February 12, 2021


Hunter Doohan - Adam on Showtimes 'Your Honor'!

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Kenric Regan John Horsley
Hunter Doohan - Adam on Showtimes 'Your Honor'!
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Hunter Doohan - Adam on Showtimes 'Your Honor'!

Feb 12 2021 | 00:36:29


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Today we are joined by one of the leads from Showtimes new show ‘Your Honer’, Hunter Doohan! Melissa sat down with him and had a great time!

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Hunter Doohan – Interview

[00:00:00] Melissa: This is spoiler country and I’m Melissa starchy today on the show. I’m really excited to welcome actor of the new hit show on Showtime, your honor, the talented Hunter. Dulin welcome to

Hunter Doohan: the show. Thanks so much for having me.

Melissa: Thanks for being here. How are you doing today?

Hunter Doohan: I’m good. Today’s a good day.

Inauguration day. Yeah. I,

Melissa: you know, it’s funny when I when we picked this date, I was like, Oh, this is inauguration day.

Hunter Doohan: Right. I know. It’s like, Oh right. Something’s going on? Yeah,

Melissa: I know I’m hurting all of it so I can, you know, watch it later. And like fast-forward commercials and stuff like that. Smart.

So I definitely want to ask you first of all, congratulations on the show. That’s awesome.

Hunter Doohan: Thank you so much. I, I mean, I honestly just feel so lucky to be a part of it. I kind of can’t believe it. So,

Melissa: thanks. [00:01:00] You’re welcome. It’s no, it’s amazing. And very deserving. You are an amazing actor, so you totally deserve it.

So what inspired you to get into acting? Like, did you want to do it when you were a little, or is that something that kind of happened later on?

Hunter Doohan: You know, I kinda got into it in high school. I grew up in Arkansas and, you know, he’s just started doing like plays in you know, 10th grade and then, you know, just really got into it.

And all of a sudden they’re spending. Yeah. Every day in the drama department and we were there till 8:00 PM for rehearsals. And then I started auditioning for colleges and I was actually gonna go somewhere to get a theater degree. And then I came out to LA for summer internship. And I ended up saying I was gonna take a gap year and that quickly turned into

Melissa: nice.

Hunter Doohan: And that’s how I met your sister out in LA on [00:02:00] my acting school.

Melissa: Yeah. Yeah. What was that experience like going, going to, it was the Joanne Baron Institute,


Hunter Doohan: Yeah. Joanne Baron, DW Brown and Santa Monica.

Melissa: Yeah. What was that experience like for you? Like does you really well I know you made a lot of relationships and bonds.

I know my sister, my sister still misses going to school there. But, but what was it like for you as far as an actor?

Hunter Doohan: I mean, I learned so much. I still take class with one of the teachers, at least in the little there. And you know, I’m, I’m kind of weird right now. I’m about to do an audition after this.

And I just got off the phone with Lisa to kind of talk through it. So, you know, I drank the Kool-Aid. I was really into it.

Melissa: Yeah.

Hunter Doohan: Jen did too.

Melissa: So we’ll take me through it. You know, you go to school you guys graduated and you know, you start the process of [00:03:00] auditioning, trying to get an agent and things like that. How, how did you get the audition for your honor? And. What was that process like? Was that right away or did you have to go back several times?

Hunter Doohan: Oh yeah. It was like a four month process overall, which was, you know, stressful to say the least. You know, we did this like round table thing with the cast and, you know, buy-in and Michael Stuhlbarg and Carmen at Joko and hope Davis, they’re all telling these like, you know, fabulous stories of when their agents called him and you know, like we’ve got a great role for you.

And then they’re like, Hunter, what drew you to this? I was like, Oh, that’s not my situation at all. You know, I’ve been out in LA like eight, nine years just kind of auditioning for. Anything that I could. And I mean, this came in as a self-tape request and I saw Frank Cranston didn’t think I had a chance in hell of getting it.

So it was really excited. But you know, even when you’re auditioning, just kind of, for [00:04:00] anything he can, there’s still, obviously some things that you want more than others. And like, honestly, I never wanted anything more than to play Adam. I just thought it was. The definition of a dream role, you know?

Melissa: Oh yeah.

I know it’s such a cool role. You know, one thing I noticed is there’s some scenes where you don’t have a lot of dialogue, but you have great expression on, on your face. You know, you’re very expressive and you can tell the different emotions without saying much is that something that maybe.

Is why they picked you for the role or is that something you’ve just been kind of working on and kind of getting into, as you get more familiar with Adam?

Hunter Doohan: You know, it’s funny because that is such a huge part of it and that’s kind of a tough thing to audition people on. Yeah. And then, you know, not all of my scenes were, you know, dialogue, heavy scenes, almost like a monologue.

And then, you know, you’re right. The hardest [00:05:00] part of it was in that pilot episode, the first one, Adam basically doesn’t have any dialogue for the first 30 minutes of the show, but he’s off and there’s so much happening and he’s doing so much and he’s. Making so many decisions, some of which are terrible.

I mean, that was what was the most important to me was just to. No, I really just wanted to play it as authentically as it could. And for me, it was important to try to make it clear exactly what Adam was thinking in every moment so that you could track every thought and every decision, even the terrible ones, like when he decides to leave.

But you know, it has to be clear that he hears the nine 11 operator say, is there someone around he’s like, Oh, shit, looks up. Oh, no, there isn’t. Oh, God, no one saw this. And you know, that spirals into him making that irrational decision to leave the scene.

Melissa: Yeah. And sets up basically the, say it sets up the whole [00:06:00] show.

Yeah, all that stuff needed to happen, you know, for, for the plot to thicken and continue. And so, yeah, that was a really powerful scene. You know, I was like writing downwards when I was watching the episodes and I just kept writing down intense, heavy, literally on the edge of my seat. So, yeah. Good job.

Hunter Doohan: All the credit to the writing. I mean, every moment in that like crash sequence, you know, it was like three pages of just action lines. No. Character dialogue. And, you know, we got every beat of it, you know, even like sticking my fingers and the kids.

Yeah. It was like, how did you guys do that? How did, how did he split, split the blood on you? And I was like, well, they put a bunch of fake blood. There’s nothing spit it on me.

Melissa: Isn’t it like corn syrup and food coloring or

Hunter Doohan: something. Yeah, I don’t, I don’t know [00:07:00] the recipe per se, but it’s very sweet. And after awhile, like just at first it’s like, Oh, things are bad and it feels really gross after a while.

Melissa: You’re like, did I sign up for this?

Hunter Doohan: The answer is, yes. I wouldn’t do anything.

Melissa: Oh, I bet. Yeah. Did you know much about the role, like while you’re a distinguished or they kind of secretive about it?

Hunter Doohan: They were pretty secretive about the project in general, but I think after my first audition, I had two scenes and then I got the full pilot and neither not, neither of my scenes were from the first episode that I was using drug addition with.

And one of them was from like episode five. So there was a lot of, you know, coming up with your own filling in the gaps and then. Later on as the audition process continued. And we started doing the testing and I got to meet Peter and our producers, Liz [00:08:00] Glosser, Michelle and Robert King, who are amazing.

I got to meet them in LA and actually talk through it and like, get these answers finally, before the final two rounds of auditions. That’s awesome.

Melissa: So describe your, your first day on set. Like what’s going through your mind, how are you feeling? Are you pinching yourself? Like what’s going on?

Hunter Doohan: Don’t fuck this up.

No, I, my first day was with Brian. Our very, very first scene was. Me taking the trash out has like the bloody scrubber that had thrown away and Adam making another really smart decision besides they should throw it away. You know, I was just, at that point, I, you know, obviously there was nerves, but I felt ready.

I had, you know, had several months, I booked the part officially in June and we didn’t go down until the September. I had the first five scripts before we got there. I had, you know, Done [00:09:00] all my homework. I did not, you know, they say like, if your public embarrassment makes you a work hard and there’s like that layer, and then also fear of like embarrassing yourself in front of Bryan Cranston.

Yeah. I can imagine.

Melissa: That’s cool. So what is it like working with him? Are you cause you, you see him on screen tab, amazing chemistry. It’s very believable that, you know, you’re his son. And what’s it like, did he take you under his wing?

Hunter Doohan: Yeah, a little bit. I mean, you really looked out for me and.

I just trusted him. You know, we spent a lot of time before we even got on set together, so I could kind of, you know, get out my breaking bad fanboy questions and not be so nervous around him. And then he’s just like, he’s like the nicest guy in the world. He’s. Way too talented. I mean, he will like be so immature and joke around with everybody right up until they say action.

And then he can just like snap into it and be, you know, full of rage or have tears [00:10:00] streaming down his face, like whatever he needs to do, which is okay. Really fun, but I’ll feel impossible to keep up with

Melissa: everybody is a good scene partner though. Like just really brings that out of you.

Hunter Doohan: Oh. That just takes care of everything.

You know, if you suck in a part of it, you can just cut to him. It’ll be brilliant.

Melissa: Yeah. Well, you know, I think you’ll get there too eventually because like he’s, well, he’s been in the business for so long, obviously. And but did he give you, did he give you any tips or advice.

Hunter Doohan: Oh, my God. I asked him for advice on everything.

I mean, literally, just, even on my final audition, we got to sit outside and chat for a while before we went in and did it. And I was just taking the opportunity to ask for advice, like, what would you do here? And what about this? And yeah, he taught me a ton of stuff, you know, as simple as like little eyeline tricks when you’re on set and random stuff about acting and then just, you know, kind of life in general too.

He’s really. Generous and and I love him. He’s great.

Melissa: That’s awesome. Yeah. Yeah. I know. It seems like you too, like [00:11:00] I said, I have a really good connection, you know, which just makes the show better because everything seems really authentic when you’re watching it. You’re, you’re escaping into the story and you’re not thinking about, Oh, this is Bryan Cranston from breaking bad.

You’re like, this is a new character, you know?

Hunter Doohan: Yeah. He’s amazing. So. So, yeah, that’s really

Melissa: nice. Yeah, absolutely. So the other interesting thing is, you know, new Orleans is probably one of my favorite cities that I have not yet to the visit and I’m blessed with it. So it was really cool that it was filmed there.

What’s interesting is, you know, usually with new Orleans, when I watch films, it’s about vampires and witches and things like that. So this was a very different side. Yeah. It was like grittier and you see like a darker side of new Orleans, but how was it? To, to film there. Had you been there before? Was this your first time there?

Hunter Doohan: You know, I’ve been there as like a little kid and it is, as you can imagine a much different experience to go back to as an adult. It was really fun, honestly. I mean, everything from like, [00:12:00] you know, it’s the South and also new Orleans specifically, the people are amazing. Our crew, you know, I think there’s like a, you know, Obviously a great film industry, but it’s smaller than LA.

So they all know each other and they’ve worked together a lot. So it was easy to kind of jump in and be friends with everybody. And then the food is amazing me and Lily and hope who plays Gina Boxster. And when we went back after our COVID hiatus, because we had to stop in March and go back in October you know, we would have, we couldn’t go out anywhere, but we’d get out fried chicken every Monday night.

And. No,

Melissa: that sounds delicious. Yeah, that was, there was a lot of scenes with, with with food, you know, in the show too. Like there’s that dinner that you’re having with all the shrimp and I’m just like, my God. It’s amazing.

Hunter Doohan: You do not want to smell shrimp for 12 hours.

Melissa: You’re probably so

Hunter Doohan: sick of it. Yeah, everyone was like, it was like, the house is on a soundstage and we would [00:13:00] leave and then we’d come back and they would be like unwrapping, like the foil off of all the plates.

And it just like, it just got revolting, but

Melissa: never want to eat shrimp again. Oh, that’s funny. Yeah. We just see like two minutes of it and we’re like, salivating. That’s so funny. So because the show is so serious, like what do you guys do between. Takes like to keep it light or do you just stay completely in character?

Hunter Doohan: Oh God, no. You would hate yourself. Stayed in that mode the whole time. You know, it’s funny. The show is so incredibly dark, but we had a lot of fun on set. That’s a lot of credit to Brian for that, you know, he sets a really fun tone and then. I brought my cat with me down to new Orleans. So that was good.

A good way to unwind. When I came home, I was watching a lot of comedies, anything to take my mind off of the death and criminal justice system.

[00:14:00] Melissa: Absolutely. Yeah, you have to, otherwise you’re just going to be like having nightmares.

Hunter Doohan: Yeah, exactly. Yeah.

Melissa: So, I mean, I don’t know if you can, if you know the answer to this question or not, but is the show just one season or are there talks to renew it for another,

Hunter Doohan: you know, it’s a limited series and I think a big little lies ruined to that for everybody because they said there’s there’s limited series and then it was popular.

So they did a season two, but as far as I know, this is just a one-off and. You know, it said great, 10 episode arc, complete story. And as much as I love the people and would love to go back for a season two, I think people are gonna. Hopefully be satisfied by the ending.

Melissa: Cool. Yeah. There’s three episodes left, right?

Right. Yeah. Yeah. It was. I watched, yeah, I watched it last, I think last night. And I was [00:15:00] like, ah, I need, the next step is I don’t want to wait a week. I know

Hunter Doohan: they’re skipping next Sunday to two weeks. This time comes out. I know.

Melissa: Well, you know, I can’t wait to see the end and I know you can’t really talk much about it, but you said what I’m saying or what the name of your

Hunter Doohan: podcast

Melissa: straight come on out now.

But no, as long as you’re telling me there is finale and, and everything, so, yeah. Yeah. Awesome. So what else have you got going on? Are you, well, you said earlier, you’re going on addition soon, right? For talk about anything

Hunter Doohan: or. It’s all kind of self-tapes everything’s just being done in your apartment nowadays.

It was kind of getting to that point before COVID and then COVID just really locked us into this mode. Yeah, I mean, like I said, we had to go back after COVID so we didn’t finish until the week of Thanksgiving. But stuff is starting to pick back up and. I don’t have something I can say yet, but I’m getting to like, you know, virtually [00:16:00] get into these rooms that I never would have gotten into it before.

So it’s been really fun. The opportunities I’ve gotten because of the show. Yeah. I bet

Melissa: it’s so surreal. H you know, one choice, one change can completely like alter, you know, everything in your life. It’s pretty exciting. Are you still kind of like taking it in? Like what. Are you just like this? I can’t believe this is happening or you’re like, yeah, I know I got this.

Hunter Doohan: Yeah, no, definitely not that it’s funny because in LA we’re kind of. Let me restart we’re quarantining again, we’re not, it’s not like we’re you know, doing any big fancy Hollywood premieres. We like watched the first episode come out. They’d sent like a, a link to the cast members and crew and press.

And we got to watch it a couple of days early, but that was like the most exclusive thing we got to do, you know? So it’s kind of just back to, back to life as normal back to waiting around which actors are pretty good at. So trying to keep myself busy, do [00:17:00] some writing and readings and scripts and auditioning, but yeah, it’s not too much has changed to be

Melissa: honest.

Yeah. Well, it was funny as I was, I was thinking about asking you. You know, if you’ve experienced any, like, you know, recognition at all, you know, now that the show’s been out, but then I’m like, no, you’re probably wearing a mask when you go out and no, one’s going to recognize

Hunter Doohan: no, one’s recognizing me and Ralph, my mask.

Melissa: Right. So funny, you don’t get to like, explore. Maybe it’s a good thing that you have, like this delayed you know, kind of shocked to like some sort of like fame, you know what I mean? Because, because of the pandemic, you’re kind of being like eased into it.

Hunter Doohan: That’s funny. I never thought of it like that, but yeah.

All right. It’s been really fun to hear people or hear from people online though, and gotten some really awesome people like reaching out and commenting or sending, you know, DM some creepy DNS too. So

Melissa: yeah, no, we, we all got those. He was like, block delete.

Hunter Doohan: Yes. [00:18:00] I just go with the ignore. I’m not trying to stoke any fires,

Melissa: right.

That’s I know my favorites are the ones that start off like, hi, beautiful. And you’re like, Oh my God. Oh

Hunter Doohan: gosh. You know, people have not been calling me. Beautiful. I think that’s specific to your DMV.

Melissa: I’m like, Oh, this isn’t creepy. And it’s always on Instagram for some reason.

Hunter Doohan: Yeah. And I think maybe this isn’t my first time, but yeah. Probably just comes with the territory. Anytime you do something or you have a nude scene, you’re bound to hear some creepy responses. Oh yeah.

Melissa: Oh, I’m sorry. What it, that was the opening scene that you did have kind of like a romantic romp in the room.

What was that like to film? Like, were you laughing the whole time? Were you nervous?

Hunter Doohan: It was really nervous. And then. You kind of get up and walk across the room naked once and you realize nobody cares and you move [00:19:00] on and he just kind of, then you have to do it like, you know, however many times throughout the day.

Cause if you get a room, all these different angles for some reason, but no, it was good. And I really trusted our director at burger and Sophia who plays Franny in that scene with me. She used great. And. No, she’s just a more experienced actor in general. She’s been around and she’s done so many amazing projects.

And so I just, I learned a lot from her. I kind of followed her lead and yeah, she was. Really great. And that scene and others. She’s amazing. So I was, I was lucky to have a scene partner like that for that.

Melissa: Yeah. No, her and Adam have a very interesting relationship. Yeah. That’s true. Obviously, you know, in the first scene you don’t realize, and she’s very young looking, so you’re like, Oh, this is his girlfriend.

You know, a check that he is stating, but, and then you get like further into the season and it’s like, Oh no, it’s his teacher. [00:20:00] That’s where I learned everybody.

Hunter Doohan: Yeah. That was the beginning of episode two. If you haven’t watched that. Come on, give it the good. Yeah,

Melissa: right, exactly. Get with the program. But yeah, I mean, that was really interesting and that was such a crazy scene.

I just stayed away and you’re in the classroom and she’s talking and you’re exchanging this look and for a second, I didn’t realize it was her. And then I was like, Oh wait, this is the girl that he was having sex with. That’s fun. Yeah. Just for like a minute, I was like, wait. Oh, I get it now. So that was really interesting how you guys had that.

Connection to be able to convey that message just with like a look.

Hunter Doohan: Yeah, again, I mean, Sophia is great and we spend a lot of time just talking about our relationship and, you know, when we thought it would have started and how so? I think we had like a good enough sense about who these characters were and what they meant to each other for, to, you know, hopefully pull that off and make it clear to everybody.

Melissa: Yeah. And there is [00:21:00] a lot of fast paced things that happen. Like literally every episode, I was just, you know, crazy jumped to this, to that. And, and that is, you know, hard to keep up with. I’m sure as an actor, I mean, do you just have to like really dig into the script and go, okay, let me keep track of all the events, you

Hunter Doohan: know?

Yeah. I mean, we, so we shot we did some blocks shooting, so basically every three episodes, we had a new director, so we were shooting. One through three and then four through six and seven through nine. The finale was its own altogether. And. You know, you kind of had to be ready to do any scene from any of the three episodes at any given time.

So, you know, I rehearsed it like a play before I even got down to new Orleans and I was like a little nerd. I had my like note cards for every scene that I was in and, you know, just like the boring actory stuff on them. Like, you know what just happened? Like what do I want? And it was just a good way for me to have like a cheat sheet to refer to [00:22:00] If, you know, a scheduling change happened and we got rained out and then we had to move scenes and you had to be ready to go.

And again, it wasn’t going to be the guy. Not keeping up with Bryan Cranston. So I was trying to be as honest as I could. Nice. Well, I

Melissa: think you pulled it off pretty well. Yeah, I know it’s a great show. Everybody on the show is amazing. So many talented actors, some I’d seen before, some were new to me.

The cast is so fun and that the young man who plays Kovi Jones, I’m a, what an incredible actor.

Hunter Doohan: Johnson is incredible. And yeah, he just plays that role so beautifully. And so honestly that is, it’s hard to watch because of what happens to him. But yeah, I, I’m a fan. I’ve watched some of his stuff on set and was just blown away.

And when I got to see all of it, when the episode started coming out again, blown away, I think. He’s incredible. I can’t wait to see [00:23:00] what he does next. Yeah,

Melissa: no, he was amazing. I had not seen him before and I believe he’s probably a newer actor, but I think that after this role he’ll definitely be on people’s radar because he was incredible.

Yeah. I mean, every, the casting was just so great. I mean, whoever your casting director is, it’s amazing. Because everyone just kind of fit together perfectly. You know, even the, the, the ones that are supposed to be the villain. I mean, obviously The, you know, the Baxter guy right. Like he, you know, it’s, of course he’s being portrayed as the villain, but at the same time, like his son was killed.

So you can kind of empathize with him as well. You know? And I love how the show does

Hunter Doohan: after our first table read, you know, I love Michael Stuhlbarg from like, call me by your name and a ton of other movies. And. I went up to him after our first table read and was like, hi, I’m Hunter. It’s nice to meet you.

You’re great. And you are terrifying in this role and he kind of laughed. I was like, Oh, thank you. So are you, and then just walked away. Like the first time I realized like, Oh [00:24:00] yeah, I mean, from his point of view, Yeah,

Melissa: that’s great. What a funny moment, the, the actress that plays his daughter you guys have a lot of scenes together and it’s really cute and sweet, but also kind of disturbing because of obviously the circumstances.

Yeah. So, I mean, what do you think? And I, like I said, you don’t want to give too much away cause I’m sure some things will be revealed, but what do you think Adam is really doing with her? Like what is, why is he so drawn to her and. In that situation,

Hunter Doohan: you know, to me, it was that he, you know, has PTSD from this crash and he becomes obsessed with Rocco and finding out more about his life.

And, you know, we see an episode two and he’s like Googling the Baxter family. And then he goes where he definitely shouldn’t go. And he goes into Rocco’s Facebook page. And he’s just in a way, trying to find out as much about this. Life [00:25:00] that ended as he can. And you know, there’s nothing he can do. His dad won’t let him talk to anybody and he’s trying to find some way to deal with this grief and guilt.

And then he goes to his Memorial and he meets a sister and then they run into each other at the coffee shop. And I think it starts as a way to continue that, to find out more about Rocco. And then I think Adam and via do end up accidentally having. This connection, you know, despite the big secret and not being able to truly tell her who he is, there’s an honesty that they have.

They both have lost someone really close to them, and none of their other friends can relate, but they can relate to each other and they can also be silly around each other and laugh. And, you know, it’s, you know, I, I w. Joke a lot. And they’re like, you know, we see Adam smiling and the first scene of the show, and then we don’t really see him smile again until episode [00:26:00] five with via.

So I think it’s really fun that they get to show that side and explore that side, those sides of those characters together.

Melissa: Yeah, no, that’s really cool and swell. I mean, God, it’s going to be whore. Heart-wrenching when we see what, if, if they allow her to, to know the secret by the end, I’m just like bracing myself for her right now for her reaction, because she’s an interesting character.

So I feel like it could go either way where she could just split.

Hunter Doohan: I seem like Adam’s not really good at covering up crimes and keeping things

Melissa: I know. And his dad’s not that great either.

Hunter Doohan: My brother texted me like, Oh, and episode three, when I’m going around taking pictures of everything, you know, he goes, I’m 12 minutes into the episode. Could you be any more of a dummy?

Melissa: So buddy, I know my sister was texting me and she’s like, I’m, I’m yelling at the screen. I don’t know what’s going on. I have so many questions.

[00:27:00] Hunter Doohan: Jen texted me and said, she’s like yelling, like. Hunter Hunter don’t do that.

Melissa: We’ll see. That’s just a Testament to, I mean, she’s one of your good friends then she’s like, not even, you know, she’s getting so drawn into it. She thinks it’s like, yeah.

Hunter Doohan: Yeah.

Melissa: That’s so awesome. And then I just I want to congratulate you as well. I saw on your Instagram that you’ve just recently got engaged.


Hunter Doohan: I did.

Melissa: How long have you two been together?

Hunter Doohan: Almost six years we met on Tinder. So it works, I guess.

Melissa: Hey, a lot of people ended up getting married from, from there. I’ve heard.

Hunter Doohan: Yeah. No, he’s great. I love him. You know, 2020 was rough and I wanted to try to end it on a high note. So it was the day before new year’s Eve.

And he said, yes. And we’re really good.

Melissa: Aw, that’s great. Was he really surprised or did he kind of like know it was [00:28:00] coming?

Hunter Doohan: He was surprised I somehow pulled it off. I was being very weird the morning of, but. I pulled

Melissa: it off. I’m so cool. Have you guys done a date yet?

Hunter Doohan: No. Oh my God. Not even close. Are like, one thing that we want to do is wait till coronavirus is over and we can have everybody that we love come and, you know, nobody will have to wear a mask, hopefully.

So. Might be a long engagement, but you know, at this point we’re willing to wait so we can do it right. And everyone can be safe and healthy.

Melissa: Absolutely. That sounds good. Yeah. My, my best friend her and her fiance were supposed to get married last may and we have a bachelorette party in February and everything, and then obviously COVID hit.

And so they’ve had to postpone it for. Another year. They’re trying to aim for maybe like the end of this year. So hopefully you know, [00:29:00] those weddings can start happening, but they’re like you where they just, they want everyone to be safe and they don’t, you know, want to jeopardize anyone. So.

Hunter Doohan: Yeah, my fingers are crossed for them.

Melissa: Yeah, definitely. Well, before we go, I just, I like to ask writers and artists and actors, you know, if you could give a piece of advice to anyone that’s maybe just starting out or in the process of auditioning or, you know, starting their career, you know, what advice would you give them?

Hunter Doohan: Get in class, stay in class.

I think that’s like. The most important thing actors can do is constantly be trying to get better. And it’s like anything, you know, you take a break or you’re not doing it very often. And you know, chances to act when you’re first starting out are rare. So, you know, auditions are kind of the only way.

So that way you’re not like spooked every time you get an audition and freak out. I think, you know, being in the class every week is the best way to do [00:30:00] that. Nice.

Melissa: Awesome. Good advice. Not

Hunter Doohan: really groundbreaking advice there, but I like stay in school, school kids.

Melissa: That’s so great. No, I think that’s great.

That’s a great advice, you know, because you definitely have to learn and study your craft and keep at it. And like you said, if you’re not in a position to be auditioning all the time, you can get that practice being in school.

Hunter Doohan: Yeah. 100%.

Melissa: Well, I’m really looking forward to like watching your career blossom because I think you were onto Lake, you know?

Well, you’re already in a huge show and I think that’s just going to keep continuing. So I’m looking forward to seeing

Hunter Doohan: thank you. I I hope you’re right.

Melissa: I am. I’m usually am so now, so kind of predict stuff. Awesome. Well, you’ve been such a sweetheart. Thank you so much for [00:31:00] being on the show today. And yeah, everyone, you can watch Hunter and your honor on Sundays on Showtime.

And if you’re listening to this after the last episode airs, that just means you can go back and binge watch all 10 at the same time. Thank you so much for being on today.

Hunter Doohan: Thank you. Have a good one. Thank you.



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