November 12, 2020


Jessica Morris Hangs out with Kenric and Melissa!

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Kenric Regan John Horsley
Jessica Morris Hangs out with Kenric and Melissa!
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Jessica Morris Hangs out with Kenric and Melissa!

Nov 12 2020 | 00:42:41


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The star of several Pool Boy Nightmare, The Wrong Fiancé, The Wrong Man, The Wrong Roommate, The Wrong Student Jessica Morris stops to to chat and oh man is it awesome! Take a listem!

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Jessica Morris - Interview


[00:00:00] Kenric: all right guys. Welcome back. And today on the show, it's super special because, well, we got somebody that knows her way around the camera. And she has been on quite a few lifetime movies. She was on one life to live.

you even did an appearance on party of five for the people that my age that remember that show Jessica Morris. Thank you so much for coming

Jessica Morris: on. Ah, thanks for having me. Yeah, the party five I was on was not the older version of the newer version they read, they redid the show. Did they really it's like that?

It's a similar concept, but not exactly the same.

Kenric: No nev Campbell.

Jessica Morris: No, that's

Kenric: stupid. That wasn't fun doing that show.

Jessica Morris: Oh yeah. It was incredible. I was Merv so nice. I loved being on that set, but then it got canceled. So I was, yeah, I was hoping. Yeah. So that's unfortunate. What was that?

Melissa: I heard that it just got canceled.

That's so unfortunate. I thought it was gonna be a great, great show.

[00:01:00] Jessica Morris: I know, I think it was a little controversial. they really, you know, we're playing the storyline up about, you know, his parents got deported and, you know, with all, everything that was going on currently, you know, in our country and people at the border and everything, I think, you know, it was just, very controversial.

And I thought that might be a good thing, but maybe ended up being a bad thing. Yeah.

Kenric: So right now you just released a new movie pool boy nightmare on lifetime. What was the experience of shooting pool boy nightmare. And give us a, give us your synopsis on it.

Jessica Morris: Well, yeah, I play this, divorce say Gayle who, basically moves into this new house with her teenage daughter to try and move on with her life.

And. she [00:02:00] meets this pool boy. They used to clean the pool. for the old owners of the house is very charming, little younger in a weak moment. She gets seduced by him, then tells them this is a horrible idea. We can't do this ever again. He feels very rejected and decides to start coming on to the teenage daughter.

Which infuriates my character. Right. And, and he's just very, he's got like a few screws loose. He's he's very mentally ill and violent and, is out for revenge. So it becomes very dangerous and gets at it out of control.

Kenric: That sounds, that sounds pretty interesting, actually. So that was that a lot of fun to shoot.

Jessica Morris: Yeah, it is. I mean, that's, what's so fun about these lifetime movies because. You know, even when they're really, you know, scary and they're thrillers and there's certainly dramatic moments, they never take themselves too seriously. And the stories are always super entertaining. And, [00:03:00] you know, just as much as when you watch them, you have fun when we're shooting them.

We have fun too. Yeah. The whole disagrees was great.

Kenric: How many, how many lifetime movies have you been on?

Jessica Morris: maybe ten-ish, I mean, I have to count, but.

Kenric: Yeah, that's cool. Where you want. I got to ask, were you on the one with will Ferrell?

Jessica Morris: No, no, the parody one,

Kenric: the deadly adoption.

Jessica Morris: No, I wasn't. I thought it was supposed to be a parody and they're so hilarious, but they played it very straight.

Kenric: Yeah. I mean, it was a full on lifetime movie. And I remember when he did it, people were like, what the hell's going on the lifetime, but it was so cool to see him do

Jessica Morris: that. He did that. Yeah.

Kenric: Lifetime's funny because, to feed, she goes with her, with her girlfriend and they literally get in bed, get a bottle of wine or two, I'm not going to say three, but it has happened.

And, and [00:04:00] just watch lifetime movies. Back-to-back-to-back.

Jessica Morris: Oh, yeah. One just plays right after the other. So you get sucked in and then it's like a marathon and your whole day is gone.

Kenric: You were on one life to live for, you know, back in the day, what was that experience

Jessica Morris: like?

Kenric: Yeah. Cause I always feel, I always say this when I talked with people that I've met that have been on soap operas and people that I talked to that don't know.

And they're, they're really into act. They're like they're into like this particular TV actor or this particular movie actor. And they're amazing. And most of the time they are, but I think pound for pound, the soap opera star is one of the best actors around because the amount of work that goes in what you guys got to remember, and then to execute day in, day out, like you guys do, it's beyond amazing.

And I'm always curious, what was it like? I

Jessica Morris: mean, it was very intense, you know, like, I got the job. I had moved out to LA only like a year before that from Florida. And then, you know, about a month after I got the [00:05:00] job, I had to pack up and move to New York city for five years. And that was a huge adjustment for me already.

But then I worked the hours were so, so long. Like, you know, we shot one episode a day. and when your storyline, when they're writing you in a lot in your storylines big at the time, so you're working Monday through Friday. You don't even see the sun, you know, you're just, it's all day, all day, all day, like 40 pages of dialogue.

And then, and then the weekend comes. And for me, like, I basically was friends with the people that I worked with and I dated people that I worked with because that was my whole life. It was just everything, you know, and I wasn't from New York, so I didn't know anyone there. so it was all encompassing and I learned a lot and I think it made me a better actor.

I was worried about getting some, you know, some bad habits because soaps sometimes are a little bigger than film. So I had to kind of reign that in afterwards, but I really mostly just learned a lot about [00:06:00] being ready to give my all in the first take. Cause you only get one or two on a soap and you know, I can memorize things in by looking at them like one or two times.

And be off the books. So that is very helpful as an actor.

Kenric: Sure. That's impressive to read

Melissa: 30 times. I see bootcamp on that, you know, like a crash course.

Jessica Morris: Totally. I've even actually called it that before myself. Yeah.

Kenric: Awesome. I would have to read lines like 30 times in a row. There's no way I read it twice and be good to go.

I would be a terrible actor. Cause you guys are shooting every day, right?

Jessica Morris: Yeah. I mean, unless you're, I mean, it depends on how they write your character. Sometimes if they all of a sudden write a different storyline, that's not involving you, then you'll work more like a couple of days a week. Yeah. Yeah.

Melissa: Say I feel like it's nice to like trickle, performing [00:07:00] as the Broadway as an aside. I just because of the level of drama at times, have you ever done any theater work or, stage work?

Jessica Morris: not professionally. No. I started, that's how I kind of fell in love with acting was doing plays in school and junior high and high school and everything, but, I never really had the desire to do it professionally.

I kind of, I kind of just like being in front of the camera and, you know, I, I've just focused on that so much that, I never, especially in LA there's not. A ton of theater and it doesn't always pay that. Great. So I'd rather spend my time auditioning for things that are going to be more of what I want to do and better pay and all that.

Melissa: Yeah. That makes sense. Totally. You were thought on your eye. I'm sorry, I am BB page. You have 23 projects in the work I am in Beth. You are keeping me busy. how do you keep track of all of it?

Jessica Morris: It's [00:08:00] tough. I mean, I have a manager. She helps with that. there's, I'm always having conflicting schedules.

It's like a thing that I know it happens to a lot of people, but sometimes it's like, it's, it's nuts. I mean, I. It's just crazy. Sometimes actually we'll have a couple of months where I'm not doing anything, maybe at least one or one month or two months, but then every time without fail, it'll be two, at least two projects that start on the exact same day or within one day of each other, you know?

And it's just like, it breaks my heart to have to say no to like one, if I love both projects, then I have to like decide and that's. And usually I go with the one that I just. Literally said yes to first, but if I try to have a good work ethic, you know, even if the second one I liked better in which it, it just, it's hard.

It's really hard, but yeah, it's, it's hard to keep track of, but I I'm happy that I'm busy.

Kenric: We might have a slight delay, Jessica. So

Melissa: if,

[00:09:00] Kenric: if it feels like we're like sitting there with a pause it's it's, it's just to make sure that no, one's over-talking us. So.

Jessica Morris: No, it's fine. I know you guys are just making faces at each

Kenric: other. Actually, Melissa is in San Fran, near San Francisco and I'm in Seattle and I think you're in LA.

Jessica Morris: Yeah, I'm in LA.

Kenric: Yeah. Hey, you were on role models. One of my favorite all-time movies. What was it like? Did you get a good, did you get to work directly with Paul Rudd and, and,

Jessica Morris: I, my scenes were with, Sean Lee and Scott actually. And, you know, he's a funny guy and I loved the director, David Wayne. I I've kept in touch with him.

we got drinks like, you know, a couple months ago and it's just to catch up with him and see what's going on. And he's, he's incredible to work with too. Like he gave us so many little ad-lib feed lines and he said that he's hilarious. the set was just different than any set I'd been on. Cause I hadn't, that was my biggest like comedy set that I'd been on.

And as much [00:10:00] as professional as they were, they really kept it light and silly. And it, yeah, it was, I mean, it was a little uncomfortable in certain moments because I had one of the scenes I was in, I had to be topless and that one. Yeah. So I'm very comfortable with my body, but, and actually on set, I was very comfortable because of the way they treated me.

but it's watching the movie later. The reaction later, when you do any sort of nudity and most actors have done some sort of immunity over the course of their career, but it's just, yeah. It's the reaction of other people to that, that. Makes it awkward when people screenshot your boobs and then have pictures online that they post and stuff.

And you're like, why, why do that? You know, like, yes. Okay. Every woman has them.

Kenric: They're, they're, they're functional. They do. They're there for a reason, you know, it's funny too. We [00:11:00] started this podcast in 2017, Melissa just came on with us, which is great. So, because we're getting so much more people coming on.

It's, it's ridiculous. And now that we've had people coming on that in your profession and directors and some other people, you know, eventually you're going to have people that have gone that have done nudity and movies, you know, or they've been a part of, of hacks, like the whole, You know, all the, all the phone hacks that have happened over the last few years, and now it's like, it's so funny.

Cause when they were happening, when you're dissociated and you, and you don't talk to people and you don't, you know, like you think of like say Jennifer Lawrence, right? You just think of her as, Oh, that's Jennifer, she's done all these movies. It's easy to disassociate yourself as her being a real person.

You know, then once you start talking to people, you're like, wow, these are all just normal people that just happened to have these, this job that they, a lot of them just lucked into or they, you know what I mean? They're just [00:12:00] that good that they got it. Yeah. That's

Jessica Morris: why I, yeah. That's why I, like, I've never been the type to ever get like really starstruck over like foods like Atlas celebrities or anything.

Yeah. I don't, I don't get that because I'm like, okay, I might admire and respect, you know, the films that they've been in, the work that they've done, but. But I'm like, they're just, they're a person. They're a person who. You know, has to eat and sleep and poop and you know, yeah. They're not like some kind of God or something like that.

Yeah. That's

Kenric: right. Well, now I get, when they get hacked and like a sex tape gets released or, you know, pictures get released, then I get mad for them. You know what I mean? Cause it's like, it's so personal. And then I don't get the people. Cause I have friends like, Oh yeah. I went and looked it up and I was like, well, why would you go and look it up.

I mean, w what was it? Was your wife? Would you, would you want me going and looking up if it was your wife?

Jessica Morris: I mean, I, that's why I hate tabloids and stuff. Tabloid scenes. I'm just like, get out of [00:13:00] people's personal business, you know, that's in, because a lot of times they don't even get the facts straight. They don't even have all the information. And so they're posting versions of the truth that they've heard and it's not fair.

Melissa: Do you know why. Decided to this boy caught all tabloid magazines and, and those, you know, entertain Kathy entertainment shows that it was ridiculous the way they're solving for people around 24, 70 10, got a cup of coffee or have a bad day without snapping a photo of yellow. And I, I can't imagine how you would deal with that on a daily basis.

Your anxiety level must be so high.

Jessica Morris: Yeah, no. I mean, there's been times where I'm on TV shows where I deal, I've dealt with it just in the smallest little, you know, way. But I think about, you know, like a Jennifer Aniston or something, and it's like, as much as I would want her level of success. I don't know if I would want everything that comes along with that because I would, I liked the fact that I can go [00:14:00] to the grocery store, you know, without someone harassing

Kenric: me and taking pictures of

Jessica Morris: me in my ugly sweats, you know, Hey,

Kenric: do you know?

Melissa: Sorry, go ahead.

Kenric: Because the line is questioned. The lines of questions that we're asking right now is kind of similar to, you know, who Emily rata, Josh, how you say her last name  is

Jessica Morris: she's like

Kenric: she's a supermodel. She was in the blurred lines video with Robin Thicke. And she was naked in the, in the thing.

And that was her big. But when you, when you think of her, you just think, Oh, pretty face. And you know, there's a whole other person there and she wrote this amazing article. On the cut about buying back her image and how weird it is because she had her agent sent her out to do these photo shoots with this, subpar well-known photographer.

And they did a bunch of nude photos. They did a bunch of stuff, but the [00:15:00] agreement was for him to only do use her image for one thing. Right. And then the blurred lines video came out, her image blew up. He released all these Polaroid video pictures of her from that time and all in different state of undress, it was crazy and

Jessica Morris: horrible

Kenric: and sh and, but she's talking about the fact that she goes and meets people.

And then, you know, they have a picture of her basically nude, hanging over, over there, their sofa. You know, and she's literally had this experience and she's, it's so weird. And then she posted a thing on Instagram and the tabloid, the paparazzi guy that took the picture, sued her for you, for her putting it on her own Instagram, a portrait of her.

Yeah, well

Jessica Morris: that, I mean, there's no way he could win that case, though. Right.

Kenric: That he had, he had the right to rights to that particular image. And so it's, it's insane. [00:16:00] It's insane, you know, and I always feel so bad because you know, you, you watch these people doing all this stuff and it's just like, yeah, if you're you want a picture, you're doing a TV, you're doing a show.

Okay. You know, you're in the picture, you know, the puppy is going to see it, but walking down the street or doing a photo shoot, and you guys agree on a certain image or a couple of images, and then 10 years later, all these other images. I can't even imagine.

Jessica Morris: Yeah, it's not right.

Melissa: Yeah. I think that's why you gotta be so careful and sign all those NDAs that makes sure that you know that for you, for you to work in your favor, for sure.

Jessica Morris: Exactly.

Melissa: Now I have to ask you a question, going back to one of my solutions real quickly. did you ever, when you were on that show devil get approached by people in. Or is there things like that, thinking that your character would actually be all because I've heard this from other actors.

[00:17:00] Jessica Morris: Like all the time people would, would come up to me when my character was doing some scandalous stuff, they would come into me on the street and just be like, you need to stop messing with rags.

I'm like, well, you know, I try to, sometimes I only just like, stay in character, you know, and say something like, well, he's not very nice to me either. You know, maybe he deserves it.

Kenric: Oh, that's awesome.

Melissa: what's the, what are you working on next that you're really excited

Jessica Morris: about? right now I'm writing, with my writing partner to, TV movies that we're going to shoot in Taiwan coming up and there'll be, I'll be having one of the lead roles in both of those films. And I'm just, so I'm just kind of been writing every day [00:18:00] in a writing frenzy, to get these scripts done in

Kenric: time.

Sound like Melissa. You sound like Melissa? She writes every day. She's a, she's a writer by trade. Yeah.

Jessica Morris: That's awesome. What are you working on right now?

Melissa: It's awesome. yeah, and I write urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

Kenric: Yeah. You see on her Twitter, she's like, I just got done writing 10,000 words. It's just like, I can't even write a paragraph. Are you serious?

Jessica Morris: There's nothing. There's nothing better than when it's flowing. Right, Melissa. It's like when it's, when you're just, when it just keeps coming out of you. And like, what I love is when I'm writing and it's, it's like, I. It's like I'm meeting the characters as I'm writing them, because it's sort of like the characters develop themselves in a way.

Right. They just come out of it.

Melissa: Absolutely. Yeah. And they tend to take over, you know, you'll be having something. Yeah. It was like, okay, this is going to be my character. And then as you start [00:19:00] writing and they took a life of their own and tell you what to do with that, it's very interesting.

Jessica Morris: Yeah, I w I w I seen today where I'm just like, I was so into it and I got kind of emotional after I wrote it.

I'm like, that's such a beautiful moment between them. It was almost like I didn't write it. Like I wasn't patting myself on the back even. I was kind of just like, so loving the moment that they experienced. You know, taking myself out of it in a way

Melissa: it becomes an out of body experience. For sure.

Jessica Morris: It dies.

Kenric: Are you hoping to get more into writing in on, and maybe even like producing and directing side of things, or do you really want to concentrate on the acting portion as well, or is writing and doing that kind of things away to get your, your, your acting career even more out there?

Jessica Morris: Well, I feel like, I've, you know, right.

I've discovered that writing is one of my other passions, but acting is still number one. but I'm just, you know, kind of dabbling in the writing and seeing how far I can take that. And I think, you know, [00:20:00] I've written a couple and sold a couple of scripts, but these were the, these are gonna be the first that actually get greenlit and are going to be produced and made.

So it's a big opportunity for me. And, you know, maybe a future career. I mean, at some point, like I can't ever see myself not wanting to be in front of the camera, but if there's ever a day where I don't, then I could still have a career as a writer and I could. Still, you know, live wherever I want to live in and do that job.

So for me, that's, that's something a possibility to keep in my mind. That is important.

Kenric: That's cool.

Jessica Morris: Yeah.

Melissa: Have you ever, or you printed that show on not bikes to LA?

Jessica Morris: Oh yeah, I think so, right. Yeah.

Melissa: Yeah. I see basically wrote that show and did it herself because she was tired of not finding that roles that she wanted.

You play as a female,

Jessica Morris: a lot of actors do that. And I think that is brilliant. I mean, I think, yeah, I've never, I have not yet written my dream project. And I think that once I [00:21:00] get my foot in the door and I've, you know, a couple of movies that I've written have gotten produced and I have a little more, you know, more on my resume on that end, then maybe I will try to do something like that, you know, really spend my time focusing on, you know, what I think would be the perfect.

Melissa: Definitely. Yeah, for sure.

Now it's Playboy nightmare. That is out right. That came out on September 7th. I believe.

Jessica Morris: Yeah. Came out on labor day, but they've been doing other screenings. there've been a few other others. I think there's one coming up. So, if you look on, you know,, there'll be the schedule and everything.

So you could probably check for more listings coming up.

Melissa: Okay. I mean, I'm assuming, do they have a streaming app or are they just like on live then?

Jessica Morris: You can watch it on their website too.

Melissa: Okay. Okay. Okay.

[00:22:00] Kenric: Jessica, what, what kind of movies do you are? When you sit down to write what generally flows out of you, is it, is it John or specific?

Like, is it a lot of comedy or do you, are you heavy into the dramatic sense and get and tapping into more of a real life situation? Or are we going to see you right the next ramp?

Jessica Morris: I mean, I, I think like drama and thriller, so used to it, like, I've read so many scripts. whether I've been in them or not, like it's just kind of comes second nature to me.

I usually do try to add a little bit of humor into my script. So, cause I feel like that's more like real life, you know what I mean? Real life is like, even if something scary or horrible is happening. You know, you could be, you could be in court and like fart and it's hilarious, you know, it's just like things happen.

And that's like,

Kenric: I wish that would have a law and order so bad now.

[00:23:00] Jessica Morris: I mean, that happened to me once I'm telling them, honestly it did.

Kenric: And it was,

Jessica Morris: it was like, and I, and I never far, but I think I was just really nervous and it was so loud. It was such a serious moment, but I could not stop laughing.

Kenric: Oh my God. That's hilarious. Oh,

I still love you. Now. You have no idea. I love that.

Oh my God.

Melissa: Yeah, you're onto something. So as far as when you're writing something dark, you can't always have heavy, heavy, heavy at the end when you add a little bit of that and sarcasm and a little jokes, you know, audience, I think they liked that.

Jessica Morris: And also, you know, if you're writing a comedy, I think in a comedy when there's moments that are a little more serious and heartfelt too, that makes the story more well-rounded I think.

[00:24:00] Either, either John genre, I think, you know, I think it's good to have a little bit of comedy and drama in it because it's just, nothing's all serious and dramatic and nothing's all funny all the time, you know, it just makes it less real.

Kenric: Yeah. Is, is there a director out there that you just really, really, really would love to work with?

Jessica Morris: I can't really think of someone off the top of my head that, you know, that I'm specifically would want to point out. But, yeah, there's a lot of people that I, I mean, I like that there's more female directors now, too. I haven't had a lot of experience with that. so I would like to work with more female directors.

Kenric: Yeah. Are you more comfortable on TV or do you see yourself making that jump to the big screen more often than you have.

Jessica Morris: I mean, I'd like to do all, all of it, you know, say no to a good job. It's right. For me it would. Yeah. Either one. Yeah.

Melissa: Yeah. Yeah. I think there [00:25:00] also, I feel like the industry is really focused on, you know, streaming of course, you know, Netflix and Hulu and all those different networks.

They're doing all their original programming and it seems that that's getting more. Popular then, you know, going to the movie theater and paying 20 bucks to sit and watch a three hour, you know, mission, impossible movie. So I think that I'm curious to hear what your thoughts are on that you being in the industry.

Jessica Morris: Yeah. I feel like, you know, a lot of people I know don't even have cable anymore. Like I don't where my lifetime movies come on. I'm like, how am I going to watch this? I've gotta like send in someone else's account or something. and I don't miss it really because all the stuff I watch is on Netflix and Hulu, you know, on prime video or whatever.

So, I think that things are definitely changing and I don't think that's a bad thing for actors because there's, you know, there was more, opportunity really [00:26:00] there's more shows and more ways for even like independent films and TV shows too. So to have you worship. So yeah, I mean, I don't know. And a lot of people don't go to the movies after this, after the pandemic and everything, I don't know how much people are going to be able to go to the movie theaters anymore.

So that's going to be a whole other level of change.

Kenric: Yeah. What do you think? What do you think of everything going on? Sorry. There's a delay. So it's, it's easy to, over-talk it? Go ahead.

Jessica Morris: Yeah.

Melissa: because depends on it. A lot of those pop up, the drive through theater, it's like, you know, slowly drive up.

Jessica Morris: Yeah. I haven't been to one, but I've seen a lot of people doing that.

Kenric: Yeah, they're going to be, I think they're going to make a comeback drive throughs or drive, drive, drive in theaters. I was kind of bonded with on it because I'm 46. [00:27:00] So when I turned 18, the Christina Applegate don't tell mom the babysitter's dead movie had come out and I had, and I, we went and saw it at the it, and that was the last movie I saw at the drive-in.

There's only a few, like around in Seattle area. There's only a couple of left, you know, there's one on the peninsula and there's like one other one and that's about it. So I could see them making it come back, actually. Jessica, what is, what is it like working? When did you guys shoot the, the lifetime movie?

Was it during this whole pandemic? Or was it before

Jessica Morris: the pool? Boy one was shot in December.

Kenric: Oh, okay. So have you, have you worked since the pandemic has started? I have, yeah.

Jessica Morris: I went to Monticello, Illinois to shoot a horror movie for three weeks. Yeah, just recently. And you know, there were a bunch of COVID restrictions.

We had to [00:28:00] get tested. There were temperatures taken every day and masks and. You know, all this stuff, people kind of staying in their areas more so, but yeah, it was, I was happy to be back on set and. it was, it was a good experience.

Kenric: What's your feeling like when you walk back on set and I, and I imagine you look beyond the lights and you see people standing around with the cameras and the directors and everybody else on the sidelines, watching everything unfold, and they're all wearing masks and you're sitting there, either with your coworkers or with your co-actors or you're doing your scene alone, whatever's going on?

it must've been somewhat surreal. That's just a completely different thing.

Jessica Morris: I feel kind of dad when I don't have, like, when I, I can't wear a mask when I'm on camera, but I sort of feel bad, but I don't have to. And the whole crew does because they do get really hot and it does make it a little harder to breathe.

And some of the crews, crew members who especially are like carrying heavy equipment and everything. And if you're working like a 12 [00:29:00] hour day, You can see it on their face, that, you know, it's taking a toll on them. It's making their job a lot harder. I mean, it's, it's important and I'm glad that they're doing it, but it's, it's not easy for them.

And so I feel bad about that.

Kenric: Do you think these restrictions are going to be in place, for a while? Or do you see things just changing as a whole when it comes to shooting?

Jessica Morris: I mean, I think they're going to have to stay the same until there's some kind of vaccine, right. Otherwise there's, they can't, nothing can be risked, you know?

I think that, you know, if there was the vaccine, then, then there's no reason why it couldn't go back to the way it was, you know? but I don't know when that's going to happen, so

Kenric: yeah. Yeah. How, how was traveling to Illinois?

Jessica Morris: Yeah, that was a little scary too, getting on the plane, you know, but yeah.

Yeah, I guess, you know, they, they don't, really, book the middle seats. And when I was flying, Southwest is pretty good about that. My whole role was clear. you know, so, so it didn't, it [00:30:00] didn't feel that scary, but there's obviously, you know, it's, it's always a risk.

Kenric: So you flew, you flew Southwest to Illinois.

Jessica Morris: Yeah.

Kenric: See, it's just a, you get cooler and cooler. See people out there working actor, seen her on TV, still flying Southwest.

Jessica Morris: What am I

Kenric: keep thinking? You'd be like, at least flying United first class with the nice, you know,

Jessica Morris: there's like an actors, airplane or something.

Kenric: Listen, this is lifetime. You're getting a private lifetime jet.

I want to see it. See lifetime on this side. They're just jet setting you everywhere.

Jessica Morris: I have a private jet to Illinois.

Melissa: That's awesome. This is a lifetime on the side of the plane.

Jessica Morris: Yeah.

Kenric: I don't know. Can you, I don't know if you can hear my dog in the background, he's going nuts.

Jessica Morris: Oh yeah. I do hear him a little bit.

Kenric: Yeah. Ugh. My knee. I, [00:31:00] so we're in the process of trying to get a house and that's actually not my dogs, my nephew's dog. So we basically like packed all our stuff. Bought an RV.

And parked it at my sitter's rental house. And so we're sharing the house with my nephew and then having the RV here as well. So that's what we're doing until we're able to get you into a house and cover it. It happened. And he, he got, he already had a big dog and he decided that he needed to get another one.

Cause he's 26 and that's what 26 year old to do. I was telling him, I was like, why are you getting another dog? You should almost think about not having any animals. You're 26. You should be thinking about how do you get to Rome and how do you get to all these different places and not have anything tethering you down right now?

Jessica Morris: Right. Yeah. Don't tie yourself down. Yeah. I've always, I've always had a pet and I've always loved having pets, but I have a cat and like, I love her to [00:32:00] death, but you know, at least if she was like a small dog or something, I could, I could carry her with me everywhere. It makes me feel so bad when I have to leave her for jobs for weeks on end.

I have to go to Taiwan for two months and I just like. It breaks my heart. Like, I don't know what I'm going to do with her.

Kenric: Can you talk about your Taiwan stuff? Is that, is that something you could talk about or is it hush, hush, right?

Jessica Morris: Yeah. I mean, I don't really, I mean, there's no like NDA that I signed, but we're still in negotiations on the contract, so I probably shouldn't give too many details about like the titles kind of thing.

but yeah, it's, I can give more later probably.

Kenric: Yeah. When everything is filed out, you should, you should come back in. And go into detail because, I'm super excited. One you're super down to earth, which I love too. The fact that you're writing and acting. I love it when we meet people that are putting everything out there to try to make their career more than what it is.

You know what I mean? Or that it could be better than what it [00:33:00] is no matter, no matter what level you're at, you know what I mean? I love it when I see people just continually to grow. And the fact that you got stuff coming out, that you get your writing and getting greenlit, I would love to sit down and talk about the process and what it means and how you got there, because it'd be a lot of fun.

Jessica Morris: Thank you. Thank you for saying that.

Kenric: And I, and I, and I want to, I want details of this court incident. Because that was hilarious.

Jessica Morris: Well, you know, when you're, when you get nervous, sometimes your stomach gets

Kenric: upset, you know? I want to know what was the court for? Why were you there? What did the judge say?

Did everything go silent?

Jessica Morris: I write a little short story and I'll send it to you.

Kenric: Oh, well, Jessica, we're almost an hour. Well, actually we're 40 minutes in already, which is kind [00:34:00] of crazy. I know you're a busy person. I want to implore people that are listening now. Check your local listings for lifetime checkout, Jessica Morris in po'boy nightmare. If you listen to her here, you know, she's going to be a lot of fun to watch on TV.

So give it a chance she needs those ratings up. Oh

Jessica Morris: yes. Yes. Thank you.

Kenric: Yeah. Any parting words?

Jessica Morris: It was just really, it was so fun to talk to you guys and to meet you. And I hope you have a fantastic weekend and we get to talk soon.

Kenric: Yes. Anytime. And like, not even kidding. Anytime you have something going on, please reach out.

We'd love to have you on

Jessica Morris: again. Okay. Sounds good. Cool.

Kenric: Thanks

Jessica Morris: Jessica. Bye guys.




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