• Happy Fathers Day !

DC Universe News:

• Matt Reeve’s has officially turned in part 1 of his script for The Batman! And it will focus on a Younger batman, this may finally confirm Affleck leaving. However if it focuses on his younger days Affleck could stay on for the present day movies.

• Aquaman – Images have surfaced you can find them at but they look great and the TRAILER will be out at comic-con at the end of july !

• DC BLACK LABEL – WB has decided to split DC films into 2 divisions. They will continue on with THE DCEU films following the storylines that have been going on, they will also have an ELSEWORLDS style division that will helm stories that will not be connected including the Joaquin Phoenix stand alone joker origin film which is rumored to be basically a KILLING JOKE MOVIE adapataion that will take place in the 80’s – this will be an interesting direction for WB to go and will allow them to tell many many awesome stories that exist within the Multiverse of DC Comics !

• A few Weeks ago: LUCIFER the tv series was canceled unexpectedly and fans were outraged, but NETFLIX to the rescue it has been saved and will return for a 4th season.

• Justice League’ Storyboard Artist Weighs In On How Close To Complete The Zack Snyder Cut Was:
Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League has become infamous at this point, and with each passing day fans just want to see the mythical cut more and more, and the debate about if it is an actual thing just heated up once more.

The conversation kicked up again after Mark Hughes said he has “tried to explain to fans a completed “Snyder Cut” doesn’t exist. An initial cut was done w/incomplete footage, missing pickups, no reshoots, missing VFX, etc. So it’s impossible to “release the Snyder Cut” that doesn’t exist. BUT, that said, there’s an alternative…”

That prompted a response from Justice League storyboard artist Jay Oliva, who said while there are some things it would need to do before airing, the full story Snyder wanted to tell in that initial version is fully shot.


“Other than incomplete vfx and maybe some reshoots for hook ups everything was shot that was storyboarded,” Oliva wrote. “Zack isn’t the kind of director who creates the film in the edit bay. It’s all planned out meticulously from beginning to end. That’s how MoS and BvS was done.”

Hughes responded by bringing up sources he’s spoken to since the release that said the cut was still in rough form, needing visual effects, pickups, reshot scenes, and a new scene or two etc. While Oliva agrees there is still work to be done, that’s not what he meant by 99%.

“What I meant with 99% is that all of the scenes Zack envisioned was shot and exists in one form or another,” Oliva said. “Of course there are still vfx that is unfinished but I never inferred that the film was 99% done. Rather that Zack’s vision was all shot except for a few reshoots planned.”


Star Wars News:

Rumor: ‘Star Wars’ Actor Claims 9 Movies in Development, Including More ‘Story’ Stand-Alones:
A veteran Star Wars actor claims there are at least nine Star Wars films in development, including more yet-to-be-announced solo movies.

Aaron @ All-Star Comic Con
Tom Kane seems to be somewhat in the know but very hesitant to share.. claims there are at least 9 Star Wars films in various stages of development, some individual character stories yet to be announced, but definitely not Yoda. #StarWars #AllStarComicCon

“Tom Kane seems to be somewhat in the know but very hesitant to share,” wrote Star Wars Bookworms podcast host Aaron Goins on Twitter.

According to Goins, the longtime Star Wars voice actor “claims there are at least 9 Star Wars films in various stages of development, some individual character stories yet t

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