[SV Original] Are We Getting Justice League Parts 1, 2 & 3?

Since May 20, 2020 there has been plenty of back and forth on what sort of deal Snyder has with HBO Max and Warner Bros. We at the Spoilerverse became privy to some information that we would be getting no less than three parts. Meaning Snyder would get to complete his Superman/Justice League arc the way he intended. This is backed up by his post on Vero stating “No Compromise.” However, I think people, including us here at the spoilerverse, misconstrued the information that we got. Luckily for everyone, in a way it was subtly explained during a number of the panels at Justice Con this past weekend.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League Parts 1, 2 & 3

As badly as we all want Zack to give us three multi hour films, it’s a bit unrealistic to think that WB or HBO Max would be willing to dish out the millions of dollars it would take to accomplish that. However, this isn’t to say the rumored $70+ million that he has received wont be enough to give us the next best thing.

He’s a visionary

According to Jay Oliva, during his Justice Con panel, Zack had nearly the entire Superman/Justice League arc story-boarded while Batman v Superman was in production. The reason this is significant is it gave Snyder the opportunity to film similar scenes in 2014 that would show up later on in the arc. Not only would this help with continuity, creating a better overall experience, but also save on the budget.

It was later revealed by Ray Fisher that he was brought in and cast specifically for Justice League despite his first appearance being in Batman v Superman. Same holds true for Jason Mamoa and Ezra Miller as well.

So how does that information correlate to a Multi-part story for the upcoming Zack Snyder’s Justice League?

The most interesting piece to this puzzle is what Zack spoke about during his panel this past weekend in which he briefly touched on the rumors of an episodic type of release for his film. He expressed how he “thinks its better” (to be released in parts) but was unable to give a straight answer on what to expect.

Additional Photography and Length

Part of the rumored $70+ million that Snyder has received will not only go towards VFX but also additional photography. Something Snyder confirmed without exactly answering during his discussion with The Nerd Queens and Wonder Meg over the weekend. You add those new connective scenes with the already five plus hours of footage he shot between BvS and Justice League. It becomes easier to see how this can be split into multiple parts.

We then had Grace Randolph who after Zack’s panel quickly put up a video on her Beyond The Trailer channel and scooped that Zack Snyder’s Justice League would be 4 hours long. If that holds to be true it would be easy to see that Zack’s vision can be broken into a minimum of 3 Parts.

While we may have all expected something different than this when hearing the Snyder Cut would be released. The picture is becoming more clear and honestly more exciting.

With that all said Snyder teased all this information will be officially announced at DC FanDome August 22nd.

I’d like to once again thank The Nerd Queens and Wonder Meg for putting on such an AMAZING Virtual Convention this past weekend. Well Done! If you haven’t yet checked it out jump over to Youtube and search for Justice Con or just click right HERE

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