May 04, 2020


TOT #13 - COVID, Cars, Education, and Chaotic Good?

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Kenric Regan John Horsley
TOT #13 - COVID, Cars, Education, and Chaotic Good?
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TOT #13 - COVID, Cars, Education, and Chaotic Good?

May 04 2020 | 01:06:05


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We are back with another awesome Tangent of Tagnets! This time we talk about COVID and how it's effecting our lives, Transformers, cards, DnD, Chatoic Good and Lawful Good, and a lot more! It's a fun one!

So sit back and take a listen!

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TOT 13
[00:00:00] John:`Alright,
Kenric: or this morning.
John:You asshole. No, no bad. Kenrick
Kenric: It's not bad. It's good. Go
John:I was just with unite and we'll come back just for the country. I am Tony Horsley and that is mr Regan and tonight on the show,
Kenric: yeah.
John:it's a taught 13 and.
Kenric: the
John:the normal top, the energy is there. The excitement is there. Yeah, it because tonight I'm going to ask you a question
Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. So people who don't know what a Tod is, tell what a Tod is
John:I was getting there, but it's cool. A tart is a tangent, a tangent of tangents. It's where we talk about something and it goes somewhere else and it goes somewhere else after that, and it just goes tangents in tangents until. We're done and it oral comes around back or it doesn't. And we never know. It just, it's a magical whimsical thing of awesomeness.
Kenric: That's a magical, whimsical thing of awesomeness. There you [00:01:00] go.
John:so it's actually been quite a while since we've done a tie, you know? I know before I was always like worried about us doing top too much, but now like we do more Todd's, cause it's literally been.
Kenric: it's fun.
John:40 episodes at the top came out.
Kenric: It's a shooting the breeze.
John:Yeah. Well, let's just sitting back and shooting the shit in.
Awesome. my first question for you, Kendrick, is
Kenric: Wait, wait, wait. Your first question.
John:My first question, I'm interviewing you tonight, this is the interview. You're going to be the, you're the, you're the guest on the show tonight.
Kenric: Oh my God. This will be boring. All right, let's go.
John:No, I actually dilute your question, but I just want, you know. As a recording that's we're all locked down. It's, you know, Colvin covert 2020 hashtag how are you coping with this shit?
Kenric: How am I coping with the covert 19 pandemic and the stay at home orders? Uh. I don't know, man. I'm just trying not to stress out, you know what I mean? So it's like a day to [00:02:00] day thing. You just try not to keep things as normal as possible and just try to do things around the house, around the yard as much as I can to get out of the house.
Kenric: I find myself cleaning more
John:dude, I'm
Kenric: and I worry. Yeah. And I worry about like job and everything. Like I'm lucky that my job is able to go remote, you know, without it being much of a headache. Cause we are, we work from home once to twice a week anyways. So, you know, moving to full time at home wasn't difficult for us.
But at the same time as. Things progress and people aren't able to do things within the network, and we'll just say, put it that way. Then projects become stale and new projects don't come in and old projects finish. Then I start to stress out that they're going to be like, Oh, well, we don't need your group for right now, and then do like a furlough or, you know, and it's just like, I, that scares me.
[00:03:00] John:Yeah. I'm same thing on my job, meaning as people know, I'll just say I work in sales tax, which is a relatively somewhat safe industry right now. However, if there's a bunch of, I mean, if people aren't able to sell things, well then we don't have customers who.
Kenric: Can be a domino effect for you.
John:Yeah. Right. And so, but on the plus side are, I've had lots of meetings with RVPs and stuff at work and things look okay for us, which is, I'm super thankful that I'm in a position where I don't have to worry about that, but I do worry about a lot of my family and friends and loved ones out there that, that are having issues or,
Kenric: It's hard to say I'm in telecommunications. That's an essential, right? So it's hard to say. I doubt anything will happen, but I just still worry about it, you know, because I've had lots of friends that are sitting at home, at home, you know, doing nothing. And I've even had friends where they've applied for unemployment and then were denied.
And it's like, how are you denying anybody at this point?
Kenric: You know? Yeah. And it's like, Oh, I got [00:04:00] to fill it out again and do the whole thing again. It's like, why? Why? Why are they doing this to people,
John:I mean, it shouldn't be like, it should be pretty much, you know, you lost your job. Here's unemployment. That shouldn't be like, it should be a press process here. Cause shit's real, man.
Kenric: yeah. But at the same time, it's hard to say that because the economies are a real thing, and if the, if the money's not there, the money's not there, you know? And what do you do? What do
John:exactly. Exactly. It's, it's, I'm curious to see what comes out of all this, right? Once this whole thing goes away, because like, you know, we know what's going to write eventually, eventually we'll be out of this shit, but what's going to come out the other side. You know what's, what are we going to learn from this?
What's going to change from this and what's gonna? What's going to have longterm effects from this
Kenric: I think a lot of things are gonna change. I think a lot of the way we interact. I think the way, , telecommunications, and when I say telecommunications or you know, working from home, I think a lot more people are going to be [00:05:00] allowed to work from home. It's going to be because a lot of industries now are being proven that they can get the work done and do the same things that they were doing in the office from home.
John:Yeah. And it saves money for it. For the company too.
Kenric: yeah. I mean, you could get rid of buildings. At some places and it's just like, yeah, traffic. And it's part of me has always wondered why they do, why don't they allow telecommuting?
John:Well, unlike in so many companies that are doing this, like my company for, for instance, right now, my company, like for the most part, there's no reason to have us. There's no storefront. There's no, you know, there's
Kenric: well, we'll see. Yeah, I
John:sell to storefronts as their need.
Kenric: Yeah. I mean, there's a need on mine. There is storefront, but none of my group or none of the people I work with are around that. Some of the people are working on actual servers, but they go to a building and then they work on there. And a lot of that, once that initial it work is done, they don't ever actually physically go.
Even when they're adding new services, everything is [00:06:00] done, you know,
John:It's all remote.
Kenric: it's all VPN. So it's, so those are part of it. It's like, okay, well this makes sense. I mean, I manage a team of about 25 people. And so it's, it's nice to go into the office and see everybody and to have that comradery, but I can do that at Starbucks.
I can say, Hey guys, everybody, let's meet up at olive garden, do lunch, or meet up at Panera bread or wherever. You know what I mean? We can, we can find him a neutral place for everybody to meet up and even work for a couple hours together. You know, to have that team synergy feeling because that's the nice thing about it, but it doesn't need to be every day.
We definitely don't need our own individual cubicles and offices and all that kind of stuff. It's just not needed. I think this is going to make people see that differently. I hope. I think medical is going to change. I think the way you see your doctor is going to be more. [00:07:00] Over the phone, you know, video calling and having that ability for them to look at you.
If there's a need for blood drawn or anything like that, they can, you can go and they can get your blood drawn,
John:Yeah. for the most part, most doctor's visits can be done, you know, through the, through video check is, most of it's just asking questions and getting answers, you know?
Kenric: Yep. Sometimes if it becomes beyond that, and. You know, being sick and all that kind of stuff, then you know, that'll be a thing. It's going to be weird though, cause there's a part of me that's really sad with the way things are going with, , even the big box stores. I know a lot of people are like, Oh, I don't care about big box stores and stuff like that.
But there's something to be said about walking into best buy and physically holding the game or physically looking at the laptop or going in and trying on clothes and doing all this stuff. That's good. That's slowly dying right now, and it kind of sucks. You know? I, I appreciate, it's like right now you have to pay [00:08:00] to try, you know,
John:Yeah. Yeah. Essentially there's, there's no try before you buy
Kenric: yeah.
You gotta. Yeah. There's no try before you buy it now you gotta buy before you try. And this is like, this kind of sucks. It's like trying to buy shirts and stuff. It's just kind of late, you
John:Yeah. Unless you know your size for the well on the brand you're buying with clothes, it's hard.
Kenric: Yeah. But then you're stuck to buying the same brands and you know, what? Are you going to always be the Duluth guy?
John:Right, right. Like I found, I found the, I'll find a brand on a whim in Seattle one time when I love that brand. But like I never would have found that brand online cause I probably would never have bought it. Cause it's like, Oh, that sounds too posh, but I find it on sale. I'm like, Oh, this is great. You know,
Kenric: yeah. You liked it,
John:I did,
Kenric: so now you feel okay ordering it online, but at the same time it's like. There's something to be said. And all those people that have jobs in that market. We had a Frank Google on and we talked about the covert 19 epidemic and the way it's affecting comic stores. And he, he made the comment, he [00:09:00] feels like it's about time that a lot of these, um, warehouse jobs are starting to go away, that they're not needed.
Kenric: But that's a double edged sword. You know, there's a lot of people that they're just not creative. They don't want to sit there and make music or make or write stories or paint or, you know, make a podcast or anything. They don't want to do that. They want to go to work, collect a paycheck, come home, relax, have drinks, hanging out with their family and that, and they're happy.
That's what they want to do. And some people just don't have that. I don't want to see, have that drive because I think that's unfair. You know?
John:it is. It is unfair.
Kenric: I, I think, uh, it's, it's like the whole learn to code thing with the coal miners. It's like you're telling a generations of people that worked in the coal mine, some of them for hunting for their family for over a hundred years, and you're asking them just to give up everything and go learn this whole other world that they have no idea what you're talking about.
You know, [00:10:00] and there might be something else they can do because coal mining is a, I don't know, I don't want to say it's a dead thing. It should be, you know, it's
dying, you know what I mean?
If it's not dead is
John:it's a skill set that can be utilized in other ways, you know.
Kenric: Yeah. They just got to figure out how to use it in a different way and, and find something else.
But that, to ask people just to change their whole outlook and career in what they do is just, it's so unfair,
John:It is unfair. It's completely unfair. It'd be even like you're saying, for, you know, a programmer who has been doing that for his whole life and his parents, whatever. Oh, well, just, you know, just go out there and tend to that cattle, you know, it's, it's, it's, it's opposite, right? It's like,
Kenric: Yeah, it's total opposite. You're like, you're asking him to do something that they have. It's like putting them down in front of a computer right now. You ever meet those people? Like we have friends in our life right now that are in their forties thirties and twenties you get them in front of a computer.
They don't know what the fuck to do.
Kenric: And it's so weird. Yeah. I mean, I don't know. I've said this before and I get so annoyed when I meet somebody who's been in the [00:11:00] corporate world for 30 years and they don't know how to set up their email. It's like, you gotta be kidding me.
John:So sorry, sidebar on that topic. If you're doing one, if you're like, you know, if you're a licensed construction or your life's in in restaurant here and your license or whatever, that's not involving computers and you don't have his computer, that's understandable. But if you're in the corporate world for more than, I'd say a year, you should know how to use the basic sharing of fucking computer.
All right? And I will say that openly to anybody.
Kenric: Yup, yup, yup. I'm like, I ha. I tell people that all the time. I'm like, how do you not know the vehicle that you drive every single day? It's like telling me that you get in your car and then you don't know how to drive.
Kenric: if I turn this key on, it starts off, but yeah, but I don't know how to actually drive it.
What. It doesn't make any sense. I understand. You might not know the internal workings of it,
John:Yeah. We start to
Kenric: But God dang, man, you should be able to turn on the radio and get down to Safeway and back.
John:and use your turn signals, but I know there's a [00:12:00] lot of people who can't use turn signals, but they should know that.
Kenric: Alright. I used to build machines a lot, right? I've built so many machines and I've created, , networks and. Small business, medium sized business, and I've created like virtual machines. I took one company down from 28 physical servers down to seven virtual and then 28 in between. You know what I mean?
All virtualized on Citrix, on the bare metal. And I've done a lot of work. I mean, I've been working in tech for since 1990 I got my first job. So yeah, I've been there a long time. And I used to build machines for individuals, and I always loved it when they're like, I'm like, well, what's your budget? And they think that I'm asking their budget because I think they think that I'm trying to see how much money I can spend or how much money I can make off of them.
Right. And it's not, I use the analogy, I always use the analogy for somebody. Look, if you tell me that money's not the issue. [00:13:00] That doesn't help because I could build you the Ferrari. But if all you're doing is driving it to the grocery store and back, it's useless.
John:totally useless.
Although speaking of fries, I saw a fry at Walmart today.
Kenric: I saw a Ferrari the other day, uh, on today, cause we, we had to leave the house because I moved and we had a, a car that needs a little bit of work. And so it was at a buddy's house and he was like, man, I got too many things here. You really need to come get this thing. I said, okay, it's perfect time to go get it, and we just ran up there.
I was able to jump out of the car and get into that one in and drive it home, but on the way we actually saw a black Ferrari, it looked pretty nice.
John:yeah. This was, uh, uh, probably about a 10 year old bike. Baby blue for our, it was in the Walmart parking lot, which I always thought was funny. Yeah. Cause we went to Walmart today cause we're going to buy a trampoline for the kids. Right. So like they had, they said they had one sweet gloved up massed up, you know, covered ourselves up, went [00:14:00] to Walmart and they didn't have one.
So we bought like some, we got some like little groceries that we needed and then left. But as we were on our way out, there was a Ferrari parked in the parking lot. I'm like, why is there, I mean, I guess people who are phrased to me to go to Walmart, but you know, just not what you expect to see at Walmart.
Kenric: A few months ago before this whole madness started, we went and had dim sum. Oh, yeah, dude. , I loved him. Some
John:There's a place in Seattle we go to all by our work. Oh, it's so good.
Kenric: yeah. I go to many different dim some places, uh, in, in what, uh, it's not Chinatown where the international district, they used to call it Chinatown now. Now, now they call it the international district.
John:Yeah, that's right. By my work, except for my office. I go there for, I go, there's a dental office I go to and I love it.
Kenric: You go to the Harbor.
John:I don't know what it's called. We just call it dim sum. It's like a 10 minute walk from our office.
Kenric: Nice. So there's, there's a few over there. There's actually a few over there. And I've been to, I've been to, I think just about all of them close to it. And then there's one in Factoria, which [00:15:00] is a little town, and there's two in factory actually. And we went to this one called top gun and top guns behind.
It's like, you gotta go. Down this little alleyway and it's behind this whole thing and it's kind of hidden. It's kind of funny. But anyways, I'm like driving and I look over to my right, there's a blue McLaren sitting there, and I was like, I'm a clarity. Like you see Ferrari's around here. I mean, you just do, but you don't see McLaren's very often
John:No, you don't, man. One time I was coming out of Ted Brown music in Silverdale. I think I was like 19 or 18 cause I was buying, I was buying equipment, uh, you know, drumsticks and your heartstrings. Right. And I walk outside and it was a low dose. This preset in there got cherry black cherry about cherry condition.
Black Lotus is free. You sit in the parking lot right in front of the store.
Kenric: you know what's funny, and I worked at Microsoft in the late night, mid to late nineties there was no less than 20 to 25 different [00:16:00] Lotus all over the place. Like all these guys have these lotuses. I was like, what the hell?
John:because Lotus is really aren't that expensive. They're are low. They're a cheaper version of their cheaper model of this, of the luxury sports cars, you know, comparatively to Ferrari's and McLaren's is F
Kenric: If you can be a transformer and turn into any car, what would you turn into?
John:Oh dude, a 1957 T-Bird.
Kenric: That's, you know what? That's my mom's favorite car. Yeah. At 57 T-Bird hurt. She had a teacher in high school that had that car and she loved it.
John:I love, I love all that. The fifties like cars with the wings of set, but the 50 70 were disliked. Just a beautiful car.
Kenric: And it's smaller, right?
John:It is smaller. Yeah, it's not, it's not, it's not as big as a whale. It's, it's, it's a little smaller.
Kenric: yeah, it's a little smaller car and uh, yeah, that is a nice car. It's, it's interesting. That's interesting that you were quick on that. You're like, Oh, I turned into a 1957 T-Bird. Would you have like a metallic voice.
[00:17:00] John:Oh, we have to.
Kenric: what, what would be your, uh, what kind of guns would you have.
John:Uh, dude, I don't know if this is putting a lot of thought into this. Um, it had to be something that's like. This is a top, it'd be a 57 T-Bird and the guns, I mean all the guns are kind of, I mean just the laser guns, right? A baby. But I'd have mine probably some kind of a revolver looking kind of gun, cause
Kenric: I don't know, ma'am. With those headlights, those might turn into the breasts. You might be pretty damn sexy. Look
John:Dude. That's all right man. Cause that's a sexy ass car. I'm totally on board with this change. What would you be? What'd you, what kind of car would you be.
Kenric: Oh man, what kind of car would I be. I don't know, man. Maybe a 1987 Ferrari Testarossa like the one Magnum PI drove or the 84 like that, like the Ferrari three Oh three right? Or is it the three
[00:18:00] John:Yeah,
Kenric: Yeah. And you know, you can get those for like, I don't know, 30 grand,
John:Yeah, they're way down now because a lot of the older ones are, but there's, there's two I used to have, I used to have a metal, like a metal car of that, and it was love. I loved it. I put my favorite toy,
Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. But I mean, that would be, that would be a, a choice, you know? But I don't know. I, that's a hard decision because like when I was in high school, I had a 68 Camaro and I loved that car.
John:You're 68 Camaro.
Kenric: Yeah, yeah, yeah. When I was in high school. Yeah, it was nice. It was all cherry red and it had a big hole blower on.
It was ridiculous. And, um, it was cool.
John:dude. I know not to do. I'll let you talk about your story in one second. But in high school, I drove a 1987 Chevy , so I was a baller, the cavalier, the 24 and it leaked and it ran like shit. So
Kenric: I never heard of . I've never [00:19:00] heard . Oh, there it is. Ooh. That is sexy. Dead sexy.
John:dude, it had, it had, it didn't have a regular speedometer. It had the eighties like digital speedometer. That didn't fucking work.
Kenric: uh, Oh my God. Jim Mateah of auto writers, Chicago tributes that the is short on styling, but long on performance. Oh,
John:when it, when it, when it ran, it was, it ran pretty well. And I used to race it against, my buddy had an 84, uh, Mustang hatchback
Kenric: it's actually not a bad looking car.
John:no, besides the fact that mine leaked and stuff, I actually kind of liked it, but
Kenric: here's the 87
John:yeah. Was 87 Cavilers you 24
Kenric: Oh my God. Oh yeah. That's not too bad. I mean, I actually liked this body style. I like a square body style. On some things, you know, not on everything, [00:20:00] like, you know, but on some, I do like a square body style. There's some money, Carlos, that I like that are very square. I don't know why. And like, I like a 64 and a half S S which is like the 65, 64 and a half, 65 SS.
I think that's, um, I'm pretty sure it came out in 64. The first S S yeah. It's long though. It's a big, it's an Impala. SS. And then the 65 SS are nice. I don't know. I don't know what I would be, man. I would probably end up being a muscle car, you know what I mean? Right now, I want to get a a, my dream car right now is a 1967 Cougar.
My sister had a 68, um, my sister that passed away, she had a 68 and I loved that car. I mean, I loved that car. I want a 67 only because. From 67 to six 60 sevens don't have to have the side running lights. And 68 is the first year that the, uh, you know, [00:21:00] they re they were required.
John:Right, right.
Kenric: So, yeah. So if you get the 67, but I kinda wanna I wanna modify it to where it's, uh, well, I want it to be like.
I don't want to have to work on it. So I want to put a modern engine in it. So it gets like decent gas mileage, but as a ton of performance,
John:yeah, yeah.
Kenric: and then, but leave the insides, as close to stock as possible, except for, some of the amenities, like the backup camera. And, you know. A bigger, you know, a bigger stereo. I know people are like, like some people are going to go nuts over that shit cause it's gotta be stuck.
It's gotta be that. And it's like, well
John:be whatever you want, man. Just gotta be
Kenric: Yeah. If I'm going to spend the money, I want it to be what I want. You know, I don't care what you want. You know, like my buddy was like, Oh, you gotta get a manual. And I'm like, I have no problem with driving a manual. I had drove a manual for years. I'm done. I don't want to drive a man.
I want it to be an automatic cause. I don't want [00:22:00] to put it in drive and go.
I'm not somebody to be
one with my car.
John:Yeah. I love, I love driving manuals, but any, any more with my back, it
Shift shifting actually
Kenric: I'm not wanting to be one with
my car.
know I have a manual right now drive around a little Audi with, that's, that's Emmanuel and it's a fun car to drive around in, but at the same time.
You know, I want something a little easier. And I just loved the body style of the 68 Cougar or the 67 68 67 68 look the same except for the silent running. But they have those cool back tail lights that follow each other. So it goes, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah. You know? And then the front tail lights are peekaboos so in there, but they're inset and the grill.
So they come out and then it's just a cool fricking car man. So yeah, something like that.
John:Yeah. Well, there you go. So if we, if anybody out there wants to turn us into transformers, you have the material now
to do it. So.
Kenric: Yeah. Just make me a 68 Cougar or a 67
John:you go. And if it is 70 word for me, please.
Kenric: Yeah. There you go. [00:23:00] We are lame. Oh,
John:It's a, it's another story that he would think, I would have told you this before, and I might have told you, but I don't think I've ever talked about on the podcast.
And I was thinking about the other day, and I was like, man, I thought I got to tell retest test. And I was like, have I told them this before? And I'm like, well, I'll tell it to him again. So, . As you know, I as well, as you may not know, , before I met Kayla, your niece, my wife, uh, I would, I went to the gym like four to five times a week, right?
I was constantly working out, , for about, for about a year and a half or so, two years. My buddy Jeff and I would go to the gym. We'd play racquetball, we'd play basketball, we'd spend the, you know, both swimming, sit in the sauna, do all, you know, lift weights, all the, all the stuff right? And we do it for a long time cause we wanted to be, we want it to be in good shape to, to get chicks right as you do.
Right. Right. And, um, but we go to, we were, so you probably know where it's at, but by the Howard Johnson and Bremerton on Kitsap way, there's that used to be a gym. It's now a gymnastics [00:24:00] place. Cameron was called, but there's that big dirty ass building. That's where we would go. And we went there and we went to go sign up at the T at the time Jeff was working, my buddy, Jeff's works at the ship yard.
He still does. And I was working solely on the internet, right? I was working for the comic shop. We had at the time with my sister and my dad and my mom and my brother in law where we would buy and sell comics. We had a diamond account. We buy comics from diamond, and we go to conventions. We're just doing that, right?
So my income was not very lucrative, as they say. It was very much a, I had enough money to survive, but I wanted to work out and I wanted to get in shape and I wanted to, you know, get checks. So. membership and we're looking at, yeah, we're looking at the membership costs. And it was like, it was something like $45 a month or $50 a month per person, or $65 for a couple.
Kenric: Yeah. Did you guys go couple.
John:we're like couple. I'm like, Oh, let's, let's, let's get that couple range cause Oh, it's only for people who are dating or married. I'm like, interval, I'll look at [00:25:00] you for deficit. And we're like, well, we're dating. And they're like, what am I, this is my boyfriend. We want to work. We want the couple Ray, we're dating, we live together, and they're like, you're not dating.
And I'm like, I guess, how do you know what I mean? Obviously we weren't for like, you can discriminate against us and they're like, we'll kiss. You're dating, you need to kiss right now. And we're like,
Kenric: not do that.
John:They did. And they're like, and I'm like, excuse me, would you kiss your boyfriend if he was right here?
And you were forced to and asking you to prove you were dating them? Well, no. Well then exactly why you can't make me, you can't force me to kiss him if I want to. Right now I'm not a trained Mikey. And
Kenric: you are.
John:they ended up giving us the couple rates. And so for like the two years we were there, we were the gay couple at the gym.
Kenric: That's awesome.
John:And I mean, it's bad or whatever that we use that to get a discount, but I couldn't afford it. And it was, it saved us money and it worked. So [00:26:00] this was like 2004 2005
Kenric: that's so funny.
John:I was like 2223 I mean,
Kenric: try to
John:I didn't care. Yeah. I mean, really it was wanting to get really, we wanted to get in shape. I didn't, honestly, I didn't honestly care about getting shakes, but I just wanted to lose weight and get in shape.
And. We just wanted to work out
Kenric: want a chicken? It's okay. It's all right, man. You want to get checks?
John:Yeah. Yeah. Long story short, go ahead and be a gay couple if you wanted to it. It's fine.
Kenric: Well, now I think, well, hopefully I would think now they wouldn't even question it. They were like, all right, whatever.
John:I'd hope so now, but I'm pretty sure they were. They did. They tried to find ways caught a couple of times to kick us out and to, to ban us from coming back in.
Kenric: Dude, people don't know Bernie in the eighties and nineties, and I don't know, probably in the two thousands as well, but I wasn't living there. 2000 I moved out. I moved away in like 95. But permanent is like a small blue collar town. It's very much like a Stephen King town.
[00:27:00] It's a peninsula. It's surrounded by water. So it's very much like growing up on an Island. Um, at some point, it's very easy for everybody to know everybody, know. So, you know, it's, you know, one of the things that Berman is known for, his bar fights, you probably won't get shot, but you'll definitely get punched in the face.
John:Yeah. I think that's changed nowadays, but it was definitely how it was back in the day.
Kenric: No, I just read an article last year about how they're trying to change the, the outlook on Bremerton because they're trying to attract people to buy houses, which they are starting to attract people to buy houses there. But it's just so funny cause one of the things that they're fighting is the, is the bar fight scene and, but the bar phrasing comes because there's two bases that.
That book in Bremerton. You have banger base on one side and then you have Puget sound Naval shipyard on the other
John:Yup, yup. And Bremerton in between is a, [00:28:00] is a special place. I mean, I have a special place in my heart for Bremerton, but I tend to stay out of Bremerton.
Kenric: It's funny. I think that like one of the things in Bremerton is. You can always leave, bro. You always come back. You know what I mean? It's like, and it's so true is you meet so many people that end up back in Bremerton. Oh, I'm black. You know?
John:Yeah. Not many, man. I'll never move back to Bremerton. Fuck that shit,
Kenric: He says that now.
John:Do none, and I did. I worked at Bremerton lanes. Right. The bowling alley. That was that. Literally the ed, the end of the bowling, I was the fucking bus transit center. Right. So nothing against people who ride buses or all that stuff.
It's, that's, if you ride a bus to work in from, that's fine. But if you also ride buses, you understand that a lot of the people on a bus to get off a train at centers and hanging around bus stops are not the most upstanding of citizens. And I was a security guard for a while and I was a, I worked, you know, I worked all the jobs that, a bowl at the bowling alley prior to it closing down twice.
But dude, [00:29:00] I broke up so many fights, had so much weird shit happening when I walked in on a dude store in ecstasy, the bathroom one time.
Kenric: in the. Ah, this was like 97 98 and there was a big fight at Brendan lanes in the bathroom, in the male bathroom, in the men's
John:yeah. The downstairs one.
Kenric: The one near the lanes. What's the closest one to the lanes?
John:Yeah, I was upstairs.
Kenric: Yeah, so this guy walks in, and I'm not gonna say any names because it's just not right.
But. One guy. Oh, the other guy. A bunch of money. Okay. And if anybody knows parameter, then you could probably guess what it was for, especially in the, in the nineties. In the late nineties. Um, yes, it was for BackRub. No, it was for meth. We'll just put it, put it out there. So anyways, one guy walked in, sees, sees that, [00:30:00] sees his buddy, I'm using air quotes there, sees his buddy, and.
The guy that walks in that's going to beat up the guy, right. , we used to call him big Mike, right. And there's lots of big, there's lots of big Mike's out there, so I'm not giving anything away. But we used to call him big mic cause he stood like six, four, six, five, , he was in amazing shape, know what I mean?
And, uh, yeah, he could fight. So it wasn't somebody that you wanted to mess with, you know. And yeah, he, he followed this other guy into the bathroom, the odor money, and it was like a good amount of money. He wrapped his hands in sandpaper
Kenric: and then started to beat the shit out of him. And then they were in there for, you could hear the other guy screaming.
I didn't see nothing yet. Well, I wasn't even there. This is all second hand knowledge. He started, uh, you could say that. You could hear him screaming. You could hear [00:31:00] the ruckus going on. The security guards that are on were like, I'm not going in there. Cause it sounded like he was getting murdered, you know, and a big Mike leaves the bathroom, walks out the door, gets in his car and drives away and it looked like a scene, looked like a murder scene and they had to call the ambulance and everything.
There was blood all over that bathroom on the, on the ceiling and the things, it was ridiculous. Huh?
John:When was this?
Kenric: It's like 96 97 somewhere around there.
John:So I started working. I started working at Bremerton lanes in 19 let's see, I turned 16 in 1998 I started working, I started working at Berman lanes in 1997
Kenric: Yeah. This would have been like a Friday night. Maybe it was, maybe it was, maybe it was like West lanes or what was the other one?
John:it was, it was West Parkland to begin with. So I worked there. I worked there for my, when I was 14 to 15 all the way through when the West Parklands closed when I was like 17 or [00:32:00] 18 and then I worked there again when it reopened this terminal lanes for a couple of years. M I'm pretty sure I know what you're talking to.
I know the event you're talking about because my dad was the junior coach at West park lanes from like 1989 until they closed and I lived at West park lanes. I was there probably three or four days a week, if not more, when I wasn't working. And then there several days a week when I was working. I am, I pretty sure I know exactly the event you're talking about.
And it was an, I saw that scene and it was fucking horrific.
Kenric: Wow, that's crazy. That's funny. Yeah. I wasn't there, but I know all the players involved, you know what I mean? And it was a not a pretty thing and Bremerton got kind of crazy and yeah, that's why the reason why I moved away in 95 because all my friends from high school got. You know, not all of them, but a lot of them got addicted, and I'm just like, I can't be around this.
outta here.
John:This guy, I won't say his name, I don't want to say his name on this, whatever, but I'll just say he was, he's an [00:33:00] ex professional wrestler. Okay. Uh, WWE, everything. Right. And I worked, he was a friend of mine. I know. I grew up with his daughter.
You know, he's a, he's a friend of mine still. I still talk to him now. He's a cool dude. And he's a, he's not a tall dude. He's probably about five, eight, five, nine
Kenric: Really low center of gravity though, right?
John:yeah, the dudes like he is rock fucking solid. I watched him one time, these two guys were picking on this girl and like. Like picking on it in like the worst way possible, like trying to do really bad things to this girl.
I watched him literally grabbed these two dudes by the back of their heads, lift them up the ground, and then carry them outside by their necks and then throw them to the ground and then grab them and hold them until the cops showed up. And these guys were all the bolt. These guys
Kenric: it getting w was it getting, was it getting uncomfortable with, they were doing what? The girl
John:It was getting to a point where things were being said enhanced for being grabbed
[00:34:00] Kenric: yeah. Turn to be let go.
John:yeah, and he walked over, stopped it, and held him until the cops showed up. And it was like, at that point I was like, yeah, I will never ever cross this dude. But he was, he's a good dude, right? He was a tall, he's like, not going to mess with anybody unless you're fucking around.
Kenric: Right, right, right, right,
John:Yeah, but it was, it was an impressive scene. It's watching him grab these two guys who were probably a good four to five, just taller than him, and just pick him up and drag them outside by their necks. Just one in each hand. And I was like, fuck dude.
Kenric: well, you know, the thing is, is like those professional wrestlers, man. They are constantly working out. They are constantly, , what's the word I'm looking for? Going through their routines. They are, they're conditioned, they're con, they're conditioned, they're hella strong, and they're super athletic, you know, and yeah, just because they're not MMAs doesn't mean I'm not gonna kick the shadow you, cause they know how to fight,
John:they do. They do. And it was, yeah. Dude, I have so many stories about that bowling alley that I could tell cause I was, [00:35:00] I basically lived there for 15 years of my life off and on doing cause that, cause you know, I was, uh, I was, uh, you know, uh, a cha championship. I guess I won champions, but I was, you know, I went to nationals for bowling.
I pulled, I was a bowler. I bought all the time. And so I was there. I was there just to get, you know, I, I got free bowl in there cause I was the coach. So I got to bowl every day, like 40 or 50 games a day. So I was just constantly bowling, which was fun.
Kenric: yeah, that would be fun.
John:Yeah, I miss I miss bowling, man. Polling is so fun.
Kenric: Hey man. Do you believe in aliens?
John:Do I believe in aliens? I mean, guess
Kenric: Do you believe that they've came to earth and have visited?
John:that I don't know, but do I believe they're out there? Absolutely. I don't know if, I believe they've already been here, but I a hundred percent
Kenric: Right? Yeah. I believe that there's other life forms. I believe that there could be other life forms that are traveling through space. I don't know. You know, I think it's completely plausible. I mean, space is huge, you know, [00:36:00] I don't believe that they visited, you know, I have a hard time with that, man. I mean, it would have to be like right in front of my face for me to be like, Oh my God, it's real.
You know what I'm saying? If you're like, Oh, well the caravan will hide it. I'm like, freaking government can't hide nothing.
John:Yeah. Well, and with the technology, it would take for an alien race to get to or to land to one end resort, travel, you know, other planets. And coming here with the Tektronix that would, that would, that would take, I highly doubt our government would be able to stop them and hide it from anybody.
Kenric: well, that's the thing, like if an alien race came here to earth and they can't, you know, it doesn't matter what city they went to, what country they visited, their technology would be so far in a way more advanced than us, we would have no chance.
John:I know, right. We would be decimated instantly because, I mean, unless they're allergic to our air, we, you know,
Kenric: Yeah. It would be crazy.
John:, [00:37:00] if they came here, they lived there. Technology would just destroy us. And I, that's why I don't think they've been here yet, but I do. I a hundred percent believe that out there cause it, you have to be pretty narrow minded to believe we're the only life forms in the world
Kenric: I think it's, it's hubris. I think it's the, it's the same thing that made us believe that the earth was the center of the galaxy at first and that everything was spinning around us.
John:Right. It just, it just, we don't know what we don't know. And I mean, maybe they have visited us and their, their technology is so good, we don't know. And they're just observing us, whatever, and that's whatever. But if not evidence of them being here, I can't say definitive. Yes, they have raised, no, they haven't.
But I can say that I'm relatively confident in the fact that they are out there somewhere and we just don't have the technology to get out there and see them.
Kenric: Yup. I would 100% agree with that. I just, I always wonder, you know what I mean? When I was a little kid, I wanted to be an astronaut so bad. And I would like look up at the sky and be like, Ooh, would it be an astronaut? And then people always, and Natalie did the [00:38:00] same thing. Oh, you got to get straight A's.
You got to do this. You got, they put all these roadblocks up, you know what I mean? And instead of just encouraging, it's roadblocks, you know? And I, I try not to do that anymore.
John:Yeah. I always tell my kids, if you want to do something and you're passionate about it, then do it. Look into it and do it and see what it takes to do it. You know? It's going to take, cause I mean,
Kenric: well, yeah, sorry, my son keeps asking me questions. Oh, what's this Kenrick what's this Kenrick what's this? , and I'm, and lately I've been saying what it is, you know, doing my best to explain it, but now I'm like, well, I want to say, well, what do you think it is? Tell me what you think it is. And then go, well, let's look it up together.
You know? And if she goes, I want to be a doctor. Okay, well, let's look it up. What it takes to become a doctor and let them figure things out and find that road instead of just [00:39:00] saying, you know, putting up my own
John:No, you have to get, sure. Do you just want me really dig you though? Do you, cause really when it comes down to like 99% of jobs or activity for things you want to do in this world, it comes down to what is your attitude in that field, right? Like if you have straight A's and everything, but you can't fucking concentrate and do anything, they're not going to succeed.
But if you, you know, get through school and to decide you want to be a geologist, then you just have to make sure your aptitude and your grades and that
Kenric: yeah. Yeah. Well plus, do you want to learn the basics? Some people just want to be able to say, I want to do this, but they don't want to go through those basic training.
John:Yeah. It is hard. It is hard. It's what's hard about school. And I, you know, having five kids, one of them who's 17 and doesn't, you know, and thinks he knows everything about everything is he's invincible, but it's just getting him to understand, like, I know you hate math. I know you hate English. I know you literally hate everything about school and all you want to do is go fishing [00:40:00] and play games, but eventually you're going to have to find a career that pays for what you want to do, and these things give you a foundation.
I'm not asking you to ACE everything. Get your foundation, find out what interests you to make money, and then go Excel in that. You know?
Kenric: If you could go back to be in 19 what is something that you would change? around school. What would you do? What would you do different when it, with your attitude toward your attitude or maybe how you went about something when it came to, , let's just throw you back to high school.
John:Well, , high school I was on the honor roll, so I, but I also took classes that were easy for me cause I was good at computers and I was good at math and I was good at science.
Kenric: you were on the honor roll, but did that matter.
John:I mean, longterm, no, but in high school it did. I mean, you know, what's that? It felt good. I mean, I had good grades, you know, I had a F I had a 4.0 my senior year and I graduated with a 3.8 total cumulative.
So, I mean, [00:41:00] it was, it was what it was. And high school was high. School was easy for me. Like. I didn't, the only class that challenged me in high school was, , physics. When I took physics, that's the one class that was challenging for me, partly because I didn't take it seriously and I just took it because like, Oh, I'm taking physics.
But everything I was in high school was relatively easy. English class was a breeze, was so easy. There was, I never got anybody to challenge all my computer classes. I was, by the time I was halfway through my 11th grade year of my computer class. I was teaching the class, like I was teaching the classes when the teacher would need to leave, I needed to leave.
He would say, Hey John, come up and teach stuff. And I would go and teach it. And so of my other friend, my friend Nick and stuff, cause we were so, we already knew so much from my dad going into the class that we knew more than he did. And he knew that and it was just, there was nothing they could teach us because they didn't have the material back then, you know, the nineties and you know, so for what would I change in high school?
One thing I would have done is I would have gone to a running start cause they had started the running start program when I was in high school and I just didn't do it
Kenric: They actually had that way before that they just [00:42:00] called it something different and it was harder to get into where you could take college
John:that. You know, I would've gone to that in my 11th grade, in my 12th grade year and I would have, , gone in and take care of that.
Kenric: I have, it's interesting that you bring that up because I have kind of a problem with it because when I went, when I was in college, there was a bunch of kids that were doing a running start right where they were going to graduate high school, basically with their, with their associates if they stuck with it.
But here I am in my late twenties right. Mid to late twenties paying for college, and I'm stuck with these 10th and 11th graders in classes and it's, and they, and they didn't have, they weren't gifted. They weren't there because they, they earned the right to be there. They were there because they could be there, you know, and it was super annoying.
It was so annoying because they don't take classes seriously. You [00:43:00] know what I mean? They dragged down the time because they don't understand the curriculum. They don't understand what the teacher's telling them, you know? Then you get into this teamwork that you have to do with them and they don't understand the, the assignment at all, and they turn into shit and it's just like, you're not ready for this.
Why are you, why are they allowing this to happen when they are not ready? And the thing is, is. Oh my God, I used to get so irritated. It was just like I'd go to my teachers, like, I can't work with these people. I'm sorry. You know, if I had a few kids that were above and beyond, you know what I mean? That deserved to be there.
You know, I had, I had one kid that, that worked that I, uh, went did a few classes with. He's actually on my Facebook page now. And by the time he was graduating, he was going to have his bachelor's. By the time he was 14 and this masters by the time he was 19 [00:44:00] yeah. And cause he believed, but dude, the guy was on a different level, you know, that kid deserved to be there, but 90% of the kids that were in those classes, it was just annoying.
It was like, why are you being here? Why are they allowing you to be here. Because your parents can afford to pay for this, and now everybody else suffers. It just brings the curve down
John:well, there's, there's no
Kenric: just like,
John:it. When he starts free,
Kenric: Oh, that's even worse. So I'm paying for it. They get to go for free.
John:Well, all you have, all you have to do to get ready to start is you have to have, I think it's a, it's a C average or better, and then pass the, the entrance exam
Kenric: that's ridiculous. That's ridiculous.
John:Yeah, something like that.
Kenric: They're so ridiculous.
John:yeah, I mean, it works really well for some kids. Some kids can't do it, just like how some people can't do, can't do college, you know, they just can't do it.
But the one thing I would change if I go back to high school as I would, I would do running start. I mean, I would because it would have been, it would have been good for me because I needed a challenge. I didn't have, I wasn't challenged very well in school. And I mean, I'm not trying to toot my own horn at all, [00:45:00] but I really, I wasn't, I was bored.
Kenric: Oh dude. We, we, the, the re-invent household was very much that. Uh, we were all readers. We're all excelled at at math and English and all of the sciences really. And I learned very quickly that when I hit 10th grade, that everything that I was learning was a rehash of junior high. And that high school was really a social experience experiment to socialize you for adulthood.
More than it is than the actual learning, unless you're doing higher education, you know?
John:High school is a fucking game, man. It's fucking game. You learn, you learn, you learn, you learn the rules of the game in high school and it's easy to pass. That's what I did. I learned the rules of the game for each of my teachers. I learned how to play their specific game and I played their game really well and I pass all my classes with minimal effort.
I pass them with good, with great grades, you know, I pass them. I mean, my, my [00:46:00] 11th grade, uh, block class teacher, which was like, so English and social studies, whatever, within three weeks of the class, I convinced her to let me bring a couch into her classrooms. I could sit on a couch, you know, and, and when she, and she was a great teacher.
She was, she was, she was great. But like, I, you know, I really, I just, I figured out the game of the T. Each teacher wanted to play and played their game and got good grades, you know.
Kenric: funny.
John:Yeah. But I mean, high school was not easy for everybody. And I re, I recognize that I, but I do think if you learn
Kenric: Yeah. It's,
John:and don't take it, and it's not, and honestly, you know, CLOs learning is not for every, there are people out there who are super smart, but.
Can't do fucking class me cause it's just not the way their brain works. And that's, that's something that people need to realize that just because you go to high school and you don't get straight A's doesn't mean you're a fucking loser. An idiot just means that's how you learn. You know? It's, it could be, you could be, it could be you could Excel and learn in a different method.
Maybe you need, you know, full on hands on or,
Kenric: thing. Book-smart doesn't necessarily necessarily [00:47:00] mean smart. It just means that your comprehension skills might be better than somebody else, you know? But that's, that doesn't really mean anything at the end of the day because everybody does learn different. That's what's nice about Montessori schools is then looking at how your child actually learns and then tailoring the curriculum to their learning style.
You know, that's why it works so well. This is what's wrong with American education system right now. We're still using the German education system from the 18 and 19 hundreds that the Germans don't even use anymore.
John:right. It needs to be fucking
Kenric: It needs to be, it needs an overhaul because people are being left behind that there's no need for them to be left behind.
They just learn a different way.
John:well, it's like that comic. You see where it's like, it's. You know, it's a monkey, a fish, a giraffe, and a whatever, a dog, and the test is all right, everybody go, go climb that tree for your [00:48:00] final exam. And it's like, well, the fish can't do that. You know, the draft can't climb a tree, but the monkey is going to do really well.
So the monkey is going to be seen as the, as the excellent one of this in this exam. It's like you have to test to people's, uh, you know, actually know what, I have a great example of this, right? My son, Jacob, right? He has, he's 14 right now, but growing up, he, he, he's autistic, right? I'll just say that a lot.
He's like, he's autistic, but he's on the spectrum. He doesn't comprehend or perceive things the way, you know, normal kids do in so much that like they thought he was so far behind. And then when we finally moved schools to two and got him into a program. That actually like talked to him and figured out the way he learns.
The teacher was like, no, he's understanding the material just fine. He's just writing it down is hard for him. If he was asking him the question, he can answer every question about what they've read or we can answer the math problems. He can do all this stuff, but if you'd give them a pencil and paper, put him by himself and say, Hey, write this down.
He just can't focus to write it down. But if you interview him and say, Hey, what happened in this story? What was the thing? [00:49:00] He'll tell you all about it. And he can't. He comprehends everything. It's just the focus of the solo focus is not a skill that, that he has because of other things that are going on.
So it's just like if they didn't have a teacher who's actually sat with them and figured this out for him, he'd still be failing everything, you know? But once he got that, he was up to grade level within eight months, which is amazing.
Kenric: Yeah. It's unfortunate that so many schools are different compared to where you're, where you live, you know, and the funding they get and everything. And I dunno, man, I really wish they would just take all the funding through like the state and just put all of the property taxes in a school fund and then every school gets, you know, the appropriate amount, you know, not just based on their geography.
John:Yeah. I still think a hundred percent it's just taxed a shit at a marijuana, but all that one in education because there's a lot of money to be made that I'm at
Kenric: yeah. Education and roads.
John:Right. [00:50:00] Because every time we go to the store and you buy some pot, you can think, I am not just getting high. I am helping out.
The kids learn.
Kenric: Right. Kids learn
John:You got that right.
Kenric: a little. Tim is going to matriculate.
John:Right. Do this for the kids, for the kids.
Kenric: Oh my God, this wasn't a weird tot.
John:I, it was a good one. There was a lot
Kenric: You know? It's funny. You know what's funny though? You're like, I have questions for you. Ask me one question and then I asked you all the questions after that.
John:Yeah. Well, I mean, I kinda knew that was going to happen, but the point is, I started out doing it. What exactly what I said I was going to do on the last episode. So there we go. I win.
Kenric: there you go. Yeah, you can have all the wins, dude. It's okay. Makes you feel good.
John:man. It makes me feel, makes me
Kenric: at ya. Good, good. Just just two big hairy winds coming right at ya.
John:First. I like them. Bold.
[00:51:00] Kenric: Hey, Hey. Hey. Hey. Before we go, we're trying to do, at some point in our life, we're going to do some D and D. Neither one of us know what the fuck we're doing. We have no clue. So it's going to be interesting. so when I was in junior high in high school, you didn't admit that you played D. And, D, you know what I mean? Not very. Most people didn't. I mean, there were some, some, some very brave souls that went ahead, you know what I mean? But then they were ostracized as geeks and nerds, because geeks and nerds of then were not the geeks of nerds of today.
John:Right. Exactly. It's a different world,
Kenric: Yeah. how excited are you to play Dungeons and dragons
John:dude. I am so excited. Like. I, I was a nerd in school. Right. But I didn't go into the tabletop world because that was where the real nerds were. Right. I
Kenric: Right.
John:Right. I played,
[00:52:00] Kenric: that like didn't shower and like. Like had a weird smell or,
John:Yeah. Right. No, I mean, I played video games. I played magic. I played other card games and I went to comic book stores and read comic books. I watched nerdy movies. I was,
Kenric: I mean, you were, you were there, you're right there with them. You, but you were like, no, man, that's a line I will not
John:Yeah. But I was also like, dude, I was like, I'm in a band. Like I play in a
Kenric: I'm in a band. I'm cool.
I just recorded a record with MXP cause I'm too cool for D. And. D. You know, that was, that was my, I don't want it, but. But now I was always intrigued by it. I always like, I want to play that, you know? But I was like, no, I can't do that. But now it's like nobody cares anymore. Right. It's just you do what you do to have fun.
And just the whole idea of D and D just, it excites me. And I'm, I'm excited to actually, when we can sit down, learn how to play, cause I don't know what the, I still know what the fuck I'm doing.
Kenric: are you going to be? What are you going to be? What character are you? What kind of character do you want to be?
John:Dude. I don't know, man. I don't know.
Kenric: want to be a ranger? You want to be a Paladin? You want to be [00:53:00] amazed. You want to magic. You want to fight with sword and shield. You want to be like a barbarian, like Conan.
John:Yeah. Due to Kona, a barbarian will be fun, but I think I'd probably be a magic user. I'd probably be like a, like a wizard or a major or something like that. Cause I like doing altitude range
Kenric: a cleric. Maybe you want to, you want to heal people.
John:Nah, fuck that. I don't wanna tell anybody I want to fight,
Kenric: You will be
John:to fight, I want
Kenric: half horse. Yeah, baby. I'm going to show you my horse half later.
John:Okay. Is it just don't be a reverse center. That's terrible.
Kenric: Okay. She's just a horse head. That's all you are,
John:Right. Or stop and then
Kenric: the human body, dude. You'd be so top heavy, like that big freaking long nose and everything. Dude,
John:Jeez it, yeah.
Kenric: I don't know what I want to be maybe a ranger so you can have a little bit of magic, but then you still got like sword, you can still fight with a sword and you'd still use a bow, you know?
I don't
John:a Bard. Play music, be a Bard. Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
Kenric: Yeah. And are we going to play [00:54:00] like, like a classic D and D style or cause you have, uh, stranger things, D and D, but that's stranger things and it's all like set up that we're just going to do that just, just to,
Kenric: out. That's the test run. Yeah. That's the dip the toe in the water.
Exactly. But you know, I like, I was thinking about the other days, like why do I want to be, how do I want to interact? And then, you know, am I going to be like good, evil, chaotic, good lawfully. Cause you know what my problem is like I play a lot of RPG games. Right? That's, those are the games that I love.
Like I'm not a first person shooter. I mean, I like some first person shooters. If I'm playing with a buddy side-by-side and we're in the same house, like over the internet,
John:cooperative. Yes. Yeah. I don't like playing in death matches. I hate death matches.
Kenric: Yeah. I want to do like, I loved me and my buddy Scott played army too, and I loved that. We, we, Oh my God, we got so good at army [00:55:00] too. We would play with no armor. And just like the weakest guns, and we were just cap and fools and the head boom, boom, boom, boom. And we would run through that game and not even get, wouldn't die one time, you know?
Yeah, we could, we played it so much together and we just knew how to play off each other. I'm going here and I'm going to, you know what I mean? And it was all strategy and how to do this and do that. And, you know, we just had a lot of fun, but personally, dragon age, never winter nights. . You know, Oh my God.
Right now I'm playing pillars of eternity and I just downloaded, uh, Morrowind elsewhere for, uh, yeah. So, and I love those. Those are the games that I love. So I understand the concepts of, of D and, D, you know what I mean? And so a lot of times I play like I'll play a ranger or, or I'll play like a barbarian or something that just allows me to look, just starts [00:56:00] stabbing fools.
You know what I mean? With an
John:Just, just cut the fucking heads off.
Kenric: yeah. Yeah. Cause it's just fun. You know? But then there's, but you know when you like a lot of them, like in the late nineties and early two thousands there was this big thing of, I don't know, maybe they still do this, where the choices in the game can dictate your alignment and you would choose your alignment.
At the beginning, I'm going to be lawfully evil or chaotic evil or a chaotic good or whatever, right? The whole time. Every time I'd start up a game, I would choose like I'd always choose like chaotic, evil. And by the time the game ended, I'd be like lawfully good, chaotic because I couldn't make like, like you'd come to a crossroads and it's like, okay, I could kill this person, or I can kill everybody and take what I want.
Or I can like say, yes, I'll go in and do this stuff and then do exactly what they need. And I always ended up doing the right thing. Like, I can't consciously say, I'm not going to do the, even though it's a game, you know what I [00:57:00] mean? But I still in my, yeah, in a funny thing is talking to my brother, he's exact same way.
He's like, Oh yeah, man. Every time I play I'll, I'll choose like chaotic, evil. Cause I'll be like, I'm going to do all this evil stuff because I'm going to, I'm going to be that person. And by the time the game ends, or like halfway through the game and you look at your alignment, just slowly shift and then you hit good and you're like, fuck it.
I'm just kidding.
John:I guess I'm good now. Just some good folk. Yeah.
Kenric: so I'll probably like sit there and be like, ah, fuck it. I'll probably go chaotic. Good.
John:Well, it's like when I was playing it, when I was playing fable originally, if people has that, you know, good evil scale. But like once you cross over into the evil side of on fable, like people in the town like start like you walk in, they're like, Oh my God, Oh they went away from you and it got so annoying.
I'm like, Nope, I'm just going to be good. Cause it's less annoying to be good. That is to be equal.
Kenric: it's less annoying.
John:Yeah. But I always felt bad doing the evil stuff. I'm like, I don't want to just kill people cause then it's.
Kenric: Well, yeah. Well, it's like CV and then lying and then I dunno. It's always so, [00:58:00] it's so stupid too, because it's like it's a game. It has no bearing on who you are as a person, but at the same time it's like it does.
John:It does. It makes me feel bad.
Kenric: Maybe that's what it is. I think it does make me feel bad.
John:Definitely. It makes me feel bad. It I seem like you're just. Doing the bad, bad stuff and I don't know. I can, I can kick chickens, like kick the chickens and I don't like kicking chickens. It feels bad.
Kenric: like chicken,
John:I don't want to eat the chickens.
Kenric: Let's see. I don't worry about that. But it's more like you have a quest and they're like, you can do, like, you gotta go get this, some ambulant or something. You know what I mean? And. You can go sell it for like a million dollars or you can give it back to the family and they might give you, you know, they might give you something cool or they might give you, you know, a hundred dollars.
So that's all they have right in the game. And I'll always give it to the family. I'll always give it back, you know, even though I [00:59:00] don't have to or anything like, and the one time there's, this would be this vampire game called, um. Oh my God, it was in the nineties it was a fun, fun game. What was it called it?
Anyways, it's, this is like this vampire, get your, this certain, your, your, your, your, the vampire. And you go through and at the end of the game it would tell you what your alignment was based on the choices you made to the game. Right? And you would start off neutral. It'd be like, whatever. And I always ended evil.
And I'm like, what the hell? Why did I end up evil? And it ends up being that it was like the scene where you come across like a priest. I think it's a priest and he's like tied up in dying, you know? And you can make these choices and one of the choices is to end his misery. Cause he's going to die, you know, and he's in insane and he's a ton of pain.
So I always chose to end his misery cause it seemed like the right thing to do. But whoever wrote the game thought that that [01:00:00] was thought that was murder. So as soon as you did it, evil. Yeah. And it was like what? That's it? That's bullshit. Cause that's a difference of opinion. I mean that's a, that's a, that's not.
What is evil? What is good? You know what I mean? Assisted suicide, you know, not as, you know, you can't do this. , all that kind of stuff kind of comes into play at that point, right? And it's kind of based on your morality and what you think. And I kind of think like this, like, look, if you are dying and you're in a tremendous amount of pain, you know, and there's just, there's no need for the pain.
You're gonna die. You know, like it could be any minute, but you're in constant pain and all you have to do is unplug that machine and all the pain goes away and you slip the mortar coil as they say. Then I see that [01:01:00] as an act of compassion, and that's what I felt like when I was playing this game at this guy was in this.
Massive amount of pain he was begging to be, to be, to let go, let him go, you know? And then I did, and I'm thinking, Oh, this is so progressive. You know, this guy is like, totally dah, dah, dah. Then get through. You're like, no, no, that's not what that was at all for this guy.
John:Right? Well, I mean, I would have the same thing that tuition, but Oh, I'm going to take in his misery and I'll let him suffer. I it, I figured suffering. You figured suffering wouldn't be, you know, making him suffer would be the bad thing to do.
Well, dude, I think we've gone all over the place in this episode and did a true, a true tot.
Kenric: It was a true taught legacy of cane, that's what it's called.
John:Oh, that's a good game. I've played that before.
Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. Blood omen, legacy of cane, and then they have
John:Fucking blood ones. Great dude. Oh, that's a good
Kenric: Yeah. There's the [01:02:00] scene. Yeah. There was a scene where the guy is from crystal dynamics. There is, that scene is in that game. Makes
John:dude, it does. Yeah. Cause those guys are fucking awesome.
Kenric: Yeah. station. I bet you can
John:Yes. Alderman look it up cause I have steam. I can play it.
Kenric: I'm so happy that I got you into something or not. You know what I mean? I
John:Yeah, yeah,
Kenric: Yeah. Well there you guys go. I think that was a classic Todd, as Johnny was just saying. And we hope you enjoyed that. We went to some weird places, had some fun. Maybe you guys want to check out legacy of Cain and see what they have in store.
John:And if you do, tell us about it. Tell it to you guys and tell us what you thought.
Kenric: yeah. Tell us your favorite game. Maybe your favorite, maybe it's, maybe it is a first person shooter or you know, better yet. Tell us what your alignment is. Every time you play an RPG, what alignment do you strive to be?
John:Okay. [01:03:00] Yeah. Tell us down the comments in the website or tweet at us at spoiler spoiler and into our country and let us know, because we'd love to hear from you.
Kenric: yeah, we would. All right. I hope you enjoyed that, and if you did, you should go back into spoiler and check out all the things we have to offer. There's a lot of tops. This was number 13 of all the talks that we have, and it's actually one of the more popular shows that we do, or episodes that we do.
And I would employ you to go through, and I think you can just put a search for tots. Is that right Johnny?
John:I mean, if you just go to, if you just go into the search bar and type tot, you're going to get a tag, or if you click below, click on the tag that says taught, you'll see all 13 of them. So they're all there.
Kenric: There you go. There you go. Alright guys. , Johnny, you got more to add?
John:The only thing I have to add is what I tried it. Well, will we try that every time is, you know, go to the website, or se pod on that, whichever one they both work, check out the back catalog we have, we've got some great episodes that are more of these tots, more [01:04:00] interviews. More reviews, more content out there for a release release and stuff, you know, pretty much, you know, four or five times a week, if not daily right now.
So it's, it'd be, it'd be sad if you do miss out on some, some great stuff and check out our other podcasts that are out there. There's so many other ones, great ones on the website, on the network, and so many great articles and you need to get out there, you need to subscribe, and you need to read that and listen to all that great stuff.
Kenric: there you guys go. All right, guys. We'll see you next time on, on spoiler country. And before that though, don't forget to open the mine.


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