January 29, 2018


John and Kenric meet Kevin Smith!

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Kenric Regan John Horsley
John and Kenric meet Kevin Smith!
Spoiler Country
John and Kenric meet Kevin Smith!

Jan 29 2018 | 01:02:06


Show Notes

Listen to the boys talk about meeting Kevin Smith then challenge each other to ingest some stories they normally wouldn't to see what they thing. Big thank you to Destiny City Comics in Tacoma (https://twitter.com/DestinyCityComx) for setting up the meet and greet with Kevin Smith! Be sure to check out the Watchtower Database on youtube! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb4BMRQ0yyTlo2RJNbtVdxw Some pictures from us meeting Kevin Smith! [gallery columns="4" ids="1796,1797,1798,1799,1800,1801,1802,1803,1804,1805,1806,1807,1808,1809,1810,1811,1812,1813" orderby="rand"]

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