Halloween Special 2019 – Tell us your Favorite Scary Story

It’s Halloween and just like last year we are doing a special! Only this year we brought some friends a long! So sit back and listen to some of our favorite scary stories!

People Involved in this episode
(In order of Appearance)

Sara Kay – Writer for scpod.net and all around amazing person. See her work here.

Colton Bird – Writer on scpod.net.

Robert Slavinksy – Host of Shootin’ The Sith, writer of many articles here on scpod.net and future debate advisory for John.

Wayne Myer – Amazing dude, great cook, man of many stories.

Kaylie Horsley – Host of Haphazard Adventures.

Jonathan Mahler – Musician (Trusty Seacreatures) and host of The Moist Boys.

Paul Dulski – Host of Everything Horror Podcast, director of The Passenger. Listen to Paul talk about The Passenger with Casey here.

Tessa Baker – Host of Everything Horror Podcast.

Joshua McMillen – Former heavyweight champion of the world and professional bullshitter. Check out The Wonderful Sausage here.

Daniel A.Prim – Writer of “The Last Arrival“. Daniel was on Spoiler Country during his Kickstarter Campaign talking with Casey. Listen to it here.

Kenric Regan – Host of Spoiler Country.

Casey T. Allen – Interviewer for Spoiler Country, curator of The Comic Jam, editor of The Eynes Anthology.

Deej Penhollow – Co-Founder of Nerdtalkalypse, creator of A Cup of Cheer, and all around good guy.

Lane Stipe – Co-Founder of Nerdtalkalypse.

Rich Douek – Writer of Gutter Magic. Rich was on our show talking about Gutter Magic with Casey a little while ago. Listen to it here.

Aaron Miller – Founder of The Comic Jam.

Music provided by No Copyright Music: https://www.youtube.com/c/royaltyfree…

Music used: Halloween by audio-sx.com

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…

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Author: Spoiler Country

The best podcast out there about comics, movies, whatever that you will find with John and Kenric as the hosts!

Spoiler Country

The best podcast out there about comics, movies, whatever that you will find with John and Kenric as the hosts!

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