January 21, 2019


Aquaman Review, The DCEU, and The Eynes Anthology!

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Kenric Regan John Horsley
Aquaman Review, The DCEU, and The Eynes Anthology!
Spoiler Country
Aquaman Review, The DCEU, and The Eynes Anthology!

Jan 21 2019 | 00:41:27


Show Notes

I know we are a bit lat to the game here, but here we are with an Aquaman review! What do you think we thought of this movie? I'm not telling, you will have to listen and find out! It's been while since we have recorded and it shows, but we do our best! John's been too busy work on his book the Eynes Anthology and Kenric has been dealing with some house stuff. But we are back baby! We also talk about the DCEU and more, cause you know, tangents. Check out the Eynes Anthology at http://eynesanthology.com "Drinks and Comics with Spoiler Country!" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC25ZJLg6vL4jjRgC1ebshCA

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