The Down Low: New Crow Casting Will Make You A Belieber!

“Murdered by a group of thugs, musician Eric Draven is resurrected and empowered by a supernatural force. Taking on the mantle of The Crow, Draven embarks on a quest for vengeance against those who ended his and his fiancée’s life.” 

This, of course is the synopsis for the 1994 film The Crow starring the late Brandon Lee. It is also the synopsis for the new remake starring former teen idol Justin Bieber. The film, projected to be released in the fall of 2020, has just wrapped principal photography in Toronto. The untitled reboot is projected to be a big win for Netflix who secured the rights from Relativity Media after they themselves failed to complete a reboot featuring Aquaman star Jason Momoa. 

Last year, in a brief phone interview with radio station KRXZ “The Bolt”, movie lead Justin Beiber cryptically stated

“The music industry has been pretty good to me. I’ve grown up in a recording studio, but sometimes birdy’s gotta fly, yo. I’m excited to spread my wings a little. It’s time to dip my beak in a new project. Yeet!”.

Justin Beiber on KRXA “The Bolt”

Yeet indeed. Recently Beiber has posted snippets of the upcoming film’s soundtrack in which he covers songs from the 1994 film. The single  “It Can’t Rain All The Time (Baby)” has already been uploaded to YouTube with several lip-synch videos on social media music app TikTok. 

Beiber is test make up released Saturday at DragonCon

When reached for comment at DragonCon in Atlanta, creator James O’Barr stated:

“After that kid from T2 was in the third movie I learned to stop caring about who was in these things. Beiber will do fine, I guess. What is he? A Backstreet Boy?” 

James O’Barr at DragonCon

The film, which carries a $75 million price tag, is part of Netflix’s new strategy to compete against Disney + and other Johnny-come-lately’s in the online streaming market. Stay tuned to Spoiler Country for more updates as they arrive. 

Casey Allen

Casey Allen is a writer and editor living in Alabama.

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