Sara Kay

Writer & Host

Sara was born and raised in Central Pennsylvania, where she spent most of her days pursuing community theater ambitions and attending the local Arts Magnet School for Theater Arts. Following graduation, she moved to Orlando, FL and then to Memphis, TN before finally settling in Central New Jersey. (Yes, it’s a real place.) It was here that she raised her daughter, a true Jersey girl, on horror movies and stalker shows. In her early 30s, Sara decided to follow her passions for the paranormal and join a local investigation team, quickly moving through the ranks and becoming Director of Investigations. After 3 years, she decided to put this love on hold to complete her degree in Forensic Psychology (to be continued…).

A practicing Pagan, Sara enjoys all things horror related and anything strange or macabre. Her hobbies are studying the paranormal, binging true crime shows, watching Markiplier play horror games on YouTube, and wood burning.

You can find all of Sara’s work within the website under the k files

Twitter – @SpookySaraKay