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Way back when I first saw Walk The Line I wrote a ‘review’ for it and I was going to just move that review over to this site since I’ve sort of shut down the other one. After re-reading it though it was a little…short. So I will include that here, but I will also give you all a much deep review of the film afterwards.

First, here’s the trailer!

Ok, now for my original review.

Walk the Line

So at 12:30pm on Saturday (Nov.19, 2005), my mother and I went and saw WALK THE LINE. Seriously one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Joaquin phoenix captured Johnny Cash so well its unreal. The voice, the mannerisms, everything about cash he was. In this movie it’s hard to think of him as anything besides Johnny Cash. Reese Witherspoon did an excellent job of capture June Carter, and her voice as well, though she was a little of a different sound then the real June Cart Cash, but was still very good. Robert Patrick did an amazing job, as always, in playing Ray Cash, Johnny’s father.

You have no idea how giddy I was while watching this movie, it just made me happy. There’s a scene in the beginning about Johnny’s older brother that nearly brought tears to my eyes, it was touching and hard to watch.

I think on Monday I am going to go out and buy Cash by Johnny Cash and read it, since I have been planning on it since I first watched High Fidelity with John Cusack when his character says in the movie ”I’m sorry but I still think the Cash by Cash is the best book ever written.” This movie just reinforced my need and want to read it.

Actually, I shouldn’t buy it for myself I should put it on my Christmas list for someone to get for me, since I have a habit of buying everything I want right before Christmas. *hint hint*

I did buy that book and it is an amazing read. You find out so many cool tid-bits about his life in that book. Like when he burned down a national forest. Neat things like that.

But this isn’t a book review, this is a movie review! For Walk The Line!

I’ve watched this movie several times and there was a section of my life the soundtrack was on repeat in my car. This movie came out in the hay day of my love for Johnny Cash, so it hit me right in the time I wanted it. I was, and still am, very sad about the passing of the Man in Black, but he lived a good life.

The movie covers his early life in the military, his time at Sun Records, his first marriage, and his obsession with June Carter. The movie really is a love story between the two, even though half of it he has another wife. Details, right?

If you look at the name of the movie, the tone of what it focuses on shouldn’t be hard to figure out. They called it “Walk the Line”, which is a song written by June Carter that Cash took and recorded to make a hit. I used to joke that it’s one of the first ska songs, only cause it’s a rock-ish song with horns. Pissed off all my ska-daddy (hate that term) friends.

I know this movie isn’t 100% accurate, but I do love that fact that prior to Johnny Cash passing he did give his stamp of approval form Phoenix and Witherspoon. Speaks volumes if you as a creator get to help decide who plays you in your bio pic. (Isn’t that the goal for us all who create? To get a bio pick made about us? I know that’s mine. Though I might have to make and start in that one myself.) It really feels like a lot of love and care went into telling this story.

Now I know, movies are made to do two things. Tell stories and make money, with a large emphasis on the latter for hollywood movies. I mean I get it, no one wants to make a bad movie. No one sets out to make a bad movie, but sometimes the people behind the people making the movie put a lot of effort into it just “making money” over being good. I don’t feel that here.

This is literally one of, if not the best bio pic movie out there outside of Amadeus. If you have not seen it yet, and you love music, then why not? It’s amazing. The music is awesome and it’s about the Man in Black.

Also, Orange Blossom Special is one of th greatest albums ever.

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