Slapped in the Face by An American Pickle

Seth Rogen’s HBO Max original movie “An American Pickle” has a lot more heart than expected. I was transfixed by the absurdity of a man being preserved for 100 years in pickle juice and figuring out current day New York with his great grandson. On the surface it’s ridiculous even moronic but underneath and in the end with a pickle slap to the face An American Pickle is about family and bridging the generational gap. Seth Rogen has fun with both roles as the preserved Herschel Greenbaum and the great grandson Ben Greenbaum. Maybe I read to much into it but It felt as though Seth really dove into his Jewish heritage and wanted to show his love for his cultural background. In a time of everyday horror and depressing news its a refreshing refrain from the reality of 2020.

If you have HBO Max go check it out, its light, its fun, you’ll laugh, and maybe Seth will get an Emmy out of it, I kinda think he deserves one for this.

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