Zack Reinvigorates HOPE for the Snyderverse

Get your tweets ready Snyderverse family… Zack Snyder is taking the lead on hyping up the #RestoreTheSnyderverse movement!

There was a war in heaven, Mr. Turpin. And I won. Your future belongs to Darkseid now

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family and friends, eat Turkey and to be thankful for all you have in life. However,if you are Zack Snyder you, not so, mysteriously create a social media post that excites an entire fan base.

On November 25, 2021 Zack shared a photo of his family’s Turkey, just as he did the year prior. This time though, if you look closely you will see an interesting addition to his Kitchen’s countertop.

In the background and slightly out of focus is what appears to be the omnibus of DC’s FINAL CRISIS. A seven issue run released between July 2008 to March 2009. The most interesting aspect of this is how Zack Snyder’s DC film arc would have utilized elements from that series. Of course it would had he been allowed to complete what he started.

Zack Snyder Hints At Returning For Justice League Sequel
Image from Zack Snyder’s Vero

Is The Snyderverse Restored?

Snyder is known for his not so hidden messages within his Vero posts. Throughout the entire #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement he would often share Behind the Scenes or never released photos of his Cut. When things began moving towards it’s release being a reality his posts became less frequent and a little more cryptic. However, since the release of the Snyder Cut besides his desire in revealing, with low image quality, his Green Lantern which was omitted from the film he has been relatively silent on the possibility of any continuation.

On November 17th 2021, the anniversary of not only Josstice League, but the Movement’s Biggest Social Media day in 2019, Zack posted this on his Vero as well.

No description available.

Currently it is unknown what it means. At first it seemed to just be a post honoring the day that changed the course of the movement. But it appears to many within the fandom there could be more to the Clapper Board.

Is it REALLY being Worked on?

Yes, Absolutely. Zack LOVES to storyboard his vision. He will often use pen and paper to accomplish this. If you look closely in the image. You can see sitting right on top of Final Crisis book appears to be two drawing pads. Which makes sense if he is taking inspiration from that specific comic run.

We also know that he had laid out the work for the remaining story as far back as 2014. This is where Jim Lee actually created a jaw dropping story board elements which were later revealed in DC Exhibit in Texas earlier this year.

Despite Zack being busy with his Army of the Dead Universe as well as his new I.P. Rebel Moon, it seems he is still continuing his work on perfecting his DC film arc.

How Could It Be Restored?

I will most likely get A LOT of flak for this, but I am still not entirely convinced that the continuation of the Snyderverse will happen as fans want. Scoopers have all speculated that Zack is working behind the scenes with the incoming big wig David Zaslav. As they are preparing for a continuation of the Snyderverse as soon as the Discovery/Warner merger is complete. While all of that sounds extremely possible, It’s hard to ignore the comments Zack made while on his promotional tour for the Snyder Cut. Where he stated that they would be exploring other avenues, including animation, to complete his story.

Personally I will take it either way. Financially animation would be the most profitable way to go but we fans were much prefer live action. At this point though it is anyone’s guess. The actors and even Snyder himself are all scheduled for other projects for the next few years making Live Action a difficult time to fit in anytime soon.

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