Templesmith is coming to Jet City Comic Show again!

You know we love Ben Templesmith here at Spioler Country. We talked to him way back on our 45th episode and on our Jet City show last year. We’ve talked with him about coming back on the show and can’t wait to get that all scheduled out. Seriously, if you have not listened to our episode 45 talking with Ben for about 2 hours, please take a break and go listen to it now. Here’s the link.

Ben is a class act, not sure what class, but he’s at the head of which one it is. His art style is something I personally wish I could imitate. Not to try and sell or anything, just to learn his techniques because it’s pretty amazing.

If you are in Tacoma the weekend of October 26th, then I highly suggest that you get out to the convention center and one, enjoy the show because it’s always a good time, and two head over to where Ben is and buy his wares. And tell him Spoiler Country sent you. If you do he will give you a free cookie. He wont really but it will be hilarious if you act like you expect one.

Actually, you know what. You should listen to our conversation with him now. Just hit play. DO IT. Also check out Ben’s site: www.78squid.ink

Three amazing books, go buy them all.

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