The Last Arrival Part 1 and 2 with Daniel A. Prim

Once again our man on the streets Casey T. Allen (the T stands for ticklemonster) is talking with an amazing indie creator about their project! This time he sits down with Daniel A. Prim about The Last Arrival parts 1 and 2, on Kickstarter now!

No, you’re not on drugs, The Last Arrival is a psychedelic science fantasy and it’s on Kickstarter

Planet C’adaei is in danger.
Five selected to leave and look for a new home. Their destination? Earth, but it might not be the blue paradise they were hoping for… in fact it’s a ruin, whole cities covered in sand and no sign of life other than what humans have left behind.

Olak, Aome, Acrok, Rirke and U’on have to solve the mystery of what happened to humanity and overcome darkness itself in this psychedelic action and drama packed space opera.
The Last Arrival is a Science fantasy mini-series exploring the blurred line between fantasy and reality.

You can buy both issue 1 and 2 with the combined pagecount of 92 as well as other eyecatching items such as art prints, stickers, shirts, postcards, original art and more…

The Kickstarter campaign will end by 14th of October, but we highly recommend to be a back as soon as possible because there are some sweet extras only for earliest backers.

Back on Kickstarter:

Read first five pages:

The Last Arrival is a comic series published by Tripolar comics, written by Daniel A. Prim, pencil and inks by Gergely J. Szabó, colours by Szabrina Maharita.

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