December 16, 2020


Star Trek Discovery's Rachael Ancheril

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Kenric Regan John Horsley
Star Trek Discovery's Rachael Ancheril
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Star Trek Discovery's Rachael Ancheril

Dec 16 2020 | 00:37:07


Show Notes

We got lucky and somehow convinced Actor/Director Rachael Ancheril to come visit Spoiler Country. Our own Jeff Haas sat down and they talked about Rachaels career and MORE, Take a listen!

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Interview scheduled by Jeffery Haas

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Rachel Ancheril Interview

[00:00:00] Jeff Haas: [00:00:00] hello listeners to spoil our country today on the show, we have a very special guest, Ms. Rachel antral. How’s it going? Rachel?

[00:00:07] Rachel Ancheril: [00:00:07] It’s going great. How are you doing?

[00:00:09] Jeff Haas: [00:00:09] Oh, I’m doing very well. Are you? How are things in the, in the new reality that we’re living in currently?

[00:00:14]Rachel Ancheril: [00:00:14] you know, trying to embrace the, silver linings, you know, trying to embrace this, this time at home, thinking of it as, you know, an excuse to be lazy one day and just read a book on the sofa. And instead of, you know, I should be doing this, I should be doing that. I mean, I’m, I’m trying, I don’t know if it’s working.

[00:00:34]Jeff Haas: [00:00:34] as I do these interviews, I always do some research on the guests. One of the coolest things I found out about you is that you’re a, you described yourself as a book hoarder and as someone who is also a book hoarder, I find that absolutely fantastic. what, what books do you read? what kind of particular types John Rose are there?

[00:00:49] You know, use books, new books, what are you hoarding?

[00:00:53] Rachel Ancheril: [00:00:53] All of them, all of them. I have first edition prints of certain books that [00:01:00] I absolutely adore. I have brand new books. I have books. I got at garage sales. I have non-fiction I have fiction. I I’m essentially a, my own library. So if you need anything, just let me

[00:01:12] Jeff Haas: [00:01:12] know.

[00:01:12] That is awesome. I do collect, use books as well. it’s right where I live in Rhode Island is not a lot of used bookstores, but when I do find one, I always, you know, ransack it as much as I can. So out of curiosity, as someone who’s also an English teacher, a high school English teacher, what first edition books do you have?

[00:01:30] Rachel Ancheril: [00:01:30] Okay. I have the, well, I w I want to like, well, I have a first edition of, Shakespeare’s Macbeth, but I, I really, I I’m onto this story right now that I actually want to turn into something. And so I purchase it when I’m finished it. This has been a love project for five years. So when I’m finished it, I promise you, I will tell you, and I will show you.

[00:01:54] My, my first edition books. Is that fair?

[00:01:56] Jeff Haas: [00:01:56] All right. I’m going to hold you to that though.

[00:01:57]Rachel Ancheril: [00:01:57] it’s a deal. I promise you Scouts honor.

[00:02:00] [00:02:00] Jeff Haas: [00:02:00] So what do you attribute attribute your love of books to.

[00:02:05]Rachel Ancheril: [00:02:05] well, I grew up in the country. I mean, I was born in sort of a, not so lovable area of Toronto. and my mom said, Nope, that’s it.

[00:02:13] We’re moving to the country. which was amazing, but that’s a lot of time alone and it’s a long drives to school and, and back. And so there was a lot of time to kill. So that was filled with reading books. Yeah,

[00:02:27] Jeff Haas: [00:02:27] that is awesome. And so I also read as well that not only are you a book hoarder, but you’re also an avid illustrator.

[00:02:34] So what kind of art are you or do you work on?

[00:02:37] Rachel Ancheril: [00:02:37] Okay, so here’s a funny little backstory about me. I went, I applied for an arts high school when I was younger and I tried. Everything I could to get into the drama program. And I was denied two times the two times I tried, but I also tried for visual arts and I made it into visual arts, which was very surprising to me.

[00:02:58]but it sort of, [00:03:00] I mean, I, I admire people who can paint. We, we did. Every type of art, from working on the clay wheels to screen printing, we did everything in between and I really loved fashion illustration. I loved drawing people. I loved, I love the contrast. I do a lot of pen and ink work. so I love high contrast stuff.

[00:03:21] So it’s probably, I like, I love the look of film noir, for example. So it’s probably stems from that. Yeah, but I I’ve kind of been cheating on illustration for the past 10 years. yeah, I, I love photography. my mate and I, we do photography together. We have been for 10 years and, I really love being behind the camera as much as I love being in front of it.

[00:03:43] I have an equal passion of being behind it. Yeah.

[00:03:46] Jeff Haas: [00:03:46] So are the pictures that you’re taking, the photography that you’re doing? Are you using it for sell to sell them or are you keeping it for yourself? Are these displayed in any kind of gallery?

[00:03:56]Rachel Ancheril: [00:03:56] no. I’m not that fancy. I, I [00:04:00] have sold some of my work though.

[00:04:01] I’ve done some work for museums in Toronto, shooting some of their exhibits. and then I. I make the prints, but that’s, that’s just more of a, to keep my finger on the pulse of culture and Toronto. but I, I shoot more for myself than anything else. I, I try to have meaning with what I, what I do in art, I guess.

[00:04:22] Like, I want to be sure that I’m saying something, so I’m very critical of my own work. but, I really enjoy, I used to. But well, before quarantine, I would go out first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee and I’d shoot the sunrise. And that was more, it’s almost meditative, right. More for myself and sort of tuning into the present moment.

[00:04:43] This really, I am not this artsy-fartsy. I can’t be talking like this. It’s it’s really weird.

[00:04:48] Jeff Haas: [00:04:48] No, no, no. It’s fantastic. I really like when, when you hear. Something about the guests that isn’t normally discussed. Cause I really found that like, cause I mean let’s face it. I mean, we’re going to talk about, it starts with discovering a little bit, but we [00:05:00] know we all know you’re in the show, but to find out that you’re really kind of a Renaissance woman is actually pretty cool.

[00:05:05] Rachel Ancheril: [00:05:05] Ah, thank you. A Renaissance woman too. That’s so cool.

[00:05:08] Jeff Haas: [00:05:08] Thanks. Well, like I said, you’re doing photography. You’re an artist. You’re you’re a big book reader. Oh, that’s fantastic. I’m also so. Can you draw a line between your love of reading, painting, photography and acting. Is there something that’s like a common thread between it all, but it kind of makes sense, like directly to like, or is there just this a love itself of just art?

[00:05:37] Rachel Ancheril: [00:05:37] I think. Both. I mean, I think all of that, all of this stuff, all the arts is using your imagination and sort of tuning into yourself. Right. and, and tuning into possibilities. I mean, if you can imagine it, it can be real. Right. So, I think that’s it there with the imagination. I. [00:06:00] But art is art. I mean, I think it’s so important for people.

[00:06:03]and I think it’s so important for society. it’s something, I just love art because it transcends everything. Right. You can speak to so many people through art. And that’s pretty special. It’s kind of magic. Yeah.

[00:06:17] Jeff Haas: [00:06:17] Now what’s your experience as, photographer and an actor? Is there a directing credit in your future?

[00:06:25]Rachel Ancheril: [00:06:25] yeah, well, actually I think it was the first year I did. Star Trek. I was building up the nerve to, to give directing a shot and I, it was commercial. Directing was a style guide for, Queen’s plate, which is sort of like, your Kentucky Derby down in the States. It’s, it’s our, our big race, a horse race.

[00:06:44] And I’d been going to that for a couple of years. And my mom used to work actually at the racetrack, way long time ago. And, and I, I grew up in the country, we had horses and, and so I. It was kind of funny is that the very first fan in my life that I ever met, [00:07:00] who asked to take a photo with me, she was working there and we’ve we’ve since become friends.

[00:07:05] She’s really such a great person. And I told her my idea and she said, well, I know the people you can pitch it to. And so that, that little tiny, you know, pitch turned into my first directing thing. And then. The company enjoyed what I did. They asked me to come back again. Then their PR company really liked my stuff.

[00:07:23] So I ended up doing a bunch of little, little ads for them, which was, which was great. but I, but then I was called in front of the camera again. So I’m, I’m not complaining if I’m around cameras. I’m a happy girl. so yeah, so hopefully I. I, I feel like there’s something really special and directing, and I, when I get there, when I get to do episodic TV or a film, I want to make sure that I don’t screw it up.

[00:07:48] So I, I want to do a bunch of other things first, directing wise and work my way to, to be able to tell a story properly. Yeah.

[00:07:58] Jeff Haas: [00:07:58] Do you think your experience [00:08:00] as an actress, I’m now a director and also. As a photographer, do you think one is helping you understand the other form better?

[00:08:11]Rachel Ancheril: [00:08:11] well, I, I don’t know if this answers your question, but I, I take it opportunities where I am to learn about other aspects of it.

[00:08:20] So when I’m on set there actually a photo, that, Michelle posted from Trek and it’s myself standing with, Maya and we’re in no doubt, I was asking her questions about the camera and I was asking her questions about the setup and she’s the director. Right. And so. I don’t know, maybe I’m a little too nervy doing that, but people will share information and I think they all inform each other.

[00:08:43]it’s the way you’re seeing things. Right. and it, it doesn’t for me as an actor. although I, I don’t think about it that much actually, when I’m acting, I’m not paying attention to the cameras half the time. I don’t know where they are because I’m just in doing what I’m, you know, what I’m doing with the [00:09:00] character.

[00:09:00] Yeah. but yeah. Yeah. I, I really don’t think I answered your question there. I just,

[00:09:05] Jeff Haas: [00:09:05] no, I honestly, I think you, I think you completely didn’t answer the question and I think it’s not nervous. I think, you know, when you’re on the set, that’s a fantastic time to say, you know, I want to learn more about this end.

[00:09:15] I think those, the people who are forward like that, or the ones who prove successful.

[00:09:19] Rachel Ancheril: [00:09:19] Yes, no, I have to, I really have to say I don’t interrupt people. Like it’s if there’s, I just have to say this because I, I don’t want to encourage anyone to get in trouble on set, but I it’s, it’s always it’s. When there’s opportunity to do it, or I’ll just, I’ll just stay in there.

[00:09:34] I mean, with Trek, it was great because at a lot of time in between setups, because the setups are huge and like special effects and all of those days are really, really big days. so there’s a lot of time for me to just stand there and watch every single department, what they’re doing. How they’re interacting with each other.

[00:09:55] It’s it’s yeah, I think it’s informing me. I think it makes me stronger, [00:10:00] for going behind the camera eventually when that time comes. Yeah.

[00:10:04] Jeff Haas: [00:10:04] And talk about a show to be a student. On. I mean, I mean, not only the star Trek franchise is such a massive, huge cultural icon, but once again, star Trek discovery is a phenomenal show.

[00:10:18] I mean, in watching star Trek discovery, I thought to myself, you know, I want to interview Rachel, you know, so obviously I sought you out for, for an interview and it’s such a well done show. Now I heard. That your mother is a massive Trekkie,

[00:10:33] Rachel Ancheril: [00:10:33] your original series of the original series. Yes. Yes, actually, when I mentioned this in, in an interview and I called my granddad the next day and my mom and I had a chuckle and, you know, I said, it’s kind of cool.

[00:10:46] Cause she’s. She’s lives up North, right. so like way up North. so it was nice to sort of share that moment with her. Cause I don’t get, obviously get to see her very often. And I told my granddad about it and he said, [00:11:00] I, I have to quote him in this. He was like, Your mother was so young at the time, but she was such a sharp kid and a real fan.

[00:11:09] And she was very determined. Like even my mom said that she was like, I don’t know, seven or eight at the time when, when the letter writing campaign happened. And yeah, she was really adamant about that. So, Yeah. So yeah, she was, she was a super fan.

[00:11:26] Jeff Haas: [00:11:26] So is she critical of like the new star Trek? She’s like, that’s not how blah, blah blah happened from the original series.

[00:11:33] Rachel Ancheril: [00:11:33] I don’t want to say anything. You don’t feel like you’re, you’re putting me in a tough spot there. Okay. No, listen, this is what I will tell you is that. I cause, you know, when you book the show, you’re not allowed to say anything until you, it, it actually airs, right. You don’t have to be careful unless they’ve given a press release or something.

[00:11:54] Sure. and, so I wait, I was, so I wanted my mom to know so badly. I thought [00:12:00] it would just cheer her up and it would just be great for her. And then, so she watched the first episode I was in albeit very briefly. And she didn’t even know it was me.

[00:12:09] Jeff Haas: [00:12:09] I was like,

[00:12:10] Rachel Ancheril: [00:12:10] mom, come on. I’m I’m the first red shirt to appear on this new series and you didn’t even recognize it, you know, but it was, yeah, I was still pretty cool.

[00:12:22] Jeff Haas: [00:12:22] Yeah. So, so how, how familiar were you with the star Trek franchise prior to receiving the role?

[00:12:29]Rachel Ancheril: [00:12:29] okay. I have to admit, I wasn’t, I’m not a, I wasn’t a, a diehard fan. I mean, sometimes people say phrases or things to me, and I’m like, I don’t know what this means. I have to look this up. but I, I obviously was aware of it and I have a huge appreciation appreciation for it.

[00:12:46] And as you know, I’m an avid reader and I have been a lifelong Lucille ball fan. And so I knew her hand in doing star Trek and, and how it came to be. And so when I [00:13:00] booked star track, it was like, Oh my God, I get to, you know, inadvertently, I get to work with this woman who I’ve admired since I was a kid.

[00:13:09] And this connection with my mom, like it was just, it was really, I think that’s really what endears me. The most to be able to work on the show and the people of course, but

[00:13:19] Jeff Haas: [00:13:19] yeah. Yeah. I must admit, star Trek discovery actually brought me back into the world of star Trek. I was, I was a fan around deep space nine, and I was fan of the original series.

[00:13:31] Most of our, but I had basically kind of ignored star Trek for years. Then a discovery came and I was like, Oh, that looks pretty cool. And it stuck me right back into the franchise again. And yeah, so I’ll thank you. And everyone involved in discovery, like I said, for getting, I think the wayward fans back into the franchise again.

[00:13:48] Rachel Ancheril: [00:13:48] Aw, I’d love to take all that credit. I think I can take like a, like a little tiny Edy bitty iota of that, but, thank you. That’s great to hear.

[00:13:58] Jeff Haas: [00:13:58] Yeah. Oh, you’re very welcome. So on [00:14:00] discovery, you play a, I’m gonna pronounce it probably wrong, bars in right. Which is an alien species. And it’s only been previously viewed in star Trek the next generation.

[00:14:09] So when you got the role and you’re basically the second. As far as any that we’ve ever seen in the franchise, going back to the next generation. So when you got the part and obviously the, that alien race isn’t really well known, were you given like background information? What the species is all about?

[00:14:23]were you able to kind of create the species and the culture kind of, on your own? How did that work out?

[00:14:30] Rachel Ancheril: [00:14:30] Okay, well, truth be told, non was supposed to be around for like two or three episodes. So it was, it was pretty awesome that they kept me around for as long as they did. I, so I don’t know that, I mean, they’ve got a lot of alien species going on on that show.

[00:14:46] Right. So I, I sort of, I was sitting in testing. I went in for, a livecast, which is the most unusual experience. and then I didn’t know what I was. I knew what the role was, but I didn’t know [00:15:00] what kind of alien I was going to be. And then I was sitting in the makeup chair for the first round of testing right before the screen, the screen testing and, I was asking the prosthetics guy.

[00:15:11] It’s like, okay, so what am I? And they’re like, I don’t know. I think you’re a bar Zahn. And I was like, Oh, what’s a bars man. And, you know, Googling. And I remember coming out of that trailer and the first person I saw was Anthony Rapp. And he looks at me and he goes, Oh, well, what are you? Let’s what kind of alien are you?

[00:15:26] And I was like a bar Zahn. Like, do you know what that is? And he’s like, Hmm. The bars in, you know, I mean, there’s so many amazing. Amazing types of characters on this show. So it’s a lot to kind of take in. So once I found out okay, bars and okay, and then I saw Bhavani and I was like, okay, I’ll watch her episode and just see if I can take anything from that sort of an idea.

[00:15:50] And then I. I don’t know. I just, you know, my, my theory, I guess the theory, is no news is good news, so I just kept doing what [00:16:00] I was doing and I thought, okay, it’s working. So yeah.

[00:16:03] Jeff Haas: [00:16:03] I mean, it’s definitely, and I can, I can totally see my, your performance, why you went from maybe only doing a few episodes to becoming a more significant player because your character was, I mean, you performed it.

[00:16:14] I mean, it’s a very well handled character. I mean, it’s smart. there’s definitely a confidence there. And honestly, I’ll be, I do think that commander naan should have stayed the first officer and stayed on discovery, but that’s just me. I’m not gonna get into anything, but I also, your character also mean the intro, not the introduction directly, but.

[00:16:35] The first, in my opinion, major episode, that commander naan had was episode. I’m probably gonna, Daedalus and the episode is it’s a very heavy drama, dramatic episode, and your character is actually responsible for killing. I’m gonna pronounce the name, wrong area, and who was also a very well like character from the previous season.

[00:16:55] So. How difficult of a day on set was that, that not only are you [00:17:00] having this very heavy, dramatic role, but you’re also kind of killing off like, well, like character and it’s kind of like, oops, you know, like, you know, like people are going to be like, God damn,

[00:17:12] Rachel Ancheril: [00:17:12] totally. I get, I get that. I think, I think.

[00:17:16] That episode was probably way harder for  and Hannah than it was for me. and I think meeting that as the actor and the character and meeting mentally, physically, emotionally, you know, non is like, The interloper. Right. She’s she hasn’t really made at that point in two Oh nine. She hadn’t really made, she wasn’t really tight with the bridge crew.

[00:17:43] Like there, most of the time, they’re sort of like, Oh, you’re here. Like, why are you here again? You know? but she’s there to do a job. And I think it was really smart actually, that it was non that did it because she’s the only one really that could have done it. cause there wasn’t that emotional. I have [00:18:00] always thought of non is very, I don’t know if this is the right word, utilitarian, in a sense that she’s there for a purpose and she’s very obedient.

[00:18:08] Right. She just, she just does everything she’s told. So

[00:18:11] Jeff Haas: [00:18:11] yeah.

[00:18:13] Rachel Ancheril: [00:18:13] I that’s a very emotional situation, but the emotion was between Burnham and area for sure. And non was there to do the job because no one else could have. Yeah.

[00:18:25] Jeff Haas: [00:18:25] So, because even though the character was kind of an interloper, when you approach, when you get became, came on the set.

[00:18:32] Does are you immediately embraced by the cast members? I mean, is it, are they, is it a tight group and they’re immediately like, Oh yeah, welcome, Rachel. You know, good to meet you, welcome to the group. Or is there a sense of, you know, you’re the new person, you know, the kind of feeling you out kind of thing.

[00:18:47] Rachel Ancheril: [00:18:47] I think when you have that feeling of, Oh, it’s a new person. That’s I think that that’s like, that’s my, my sort of perspective. You know what I mean? I come into a show. I mean, this has happened. I don’t think I’ve ever actually. [00:19:00] Started with the show and been with the show and the first season, I usually, as an actor always come in later seasons.

[00:19:07]so I mean, there there’s, you always feel like the new kid, new kid at school, you know, you’re going to a new set with a bunch of new people, but it gets easier. I mean, now I, I, at this point I know. Several crew members. I know several actors, so it was great. And the people that I met there were lovely.

[00:19:26]Sinequan I can remember the first time I saw her, I was coming out of the makeup trailer after testing. Again, this is, it’s a long process for non, so this is a lot of tests and, And Sinek was smiled and gave me a big wave. And she said, hi. And I remember turning around to Shauna, who’s the makeup artist.

[00:19:43] And I was like, is she talking to me?

[00:19:46] Jeff Haas: [00:19:46] No.

[00:19:48] Rachel Ancheril: [00:19:48] You know, cause sometimes with, I mean, to be honest with you with number ones, you don’t always know you kind of, you’re trying to feel out where you fit in and Oh, she’s, she’s terrific. The cast is great. [00:20:00] Yeah,

[00:20:00] Jeff Haas: [00:20:00] that’s cool. And I think it’s really amazing. And it probably an, it probably is a tribute to your quality as an actress that you went from being on only a few episodes.

[00:20:12] To having a very important and impactful goodbye. so on the episode, which was in the episode, die trying. And once again, it’s a very moving emotional episode where naan is whose is longing to be around finally more people of her species, and finally gets to meet a small crew of, survivors of, of her species.

[00:20:33] Yeah. and, and, and you can feel the way you performed it. All of that back history that maybe the viewers weren’t even aware of, you just could feel it immediately in that moment, you know, without even telling us the backstory, we had a full understanding of what the character non was going through. So in performing that as an, as the actress, was there any memories or ideas or anything that you draw upon to try to get that moment as genuine as you did? [00:21:00]

[00:21:01]Rachel Ancheril: [00:21:01] that’s really, first of all, I was really kind of you to say, I appreciate that very much. Thank you. I think w well, when we were shooting that episode, I first of all, was so grateful for that episode. That episode in itself, the writing Sean Cocker and bless him. It just, it moved me. I mean, I was crying when I read it.

[00:21:19]I was going through some stuff in my life. I was making some, pretty big choices in my own personal life. And, I think feeling the way I was in my own life. and then watching and being around. Like the bars and family, they were such a great group of actors. They were, Jake was awesome. he was, he was so good.

[00:21:43] And just to watch them all together, it was really. And remembering how emotional I felt when I read the, for the episode the first time it was maybe a culmination of things. I, again, I always want it to sound so smart and already, but I, I really like, I don’t even know half the time. Like I just, [00:22:00] I think I get really absorbed into the environments that I’m in and the people I’m around.

[00:22:05] And I think. That’s them. I mean, it’s the same thing when I was with Hannah and , for Hannah’s exit areas, exit, it’s, you know, when you’re around these great actors and you can just absorb and react to what they’re doing, it’s, it’s pretty special. It’s magic

[00:22:24] Jeff Haas: [00:22:24] as an actress because it’s star Trek, discovery has so much, like CGI.

[00:22:29] They also have practical effects does not. Change as well, your ability to react to something when you can’t really see it?

[00:22:37] Rachel Ancheril: [00:22:37] No, I don’t know. I think you, you kind of get used to not, I mean, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been, we’ve been shooting my coverage on, on several different things and I’ve been looking at like a red tape X on the wall.

[00:22:53] I mean, you, you, you, you kind of have to, I, I think [00:23:00] you, you, you have to be so immersed, I guess, maybe in your own imagination with CGI, but with like the Trek. That bridge, that ship, that everything there’s so much there for you. I remember the first day on set on the bridge and going over to Emily Koot’s her station and be like, Oh, Detmer what are all these buttons?

[00:23:20] What are you doing here? Right. And she was like, as she was like doing this little demo, she was like, well, look, you know, like, and it was it. They, they give you so much on that set. It’s, it’s so special that you, how can you not become even more immersed in it? You know? Yeah. Did that answer your question?

[00:23:37] Jeff Haas: [00:23:37] It certainly did. So, but this is the big question. Okay. This is the big

[00:23:42] Rachel Ancheril: [00:23:42] one.

[00:23:46] Jeff Haas: [00:23:46] When are we seeing commander naan again? Because the character wasn’t killed off. You’re still hanging around. So when do we see commander non again?

[00:23:52] Rachel Ancheril: [00:23:52] Isn’t that always the thing  like, I remember Tim Roseanne from Wynonna Earp saying to me I was dying the first season and he [00:24:00] goes, yeah. Rachel don’t worry.

[00:24:01] And so I, you never, you never really die. You never really go away. And it was true. I came back the following season as an evil twin. So, I think in Saifai you never know, I’m so grateful that that was the episode that you guys were thinking of me on. and I guess I can only say time will tell.

[00:24:18] Jeff Haas: [00:24:18] Oh, and, and Tim Roslyn is such a cool guy.

[00:24:20] We actually, I actually had him on the show. I think it was two months ago. He is fantastic.

[00:24:25] Rachel Ancheril: [00:24:25] Isn’t he a great guy? He’s just such a genuine guy is really, he’s one of those people you go to sat and he makes you feel like. like your, one of your, one of the team, like he’s just, he’s an all around genuine, really cool person and an amazing actor.

[00:24:39] Yeah.

[00:24:40] Jeff Haas: [00:24:40] And, and apparently a massive combo. So we talked about comics for a little while. Remember you’re going to find it, so, alright. So, hopefully you do come back. Cause I, I do think. the fans would love to see more commander non,


[00:24:50] and you know, and, you know, and get her back to, the end, the enterprise.

[00:24:54] And when that show keeps going, right,

[00:24:57] Rachel Ancheril: [00:24:57] she shouldn’t have to go back in time. What [00:25:00] 932 years was it how many years

[00:25:01] Jeff Haas: [00:25:01] it happened once it could happen again. So at what, so star Trek, one of the cool thing about star Trek is that the fan base is so huge and so loyal. And at what point did you, did it become tangible for you?

[00:25:13] The, the, the fact that you kind of entered this massive family of fans and trekkers are Trekkies where they want to call themselves. And like, when did that first hit that realization hit you, that you’re now part of this massive. Family now,

[00:25:26]Rachel Ancheril: [00:25:26] probably not until this last episode, my last episode, Eric, like I re I, I need to be honest with you.

[00:25:32] I, it never dawned on me that people would love naan as much as they do it. That that was really surprising to me. I, I mean, I, I have. I, I I’ve met fandoms or I’ve heard of fandoms I’ve interacted with fandoms before. and it’s been interesting both as a character that’s been hated. And then now as a character that’s been, that’s been loved and I [00:26:00] honestly cannot believe how kind these fans are.

[00:26:04] And they’re so protective and they’re so creative and they’re so witty. I mean, there’s, there’s one guy who sent me a note on Twitter, I think. And he said, if you have a chance, you gotta go over to this thread. That was like, I don’t know. I’m not good with this stuff. I, they read it or read it. I think a thread of, Of like puns, I guess, using the name non, and I was, I want those in a book like this, so they’re so funny.

[00:26:31] Like, Oh, this is nonsense. And they just they’ll keep going and going. I couldn’t believe how many puns they had. So I, and then people sending me pictures of like, the, the, the costumes that they’re making and that, and someone sent me breathers. Like they made nones, breathers and. I, I just can’t believe how talented these people are and the fan art.

[00:26:54] Like I just, I could gush over these people all day. They’re they’re really, really [00:27:00] special. Yeah. I’m so grateful

[00:27:02] Jeff Haas: [00:27:02] if Brian Fuller and Ellis curtains listening, bring commander non back. God damn it.

[00:27:08] Rachel Ancheril: [00:27:08] So,

[00:27:09] Jeff Haas: [00:27:09] so, but right now though, you also want another show you’re on you play Kate Faulkner on the television show with the nurses.

[00:27:15] How did you become involved on this show? And I’ll say this was the second or third season of the show. So I

[00:27:20] Rachel Ancheril: [00:27:20] did the second season. The first season actually is coming to you guys, December 7th on NBC, which is so exciting. They’re another incredibly amazing cast. I am so in love with the cast of nurses, it’s ridiculous.

[00:27:38] They are so charming and lovely. Like they, I, you know, I have been so fortunate to work with such amazing people in my career, but these guys were like open arm, welcome. Like they were amazing. so I really hope you guys enjoy nurses the first season. So I’ll be in the second season. and we just finished shooting that in October.

[00:27:59]of course with [00:28:00] quarantine shutdowns and all that delayed filming, but, but it was great to get back and, and shoot that with them. I had worked with. Some of the producers before on, other shows. so they, you know, they were familiar and I kinda went in last minute. And I love this character. I mean, I don’t, I, I don’t know if other actors feel this way, but, for me, sometimes when I get auditions, sometimes I jive with the character right away and other times I really have to work.

[00:28:30] Really really have to work at it. And Kate was one of those characters. I just, I think it was something like 10 pages of dialogue I needed to know in like 10 hours, including sleeping. so, but it, it just came to me really quickly and I thought, I love this character. And so when I booked it, I thought this is great.

[00:28:49] And she’s kind of funny. And what I love about that show too, is that there’s really witty moments and. If I can make someone smile or laugh, [00:29:00] then I’m a really, I’m a very satisfied performer because I think laughter is medicine. So, I hope people enjoy Kate as much as I did when she comes out. Yeah.

[00:29:13] Jeff Haas: [00:29:13] Faulkner. She’s a character that went from being a nurse to getting her MBA, which I guess someone who’s not being a doctor is sort of

[00:29:19] Rachel Ancheril: [00:29:19] that. She’s like a nurse manager, but not quite a nurse. She’s like fix it lady. She comes in and she fixes hospitals that aren’t running as well as they should be. Yeah.

[00:29:32] Jeff Haas: [00:29:32] So I assume the role of K K factor too. I imagine as a tons of technical jargon, which was sort of like star Trek. So are you purposely going? I want to do extremely difficult dialogue. I want to go for a technical show or are you just naturally good at doing, technical jargon? I mean, how do you keep finding roles that are easy?

[00:29:51] Very complicated of phrasing.

[00:29:53] Rachel Ancheril: [00:29:53] Yeah, no, I, no, I absolutely do not purposely seek out. Technical jargon. I think if I [00:30:00] had to do an operating room scene, it would be the end of my career. I don’t, I don’t know how medical shows do a specifically medical and scifi shows. I don’t know how they do it. I, I, I think I’ve been lucky though to not get too much.

[00:30:13] And I, the, the stuff that I do get, I. I just pray, please. God, let me make it through the scene. Yeah. Be lucky though.

[00:30:25] Jeff Haas: [00:30:25] That’s awesome. And you said the, the audience, our listeners can find a show in the States, December 7th on NBC

[00:30:33] Rachel Ancheril: [00:30:33] that’s right. So the first season will be, yeah.

[00:30:36] Jeff Haas: [00:30:36] So that’s, that’s, that’s the main station embassy or is that like the us streaming, NBC kind of.

[00:30:40] Rachel Ancheril: [00:30:40] No, I think it’s NBC. Like I, Oh, that’s a good question. I’m pretty sure it’s not maybe both.

[00:30:48] Jeff Haas: [00:30:48] Okay.

[00:30:53] have to look into it, but, that’s cool. Cause like I said, I think as, as, as an American, you always just assume everything starts in the [00:31:00] United States as a Canadian, you know, it’s true. It’s Canadian. So we actually get it a season or a season behind. But, okay, so cool. So December 7th on NBC is the nurses.

[00:31:09] Rachel Ancheril: [00:31:09] Yeah, it was nurses. And then a season two, hopefully you guys will get that. Well, it’ll be next year. Right? So I’ll see you next year.

[00:31:16] Jeff Haas: [00:31:16] And then you’ll get to come back home when you’re back at command or nod in season four of discovery.

[00:31:22] Rachel Ancheril: [00:31:22] We’ll see what happens.

[00:31:24] Jeff Haas: [00:31:24] I hope so. Thank you so much, Rachel, for coming on the show.

[00:31:26] I greatly appreciate it.

[00:31:28] Rachel Ancheril: [00:31:28] Thank you for having me

[00:31:29] Jeff Haas: [00:31:29] your fan. You’re definitely fantastic

[00:31:32] Rachel Ancheril: [00:31:32] as are you. Thanks so much.

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