June 16, 2020


Bryce Hirschberg - Netflix's Too Hot To Handle! Counterfeiters!

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Kenric Regan John Horsley
Bryce Hirschberg - Netflix's Too Hot To Handle! Counterfeiters!
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Bryce Hirschberg - Netflix's Too Hot To Handle! Counterfeiters!

Jun 16 2020 | 00:43:55


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John and Kenric are joined tonight by star of Netflix's reality show Too Hot To Handle Bryce Hirschberg! But don't worry, he's not just rockin' abs, he is the real deal. He's a creator through and through!

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Bryce Hirschberg Interview
Bryce Hirschberg: [00:00:00]
Hey guys, it's Bryce Herzberg from the hit TV show too. Ought to handle on Netflix and the director of counterfeiters now available on YouTube to watch for free during quarantine. And you're listening to spoiler country. [00:01:00]
Kenric: Join the call to the verse. Welcome back to us for the country. I'm kinda Gregan that's mr. Horsley and today on the show. Well, it's Bryce Hertzberg isn't it.
John: That it is, it is, [00:02:00] uh,
Kenric: you hear my voice crack?
John: I did, I
Kenric: That was weird.
John: We all go through periods of sometime in our life. It's about time you do
Kenric: Better late bloomer than not, I guess.
John: right? Maybe now your balls drop. So I was going to, I had a really good segue off of that one by the side, not to use it because yeah, this is a guest episode. So I'll, I'll save that for later,
Kenric: Nice,
John: but we have Bryce Hertzberg.
He was he's a writer, director, actor. He was on the hit Netflix, Netflix show, too hot to handle. He did a movie called counterfeiters is he was, he was surprising. Okay. Fun to talk with. I say that because he's on a show that you and I would never watch.
Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's not our cup of tea. That's not our cup
John: our cup of tea.
Kenric: not a big deal. As he came on, we told him that we were very honest upfront, Hey dude, I didn't watch it. Cause that's not something that I would get into. And he goes like, no, I totally get it. You know? But he was awesome. He was a lot of fun, just a Spitfire of energy.
And I really can't wait to have him back on because he loves film. [00:03:00] He loves making films. He loves all the process of films. He sh he loves doing it. I think he would be an amazing, um, flash film guy, like, like, you know what I mean? Like I'm like, come in, hurry up, boom, move on to the next scene.
John: yup. Do it. Do it.
Kenric: But he does everything, you know, he literally wants to be a part of every aspect of the film and it's infectious.
When you talk to him.
John: it is, it is. And it was a lot of fun and he has a really big passion for like the cheesy slash if not, I don't want to say cheesy cause they're not, they are, but they're not there. So great. The
Kenric: they're meant to be cheesy. You know what I mean?
John: And there, he wants to do those. I might do do them. We need, we need those
Kenric: We haven't had a good, we haven't had, excuse me, we haven't had a good slasher film like that in a long time.
John: Yeah, cause there's the Hollywood ones are too reliant on, like let's make it special effects and all this kind of crap.
Kenric: Oh, they're just re they're just regurgitating. Yeah, let's do Halloween again for the 30th time. Let's redo nightmare on Elm street. [00:04:00] Let's, you know, let's redo Friday the 13th. I mean, it's like, what
John: do something new.
Kenric: Let's see something new.
John: But on that, let's take a listen to us talking in here, Bryce, in his own words.

Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: all right, guys, we are back. Thank you so much for tuning in none. An amazing interview ahead for you. This is going to be awesome.
Cause just off the heels of the hit show on Netflix, too hot to handle he's the director of 2017 counterfeiters Bryce Hirschberg. Welcome to the show, man.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Thanks for having me guys, you know? Yeah, no, I'm very, I'm pumped up. I'm ready to talk about movies and TV and whatever you guys want to talk about. Let's do it.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: let's do it. That's awesome. So let's get right into it because I know a lot of people that are probably tuning in right now are big fans of the reality show, a too hot to handle. What was that all about? How did you, how did you even get there and you know, what was the timeline?
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Yeah, [00:05:00] no. Yeah, it was great. So, so yeah, so it's 2020, right? The infamous 2020 year right now. So I'll take you back about a year and a half ago. so it was January, 2019. I'm coming off my. First feature film that I ever directed counterfeiters. We'll talk a little bit more about that later, of course.
But, I was in this like no man's land, you know, but it did it a little bit of a theatrical debut. it was on Amazon and iTunes at the time getting a good, you know, good reviews and I'm kind of riding that wave a bit and the film festivals and blah, blah, blah. And then it's like, now what, you know, I'm trying to get my sequel or another of a horror movie that I wrote, or like, you know, I'm just trying to get it going and say creative and all this stuff.
And I got, an Instagram basically, from a DM, from a casting person, something that everyone gets, you know, you've seen like the Hill flow flyers that you get emailed from spam or someone sent, texted to you there, you know, everyone sees it and it wasn't the first one I've ever seen. I usually just kind of, you know, put it aside, but I was in this kind of moment where I'm like, you want this?
This is it's [00:06:00] interesting. I read the, read the flyer. It said, You know, you could, if you want a vacation and an exotic location with some of the most beautiful people from around the world, you know, and it's produced by Fremantle. So the people who, you know, a company that I'm familiar with and, and it's gonna be on a prominent, streaming platform.
And at the time they didn't tell me Netflix, when I found out it was Netflix, I was absolutely excited, but that's all, I pretty much knew. And I kinda just did the audition from there. Yeah.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: that's amazing. I don't know anything how reality TV. I mean, cause it's a reality show. Right? Okay. I don't know how that works. You know, you get on, you go through, is it scripted? Is it, is it something that like, Hey, this is the situation we want you to play this type of person or is it all really just how you are at reacting to what's going on?
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: you know what? It's a, it's a little bit of everything. there's a, there's definitely, it's definitely situational. it's like, they, they, the producers who are [00:07:00] great, awesome, awesome production. Awesome. you know, crew, just, everyone was good from, you know, from the cast producers to the, to the cameraman and the sound people.
And I mean, it was, it was awesome. but, but, yeah, basically they put you in a situation, it kind of, you know, ask you how you're feeling. They feel. Yeah. We will girls deal like this and that. And, and they kind of try to put you in the right position, in the right. Time and place. And they, you know, if, and, you know, they, they would like to dictate that everyone needs a story to tell.
Right? So, obviously everything that we say is not scripted, but they want to tell a story. So everyone kind of has to be on the same page. That makes sense.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Yeah. Yeah, that does make
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: So, right. All right. Without giving away too much, you know,
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Yeah. So w when you're in there, I used to question into this area for six months and then contracted you can't talk anything about it, even as it comes out.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Something like that. so I went, I ended up flying to Mexico. It was April 2nd of last [00:08:00] year, so a year ago. and then I was in, I was in a hotel. All, all inclusive. All you could eat all you could drink. I was in a hotel for six days. as they, as they helped me out, cause I was a late addition onto the show, kind of like a surprise person. and, and basically, got in there and I was in that, that Billa for an additional 16 days. And then two more days in a hotel with a, with a cast afterwards. So 24 days in Mexico, can't complain best time of my life. But then from there, yeah, we couldn't really talk about anything for a year. And then, just announced a couple of days ago, we have an additional episode, a reunion show that's coming out, on Friday.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Oh, cool.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: so I'll, I'll finally be able to talk about pretty much everything I want to talk about after Friday,
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: of course.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: we're still, we're still got a buttoned up a bit right now.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Oh, man. How much, how much fun did you have getting everything going and being a part of that show?
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: It was a [00:09:00] blast man. you know, we ate like Kings. with the, with the, we were fed like just, it was, I never even better in my life. it was, it was paradise, man. I was a Villa on the beach, swimming every day, wake, you know, beautiful women. I met some of the best friends of my whole
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Oh, that's good.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: you know, it was good and I'm still very, very close with pretty much everybody on the cast.
Um, and he's great. I'm, you know, I, We just, it was great. It was, it was just an awesome experience, man, but you know, definitely the goal, was I thought this would be a really great opportunity. We know there's 192 countries that watch Netflix, you know? So it's like, this is definitely, I mean, you figure, if I could get, you know, a lot of eyeballs, more people will see my movie or my next movie or something like that, you know?
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: well, let's, let's go into movies because you're not just a reality star. That's not your gig. You do. You write, you direct, you act, man.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Yeah, yeah.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: you do it all. I was when they said you were coming on. [00:10:00] And my first thought was, I. I don't know the show, I looked up Netflix and I was like, Oh, I was like, why would he want to come on spark country?
And then I was looking up, I'm like, Oh my God, this guy does so much more. He's, you know, you're, you're a Renaissance man in the showbiz, so to speak. And
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: I appreciate
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: dude, so you went to Loyola, Marymount, nice school. Yeah. You did two short films there that I know of. You might've done more, but you did bears and needed this counterfeiter.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Right, right.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: So what happened after school that you were like, I got to do this whole thing.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Yeah. Yeah. So yeah. Loyola, Marymount LMU right up the road from me. So that here in Marina Del Ray, just up the road a bit, awesome school, man, just Epic film school, getting better and better. as it, as it goes, given ample opportunity for me to learn as much as I want to, you know, the thing about going to film school and stuff like that, especially a film school, like ours, that I went to.
Is that you could use, you know, just like in anything [00:11:00] really, you will learn as much as you want to, you get out of it when you put into it. Right. So I wanted to learn how sound works, you know what I mean? I wanted to learn, you know, everything about the camera, everything about the edit, everything about, you know, I acted and I direct.
I'm just, how did you know? Cause I wanted to have it all because I didn't want to. Be clueless, on set ever. You know what I mean? So I just wanted to, you know, just in case there was a problem, I'd want to be able to handle it myself, just, you know, to be competent in that sense. I think everyone should have.
Yeah. If anyone has any interest in making movies or anything like that, it's good to know everything. Just, I mean, it's good to know everything about everything. Right. But, I made a short film as a junior. Yeah. Bear. And that was about max bears of boxing. Movies did pretty well in one, did my, you know, one of my first awards and had a taste of the success and got it.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: the good life.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: yay.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Now you're chasing that dragon.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly. I'm like, I kinda, I could dig it, you know, and then, [00:12:00] at the end of my followup to that with my senior thesis, was this movie counterfeiters. so short film at the time I did it in one continuous take.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Oh, wow.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: yeah. Now I'm like, do you want, I'll act in it too?
And, and I coordinate this thing. It'd be like a, something that no one really had seen at that time. So I'm like, let's, you know, let's spice it up. that film ended up winning out like our Oscars at LMU. Uh, it won best picture there it's called the film outside of her. So that one that it went and got into can, in the short film program there.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Getting to cans though. That must have been like, Holy
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Oh
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: I'm in Cannes.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: It was fucking, it was like one of those things, you know what I mean? It was like, Oh fuck, fuck me. And then there was something down here called the KC T fine. Cut. Festival of films, something like that. I was in high school. My dad turned it on TV every may or so. It could have been April, whatever is, , they show like five films from.
The best film school. So like SC, UCLA, Cal arts, you know, [00:13:00] Chatman, LMU, like they, so they pick like five, six films. They show them they're fricking fantastic. Usually made by grads, grad thesis, you know, good budget, 10, 20 minutes, stuff like that. And I've always wanted to have my movie on. That was like my goal.
I'm going to have a movie on Casey T to do that and counterfeiters it, did that. It accomplished that goal. So from there, I was like, you know what, I want to make this a feature film. So I wrote a script real quickly, almost like just I got into can, I want to have something in my pocket, you know? but nothing really came of it.
You know, it was one of those things where it's like, shoot, I thought, I thought this was it. And that was going to win an Oscar at age 22. And, you know, Like it's easy, easy roads, you know? And then, but then it didn't, it didn't quite work out like that, but, six years later, or I guess, no. How old was I?
60? Yeah. So four years later, I was 26. I called up my best friend David, and I said, you know what? I was, I was freelancing for a company called approx, but like vice, they do like [00:14:00] a news
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Oh yeah, yeah. I've seen them on, on YouTube.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Right. Yeah. Right, right. Exactly. It's like the stuff that starts playing on Facebook without you touching it,
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: right.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: know about the homeless, you know, it's always shoot about all that stuff.
And I'm like, you know what? I, I quit, I wanna, I gotta make this movie. So I called my best friend, his cinematographer, his talented guy. I said, let's never counterfeiters. He's like, yeah. I was like, just fucking do it. And he's like, I'm in. So basically I had, I think, about eight, eight to 10,000 bucks saved up in my bank account.
And, I'm like, all right, so called up all my buddies. I sent them all the script. I said, Hey, you want, I think I have a role in here for each of you. including my dad and my little brother. And I, I basically put them all in the movie and, and I played the lead in it and yeah, we shot the thing. And, it was a, it was a total, I think it was a 14 day shoot over a period of six months because it's like hurting cats, man, when everyone's working for free.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: yeah,
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: You know, Hey buddy, you know, I, I
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: can be in the movie, but I can't pay you. Okay. Well, [00:15:00] yeah,
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: so, so, you know, it's one of those things where it's like, I got, I got, you know, four hours, next Tuesday. Could everybody make it just from like six to 10 next Tuesday night, you know? And everyone's like, yeah, sure.
Let's do it. So, so from there I was like, you know, Yes. You know, I basically, I would see, we would shoot like four hours. I'd cut up in that night and like pull all matter. I'd send them like screenshots of it, or like, I'll record it off my cell phone. I'm like, look how sick this, you know, seen as you'd have a real pumped up, you know?
But, uh,
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: look amazing. This
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: how it worked a man.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: how did, did you do all the editing yourself then?
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Yeah. Yeah. Adobe premier is guy. Yeah. We shot on a, on an, what would he shoot it on? We shot it at Canon C 300 Mark two. And from there we did a, yeah, the can't see three under Mark two. Yeah. That's what we did. And then we did the, I guess just offloaded all the image onto my hard drive and just kinda like, let it, let it all just kind of download and, and yeah, he [00:16:00] cut that thing, man.
I cut it all. And yet that's one of the benefits when you're directing and editing, you know, your good takes, you know what I mean?
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: well, Kevin Smith says all the time that he wasn't, he's never a director. He's he's just a glorified editor.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: A hundred percent. That's exactly what it is. It's just cause like you see it all playing out, especially when you're in it. Now, if you're in the movie and you're directing it and you're editing it, you really know, you really know what you're doing, you know what I mean? So it's like, and you wrote it, you know?
So it's like, I'm there and I'm dictating the scene and I'm in the back of my mind. I like I've, storyboarded it, you know, or whatever. So I'm gonna stick, figure storyboard. And, uh, in my, my. My cinematographer and I, it was just instinct. So I know after a good take, I'm like, yeah, that's, that's how it's going to go down.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Yeah, right.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: so yeah, honestly, yeah, that's pretty much a, it's pretty much how it went down. And then, uh, I basically picture locked and got with my buddies. Who's a composer to do a great score. I wanted it all to be legit, you know, and no, I don't want to, you know,
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: You want it to feel big time?
[00:17:00] Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I want, you got somebody got my buddy out here with a drone for some aerial stuff.
I, you know, I put it all together. I'm like, you know what? This is a fricking movie, man. I just made a movie and it's like, you know, it was, he was a great feeling. It really
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: get giddy when you're, when you're getting all the stuff and you're putting it together, you're like, this is fucking happening. Cause
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Oh my, yeah. I'm telling you, dude. It's like the first time watching it back. , well, there's a couple of first times things like first time ever, you know, putting a scene together, I'm shooting on these cameras that, you know, you're used to growing up and you're like, yeah, you know, then you're shooting on your, your little camcorders and your cell phones and whatever you got.
And then you're like, I just want to shoot a film, you know? And then the first time I ever shot a film, like it's sweet. Now these cameras look just like them. Be like, Oh man, this is Epic. So just seeing us all and hearing the sound and got it just makes me so damn happy even
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: yeah, yeah.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: But, um, I didn't the first time I got, I got a DCP done for it, so it can be theatrical.
And the first time I ever
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Well, what's a, what's a DCP.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: so a DCP, I, it's, gosh, I forget what it stands for, but, basically what [00:18:00] it is is they take your, your raw file. When it's all said and done, this sounds good. And the picture's good and it's all just done. You basically like, press play and watch it on like your computer.
Right. then they take this thing and they put it on a tape, like an actual, like tape
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Oh, okay. A digital cinema package.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: bare yard. That's a dentist. That makes a lot of sense. So they put it on this thing. And then that is what projects you put that into the projection system instead of like it being real to real. And that's what projects in.
In these theaters. So I had a two K DCP made, that basically I, you know, cause everything's, everything's two K now not too many 4k theaters out there, but the camera is all the difference either way. But, I, yeah, yeah. But, basically, I saw like at an AMC theaters, like right down the street at the theater that I've been going to my whole life.
And, it was just one of those moments. They like my poster in the Marquis, like one of those things. And I'm just like, man, this is fricking cool.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Well, you like tearing up, you look at your dad. I'm not crying. You're crying. Shut up.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: you know, my dad's [00:19:00] in it too,
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Yeah. What does your parents think of seeing all this happening and then going to the theater and watching their son? Not only direct. Not only helped with the sound, not only edit, but star in the movie and it's up at an AMC theater.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Man I'm telling you, they, they were very, very proud. My, I don't know. It's hard. It's hard to get my mom to not bother her eyes. That every time she's, she's watching the movie, you're talking to her, of course, at this point, they, you go every they're so damn supportive, man. We've been all over the country and the world and going to these film festivals and she's seen both of them.
I pull up, my parents have seen my movie probably the most besides me, anybody. Right. So, you know, but they, gosh, and then, you know, first to buy it on iTunes, when it comes down, they watch it all the time. It's just, it's just freaking cool, man. I just can't wait to do it. I do another one.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: w what do you want to do next? What, what's your, do you have something in mind that you're like, if I can pull the money together, this is what I want to
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Yeah. Yeah. You know what,
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Is it something you can talk
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: to two, yeah, sure, sure. Sorry. I had [00:20:00] to take a little, take a little water, you know, got to
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Yup, yup.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: um, at big single day mile yesterday, you know, I'm still feeling the effects, but.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: I was like that the other day, so I totally understand.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: You be right. Exactly. Exactly. , but basically, I leave counterfeiters pretty open ended at the end and very welcoming for, for us cul. so would love to do that. but also man, I had this, my first love of movies. So I'll tell you this right now. It was horror movies. I'm talking teen screen screen West Craven.
you know, I know what you did last summer scream, you know, Texas chainsaw. Like, I mean, like I'm talking about a bunch of, you know, punk kids breaking into a place and all murdered and who done it, mass killer. You know what I mean? Like that's teen scream. That's like my favorite shit and they don't do that
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Nope, not like that. We had that. We had that. Cool. So I grew up, I'm a kid of the eighties, right? I'm 45.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Yeah.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: So when I grew up, it was Jason and Freddy, right. And Halloween [00:21:00] Michael Myers and all that kind of stuff. And it was. Like through the eighties, it felt like every year there was a new Friday, the 13th or nightmare on Elm street.
And then it just, they just kind of went away and then we had this big law until Supreme came out and then you had another, like five or six years of just all these great. I love the team scream. Just like what you were just talking about. Those are fun, you know, it's, they're just ridiculous over the top.
You're just like, Oh, I love this. We need another
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: girls running everywhere. You know what I mean? And just getting for no reason, just gratuitous, nudity, and murder and a great twist. You know what I mean? Just say, and I love it too, man. Like, so, so I have this movie, uh, I mean, like, I guess, and now I'm like, I think the last one that did it was like maybe happy death day and then they really blew it on the cul man.
I don't know if you saw happy death day or happy death day
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Oh, I, I, is that the one where God, they're smiling really big.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: It's the, yeah, it's like Groundhog's day meets a [00:22:00] screen.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Oh, okay. I'm going to check it out. I don't think I've watched that one.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: don't skip the second. If you find happy death day, the original or the original, I guess the number one. Um, that's I think it's on HBO. If you have
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: I do. I have HBO plus
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: could, that you could seal it from exactly. There you go. I think a happy death is on it.
really good. And that's like, it's, it's, an ode to the teen scream sub genre that I love so much, but I'm telling you, that's it, man. So I just kind of want to bring it back. No more of this, like demon possessed me horror story, Exorcist, conjuring stuff, which is all, you know. Yeah. It's yeah. I just want to old school slasher movie, man, it's just with a mask on it.
Cause you don't know who the killer is and anybody can be the
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Would you make it more in comedy style or would you do more of the like heart pounding, you know, fricking drama in thriller style?
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: I, yea, I think you, a little bit of both, definitely got to have the comedy. It's pretty funny [00:23:00] script. It's a pretty funny script, but I've also,
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Oh, you already got this written.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Oh, I wrote this thing, man. Yeah. I've been trying to get this baby off the, off the grounds going to be called. It's going to be called masks.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Oh, I love this.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: it's cool, man. It's a it's about this Hollywood mask maker. Who, uh, basically goes crazy after he would rip people. He would cut people's faces off to, for it to get, , inspiration for his first masks that he makes for these horror films, you
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Oh, that's creepy. That's awesome.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: yeah. Oh yeah. Then he basically vanishes his warehouse.
Uh, they, you know, they're onto them. They, the cops come, he vanishes his, where else is empty. And then a year later, a couple of years later, something like that, a bunch of kids. You know, break in and all hell breaks
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Oh, Bryce,
you gotta make this.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: So, uh, it's one of those things, mass killer, who done it type stuff, but, um, it's funny.
It's very campy, you know, it's, it's, it's got the stereotypical stuff in it. Cause I love it, man. I'm bringing it
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: so you must have loved, okay. Horror show the last, last year's [00:24:00] American horror
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Oh yes, exactly. Exactly.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Cause they did a great job. Bring back
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: It's not on Netflix right now. I'm gonna want to watch that again because
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: I'm not too sure. Is it on Netflix? If it is, I'm going to, I want to check it out too, because I only watched like, A couple episodes.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Yeah, no. Oh yeah, no, that's the best one. You know, it's it's I like that stuff, man. So yeah, that's, that's my goal. I want to bring it back. It's fun. It's a good date movie, you know, it's like,
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: That's how you get the girls to jump on your arms, man.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: take a date to go see the insidious cause the girls are too scared.
You want to go see the movie about all the kids going, getting drunk and going to the party and then, you know, someone gets sapped it up.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: You insidious was a freaky movie.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Yeah, it was wasn't it. I thought it was fantastic.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Oh, it was great. But it was like, Oh, that is creepy.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: it's just like very simple and very fricking scary.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: yeah. Yeah. It was. Oh, so man, when you sit down to write, [00:25:00] do, are you a fast writer or are you somebody who has to work on it? Cause like I try to write it is it it'll take me 20 years to finish anything, you know?
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: So yeah. Yeah, no, I'm with you. And sometimes. I I'll, you know, like anybody you've been there, writer's block is a real thing, but I'm a, I'm like a weird, a weird person in this. I'm very, I'm very, I can't think, obviously not smart. That's not the word I'm going for. no, but of, w w I get very I'm excitable, you
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: no, I, I feel like if you and I meet each other in a bar and we're talking, we're both going to get louder and louder and louder and louder, we're going to piss everybody off around us.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: It just keep getting more drunk and
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Yeah, exactly.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: fucking, this happens, this happens. Oh shit. It does. You know,
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: This happened to me that happened to her and it was like, Oh my God.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: but then it was his sister shit, you know, you know, all the avenues go crazy. But, um, but yeah, so I, you know, it's, uh it's [00:26:00] so basically what I'll do is I'll, I'll think of the name of, uh, of the movie
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Yeah.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: and then I may make the poster,
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Oh, interesting.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: yeah, weird.
I'm I'll I'll deal like on a, on a Photoshop or I use gimp the free Photoshop. , and I'll just, I'll make a poster or something just like conceptual, just to give me like in the, in the zone. So I could, so I could look at it,
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Yeah. Very
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: I'm like, okay. Yeah, very visual. I'm just like, okay, I could see this.
Now I can see it in theaters. I'm like a long term I could see, Oh, this is on the marquee. Awesome. There's my, there's my, you know, my page. So, so then I, what I do is I'll probably, I got, I outlined it in my head. This is, this is where I want to go with it. These are my characters. I may have a write them down.
Cool. This is a right there, tropes, this is big, you know, the college cable, this is his, you know, I don't get, I'm not tearing Tino. I'm not gonna, you know, write a biography in their history, family history, you know, but, maybe their name,
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Right, right. No, I get it. Yeah.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Yeah. And then, basically the way I, the way I write is I write about, I [00:27:00] write about, I know how you usually know how his movie starts and how it's going to end.
So I write about five to 10 pages. Just sit down. I write about five to 10 pages. Right. , and then I laid down on my bed or I walk pace around a bit and I think, okay, now what happens? I'm okay. I'm like, did I think about go through different scenarios of what I would like to see happen in the next 10 minutes of the movie?
So, so that I sit back down and I, and I'll write another 10 pages and then I'll leave and I'll be like, okay, now what's good. Now is going to have to start getting good. Cause now we're, you know, we're getting into the second act. I think we just had like inciting incident, like let's about, you know what I mean?
And then I just, I ended up writing these feature link scripts and like five days,
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: that's crazy. Yeah.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: it's, they're not great,
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: But you can go back and you can edit and you can trim it or you can add you can, you ha you have your bones there.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Right. The bones are there and I, as long as I can see it and I'm I'm dyslexic. So what I'll do is I'll, I'll go to my final draft and I'll have it read [00:28:00] it aloud to me and like different voices, you know?
So I can just, so I can like hear the movie, you know, I could hear the pros, the narrator and the characters. I'll give them each a voice, you know, and it's cool. It's a cool feature that final draft has. So I can basically listen to the movie all the way through and see if it's scary. You know, I can close my eyes and visualize it.
Obviously most of the time it's me pausing it to fix it. What I meant to say was this
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Yeah. Yeah.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: changing the is to an and, and all that. But, but I, you know, I've listened to masks. It's now on, it's like fourth or fifth version. And I like it, man. I'm liking what I'm hearing. And I, it was like one of those things that, you know, we even want to make, when I wrote counterfeiters, it changed so much because just different variables people, just sometimes a movie goes in a different direction.
And w and a character you like more than a different curious why, like editing the dailies daily, could inspire you to do your rewrites, you know? So, it's kind of a nice process. It's very like fluid, you know, And I like it that way, you [00:29:00] know, it's fresh. It's like, it's like shooting the shit at the bar.
Like you're saying, it's like, what if now? What if this happened? Oh shit, that's good. And then you just started you just pinballing, you know? And that's what good. It's good to have a writing partner. I don't usually have a writing partner, but the countless people that I've talked to, you know, about these things, I've had countless ideas thrown at me and, I love every one of them.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Some work some don't some stick, some, some get forgotten, dude. That's exciting. You mentioned because when you wrote in, in shot, Counterfeiters, you had to kinda work around everybody's schedule because like you said, no one got, you know, this was a free project for all the actors. How did you keep continuity in place?
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: It was, you know, it was all because I had an idea. and I, for the most part until the very end, like our last few days, I pretty much shot sequentially, because I wanted to be able to watch the movie, you know, so I [00:30:00] shot the first scene first and, you know, maybe like the, the. The third and fourth scene.
And then the second, like right after that, and I put them all together and then it's like a puzzle at that point, you know, like a true, like I have these, these just bits edited, just compilation edits. And I was just kind of just throw them into a timeline together. You know, there's like one main timeline timeline and all the sub time, I just throw all of them in there, you know, and just see what it looks like if I played it, you know what I mean?
Just maybe just see what, where am I, where am I missing? What else do I need? And that's kind of how I kept it. as far as like actual visual continuity, though, what I ended up having to do is I, I grew my hair out, because I knew that to two things that I do, I I'm just, you know, gonna own up to it grew my hair out and I used a fake tan because, no, it wasn't a spray thing.
I was like a moose, like a tanning mousse because I started, I, I started filming in summer. and I was very tan, with, with a decently [00:31:00] long head of hair, but I'm like, well, this is going to take a while. So I kept my hair long and I put it in a, in a bun. so you'd never knew how long my hair grew.
Right. Cause it looks the same in a bun. And then, and then I had the same tan because I used the same day. Cause I'm a tan guy anyways, but I didn't want it to look weird, you
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Right, right, right.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: but yeah, though,
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: it's weird though, when you watch a movie, those little things, people notice, you
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Oh, totally. Oh
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: wait, wait a minute. He's four shades lighter now.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: It's um, you know, I was thinking, it's kind of like, because you know, when you're, you're we're movie Watchers more than anything, right. We see these movies and we're fans, so it's like, we want it to be perfect in, in the sense that I'm not gonna let some stupid shit. Ruin the movie, you know what I mean?
If you're not going to like the movie, you're not going to, like, it will be for like a big reason, not because
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: right, right.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: that I forgot to do,
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Yeah, the attention to detail is so important when it comes to that stuff. And
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Exactly.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: could [00:32:00] feel your passion coming off of what you're doing it. I love this because we have people that come on all the time and some what they're doing, they all have a certain passion, but not everybody is excited about what they're doing.
You know,
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Yeah. Yeah,
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: just doing,
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: one thing. Yeah,
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: when did you figure out this is what you wanted? This is who you are.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: young. I was young, man. I was a D
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: clown or were you like the guy that just needed the attention? You're like, I got to go into, I got to, I got to make stuff. I got to make
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: You know what definitely a ham for sure. Got that from my dad, ended up teaching myself how to play piano by ear. Like my dad does, you know, and like, I jumping up on tables and dancing and doing Michael Jackson first nations as a kid and like other stuff, you know, but, by my buddy David, same day who shot my movie, We went to high school together and we lived in the same neighborhoods.
We would shoot the little things like, like everyone does in their backyard. And, and he, we didn't really know what a director was back then. And we didn't know, what it was. So I would write though, [00:33:00] I have these ideas and I say, you know, David, I wrote this thing. I'm going to act in it, you direct it, you know?
And so he and I ended up pointing the camera and I.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: point in the camera.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: I pointed the camera and I got everyone together and I worked out the scene and I told everyone what to do. And eventually
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: were directing.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: out that was directing. Exactly. So I'm like, you know what? This is, this is fun. Like, I like this.
Cause then you, then you edit it together. We're in the process of we're watching these things get made and it's so much fun. It doesn't matter if the movies one minute or 75 minutes that it's, it's, uh, it's just so much fun every time. So, um, definitely when I found out that it was even. Oh, the film school was even a thing.
That's when I knew I didn't want to be a business major. You know what I mean? I wanted to go and try to make some movies. Um, and then I guess I always thought I could do it just because I watched so many movies that I, you know, it's just, I think that, you know, when you're wa when you watch so many movies, you gotta [00:34:00] know what looks good.
Right. You figure that. So if I'm wa if all I do is watch Scorsese movies, and I want to just do it, I can do a fucking shot for shot scores, some of the best of my ability, and that at least would guarantee that it's going to be good, because I've just in my mind, I'm like, you know, if this works and this will work, you know, plus you watch a bunch of bad movies, you know what not to do,
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: right, right, right.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: shit don't work at all.
Don't don't do that shot, you know, blah, blah, blah. So I thought, I always thought I could do it. But when I met, when I made bear. And as a junior, uh, yeah, at LMU, I, uh, and I saw it all come together and I was like, you know, that was when I knew it. That was what I knew.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Oh, so when you got into college, you're taking classes, you're going to make your first movie bear, then you realized, well, I love this more than I even thought I did.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: It's a crazy experience. Yeah.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: because I think a lot of people do that where they, I think it happens a lot with writing. Like I'm going to, I'm going to write a [00:35:00] novel, I love this.
I'm going to write a novel. And then they sit down to write the novel and they realized, Oh, Holy shit, this is a lot of work.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: It's a lot of work.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Yeah, it's not, I'm just not going to sit down and write the next great American novel and then sit back and be rich for the rest of my life, because I think that's what.
I think people get the wrong idea of what being a creative person is. They, you know, it's not the fame and the money, hopefully that comes to you because I got to tell you right now, Bryce, I was like, I was like, Oh, he's, he's, he's doing this. And I wasn't too. Sure. And then I read about you more. I was like, Oh, I really want to talk to him.
And you have exceeded my expectations beyond because
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: you, man. I appreciate
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: a joy to talk with, dude. Uh, but you know, I think they're in it for the wrong reasons, you know? And if you're, but if you're in it for the love of creating the genre or the medium that you're doing, you're doing it in. Oh my God. It comes through.
It always comes through.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: I've never been more happy in my life than when I'm making a movie.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Oh, that's awesome.
[00:36:00] Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: You know what I mean? It's just like, I, I get choked up thinking about it. Actually. It really does tears, tears to my eyes. I'm not lying to you. It's, it's just such a weird thing. Cause it's, cause you put so much into it and every little aspect that you, but you care, it's like, it's like, it's like raising a child, you know, from birth, you know you from, from, you know, you, you, you, uh, You know,
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: for what you're doing it.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: this fucking child, so you raise it.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Yeah. Yeah. Well, from what you're doing it, you're doing from concept to finished product and you're in, you're creating it yourself. You're not just waiting and selling a script and hopefully they do a good job on it. No, man, I'm gonna fucking make this thing and have it there.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: No. It's like the difference between being a semen donor and
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Right, right.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: It's like, I could just, I could just donate sperm and I could just, you know, produce a bunch of movies, blah, blah, blah. But not man. I
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: might be out there. Girls will see your picture and say, Oh yeah, I [00:37:00] want his child. And then
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Yes. Then it comes. That comes to it's nice. And a little bit bonuses of everything now, but, um, but yeah, no man. It's, uh, It's just even talking with you, man. I mean, I just want to go fucking shoot something.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: you should, man. You should.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: I should.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: So what do you, uh, what is your overall aspirations? Do you just want to, do you really just want to direct or write or do you want to do, like, you want to be. I don't know, man. I mean, it's, it's, I feel like in the position that you're in being a creative person and doing all this stuff, how do you choose just one, you
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: That's exactly right. Yeah. That's it, man. I figured I would be something like, uh, I mean, shit, to be honest with you, I love what Bradley Cooper did with, um, SARS born.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Oh yeah,
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: it's a guy who writes this movie directs it, right? Accident sings in it, like go does a whole though. I mean, he's like, you really fucking everything short of editing it, you know?
, but, , yeah know, [00:38:00] it's, it's tough. , it will be tough to choose one if I had to. I love directing man. , I think it's, I also very much enjoyed the acting. And then I do have that I did, did get some acting, , ,
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: You got the, uh,
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: awards and
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: yeah, the honor Rose film award in Italy, where they gave me the best actor.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Yeah, they did. They also gave me one at the LA film festival and, uh, and
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: you're doing something
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: ones as well. Yeah. Yeah. You know, I'll be, you know, just like anything though, not everyone's gonna love everything. Um, but I, as long as I believed me, that's all that matters because I know me very well. And if I'm pulling myself, then I did my job at that point, you know?
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: That's awesome, dude. Well, I hope you get something going on because I want to see more Bryce now. And now I actually want to go back and watch too hot to handle. Just to see you just because I'm just going to be cheering for you no matter what.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: it, man. There's a lot to cheer out. Let's hear about it, but it was me. So I come in on episode three and I make it to the very end, but you gotta watch it at least, at least to the very [00:39:00] end because they kind of make me look like a tool in the beginning because it is reality TV, but I have a very nice, uh, finale.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Oh, good. Well, you know, this doesn't, this doesn't air. This won't release until well after Friday.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Okay, well, perfect. yeah, no, yeah. It just, yeah, the reunion, the, all this stuff. Yeah. It's it was, you'll see. You'll I don't want to ruin it up for you, but, but it's good. No, yeah.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: I'll check it
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: I think that, yeah, it's it out, you know, just, you know, check a couple of things here and there, but, yeah, you, well, I'll, I'll keep you updated when it comes to the, my movies and stuff like that,
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: you do? Yeah. Please do your cause. I'd love to have you back on anytime you don't have to have anything going on. We could talk about movies. We could talk about certain movies that come out. And because I, dude, I love talking with you. You're this is, I was not expecting this at all.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Awesome though. I listen, I wish I could, you know me, I can talk and talk.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: right.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: I'm in though I'm in. , but yeah, man, that's good. I appreciate that. I appreciate you having me on.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: Yeah. So this will come out in a bit a [00:40:00] bit. So we really appreciate you coming on, man. I damn hope to see you soon.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Yeah, thanks for having me on man now. Yeah. You'll you'll see me soon and I, hopefully I can get you more stuff out there, man.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: okay. Thanks man.
Bryce - Bryce Hirshberg - Interview: Sweet. All, man. I'll talk to you guys later.
Kenric - Bryce Hirschberg Intervew: See ya.
Kenric: So there you go. How, you know.
John: you stole what I was, but I was about to say, and we're back in my big game show voice and you'll get,
Kenric: Oh, you want to do it? Go ahead.
John: And we're black. Yeah. Thank you, Bryce, for coming on. And we had a great time talking with you. I really realistic to it while editing. I just remembered how much fun it was chatting with you.
And we'd love to have you come back on and talk about horror films at some point, because it's something we all connect with and that whole process.
Kenric: It's a lot of fun, you know, and you can tell he had a lot of fun and. Yeah. And that was like right before COVID actually hit.
[00:41:00] John: No, it was right after. Cause he was, he was unlocked. Yeah. He was unlocked on in his boat is
Kenric: Oh, that's right.
John: he had in the Marina.
Kenric: That's right. What a great place to be locked down.
John: yeah, it was right after the world went like M let's stay home.
Kenric: wow. That's right. It's been a bit so people understand, um, We do so many shows that we'll record and it might be a month to two months before that episode gets released. And then we have a lot of post editing that happens. And so this is part of that process. And so, yeah, I, in my mind, I thought it was in February, but to write it was right after everything happened.
John: was mid March. Yeah. Yeah. But he was a lot of fun. I really hoped, I wish him well in his career. I want to see him go on and do more things. It was kind of funny because I remember when Jeff brought him to us and Hey, do you guys want to talk to this guy?
He's on a show called to watch channel on Netflix. And I was like,
Kenric: Y
John: no,
Kenric: yeah, no, it was Y w it wasn't. No, it was, well, why, why would he, why would he want to come [00:42:00] on to this show? This does, this does not his, yeah. There's no cross pollination here. Really. There might be some,
John: there's some,
Kenric: but not, not like to the degree that we would be like, Oh yeah, that makes sense. But once you start talking to them,
John: yeah, it crosses a lot,
Kenric: Yeah.
And he's just so infectious, you know what I mean? I was, you know, I can't wait to be able to go down to San Diego and he was like, we need to hook up and hang out and, you know, because he's just somebody that you want to hang out with. And yeah. So there you guys go,
John: There you go. That's a show.
Kenric: that is a show. That's a big fat show.
John: Hey, you tooth on fat,
Kenric: fat show fun.
John: right? I'll do it. Alright.
Kenric: Alright guys, go ahead. No, go ahead.
John: okay. Okay. If you like what you're hearing today on our show and split the country, you can go to dot com and check out all of the other shows. There are so many of my can't even tell you about a mall, but if you go there and hover over the podcast and you can see all their names, click on them [00:43:00] and check them out, subscribe and love them.
You can also check out all the articles and reviews and previews and commentaries and whatever, from all the people who write for us all there all day long, go there, subscribe to the feed. You will not miss out. I promise.
Kenric: you guys go? I can't add anything to that, but Hey, for Johnny I'm Kenrick,
John: For Kendrick I'm Johnny.
Kenric: Ooh, don't forget.
John: We are going through though.
Kenric: Tells you to do
John: Open the mind,
Kenric: and read more.
John: stop laughing at me.
Kenric: Thanks everyone.


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