play doc holiday, did you do a lot of research on the historic holiday, from documents or whatever information we have on them?

Tim Rozen: Yeah. The first thing I did was I understood. He was known as a gunslinger later. I learned he was a dentist and professional gambler and all that, but you know, who knew talk was a dentist? I definitely did. Not from tombstone anyway. so, yeah, I did some research and, and track down his exact pistol, which was the Colt thunder, because I said, if I gotta be one of the fastest, gunslingers.

Ever, you know, I got to get good with this pistol. So I actually ordered a replica of his actual gun, the Colt thunder from Calgary Alberta, which is where I didn't know I was going to come film the show. [00:10:00] So it was weird. So I got the pistol came in the mail and here I was walking around with this fake gun.

Just walking around my house, trying to learn to spin it and get comfortable with it and do all this stuff. And when I showed up to set, I met the real Cowboys and we have some real gunslingers here, some just real Cowboys. And, you know, I showed him some of the moves I said, and they said, yeah, it's all fancy and stuff, but real Cowboys would never shoot like that.

They just wouldn't do all that spinny stuff. So I'm like, I learned all this time getting familiar with it, that we never really used, but to be honest, a couple of directors. Still liked it. Anyway, we've thrown it in from time to time, a little spin here or there, but yeah, I've got his exact gun and they had the real gun here, the coat thunder

Jeff: and the episode toupees Jack.

When you got to, box, Dodge's character, Shamier Anderson you do we do the box and style that does look like the old school, old West kind of boxing style that hadn't been practice and research, right?

Tim Rozen: Yeah, a hundred percent. He's that goes back to what you said at the beginning. Do they ever, you know, does Emily let us [00:11:00] do bring stuff to the character?

That was very important for me because it was, you know, Shamir, Addison. he's a beautiful, and he's also a very large muscular dude, so I'm like, there's just. You know, there's no way I'm going to physically be able to look imposing against him during a physical match of a, of strength here, you know?

so it was very important for me to make sure I brought the dark isms to it. So they let me do the  style, that old school boxing style. I said, for sure, he'd be into that. They let me add the scene where I smashed the bottle in the audience. Yeah. And I try, I said, look, doc, doesn't care about you. The guy's going, gonna use whatever he can have.

You seen the size of Shamir docs can be used, whatever weapons and whatever he can to his advantage. So they were super cool about that. That was one of my funnest days, man. You know, Shamira and I, we always had a lot of fun together anyway, but that day was just super cool. They had two stunt doubles for us and, they never worked all day.

They just didn't work. We just [00:12:00] did everything. It was too crazy in there. Anyway, we couldn't even hear cut cause this, the extras and everybody was going so ballistic. Like we just were in that circle, just going crazy. It was a real fun day. Yeah. I mean

Jeff: the one thing about the show, I mean, sometimes you watch a show and you can tell the actors or.

I don't wanna say phoning it in, but are not as engaged in the characters, but I know in our earth, everyone does seem to have bought into the character, the story and the entire atmosphere 100%. And I can tell that's really with you, because one thing I found out about you as well is that you did some writing for the both Smith with those Smith on the wine or a graphic novel.

Tim Rozen: That is correct on both those things. And I agree with you again, because you know, this show can be absolutely, you know, some of these storylines can be absolutely crazy and if we don't believe it, Well, how do you expect the audience to believe that? You know, so we believe we get, but it's, I love it, these stories, man.

So, [00:13:00] because you can go in like when the anguish is there and the pain is there, they let me play it. You know, doc can go pretty dark and sad. Sometimes say, can Wynona, like Melanie's Grafana. What an actress. I've watched her go from like sadness to happy in the same moment. And I'm just like, man, she's so good.

But I think, you know, we gotta believe in what we're doing or it wouldn't have worked. I don't think from the beginning, you know, because the story is so crazy.

Jeff: Yeah. And I must, or at least, I'm wondering because your character is allowed to play. you know, humorous, because he is a very funny character in the show.

He's kind of, he's like Belk Kilmer in the teams, as far as he's at the psychic character that gets to have all the fun roles and all the great lines. And you also get to play, the bad-ass, doc holiday. you know, the one that is, you know, questionable, is he a good guy? Is he a bad guy? I mean, just being able to play that range of emotion and character, make it, or at least allow you to be excited every day when you come to set, cause you get to play a different version of, or a slightly [00:14:00] different aspect of him every episode.

Tim Rozen: A hundred percent. That's why I said, do I care that I lose other jobs? No, I'm fulfilled in every way possible doing this role. It's incredible. You know, I've been I've D John, I mean, I've, DOT's been through so many different versions of himself each year. It's like, you know, it's a real journey. and just not to go back to it, but, both Smiths.

What an incredible humble guy, letting me come in and be a part of that incredible world that he created and gave me the opportunity to write comics, because I mean, a lot of people in the community know this now, but I'm a huge comic book fan. Like I'm super comic book. I've always have been. So, you know, for me to get to write comic books, it's just, it's a dream come true.

Like literally getting this part just was. It's just the greatest thing that ever happened to me in my life. I'm just so grateful for it for forever, for always, you know, not only it gets played doc holiday, but then to go write a comic book [00:15:00] about it. You know, I was at San Diego comic con for the first time ever.

And I had always wanted to go. Obviously the first time I ever got to go. I was invited there to speak at a panel for a show. I was a part of signing comic books that I co-wrote at. Comic-Con it was incredible. I mean, you know, it's like, I'll never take it for granted. I can't ask the universe for too much more.

It's given me so much. I'm pretty happy to be honest

Jeff: as a fan myself, I've been buying comic books for maybe 30 years, maybe slightly more than I'm I'm an older gentleman, so about 30 years and I will say. From my perspective, you are totally living the dream. I mean, you're living the dream that I had when I was like nine reading these things.

Tim Rozen: I mean, you I'm telling you that's me. I've been collecting comics since I'm probably around 10 years old. So, I mean, we probably got into those same books. I, for me, it was a great time because the Tom McFarland Spidermans were [00:16:00] just around that time, you know, like I've got a, Spider-Man amazing Spider-Man 300 and all that.

I went, I looked back at some of my old books that I've first thing I did was make sure I had the new mutants. first appearance of Deadpool. I was like, yes. And I also had the, the newsstand edition. So it made it even better because it had that little bar code instead of the Spiderman square in the corner.

The real people will know what I'm talking

Jeff: about. Usually.

Tim Rozen: Yeah, and it is in that case. So I was like, I was even doubly excited. Like not only did I have it, but then I had that one. I was like, yes. Yeah. it does. The other fun part was like going to San Diego and stuff because the girls, they don't know comic book writers, they didn't care who Kevin Eastman was.

I was. The fan going every second, like we're talking to fricking Kevin Eastman guys. They're like, Tim, what is wrong with you? I'm like, what do you mean

Jeff: it's Kevin? I

Tim Rozen: remember, the other greatest thing ever Bo he's such a great guy. So he says, Hey, T tr he calls me, he says, [00:17:00] tr my friend's going to come by.

Would you mind? A friend of mine is having lunch with us in the, in one of the back rooms of chronic. And I said, no problem, but whoever you want, his friend was Jim Lee. His friend was Jim Lee. I mean, how is it possible? So I was like, yeah, it's an incredible experience.

Jeff: Yeah. I mean, I'm, my, I did buy Spiderman in the nineties and, but I do a lot of DC with Batman green lantern.

The Greenlanders is usually my series of choice. I've been buying it for a long thing. The nice thing about doing this, the podcast is that I get to talk to some of these people, who are read as a kid. I can only imagine what it's like being the one who actually gets to hang out with them, you know?

Tim Rozen: Yeah, it's awesome. Like for me, my green lantern, silver surfer. So, you know, and I remember when I met the IDW guys, you know, I told them it was a conflict guy, but I could see them kind of testing me like, Oh, here comes this actor saying he likes comic books. And then they said, Oh, so what do you have?

And I said, Well, Ron, I've got one, two 18. you know what I mean? I said, this [00:18:00] is what I said. Yeah. I've got for awhile, obviously. I've fantastic for 48, 49 50, you know, they're like what? And they're like, yeah. I'm like, how would I not want the first appearance of Galactus the Watchers? So what do you think I'm pretending here?

And they were like, Oh my gosh, they actually got me a, I have, comic book art page from, number 17, silver surfer that they gave me the real art from back then. It's huge. it's a giant. Yeah, that's on my wall back home. That's what IDW gave

Jeff: me,

Tim Rozen: but like, I, like I said, man, I'm good in life.

I've got that on my wall. I have an original silver art piece on my wall, and I got to play doc holiday and my comic books, whatever happens. I've had a good run.

Jeff: I will say, because not that you want me to kick out just a little bit. I have a, my autograph wall and I've had some really good ones.

I have not had the pleasure of Jim Lee yet or atomic Farlan. So they're listening. You know, they just send something that way, but that's gotta be incredibly IDW. People are really great people. I met them as well. did you know about why not? Why not? An IRP was a graphic novel before playing the

[00:19:00] Tim Rozen: role. I did not.

I definitely did not. after meeting bowl, of course being the comic book guy, the first thing I did was ordered the old one, the image one, you know, cause both Smith was around at the time that Jim and Todd and all these guys were starting image two. you know what I mean? He wasn't one of the original seven that you hear about whatever, but he was, trust me.

He was a big part of all that, you know? and so he's got stories, man. Oh, he's got stories. he's got so many stories, but yeah, I made sure I went back and got that book. and I mean, yeah, people say, Oh, the books, the first book is different, but it's really not. I mean, physically, she looks different.

You know, it's a book from 20 years ago. Why not has got blonde hair and big eyes. but if you read the book, she's kicking ass and taking names and is a strong female character from day one from the first page, you know? So in that sense, and that's what Wynonna Earp is, you know, she's and so, and fun.

And she was making jokes. and it was [00:20:00] still there, you know? So that's the beauty is that it's always been there.

Jeff: And I think one interesting thing that I was, I've read about in your, did she story that you wrote, legends and bad day at BlackRock? it's a continuation of the original series, not the TV show.

Am I correct in that?

Tim Rozen: I mean, you know what? We did bring some of that characters in from, the TV show, but bad day, a BlackRock is actually kind of a pre-K Quill and we got into, yeah, we got into the old history, three of it. And, it was it's funny enough, like I said, both Smith is such an amazing guy and a humble guy.

Yeah. It was me who brought in some of the old. nods to some of his older work, not him because there's Easter eggs throughout those books. Like one of the characters I created was a Nora rat because nor and read the real silver surface, real name is my all-time favorite. So of course, a character I'm going to create.

I created her as Nora rad. So anybody would even know that like there's Easter eggs throughout it, but [00:21:00] there was nods to the original, some of the bad guys that he created from those first five. image one on a books.

Jeff: Now, when you were in the process of running it with both Smith did, and as a combo fan from back in the day, did the process surprise you of how a calm book is written or did you already kind of know the ins and outs of it?

Tim Rozen: oddly enough, I knew how to write, but I don't think anybody did it the way we did it. And I didn't think it was going to be that way to be honest. I think at first, when they approached me to do the legends book, which was going to be two books, it was smart of IDW. You know, we'll get the actor to say, they're going to be a part of it and we'll put their name on it and we could probably sell more comic books.

but when I spoke to Bo, he said, no, you can write tr let's do this. So, and then we ended up, we actually did another graph of novel together. we did bad day at black rock and a season zero was my, just for me, my all time. Favorite, experience just, that was the one we really went into her prequel and the history of Wynonna.

And a bad day, a block BlackRock was the newest one we did, but [00:22:00] season zero was just before it. and they actually have, I put Easter eggs in both of them from one to the other. But, yeah, what we did is he would write the first four pages. He'd send them to me, I'd write the next four pages and send them back to him.

And then he'd write four pages. And that's how we wrote all the books. And we didn't really, we had an outline, but we didn't have anything. He never told me who I was writing, not writing. I wasn't like I didn't write too much doc holiday, to be honest. I, you know, that's what I said again. How amazing is this man?

I was writing. One on earth, you know, it was incredible. so we had so much fun and I just, we just, we kind of inspire each other in a way that's just magical. Some of the best times of my life are going to be memories of co-writing with Bo just those days, waiting for his pages, getting his stuff, being like, Oh my God, this is where you're taking everything.

I'm going to take it somewhere crazy, just so I could see what he says. And, you know, I remember the first time I actually killed somebody. and didn't tell him, [00:23:00] then call me back. And I thought he's going to be all angry at me, but he was all, you know, he was just supportive and happy and he said, look at you killing people.

He goes what's happening, but he loved it. You know, he loved it too. So, yeah, just great experience.

Jeff: And I think that's fantastic because, I do. I mean, I don't know for a fact, but I imagine a lot, like you said, IDW original plan was to have your name attached, but not necessarily participate. And I think it was fantastic that because I'm sure that happens with a lot of suburbs celebrities where they will just put the name for the marketing value, but they don't actually ask to do anything.

I think it's wonderful that you took it upon yourself to be fully involved and earn your name as on that credit. And I think that's fantastic.

Tim Rozen: Yeah. And like, that's it, like I said again, that's, you know, that's both Smith and he, you know, he said, no, let's give this kid a shot. We're gonna, you know, he can, right.

I want to try this. And it worked. and yeah.

Jeff: Do you think you're going to write for other carrier, do you think you're going to, you know, now that you know, is it now that you've done some writing, you've had that experience. Do you see yourself going and maybe talking to other. Combo companies are going, Hey, can I write for [00:24:00] this character or that character?

I have an idea for my own character. I want to do something with it, or you're going to are, you know, are you fulfilled with doing when on earth stories or you kind of get where I'm going with it?

Tim Rozen: Yeah, a hundred percent written a lot during the quarantine, which was incredible. and I've had my own story idea for a long time.

I'd love to talk about it, but I feel like I'm very close to a lot of the things you just said. So hopefully we can talk again soon and I'll be able to say more, but yeah. You know, yeah, that's always been my, my dream is to just, and again, the only person that I kind of talked to about my story idea was both.

and he's just been, always supportive again in that, Avenue also. So, yeah, I've been working on something and talking to people as they come writing other characters. I don't know, man. I don't, I'm such a fan boy. I don't want to mess it up. It's like fans always ask me to say off, they made it silver surfer movie.

Would you want to play this officer for my answer's always. No, one's surprised by that, but it's like, no, I don't want to wreck it. I [00:25:00] want to go watch the silver surfer movie, man. He it's my favorite. I don't want to be the silver surfer. That's not, I don't know who it is, but I want to watch them do it.

Jeff: So if Marvel came to you and said, would you like to ride a silver star from mini series? What do you do when you do it?

Tim Rozen: Oh my gosh. Yeah, I do. I'm going a second. I mean, I go let it go from, I just, I forget everything. I just said, just hearing you say that I was like, Oh my gosh, I'd go from panic to just, Oh yeah, it'd be incredible.

I mean, yeah, I would do it. I would do it a hundred percent. You know, it's just something about the surfer, just this guy alone in space, talking about, you know, I can't, I'm the can't pronounce that word, but whatever it is, you know, excellence, Elysium, you bear. It is, and all that kind of stuff. I just always loved them.

Plus the guys on a surf board space with the power cosmic, it's just.

Jeff: Awesome. Did you ever watch? I think there's a separate cartoon, I think in the nineties. Did you watch it?

Tim Rozen: I watch it. I watch it all the time. It's [00:26:00] I've downloaded on my phone, on my laptop. Anytime I'm on a plane, I'm watching that.

I don't care the way they did. It was incredible because Galactus didn't look like the rest of the cartoon too, which made it like, yeah, they just, Ugh. It was incredible. Incredible. I watched all my old cartoons, man. I was just watching all the re they just Hasbro. On YouTube, put out all the GI Joes for free again, the Larry hammer GI Joe's.

Jeff: Yeah, I'm definitely old school nerd. transformers.  transformers. Yeah, get him into Ninja turtle. Batman animated series was nuts. I love that shows that holds up better than it was anything I've ever seen as far as you could watch that at any, almost any age group, any decade. And it works perfectly.

Tim Rozen: Yep.

Yep. I concur. I agree.

Jeff: I think it's fantastic that, that you actually are a true blood con Buckner and I think that's one part of it. I think a lot of people may not even expect that from you.

Tim Rozen: Yeah. What is it like at this point now? Hopefully I've earned my stripes. I mean [00:27:00] like a lot of years of me like, officially nerding out, it's funny.

Cause sometimes like we go to the conventions or we do a con and like the girls own now I'm just, I'm going to be Ivan. I'm really old school. I go through the old books and stuff still I'm like one of the guys that goes to comic con still for comics, you know? yeah. I love all that stuff.

Jeff: What's your grill that you have.

Tim Rozen: Ah, it's tough. it's tough. I mean, it's tough to say exactly what it will be. Cause it changes from time to time. I just finished the Superman flash race. You know, the there's four of them. People think there's three, but there's four books. And I finally got the fourth book, all those old books, they're pretty expensive.

I did do this. I did a movie once, that, you know, it was a lower budget movie and they really wanted me to do it. And I said, Oh, I'll do it for the low, but you know, whatever the prices, it was like for peanuts, right? Yeah. But I told him my age, I said, how about this? Try this. Tell them I'll do them.

I'll do it for that. But I [00:28:00] want to hold one, any one 8.5 or better. Oh wow. He was like, he, my agent was, what is this? But I just threw it out there, man. I'm just like, you know, let's see what happens the day I wrapped my friend. I have a 9.3 Hulk CGC rate,

Jeff: one 81 first Wolverine, baby.

Tim Rozen: I can't justify paying that price for that now, you know what I mean?

My wife would kill me. she doesn't know, I did grab, I had about a 3.5, 48 at one point, but I upgraded, to karma cons ago in San Diego. I said, man, I'm treating myself and I got a 7.5. I, you know, I'm never going to go for these nine eights or anything. They're just there next, you know, I can buy a car, but, Yeah, I saw I've got that at home.

So probably those two,

Jeff: well, your life has you have like a golden halo around your entire life? My friend.

Tim Rozen: Well, I did. I just said, you know what I mean? I'm just going to ask for it. If they say [00:29:00] yes or they say, no, I don't wouldn't change anything. It said, yes.

Jeff: That is amazing. I mean, I mean, I, ain't gonna interrupt you just for two seconds.

I did get a notice on zoom about potential, time limit. So it does totally cut out. I didn't cut in. Totally. Just kick you out for saying something. Oh, puzzles. You may kick us out, but I do want to talk until it does, cause I really am enjoying this. We don't mind

Tim Rozen: no stress. of course. You want me to make sure I say that thing before we get caught off?


Jeff: actually, sure. Yeah, we'll pause. And we'll edit that into the front.

Tim Rozen: You got it. Hi, I'm Tim Roseanne. And it's my absolute pleasure to be on spoiler country.

Jeff: Thank you so much. And also, when you do have those books coming out, before I, I will say that before we get cut out, please come back on so far, I'm enjoying this.

A whole lot conversation.

Tim Rozen: Yeah. Yeah, no problem, man.

Jeff: No problem. to make, NBC happy. Let's move a little bit to, NBC universal, who I believe set this up. we'll go back a little bit too. I know Erin. I did have a question. one for you for wine or, One of the [00:30:00] great, moments of the show happened.

Episode nine, bear me with my guns on, with which spells out the character of doc has always the psychic and never the hero. Do you agree with that assessment of the character? Is doc a good person in your eyes? Is he a hero? Is he somewhere in between? Does or, you know, does he walk the line so many, you know, for so long that it may not even.

Be a question anymore or like, you know,

Tim Rozen: my favorite thing about Wynonna Earp is it shows you that, you know, being a hero is you can be hero in many ways, you know? Yeah. Why not? Herb's always going to save the day and it also shows you to be honest, what a burden it can be to be the hero, you know, cause Wynonna herbs, the one that burden.

I don't think Wynonna ever want it to be the hero per se, you know, but it fell on her. I think doc is a hero. In other ways, for me, it's kind of, you know, I like the kind of softer side of doc from time to time. you know, it's great that he goes to go and be a bad-ass once in a while, but, you know, Emily Andrew.

She said, she said, she asked me, she said, Oh, do [00:31:00] you love the hero moment? Are you happy when he shoot, you know, doc shoots the bullets and it splits the two bullets kills the like, I mean, that was incredible. But I said, yeah, am I CA what are you kidding me? Thank you so much for giving me that. Are you nuts?

That was incredible. But I said, you already gave me a hero moment this year. And she said, when Tim, when, and I said, when he wrote on the piece of paper, I'm all in and he gave it to Waverley to give to DACA. For me, that was a hero moment of hero moments because he's good at, he says, he's going to be there.

He wants to be a dad and he wants to be a good guy. And I said that for me is doc being the hero and just want it to be a better guy than what he had been it for me as him being a hero.

Jeff: Do you think he would've made it that far without interacting with when an AARP, if it was a different, let's say air or the previous EHRs, would you ever made it that far or does Wynonna making better?

Tim Rozen: She definitely a hundred percent makes him a better man, but I'll tell you this non spoiler, a lot of this stuff is going to be dealt with this season that [00:32:00] we're filming. Now that started to air that you're going to start seeing stuff. I think this Sunday, actually on the next episode, we're going to get into the history a bit and the history is going to come back to, maybe haunt doc holiday.

Jeff: And as you were saying, your favorite version of doc holiday is like the, you like the soft, the softer moments with him. is it, are they harder to play? Is it, you know, cause it's obviously I would imagine the softer moments were more personal as an actor to get there or is it, you know, when you have to play him a little more?

well I guess recently he became a vampire, so you definitely have to play him a lot, a little more, mean a little more hungry. Is there one that's a performance or type of moment that's harder for you?

Tim Rozen: I'm going to tell you something I'm very lucky and spoiled that a lot, pretty much most of my scenes are with Melanie score panel.

So. I just learned my lines. I never think about a way I'm going to play any scene ever. not once. I just learned my lines and I go [00:33:00] in and I work the scene, whatever I'm going to get, because Melanie is, if you try and think it's going to play one way, it's not going to play the way you thought it would on the day.

So I just react to what's going on there. And I think we've created a, This, you know, this tragic, beautiful kind of love and mutual respect for each other, the two characters. So I think, you know, going to the sadness. Amen. Yeah. I've had a lot of incredible moments in my life. We just talked to a lot of them, so I know how to be happy, but I've also, you know, I've been through some stuff, so I know how to be sad too.

So, it's easy for me to kind of, Tap into the, emotional well that, I filled at this point in my life.

Jeff: Yeah. I will say the chemistry between you or the dock guard, dog holiday. And why not? Earth is often one of the highlights of that entire show is do you think it's, is it the writing that makes that happen?

Is it just natural chemistry? Are you guys practicing or is it. How, you know, whatever happens on set with you guys, [00:34:00] it, you know, you've made that friendship and it shows on screen, like, what is

Tim Rozen: like, what's your, yeah, look, Wynonna. Earp is just an incredible special thing. I mean, th you know, the main us cast we've been close from day one, we're friends, it's kind of an Inn.

The coolest thing is that it's spilled out into the fandom and these Erbers, They're just incredible, you know, they're incredible, you know, and the energy that we have, we all, you can't explain it, but we know it. you know what I'm saying? It's just, it's there and we're aware of it as actors that it's there, even when we're.

Filming. We're like, man, like it's there, that thing you're talking about, that chemistry and that stuff, it's there, man. We're aware of it. and yeah, we are all friends and, you know, sometimes on other sets, it's not that, but the one on earth is just a, it's just a special thing, man. It's it's been, it's just one of the best things of my life.

Jeff: And as you said, yeah, the fan base does seem to be amazing. I mean, I do a lot of research for the show and I, and for the [00:35:00] interview and I. Watch the show, but about four hours ago, I posted on, like I said, the window, baseline, you know, do you have any questions for Tim Roseanne and the amount of the speed in which people responded with questions and comments and likes.

And it was amazing. Like I never, I did not realize the bass was like that, but it is hardcore. There, they are hardcore involved.

Tim Rozen: They are incredible. I mean, listen, they were the reason that we got our season four and they fought so hard. And this year, you know, the special thing about this year, we got, we did so much press this year.

like just on a massive scale, like just a massive scale. and the coolest thing is that on all the pieces I read, even with you today, you talk about the Erbers and that's, what's amazing, man, because they're the ones that deserve so much attention. We already get a lot of attention as actors, but it's that fandom that deserves the attention.

Cause they're the heroes. Then, and, and they're an amazing fan of, going to some of these conventions and being in the room with them or interacting with them on Twitter has changed my life in so many ways. I can't tell you how many [00:36:00] times I've been inspired and just touched, in my, like my heart and my soul by just.

The kindness and the sincerity, which these people, engage with us is it's incredible.

Jeff: Have you ever had a, like, do you remember the moment where you realized Holy crap, these fans are not only are they loyal and dedicated, but I mean, just very hardcore fans. I mean, w when did that moment hit you when you were like, Holy crap, you know,

Tim Rozen: so I had never done a convention before and, I was panicked, you know, I got invited to do a loss girl convention.

I don't know if you've ever seen that.

Jeff: Honestly, I haven't sorry. I'll be honest. So th

Tim Rozen: that's fine. You should watch a great show. anyway, I played us very small character on that, but I played. A very hated character. I Al I actually killed off one of the, I won't say who, just because you ever watch the show, but I killed off one of the most beloved characters on that show.

My character did so, and I [00:37:00] wasn't around for long, you know, so people hated me. I mean, cause that show had a fan base of its own, you know, they hated me. but I got invited to my first convention was a loss girl convention. One owner had been out for one year and I hadn't done convention yet in that capacity, you know, like a fan convention.

Yeah. So I was scared to go. I, you know, my biggest fear is also, first of all, like, I don't want to be alone at the desk, you know? And no one come over and want to say hi to me either. I just don't want to be that guy. Right. You know, you have that real fear of go, no, one's going to want to talk to me.

And plus I said, everyone hated me on that show. And I went there and, you know, their casts was there and they were all, they're all great people, but they knew that, you know, this was a loss girl convention there's kids there seeing them. I got there and my line was full of Waverly, herbs, Wynonna, Earp holidays.

And it wasn't. Yeah, incredible. My line was probably bigger than other people's [00:38:00] lives and it was already early pers that just were like, it is already started. And as soon as I saw that first wave, really? Yeah. Dressed in that shorty shirt on my, I mean, my heart just exploded. I felt. Oh, I'm like, Oh my God, there's people here.

And there's people that want to talk about white no-no, which, you know, I didn't hate the oncologists. They don't hate doc yet. yeah. So.

Jeff: th that is awesome. I mean, that must be a phenomenal feeling when you get assigned to Oregon and you see the love in the, you know, the eyes of your fans and, you know, as they approach you and you got to know, you know, obviously that connection is there on both sides at that point, you know,

Tim Rozen: incredible, cool, incredible engagement.

you know, I'm one of the guys to the conventions. Don't like me because a, I don't sit at the desk. I stand on the other side of the table where you're not supposed to stand with the I'm with the fans. And I don't have a limit for how long I'm going to talk to somebody. You know what I mean? If you waited to come talk to me, you're going to be the one who leaves, you know what I'm [00:39:00] saying?

I'm going to take as much time as you want. And people are always like, Oh, you need to move the line. I'm like, I'm not moving anybody ever, you know, this person wants to talk. We're going to talk. I've met so many incredible people. ERs are amazing. I've met, on earth. One of the airplanes we met with the person that controls the, I don't know if robots is the right word, but the vehicle, whatever the on the moon, you know, the thing that drives you.

Jeff: Yeah. She controls

Tim Rozen: that. Holy crap

Jeff: Rover. Right? It's

Tim Rozen: the welfare. She's

Jeff: nice.

Tim Rozen: Yeah, man. I mean, it's incredible.

Jeff: You should have asked for a moon rock. You're like, Hey. I'm like holiday got a damn moon.

Tim Rozen: I actually, I think we traded probably Aurora bracelets or something. I'm always trading my corporate gear.

If I see another cool Aurora thing, a button someone has or something

Jeff: that's so cool.   No, thank you very much for talking to me, mr. Roseanne,

Tim Rozen: an absolute pleasure. Absolute pleasure. Let's talk. Anytime man is great. I'll talk comic books all day long. I

Jeff: hope it doesn't have a very good day, sir.

Tim Rozen: Yeah, you too. Pleasure.



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