Smart Ones: Tuna Noodle Casserole – Tasty American Favorite

Gang, while discussing the merits of my lunch choices with Overlord John, and the Desi Arnez of podcasting Kentucky Regan, the idea came up that because I rarely leave the office for lunch, and I do eat lunch every day, that perhaps I could enlighten you on some lunch ideas, in case you are trapped in the cubicle farm.  (I actually work in an office, and don’t care to leave the office other than on new comic book day)

  Today’s offering is Smart Ones:  Tasty American Favorite Tuna Noodle Casserole.  Now I know a few things coming in, the first being I LOVE a good tuna noodle casserole, and though I have been trying to avoid noodles (carbs, diabetes, lose weight), a taste won’t hurt anyone, unless it’s heroin.

  I also know that to streamline the calories and nutrition, sometimes the remove things with the calories, like taste.  This entrée came in at 270 Calories, 560 mg of sodium (soooooooo much less than most noodles), 46 carbs, 2g of fiber (key to good blood sugar), 4g sugar (okay, the first key to diabetics), and 14g of protein (these guns don’t grow on wishes baby)

  Very easy instructions, takes 7 minutes to microwave, very easy, minimal effort, and voila, I have a somewhat nutritious lunch.  A little pepper, a little salt, I paired it with a coconut/pineapple fizzy water, I am good to go.

  Now, the first thing I noticed was the ten peas.  I don’t know how you make your casserole, but ten peas are definitely not enough.  The don’t add too much to the flavor, but some, and can do nothing but increase the fiber, and probably sugar.  I’m willing to take that risk.

  The next thing I noticed was that it didn’t taste like anything but pepper.  I didn’t try it before I peppered it, but I did it lightly, and it was very peppery.  I did like that it wasn’t salty either.  I am not a big salt guy, so it got lightly dusted, so that was a positive.

  It honestly tasted like noodle texture and pepper if that makes sense.  I’m not saying it was disgusting, because it wasn’t, and I don’t want to be sued, but it was definitely lacking.  Believe me, I know if I go and pick up more frozen entrees, more than likely I will grab one because I forgot how average to below average this was.

  So in the grand scheme of things, if you are to purchase said entrée, it might help of you put in a pack of tuna, which you can get at Dollar General for $1.25.  This was $2.99.  With the extra protein, the tuna taste, and the realization it’s not worth opening up a can of peas to put a TBS worth of peas in to make it better, it would be a very nutritious lunch, with a bit better flavor.

  As it is, it is a pretty nutritious lunch, with minimal flavor other than pepper, which may have been my own fault, that I will more than likely purchase in the future, in the hopes I get something that tastes like the tuna noodle casserole I got back in grade school, which was absolutely delicious.

Bon Appetite

Author: Jay Roach

Jay was born and raised within a 30 mile radius of Ottawa IL, home of Scotty Bowers and a guy who was in soap operas.  His family was Catholic, somewhat filled with ’50 Ideals and conservatism, which they attempted to pass down, and lifetime Democrats.

Jay am none of that nonsense, though he is probably more liberal in social views than most of them.  He's tattooed, has two wonderful boys who are both talented, one a musician, the other designing games.  He have two ex wives that he still get along with.  Jay have two cats (Chloe and Panda Lucifer) who are ambivalent towards Jay's existence unless wet food is involved.

Previously, Jay was the cohost of My Worst Holiday, and left on good terms but will still fill in on occasion.  He now write nonsense articles about whatever grabs his fancy, from old Universal Monster movies, to lunch health, to lists that get stuck in deep in his head and has to purge them.

Jay is an amateur artist, who hopes to branch out into painting this year.  You can see his stuff on social media, or read his stuff in The Roach's Den.

Jay is pretty sure he is allowed to hang around because he have watched a LOT of Burt Reynolds movies. (This is true)

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