TOT#26 – Horror Stories from Real Life!

It’s that time again! Time for another Tangent of Tangents! This one was actually recorded over a year ago…we just forgot to release it.

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Steve the drunk robot does the best he can on these transcripts, somethings are not right. Bear with him as he learns.

TOT 26

Kenric: [00:00:00] So we have an NHL team coming to Seattle. I’m excited.

John: I have a hoodie already. You got to crack and hoodie

Kenric: do, did you get

John: seasoned? Fuck. No, there was too expensive.

Kenric: 20

John: bucks at the beginning. Yeah. But they went up super. If you want him for 20 bucks, you better get in line and refresh that shit and be ready to go for hours.

Cause they went no, no,

Kenric: no. The $20 was just to buy just to free so that you had you were guaranteed the ability to

John: buy. Yeah. But they were gone almost instantly. Oh yeah. Yeah. Tickets and any tickets to any game right now is hundreds. If not thousands of dollars.

Kenric: Yeah. Any game

John: fortunate for us, for our team.

It starts next year and it’s like, fuck, I want to go into a game, but this year they don’t start this year. Next year I start 20, 22. Oh

Kenric: yeah. I’m excited to go. I’ve never been to a professional

John: hockey game or we all, we kind of have to go to the Kraken, the cracker. I mean, we are going through, out of the computer with the airwaves.

Kenric: Right? I love the [00:01:00] name though. I don’t understand why they didn’t do the Metropolitan’s. Y I want to crack into better. It is, but the metropolitans, they actually won the Stanley cup. The Seattle metropolitans. Do they?

John: Their first game is first games in Everett. October 1st

Kenric: in Everett. Yeah. Where are they playing?

John: I don’t know. It just says angel of the winds arena. Everett.

Kenric: Wait. Oh, casino. Well that’s because the key arena isn’t really.

John: Right. Okay. So they’re playing Everett on the first on the second. They’re playing to show where center in Kent. Those are all. Oh, those are all preseasons. Okay. The first, okay.

Their first actual game is in Vegas at

Kenric: T-Mobile arena in Vegas. Let’s see. Where are they playing? Oh,

John: October 23rd is our first home game at the climate pledge arenas.

Kenric: Yeah, I think it’s the key arena. Well, [00:02:00] they dug down and redid that whole thing. Good. Yeah. I don’t

John: know. Maybe we get the Supersonics back.

Kenric: Fuck, dude. That one pisses me off everybody off, dude. I was a huge Sonic fan dude. I got lucky enough to meet Gary Payton and be in his private. Nice. But he did all his electrical work at his house. So his wife, let us go and stay in his booth and he looks up, he’s playing, he’s playing. I think it’s the, either the Mavericks or the nuggets and Gary’s got the ball.

You’re right. He’s the point. And he’s. He’s walking down, he’s setting up and he looks up and there’s me and my buddy, Chuck and Brandon, and our buddy Mike with our beers and roll. And then two seconds later, his wife shows up. She goes, oh, I just want to make sure who it was. Gary saw. She was like, who the fuck are those white boys in my booth?

And then we’re sitting there watching them play and it was awesome. They won the game. You’re watching this guy came into the. [00:03:00] It was, it was awesome. It was a private, but it was amazing. And I’m sitting in this private booth and this, this black guy, these two black guys come in and they walk down. They’re pretty good size guys, dudes.

And I’m just sitting there watching the game. I’m getting excited. I’m given that the dude that sat next to me, high fives, where we’re literally chest pumping each other cheering and, and the guy’s like, all right, what’s your name? And I’m like, oh, I’m Kendrick. He goes, oh, I mastered. I had no idea who he was seriously

John: a masterpiece there, dude,

Kenric: I chest bumped it fist bump did frickin given hugs in fucking fist, bumping each other through three-quarters of a Sonics game with master P.

I had no idea who cause I, because at that time that was like the late nineties. Yeah. I just, I wasn’t a hip hop. I liked hip hop. I liked like any kind of music that I like. I’m good, but I don’t know the players, you know what I mean? So I had no idea who he was and he leaves, he was like, [00:04:00] all right, play we’re out of here.

And he gives me a thing and he, and he, and he gives me like a, like a bro hug, you know? And my buddy Brandon was sitting right in the back of me. He goes, do you know who that was? That was masterpiece. He just introduced himself. And he was

freaked out. And I was like, I have no idea who you’re talking about, but that’s fucking cool. It was crazy. It was crazy. What happened to me? I gave a story for you from yesterday. Oh, what happened yesterday? So I’m out in the middle of nowhere. Okay. I’m in this parking lot of like a warehouse and it’s, I don’t know if it’s abandoned or what, there was like no other cars, you know what I mean?

Right, right, right. And it’s, I’m almost to Fallon Nevada and sitting there and I’m. Because they have to be in a certain area so that I get a certain signal. [00:05:00] Right. And I’m sitting there and I have my car on you. Right, right. Conditioning. Cause it was kinda, it wasn’t hot, but it was, it was uncomfortable inside the car because the sun hit the thing anyways.

Right. Right. Had all the windows doors locked. Car was running air conditioning. I’m working. I’m gonna go through them. I’m I’m, I’m doing this right on my laptop and I’m writing out a defect and I’m looking at this device and I’m like, okay, I look up and there’s this guy walking towards the car. Oh geez.

And I’m like, okay. I look down, I look up and he’s Boomi’s there. But out the window he knocks on the window, shows me a knife and says, I need you to get out of it. What the fuck. Yeah. And I look at him and I’m like, no, and I just drove away. I was like, it was dude, it was the weirdest thing. The guy was like maybe a hundred pounds, [00:06:00] less than me.

120 pounds. Less than me.

John: That’s crazy. I was like carjacked.

Kenric: Yeah, dude. I don’t know what he wants. I don’t know if he was, yeah, he probably wanted to carjack me

John: carjack. You were like.

Kenric: Kill you, who knows man, but the car was locked. I don’t know. He didn’t, I don’t think he tried to open it. You know what I mean?

But he didn’t knock on the window and show me a knife. It’s crazy. And I was like, he was like, you need to get out of the car and I’m like, fuck, no, no. And I just drove away because it was like, I was literally just in park and I didn’t even think, right. I just drove up, like all of a sudden I’m driving and I’m looking in my rear view mirror and he’s walking away and I called the cops, Hey, this just happened.

And they’re like, okay, we’ll have, what were you at? And I’m like, well, I left the area obviously. Right. You know, in a Walmart parking lot. And I was like, well, I’m at the Walmart and Fallon. And they’re like, okay, we’ll send somebody there. I was like, all right. Two hours goes by dude chances. And I’m like, I call him [00:07:00] back.

I’m like, Hey, it’s like two hours ago. I said, I at work, I can all the stuff to do. Do you guys really need to talk to me face to face? You know, like, well, what’s the description, you have a description. And I was like, yeah, he was like, How many, it was like 5, 8, 5, 7, somewhere around there. Maybe 130 pounds maybe.

Yeah. Look like he, I was like, look, I grew up in a small town in Washington where meth was a big problem, especially in the nineties. And it looked like he was on something similar to meth. You had sores all over his face. He had, you know what I mean? Okay, where was he? And I was like, he, it was this area and they were like, okay, well, if we need you to come in, when you, when you come in, I’m like, of course, yeah, let me leave.

Let me go home. Or you can send, you can shoot me a video or a picture. You could text me a picture if you want, you know, whatever. So I haven’t heard anything since, but I’ve never had anybody. That’s crazy. I’ve been in [00:08:00] fights. I’ve been. Somebody wanted to fight, right? Yeah. Yeah. And I’ve always been just big enough that people always thought twice, like the same site, do they want to really do this?

Or do they, you know what I mean? Like they could probably kick my ass, but they know it’s not going to be,

John: if you pick up, they’re going to hurt too. Probably

Kenric: so, but so most of the time and never nothing ever comes up, which I’m glad for. But I’ve never had somebody like flashing a knife at me like that.

John: I’m sure I’ve told it before on the show, but do you remember a story I I’ve ever told you a story about the time I had a gun pulled on me,

Kenric: was that when you were a security guard at the bowling alley

John: at that time too, when I was a kid and I was like 14 or 15, so I was trick-or-treating. Probably too old.

So it was Halloween. I was probably too old to be trick or treating, but I was, I was going with like my, my cousin and my I’ll show you my, my nephew kids, you know, I think I was like [00:09:00] 14,

Kenric: I think.

John: So lots of opportunities for myself. Right. I would take JT out and stuff in that timeframe, but. I was, I was dressed as a serial killer. I had my hair all ride it up and I had a box of Cheerios with an accident that I was hilarious. I was a serial killer, you know,

Kenric: serial, a serial killer you’re walking pun.

Got it.

John: Exactly. It’s a pun. It’s pretty funny. I was with my nephew, Jeremy, who was the same age as me and a couple of their friends and we’re walking around their neighborhood and we went to Katrina for like an hour or so and get candy and we’re getting ready to go back to his house and like start eating candy.

And this group of like 10 older boys walks up to us and they’re probably, I would say like a year to three years older than us at the time. So like, like 15, 18, somewhere, not right.

Kenric: These are the worst.

John: Right. And they walk up and they’re like, you know, the whole stereotypical computer candy type bull, bull bullshit people do.

And they’re looking at, they’re like, give us your candy. I was like, no, we’re not giving you our fucking candy one. I’m bigger than every one of you went to [00:10:00] fuckers. Yeah. And I didn’t say that, but I’m thinking this, you know, I’m like, no, I’m not giving you my candy. And then this one fucking kid with glasses pulls out a fucking revolver.

He goes, yeah, I think you’re gonna give me your can to do. Oh shit. So I look around quickly, my nephew fucking bolts it and run back to his house. All the other kids, all the other kids fucking scattered behind me. And I’m fucking left with these 10 dudes around me and one was going to fucking gun at me and I’m like, fuck, fuck, fuck.

So that’s the thing. I didn’t know. I didn’t recognize most of them, but I looked over and one of them I’m like, huh, that’s my neighbor. So I just looked at him and I went, Hey, Ruben, how’s your dad. Cause he knew for a fact that if his dad found out he was out with the kid with the gun, he would beat his ass.

He that it was his dad was, it was, it was a, it was a drunk, was a meth head and would fucking beat their ass if they got in trouble. I don’t agree with that. But I use that to my advantage this night. And I was like, Hey everyone, how’s your dad too. And he was like, and he goes, you made, he goes, oh, oh, oh Johnny.

Yeah, I, Hey guys, we should. [00:11:00] We’re good. We’re good. And they left only because, and I only got away with that because I, I knew him and his dad. I knew that if I, if they didn’t fucking kill me for whatever reason, he was in his ass fucking beat that night, the next night. So it was like that that’s what saved my ass, but it was fucking scary.

I was like sweating bullets. I was 14 years old. The guy at the pistol pointed at me, I’m like over or a fucking Halloween candy.

Kenric: Yeah, fucking that’s the thing. Do you remember? Dan is like a weird town most of the time, if you grew up in Birmingham and you’re going to get your, the most is going to happen as a fistfight, once in a while you get some idiot with a gun.

And the thing is, is they’re just dumb enough to want to prove themselves. Right. They’re just dumb enough to want to pull it. Yeah. Yeah. That’s scary, man. I mean, that’s, that’s an Dick move. You know, Halloween candy, you

John: know, for candy dudes, come on.

Kenric: Yeah. And it just, I don’t get it. Dude.

John: People are weird. I also had a gun, pulled me as a security guard, [00:12:00] pulled on me.

What was kind of funny. Cause the guy dropped it.

Kenric: I tell you what? I quit a job. I was going to school, a trade school in Arizona back in 1993. Yeah. And I got a job at the circle. K. Yeah. But every time I go to work, then something strange as a foot at the circle. K. I was only 18 too weird things happen. The first, second, yeah, the second night I worked there.

After, I think it’s six o’clock. We were required by law to lock up all the alcohol. So you had to go and, and, and you know, the big freezers or a big refrigerators like we have today and you go in and have your soda, but those things locked from the top and bottom. Yeah. The ones that we had at it anyways.

This dude comes in, he’s Mexican. And I’m only telling you that. So you get the whole picture. What I was experiencing, he comes walking [00:13:00] in and he’s huge, dude, big dude, never seen. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a man in my life that big, how your muscle, just all muscle, right? So big. Like he probably would have to have a straw to drink a soda because his chest would get in the way

John: he was huge.

We shouldn’t do this motion on camera, just

Kenric: get a bald head. And he had tattoos all over his head. And this is the early nineties and people didn’t do. Right. It was just every once in a great while. You’d see it on TV. Like a wrestler would have a spiderweb to you. Yeah. Tattoos on his head. Oh, you see in a movie, but not in real life.

So he had his whole prison tats, you know, and he was tatted all up. Scary. He was scary. Scary shit, man. And he goes, Hey, and I’m like, oh, Hey, because it was like seven. It’s like broad daylight still. [00:14:00] Where’s your peer ad. I’m like, oh, it’s in the back corner. And he’s like, okay. And I’m like, you need me to unlock the thing.

And he’s like, no, I’m just. And he goes back there and he just puts his foot right through the glass, the pane glass, two cases of beer, and then walks out and he’s like, he’s like, I’ll see you later. I was like, later dude,

John: like, I don’t get paid

Kenric: enough for this shit. I waited like 10 minutes. And then I called the police.

I’m like, Hey, we just got robbed in sweat lodge. I should have took that video tape. Cause it was, it was crazy, dude. It was like, what the fuck? And then a week later, The guy that got me the job, he went to school together. I remember his name now, but He got robbed at gunpoint OJS. Cause this circle K was off of 40, was it 45th and Indian school and right behind it was a big ghetto neighborhood.

Yeah. It wasn’t like the most pleasant. It wasn’t the most, I don’t know what it’s like today. This is, you know, it’s 25 years ago. Almost 30 years ago. Yeah. I don’t know what it’s [00:15:00] like today, but then it just, wasn’t a very safe. I got tons of stories. Yeah. Whole area, dude. Cause we just live in a bad part and he got robbed and the next day he quit and he and him, it messed him up so bad doing it.

Like they stuck a gun in his face. That’s scary. He shit, his pants like literally shit, his pants. And then they took, they got like $20, right? Because the safe was timed. So, you know, Tyra in the safe and you got anyways, so you got like 20 bucks and he, he left school. Like he wouldn’t go back to work the next day or you know, that they were like take the week off and he just, he never came back to work and then he left school.

It just really, really affected him. Yeah. It’s just a small town, like, like literally like a hundred people in the town right. Where everybody knew each other. Yeah. Yeah. My manager goes, Hey, good news. Good news. I’m going to call him Chris, cause I can’t remember his name, Chris quit. [00:16:00] So we’re going to promote you up to the graveyard shift.

That’s an extra 50 cents an hour.

John: Great. No,

Kenric: thanks. He was like, well, why don’t you try it? And then I was like, oh my God. And he and I had, at that age, I had a hard time saying no, like sticking up for myself. Right, right. Okay. And then I, I was there for like two weeks and they had a guy that worked with me. And he was super cool at cameras and he was African and from Africa.

Yeah. Nice. And he, he had that great accent and we’d sit there and talk, and then I’d go to his apartment after, after work and we’d have drinks together and, and just bullshit. He was a really cool guy and he was like 20 years older than me. And it just, you know, we just had a fun time. I introduced him to Kiwis.

He’d never had a Kiwi before Kiwis. And I brought him in and he was like, oh my God. Anyways, he went on vacation and I had to do. A week and a half by myself, Gregor. And I was just like sitting there and [00:17:00] I had this guy come in and was begging for food and he didn’t have any money. And I was like, yeah, he’s like, can we just get some hot dogs?

You know? And I was like, fuck. Yeah, dude, take some hot dogs. And then. Yeah. And I don’t know, dude, it was just weird. And I was like, I do that like week and a half and I’m like, I can’t do this. That’s not fun. Yeah. And I tried to tell my manager, I can’t, I got to school. I’m tired. I’m not doing well in school because of this.

I don’t need this job. I just wanted it for spending money. Right, right. Because I was privileged. I got lucky. Right. Yeah. Yeah. I was born lucky. Sorry. Lucky for you. Yeah. I was just like, I gotta, I just can’t do this. And I laughed and then I didn’t, but I did it really poorly because I tried quitting, you know, but then I walked into my manager’s office and he gives me this bag full of fruits and vegetables from his garden, tells me how to cook the stuff and, you know, like, and then I left and then I got home.

I just never went back. [00:18:00] But again, then I called to get my check and they’re like, you have to go get it there. And of course, the lady that I used to give a ride home to every night, it was all pissed and, and having my check, but she wouldn’t say anything. She just got my check, gave it to me and walked away and I was like, okay, whatever.

And then dude, one night I got off work and I lived on 51st avenue, Thomas. And I don’t know if you know. Phoenix at all. I don’t, but it’s a planned, it’s a plan city. So it’s literally a grid, like I think named streets run east to west and like first street up to main street or like streets up domain, go east to west or north to south.

And then after that is avenues, it’s super easy to get. Right. As it should be in a city. Yeah. And they have, at all Indian schools are main row drag and Camelback, and they have Thomas that cuts back. And when he crossed the whole city and that’s it really easy to get around. I lived on 51st avenue and Thomas, and it [00:19:00] was not a good area.

They found a lady’s head in the shut, down in our dumpster. And then two weeks later they found her body floating in the the river way things, the water, you know, the, yeah, the manmade rivers to the city. Well, I’m driving home one night after work and it’s like three o’clock in the morning, four o’clock in the morning and I’m going down 51st avenue.

I go down Indian school, take a left onto 51st avenue. I’m going down and like somewhere, I can’t remember where, but somewhere between Indian school and Thomas is a big neighborhood and it had a huge, like entryway to it. In the middle of the entryway laying in the street is a guy with a knife sticking out of his chest.

Oh shit. I’m 18 driving in my little Toyota pickup doing this. Like what the fuck? And I was like, in my first instinct is like, do I get out and check on him? Right. Do I help this guy? [00:20:00] And then I was thinking that’s a ghetto. I don’t know if it’s safe for anybody to get out and check for that check on that guy.

Right now, you get out and check. You might be the next one or what had happened. Just happened there. Those people could still be just right there. Yeah. And then you’re then all of a sudden I’m like contemplating and dude, it’s, it’s literally, when you’re looking and you start thinking in your mind, you don’t know if it’s a life or death situation.

Right. Right. And you’re thinking to yourself, you’re looking at it happening, or you’re looking at it. And it’s brain it’s burned into my mind. This guy sprawled out with a knife sticking out of his chair. Like it looked like a Rambo knife, you know? Yeah. And I’m sitting there looking at it and I come to a stop and and I’m seriously contemplate.

Do I get. Do I do, do I, do I just get to the nearest paper and called 9 1 1 or I do, [00:21:00] you know, I didn’t do it. I didn’t know what to do. And then all of a sudden I’m like, I’m going to go to the payphone and we know the payphone, we were the paper. And then all of a sudden behind me cop like cop cars, ambulance, like the full force of the Phoenix PD is behind me.

And I’m like, oh, and by the time I got. 20 feet they’re already there. Nice. Yeah. And I was just like, and I went home. I went home because I didn’t know what else to do. I

John: cried in the

Kenric: shower. Yeah. That would’ve been funny, but no, but I didn’t, there’s a part of me that goes, I should have talked to the police, but I don’t know what I wouldn’t be able to.

I didn’t see anything. I just happened to get off work and driving by and I might, it might’ve just happened like minutes before. Yeah. I mean, talking to

John: the police at that point, you, you had nothing, nothing to give him besides. Oh, I saw this.

Kenric: Yeah. I saw the guy laying there. Yeah. I saw a decapitated head there.

Oh, that’s [00:22:00] harsh. Oh dude. We were in school. We’re doing our orientation. It was UTI for air conditioning. UTI, urinary tract, urinary tract infection. Yeah. They should’ve thought about that, right? Yeah. Yeah. Anyways, there was an air conditioning school and automotive. Nice. And so they would do this huge it show up that day and they would do this huge orientation.

And then they were talking about your financial aid. And if you didn’t pay back your financial aid that they showed a guy literally going to jail for not paying a student. One of those, this guy behind me, John Poteat man, he was a funny guy. He was like in his forties. Right. And he’s. There’s no such thing as debtor’s jail.

Why are you showing these kids? It was so funny, but anyways, I

John: thought I hate schools like that,

Kenric: but yeah, go ahead. First day of school, we’re doing this huge orientation. We get out. This kid, these two kids [00:23:00] in the automotive side, one had a, like a 1971 Camaro Knight. And the other guy had like a 1976 or 70, 19 70 something.

A Volkswagen bug. Yeah. But it was souped up. So they decided UTI at that time was off of, it was universal technical Institute. They’re off at Indian school. And they decided these two guys decided they were talking to each other and these are, they wanted to race. So they get out of the parking lot and I’m like, I’m still parked.

Right. But I see them leave. Okay. My buddy, Eric, who has a friend who was doing air conditioning. And we had just met that day, but we ended up being really good friends and hanging out all the time. He was in the car behind them. Okay. Eric had long hair. Right, [00:24:00] right. They come out of it and they come out, take a left on Indian school and they just start, they’re getting side by side and they’re going well, there’s 30 year old guy and his elderly father.

Decided to, to cross Indian school, not at a crosswalk. they just had a jaywalk. Yeah. The worst time.

And the bug hit that old man. And he exploded. Kick exploded. Yeah. He full on exploded. Eric was in the car behind them, everybody in the car, they had their windows down. Get doused off. My God. Yeah. Eric’s he went home. He had so much blood in his hair. He couldn’t wash it out fast enough. He shaved his head.

Mind you he’d been ch he’d been she’s hair went almost to the middle of his back. He was holy crap, dude. Yeah, it

John: was that’s training. That’s a lifelong trauma right there.

Kenric: I went around the car. We come [00:25:00] around the corner. We’re out like maybe three or maybe five minutes later. The cops were already there.

The ambulance is already there, right? Oh man. It’s dead, dude. His head is on the ground and we drive right by it as they’re covering it up. Holy shit dude. Yeah, dude. It was nuts.

John: Everything I said, I’m going to get hit and die before, but never like, explode like that. I didn’t

Kenric: see the, I didn’t see the accident.

I just saw the aftermath. Eric saw all of it. Yeah. And then the next day, so. So the next day, the guy that owned the Volkswagen bug went home to Texas. Right. But he had to be investigated because someone died. One, they were J Y. Yeah. To the guy driving the bug never slowed down. He didn’t slam on his brakes.

He just slowly slowed down. So they couldn’t tell how fast he was going. Oh, geez. Yeah. And so he didn’t nothing happened. He didn’t, I mean, [00:26:00] I know it was bad that he was racing. I get that. Yeah. But it’s such the calamity of errors on, on everybody’s part. I don’t know what you do just bad all around. Dude, it’s nuts.

There’s no time in Phoenix. And I was like, I gotta go. I was like one started doing all this air conditioning stuff and I’m like, I don’t want to crawl underneath people’s houses. I just run. I don’t want to do that. What am I doing?

John: I’m out of here. I’m going to the computer stuff instead. Pays better. Yeah.

Actually HVAC pays really well right now. Like if you get an eight track, it pays.

Kenric: Yeah, doing it paid well then if you’ve got to do it in there in the nineties and the mid nineties, if you’ve got a job in Vegas and a hotel maintaining atrium, it was a hundred grand a

John: year. Yeah. That’s a lot. That’s a lot of money in the

Kenric: nineties.

Yeah. And then if you started your own company and already had a job in Seattle, I talked to these, these people that own their own company, and they’re going to hire me as soon as I’m done with school. I don’t want to crawl under these houses. I don’t want to deal with that shit. [00:27:00] You know, it just, I don’t, it’s not any fun.

No, no. And my sister and my brother had just graduated, gotten their associates and work on their bachelors. And I already had a job at a place called famous that did medical billing. They worked on their software. Yeah. And yeah, so I was like, I’m doing the wrong thing. Yeah.

John: Here we’ve made a hundred thousand dollars, 1999.

That’d be like making almost $200,000 now. Yeah. A lot of money.

Kenric: Yeah. It’s a lot of money, but you had to get a job you had to get to get yet things. There’s a couple of things. You getting a job in Vegas with the hotels or Disney on ice that was. You know, and I was like, man, that was like, cool. And I was thinking about it in school.

And I was like, okay, we’ll have to do something after high school. They’re like, nevermind.

John: I want to be a podcaster. I don’t. That means yet. But I’ll figure that out

Kenric: here we are. Yeah. [00:28:00] I don’t think those are

John: stories I’ve never told you before that the exporting deal was the first offer. That one.

Kenric: And that was nice.

Sick. Why don’t you do Indian school is a four lane road with a turn with a turn lane in the middle. So it’s like five lanes long. It’s crazy. Why would you begin to, and this guy. In his eighties, dude, he was old and his son was walking him across the thing. And I was like, why haven’t you go down to the crosswalk?

Yeah. Do the crosswalk. Yeah, it was weird. The whole thing was weird and that’s a

John: wonderful, happy note to end the episode on exploring. Yeah. It’s to make one of somebody’s death, but

Kenric: you get the almost 30 years ago, dude, at one point, when is it okay to joke?

John: I mean, if he was in his eighties, then he would probably be dead now.


Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. Def 103 hundred and 10. No, but our condolences, yeah, he’d be 110. [00:29:00] Yeah. Sorry. All right.

John: That’s that’s super sad though. I mean, jokes aside it’s

Kenric: it’s super sad. It was weird, dude. It was, it w it was it’s that kind of stuff stays with you when you see that stuff, you know, and it’s

John: is our next time we’ll, we’ll tell more horror stories.

So I got it. I got some, I can tell you about jobs I’ve worked at not quite exploding people, but some pretty, some pretty interesting stuff

Kenric: before we go. Cause I don’t have anything more after this. So Tofino has a friend, her name’s John L yeah. Her mom’s whole Giannos mom’s whole job is to drive around Boeing.

And because Boeing is so massive people, you don’t understand how big these complexes are in city. Yeah. She, her whole job is to drive around and look for dead people.

John: Holy shit.

Kenric: Really people, yeah. That people that cause people die of a heart attack. Or an aneurysm or a stroke all the time, because they’re out in the middle of nowhere, they’re out in the middle of someplace.

You can’t get any help and then just die [00:30:00] right there. And then they’re there for days.

John: That’s a horrible job. Yeah. But the job where you pray every day, you don’t fight you, you just, your job is a striving.


Oh, well it’s probably a country I’m Johnny over there that way. So you’re going to be that,

Kenric: that way. I’m over here.

John: Yes, because we never did. We never did an intro. We just started talking. So I’ll do the intro at the end.

Kenric: Yeah.

Hey, Hey guys. Welcome back to support the country. Uh, Ms. Doris Lee and

um, uh, Till next time.

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