Scary Stories: A Tribute to Terror

Shane Hunt joined us to talk about the upcoming “Scary Stories: A Tribute to Terror”. This tribute project has original stories by Curt Tuckfield. Shane does a superb job of creating images that are a clear throwback to the original Stephen Gammell illustrations. 

Shane talks to us about how this tribute project came about, as well as his methods of drawing the haunting illustrations.

This project is currently on Kickstarter. You can help fund this project by heading over to the following link:

You can purchase your copy of the book, by clicking here.

“Scary Stories: A Tribute To Terror is over 150 pages, containing over 30 stories and over 50 illustrations. The stories come from the imagination of author Curt Tuckfield as well as folklore and real occurrences.  Like the originals, our stories contain no “adult” language, sex, or extremely graphic violence, but we feel they are psychologically more intense (and dare we say, more frightening?) than the originals. Essentially, we have tried to match the surreal grade school tone of the original books while introducing and amplifying elements that will appeal to an older audience.”

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