Here on Spoiler Country we have a few podcasts for your enjoyment.

Spoiler Country

This is our flagship show, where we talk comics, movies, whatever. Hosted by Kenric Regan and John Horsley, they discuss whatever nerdy topic that comes to mind. Bringing on creators from all forums, covering conventions across the globe, and reviewing the things they love, you are always in for a good time when you travel to Spoiler Country!

SC Presents Commentary Track

If you love comic books, and you love hearing creators talk about what goes through their head when they create their books then this is the show for you. We sit down with the creator and go through page by page, panel by panel, to give you behind the scenes insight as to how the books we love are created on these special commentary tracks.

Haphazard Adventures

John and his wife Kaylie started this show back in 2009. Originally titled y2cl Radio and focused on talking with webcomic creators and a way for John to promote his webcomics, the show has changed. Now the show focuses on life adventures the two go on, R3 episodes where John talks to himself, ReUp’s of the original show, and SASSY Pod in which John and Kaylie’s daughters record and edit a show together. Select shows hosted here, all shows found on y2cl.net.

Shootin’ The Sith

Robert Slavinsky joins Spoiler Country to give us all the dish on everything Star Wars. Shootin’ The Sith will take you to a galaxy far far away and keep you informed of everything Star Wars.

Misery Point Radio

Corrupting the airwaves and saving the universe. One Artist at a time.
Join host Mike Peacock as he takes you on an epic quest to journey through the wasteland of internet radio. Along the way, you’ll encounter epic interviews with epic artists from all genres: Musicians, writers, actors, poets, illustrators, podcasters, entertainers, and so much more. Check your shoes, you just stepped in piles of awesomeness.

Bridging the Geekdoms

Bridging the Geekdoms is all about bringing all geekdoms together in one place. Besides being the one stop Podcast for all your Pop-Culture needs by discussing Movies, Comics, Television and more. We will also be conducting interviews and welcoming guests with those inside and outside the industry who have found ways to bridge their love for multiple mediums within the pop-culture World.