TRC: Let’s Talk About that Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

We’re back everyone…..Back from the dead it seems. After a week hiatus due to both Robert and Colton being sick we come back to shoot some nerdiness all over your face neck and chest. This week we talk about the CW Arroverse cross-over event ‘Crisis on Earth X’, we gush about Marvel’s newest hit on Hulu ‘Runaways’, voice our concern with the upcoming film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, finally getting to the meat of this episode we talk about the new Avengers: Infintiy War trailer and where the MCU could go if Disney buys 20th Century Fox. Plus we have a whole lot more with laughs and what not. So join in on the discussion! 
The opening and closing music this week is from our good friend Deej Penhollow from the Nerdtalkalypse Podcast (CHECK EM OUT!) 
Pizza With Pepperoni – (A Pizza Parody of Rudolph The Red​-​Nosed Reindeer) 
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