Zack Snyder & Netflix. A Perfect Match!

Zack Snyder made a comeback as a director this year after releasing his cut of Justice League, which turned out to be a huge success. Around 2 months later released another movie, Army Of The Dead, a zombie heist movie (which was way more that that) for Netflix, which again turned out to be a huge success with around 75 million views on Netflix in first four weeks making it biggest Netflix release of the year. And now in October another movie from the AOTD universe called Army Of Thieves featuring fan favorite safe cracker Dieter and a little bit of backstory for Hans Wagner’s safe. There are quite a few of his upcoming Netflix projects in next few years. Here are some of the announced projects

Zack’s ‘Dead’ Universe

Zack Snyder to Direct Rebel Moon at Netflix—Inspired by Akira Kurosawa |  IndieWire

So let’s start with Army Of The Dead universe. Since The release of Army Of The Dead, crazy fan theories about time loops, alien origin of the zombies, safes being portals to  other worlds/timelines are dropping in.

And most of them are indeed true and even Zack Snyder confirmed the existence of timeloops in the universe as well as robot zombies. We can even see two UFO’s hovering over area 51 at beginning  of the movie and they shoot into the sky as soon as the trucks carrying the zombie leaves. There are two announced spinoffs/sequels in this universe

Army Of The Dead : Lost Vegas                         

Lost Vegas is an upcoming animated prequel to Army Of the Dead, set during the initial outbreak the virus. The series will probably focus on the origin of the zombies, robot zombies, aliens, patient 0 as well as the las Vegas crew led by Scott ward. The series has a great cast that includes Joe Manganiello (Justice League), Christian Slater (Mr. Robot), Harry Lennix (The Blacklist), Ross Butler (13 Reasons Why), Anya Chalotra (The Witcher), Vanessa Hudgens (Tick, Tick … Boom!), Yetide Badaki (American Gods), Christina Wren (Man of Steel), Monica Barbaro (The Good Cop) and Nolan North (Star Trek: Lower Decks) have signed on. They join Bautista, Ana De La Reguera, Tig Notaro, Omari Hardwick and Ella Purnell. Jay Oliva will be showrunning lost Vegas. Zack Snyder teased the origins will be shown through portals .

Planet Of The Dead

This is the sequel to Army Of The Dead. Vanderhoe escapes Vegas and discovers a bite mark while he’s in a plane to Mexico. It is suspected he will probably become the new alpha and the zombies will go worldwide. Zack Snyder teased that Dieter might be alive. Vanderhoe will be joined by Dieter as well as Gwendoline(from Army Of thieves) in the sequel. Though they may or may not be human anymore. Snyder calls this movie a sci fi movie with horror elements and the movie will feature the time loops too.

Other Original I.P.

Twilight Of The Gods

Twilight of the gods is another upcoming anime from Zack Snyder featuring Norse Gods and mythology. Not much is known about the plot. But the cast was announced few months ago (Peter StormarePaterson JosephJohn NobleCorey StollJamie ChungPilou AsbækLauren CohanSylvia HoeksKristofer HivjuRahul Kohli, and Stuart Martin )

Rebel Moon

Rebel Moon is Zack Snyder’s Upcoming Sci Fi epic .

Synopis: “The people of a galaxy sends a young woman to seek out warriors from other planets to help them from the tyrannical armies that are terrorizing their peaceful colony.”

Zack Snyder recently announced Sofia Boutella as the lead of the movie. Snyder compares Rebel moon to Man of Steel but on steroids

There are few more projects Snyder talked about over the years, but these are the only ones officially announced. Zack Snyder is known for making adaptations of already existing characters but now all these movies are his original projects.

He’s far better off at Netflix and his original projects. A big reason why is there won’t be fans demanding already existing characters to be done a certain way. Giving him freedom to do anything he wants.

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