TOT 25 – Funniest Movies of All Time and Old School Tales

It’s TOT time! This one was actually recorded in September of 2021 but for some reason we never released it, but here it is for you! We talk about the funniest movies of all times and tell you some stories from our formidable youth!

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Steve the drunk robot does the best he can on these transcripts, somethings are not right. Bear with him as he learns.

TOT 25

Kenric: [00:00:00] So man, you’re in Reno. I’m in, yeah. I mean, Reno, I’m not a gambler. I like going to Vegas just because of the nightlife, but you know, it was not. That’s the biggest little city in the world, man. It’s not the same. It’s not the same. And everyday I go out to the middle of nowhere. The Hills have eyes I’m going to

John: play.


Kenric: don’t know where to bury bodies right there. I pass this. Every day I pass this compound and it has got three little buildings on it, right? Yeah. It was a definite shack. One looked like in 1960 single-wide trailer and then one is like a, a shed kind of thing. And it’s all dirt. Right, right. There’s like stuff in the, in the.

In the yard, but it’s like a bunch of burn barrels and [00:01:00] tires. And then like the, the single-wide has tires aligned all the way around the top of the house, the roof of the house. It’s bumper protection, man. Yeah. I don’t know what that does for them. And then I saw the guy out there and he was like a white guy and he was super skinny with tattoos, but they look more like.

Not tattoos

John: you get at the parlor shop. Let’s put it that way. Professionally done.

Kenric: Yeah. And he’s raking dirt, raking dirt. It was like, okay. Yeah. I mean, maybe the nicest guy in the world and inside the house is immaculate. I have no idea, you know, but first impressions, it was not great.

John: Impressions are uh, your house.

I was like, shit. So, um, anyway.

Kenric: Yeah. So it’s been kind of things

she didn’t see shin chinchy. Huh? Shane

John: gee, the movie that’s out. [00:02:00] Yeah. They say it right. Is that she said she, how you say it? Shang

Kenric: chief Shang Chichi. I love the guy playing him. Sorry. Yeah.

John: Same, same Luis and Lou similar.

Kenric: Yeah, he’s great, man. He’s from all over, right? Well, I was a big fan of the Canadian.

Sit-com he was on what was it? Oh, he’s it’s on Netflix. It’s called oh my God. I’m a big fan. I can’t remember the name of it. They finally, they showed,

John: I don’t know what it is.

Kenric: Yeah. It’s actually pretty funny. I watched all of them, but I, I think, I can’t remember the other show because I watched it back to back to back.

Yeah. Yeah. You know what I mean? You know what I mean? Right. I’ve

John: just, I’ve just been to watched shows. I mean, in the last like three months I’ve watched, I’ve watched all of all 11 seasons of modern family. I’ve watched. Last man on earth. I’ve watched, I’m watching psych right now. Somebody I’m binging shows right now

Kenric: Kim’s convenience.

Oh, okay. Yeah. Yeah. I seen that. Yeah. And it makes [00:03:00] me it’s, it’s pretty funny. It’s got its moments where you’re just like, well,

John: it’s pretty funny. I’ve watched a couple episodes. Yeah, no, I like, I like how he got that part. How he basically tweeted out how he wanted to do it. They’re like,

Kenric: okay. Oh really? Yeah.

Yeah. But he knows what he he’s like. Yeah. Like he knows what he’s doing when it comes to fighting. Yeah, he, he he

John: had 300 out tomorrow and basically was like, Marvel let’s make this happen. And you know, a year later he was casting

Kenric: nice. Now I haven’t seen it yet, so I don’t really see it yet either.

They announced the home date of November

John: turnaround. I thought it was October 27th.

Kenric: No, I think it’s I think it was November. Well, if only there’s a way we can look this up, right. If only.


John: but I want to see if I don’t wanna go to theaters. I’m still too scared to COVID

Kenric: streaming date, but I want to, I want it

John: right away. [00:04:00]

Kenric: You’re going to.

John: Well, it’s playing out the drive-ins. Yeah, so it’s probably with new guy at the drive-ins. So I might go to the drive heads

Kenric: and see it, but you gotta, you gotta go to, to the middle

John: Bremerton yeah. Of Belfair, which is an hour and 20 minutes away from here.


Kenric: I mean, for 15 bucks,

John: for 15 bucks, I can see both movies, you know, double

Kenric: feature, double feature creature made it come back. No. Yeah. People love driving. I love driving. I love when.

John: We should go once or twice a year, but we haven’t in a while. Cause we moved up here and there’s no drivers around here.

Kenric: I saw the drive-ins was don’t tell mom the babysitter’s dead with Christina Applegate.

And she was still doing here with children at that time. Yeah. That’s

TOT 25 – COMBINED: early

John: nineties,

Kenric: 1992. Yeah. I turned 18 or maybe I was 17. It was 91. I don’t know. [00:05:00] Yeah. Anyways, either 17 or 18, it was at the time I haven’t watched it. I wonder if it holds up

John: do man, I see, you know, I time it moves a hold up. Like you watch like your favorite movie as a kid and.

Like I used to love the movie from Dolly as a kid. So fucking weird and like nonsensical and not funny now it’s not that it’s a bad movie

Kenric: now, but like, it just. It’s the one with

John: Robin Williams as the

Kenric: the

John: bat batty. And it’s basically where like the corporations come in and take the forest down. And the little, the one vulgar, it turns into a little small fairy sized person.

There’s all these fairies of talking around. No, let’s say if the trees say it, the trees and it gets, it was fun and great as a kid. And I loved it and loved batty as Robin Williams, but I watch it now. And I’m like, there’s really a shitty plot in this movie. No offense overrode it, but the plot is kind of like all over the place.

Okay. All the jokes are very [00:06:00] much time for the time and frame what it came out in.

Kenric: That’s the problem. When you, when you use jokes that are of the era, you know what I mean? Right. Topical jokes based on topics that are going on at that time. Right?

John: I mean, have you watched ACM.

Kenric: I haven’t watched H Ventura in probably 20 years.

John: Well, I loved that movie as a kid. I loved it. And fury, I watched it

Kenric: when it came out. I loved it. Yeah. But that

John: whole plot, now the whole plot of the bad guy being the trend, the trends best either transsexual or the, should I try the transgender, the guy, the football player would change his gender and they have all the jokes about it.

And like he throws up in the bathroom and the whole, the whole scene where he’s like brushing his teeth and crying in the shower and the crying game plays and all that shell. They would not make this movie this way now it would be, it would be a different movie. The bad guy would be different, but they wouldn’t have such great lions as what is my gun?

Digging into your hip

Kenric: or reaching your right.[00:07:00]

John: It’s like, make me laugh still. But the whole plot of the backyard people.

Kenric: Yeah. I think, I always knew that the plot was really dumb. You know, it’s all the one-liners,

John: it’s the one-liners, it’s a facility, the stupid jokes.

Kenric: It’s like anchorman, anchorman. I love anchorman. I love that show. I laughed so hard. I fell out of my seat in the theater.

Yeah. Yeah. My buddy that one’s me. He, we were both crying. We were laughing so hard. Yeah. I watched it like three times in a week. And I quoted in mimic that movie for years afterwards. Yeah. Yeah. But it’s just all the women. Right.

John: 6%, 100% of the time or 6% of the time. It

Kenric: works though. Don’t

John: quote, I can’t remember.

It’s funny the whole time.

Kenric: It works every time. Right. [00:08:00] They’re seen when they’re. They’re walking through the park and they’re eating and they just throw their shit everywhere. It’s like, dude, that was so like what it was like, I feel like back in the early eighties, late seventies, people just really shit.

I don’t know if you’d ever noticed as are walking away the author of their ship. Paul Rudd’s like, I’m totally aroused. It’s like, it doesn’t make any sense. And it’s, it’s, it’s a bad lip over because if you look at his face, he’s not even talking. Right. It’s

John: an ADR. Yeah. Yeah. It’s like, come on. It’s funny that it’s one of those movies that doesn’t have a good plot, but it’s just so good.

Kenric: When did you, when was the first time you watched anchorman? Did you see it in the theater came out when it came out? You said the theater

John: means whale’s vagina.

Kenric: I don’t think so. Doesn’t that mean?

John: I agree to disagree.

Kenric: You know, the thing is with that. Yeah, it is this is what we’re going to talk about this.

So everybody knows

John: random shit. It’s been

Kenric: awhile. Yeah. It [00:09:00] is the trailer of that movie. If you saw the trailer in the theater, right? Yeah. They did the scene where he’s all cannon ball and he runs and jumps. And does the camera on and his pool in the trailer? He has a scotch in his hand as he does in the movie.

But in the trailer, when he drops his scotch, you can hear it go. And he goes, and it’s so much funnier. And for some reason they took out the bloop theater. And I was like, it could be probably because they did, they, they grabbed that section, the trailer after the movie, which already rendered

John: children’s usually I usually cut together with unfinished footage.

Kenric: Yeah, or it was already finished and they added that sound for the trailer. Right? Exactly. And then it was, and then when you saw it, cause that’s dude, I’ll tell you, man, that’s one of the things that drives me nuts with movies is when you see something in a trailer and they’re like, oh, that’s cool. And then that scene is not in the movie.

Yeah. Or different

John: case in point. Love it. Or [00:10:00] hate it. The first trailer for the justice league. The first, the first one. Okay. As the first one, the first filler dropped, it was still Zack center working on it. So the first trailer had a bunch of scenes in it. And then when you saw the movie and Josh Wheaton read it, everything, not hardly any of those things were actually in the movie for the trailer though.

He was a part of the movie. He didn’t have any of the scenes in it. And I it’s

Kenric: like, what did you see the sales of the Zack Snyder DVD? No, for justice. No massive dude. I’m sure massive like enough now that there’s talking to them, wanting me to be doing more of them. I doubt they will, but he just signed a deal with Netflix.


John: I know he’s he’s not, he’s not exclusive with Netflix. It’s not going to be happening for a couple years anyways.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. I wonder what he’s going to do. Cause he did the the dead week was a day of the dead or Dawn of the dead or whatever. I mean the dead army of the dead. That was pretty funny.

I didn’t see it. I mean, did you, did you like a day [00:11:00] of the dead? I don’t think I ever saw it. It’s all action, dude. It’s not a typical zombie movie, you know, I just, I don’t know. I have a hard time as X Snyder.

John: Like honestly, I don’t want to get into guidance almost every time, but it’s like, I respect him as a crater.

I think he’s, I’ve heard he’s a really nice guy and kind of awesome person, but I think

Kenric: when it comes storytelling, doesn’t do it for you. Yeah. It’s just storytelling.

John: It’s not there. He misses things all the time. And

Kenric: you did 300. Was that him?

John: No. That’s Frank Mueller and

Kenric: Barbara Frank Miller did it with somebody.

I think it was, I guess that wasn’t Frank Miller by himself. No Franklin, when did the, did the spirit by himself? And he did, but did he do SIM

John: city sends said, okay. Send city without pay. Since it, it was Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez 300, well, I don’t know, 300 was that center. Yeah. Nevermind dad.

Kenric: I didn’t like that movie

John: really.

I mean, we talked about our 300. That was a, we talked about 300, 300. [00:12:00] I was like 500 episodes ago. I mean, I didn’t, I didn’t, I didn’t like it. It just was really aggressive. In places where I didn’t need to be aggressive. And so I get, I get that supported the movie was I supposed to be overly masculine and I was wrong, but I’m like, I find it hilarious.

All the overly masculine things everyone’s like are about involves dudes and underwear.

Kenric: Like everything, everything super masculine that movie. Yeah.

John: Well, it’s like we’re men heroes and it wasn’t like, I mean, it wasn’t a terrible, it was action packed. It was fun. It was fun. It made meet the Spartans make more sense.

Cause I watched that movie first.

Kenric: Was that a con, was that a knockoff as pill was a parody? Yeah. It’s funny. You watch that, then you watch 300.

John: I didn’t watch, I didn’t watch 300 until we did that episode on it. I only watched it only watch it for that episode.

Kenric: You know, I don’t know why this reminds me of this.

You know, it was a good movie with [00:13:00] Jack Black and. Oh, God, the kid from super bad.

John: You’re talking about Jack Black and Michael Cera in your way.

Kenric: Year one. Yeah, that was a good movie. Oh my God too. It’s just like, I felt like it kind of went under the radar. It did. And that movie

John: is way by the enemy gets credit for it and I bet you, it held up and I’ll I’ll I have it.

I’ll watch it

Kenric: again. It’s hilarious. I love that. Oh God dude. The whole thing with David Cross with Cain and Abel, it was crying, dude.

John: Oh dude. Yeah. I remember we bought that at Walmart for like six bucks. When it came out on DVD, I say it, I was like, what’s this? I didn’t even know it was, I don’t even know about it at all.

I mean, we did it when we watched it. I’m like, oh my God. That was fucking hilarious. So good.

Kenric: It’s just so stupid,

John: stupid ass comedies. I don’t think

Kenric: I

John: really liked it. It was that I’m supposed to watch animal house and we’re supposed to talk about animal house, but I’ve not yet watched that movie. So

Kenric: I can’t, we had a whole conversation about this.

[00:14:00] I cannot believe. You’re a child of the eighties and you’ve never watched

John: animal house. I know, I know I will. You know, it’s been happened. I’m probably going to watch it and go, oh no, I have seen this, you know, but I don’t watch it. You’ve seen porkies, right? No, we talked about this last time we talked and in the forties,

Kenric: late seventies and the Portuguese too was in the early eighties.

John: Probably my Amazon, Sonia about Newport Alexa, cancel Newport wise. It’s telling me all about the Newport city for some reason, Newport beach. Yeah. Something we said prompted my Alexa to talk about that animal

Kenric: house.

John: Right. Or

Kenric: bring up and


John: wonder how, how many podcasts out there get like ruined or interrupted by one

Kenric: of those things. Yeah, a lot, you know, speaking of you’re talking about no one would do [00:15:00] ACE Ventura today. It’s the same thing with a lot with porkies and the

John: nerds, the

Kenric: same way I watch, we render the nerves from T now I watched it a couple of years ago and I cause a holdup.

I hate no, dude. I love that movie when I was, when I was a kid, because you felt like, oh,

John: You know, I mean, there’s the rape scene in the,

Kenric: in the thing, just get to you’re like, how did I not feel the same way about that then? Cause it was, it’s so bad. It’s so bad. Yeah. And it’s like, oh, straight up

John: rapes that girl.


Kenric: Like bad guy. It’s

John: like, what the fuck?

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. It’s like now if you watch it now and that scene happens, you can’t, you can’t like that character anymore. Right. And he’s supposed to be.

John: Louis fucking disguise himself with somebody else and can, and

Kenric: yeah,

John: I remember the kid watching. You’re like, yeah, he’s getting back at the, [00:16:00] no, it’s fucking raping her man.

I know it’s not her fault. It’s not her fault.

Kenric: I mean, the only, the most redeeming scenes in those movies is ogre.

That was awesome. And Oh Bush, we’ve got Bush, but that scene too

John: is bad thing in the penny rates. All of it’s all bad. Penny

Kenric: reads is kind of funny because it’s like, okay, that’s kind of funny if it’s innocent and you’re not trying to like things, that’s not what they did. They put on a bunch of cameras and like voice getting undressed so bad.

I mean, so bad. Oh dude. It’s like. Oh, it’s all for comedy and stuff, but damn son. Yeah. No one would make that movie. I mean, it’d be interesting if they remade it, how they would make changes

John: to their act. So that’s kind of funny because they were, so when I went to Comic-Con in oh six, they were re at Fox what’s remaking that movie.

Kenric: Oh, what happened? It got, it

John: got canned for some reason, but [00:17:00] they were, they were there. He was going watched it. I have. So I have I have a lanyard that says we’re bringing the. Fox studios coming, coming fall 27, 2007, something like that. Right there, there, there, there were there at Comicon with this giant booth promoting it and pushing it out.

I think they had a screener copy of there too, but all that the movie has been made that was with her. I don’t know if it was ever fitted. I think they showed like scenes from it. I know there’s been there’s they were shooting it. Cause like there were stars there that were there. I mean, they were in marketing mode, not in like Tony of talking about it.

They were in a fucking marketing mode for this movie and then they got ax. So I’m assuming. Close to me and Don and someone was like, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. This is too much.

Kenric: They tell you about my American tire experience. No. So when American pie came out, my buddy Brandon was going out with this girl named Kristen Smith and Kristen Smith wrote 10 things.

I hate about you. Was the other one legally blonde, right? She’s watched some other movies. She’s she’s a really nice sweetheart girl. [00:18:00] And She gave me my copy of legally blonde and, and 10 things. I hate about you somewhere. I have them on DVD, but she gave them to me and signed them. Nice. But

where’s that going? Oh yeah. She like had some insight about screening going on for American pie. Yeah. And she told well, not here because I’m in Reno, but up into where I’m at. Yeah. And she told Brandon, her boyfriend who him and I were living together. He’s like, Hey, you want to go watch this movie? And we had seen the previous.

So like, you were like, oh yeah, this looks classic. You know? So we went and it was in downtown Seattle at the at the Pacific, you know, the one that’s by Niketown, right? Yeah. And they had you had to like sign an NDA to see it, and then they had a questionnaire that you had to fill out when you were done.

But the American pie that I saw in the theater was 20 minutes longer than what came out. Oh, really? There was like all these extra scenes. It was kind of crazy. I think like, I

John: can’t remember the scenes. I think they released [00:19:00] there’s a, there’s a director’s cut. That’s like 20, 30

Kenric: minutes longer. It was probably the one.

Yeah. Yeah. Cause it was like, I remember going and seeing it and it was like a year later than. And then I remember going to seen him like, holy shit, this is

John: that’s one of the movies that when I went and saw in theaters, my friends and I were laughing so hard, like belly laughing and thought that. So I have three instances I can remember of like watching a movie and just laughing so much to their hurt.

And it was American pie,

Kenric: south park

John: movie, and oddly enough men and black, but that might’ve had to do with who I was there. And like us making jokes about it as we’re watching it. But those three movies were like belly laugh, laughing. Oh. And team America, sorry, team America as well in theaters laughing so hard that it fucking

Kenric: dude.

So for me it was American pie. I laughed a lot. Yeah. Super bad. I cried. I was laughing so hard and my wife at the time, my ex wife now, but my wife at the time hated it. [00:20:00] But my buddy Jarrett went with us and him and I were. Dying because she didn’t understand the jokes. Right. But it was very much our childhood.

So we recruit high anchorman was another one that I just died laughing scene with the ladies. Like it smells like Bigfoot’s Dick, or it was like, it was like shit with her hair all over it. I couldn’t, I, it took me three or four times watching that movie to be able to get the whole story because I laughed.

You know, and it still makes me laugh that things are happening in anchorman and I’m giggling before it even happens. Cause I know what’s. Yeah. And then what was it? So American pie anchorman super bad and knocked up.

John: Yeah. Knocked off another one. That one was so I loved my best line. One of the best lines and knocked up is like, you wanna do a docu-style?

No, I don’t want to be fucked. Like. You don’t have to go outside or anything.

Kenric: Do we still say [00:21:00] submission? Marshman yeah,

John: that’s fucking funny. It’s

Kenric: great. Do you know who’s a great writer though, is oh God, he did. He did knocked up. He did Judd Apatow. Wasn’t he a king of the hill.

John: No king of the hill is a M Mike judge. Hell

Kenric: yeah, yeah, yeah. Why don’t we get those too? I always get those.

I think they’re similar in their writing styles.

That was my first movie. Oh my God. It holds up to been like 25 years, you know, there will be so

John: great. I mean,

Kenric: so, so many lies. My stapler.

John: I love all of the guys. Like I give, I take the eviction from the customers and I give it to the. What does he do here? I’m a big pop.

Kenric: Oh man. There’s such a great movie. I I’ve had jobs where [00:22:00] I’ve felt that way,

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