SDCC 2018 Sunday Day 4 – Kyle Wlodgya! Amanda Barker! Cryptozoic! Travis Hansen! Madeleine Holly-Rosing!

It’s the last day of the con! Sunday, day 4 (or 5 if you count preview night). 

Kenric did not go today, and if you want to know why take a listen! We talked with some awesome people today and we have 3 MORE interviews that will will release in a special bonus SDCC episode!

We talked with Kyle Wlodgya and Amanda Barker from Cryptozoic.

Kyle Wlodgya –

Amanda Barker –

Cryptozoic –

Travis Hansen –

Madeleine Holly-Rosing –

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[0:00] A ride what country.

[0:05] Door sleep with you and very orders and shows that it was the last one and you know i just added,
you get kind of burnt out doing it,
back to back to back to back in the when i do that cuz would it everyday that would act come cover to that record is on the money before the triangle that’s right in jody’s not is bathroom.

[0:23] I got in the bedroom now it sounds like you are have to say and if at at it’s linda sunday sunday will i don’t seem to the butter bowl
voice overs that you go get me one let’s do it.
If I get you an answer then you can have 2% 7/2 % and final offer 5.25.
So all right let’s do this for you and itz going to be,
could you were days what yes can be half day which kinda sucks but,
yeah honestly when I was booking the flight I didn’t think about it I just know that seems later in the day that’s the one I’ll take and then.
What exciting today is at 5 anyways,
it lead to get the airport stuff and i pay for killing abel earmarked as of five thirty,
right right what are we going to pick this up and try to get those cold and goddesses face hope it hopefully that happens yeah so we’ll probably do a,
you know we’re going to find a way to walk around and talk to people it’s going to be a lot of people making stuff down there.
Get out of there gotta town amid market dennis karen on hope we.
I’m sure he i’m sure there is a guy on one of the days yet i right or am i right or is he he is strong and that is set ca guys go yet electric who did on sunday.

[1:53] Let’s hear it on Sunday cuz I know that you said I know what you said but as you were saying that there are far connection call here kind of went.
Right now okay right now.

[2:09] Naira.
Yeah i’ve levels of the universe who can so live through their bounty more.
I will call you and we’re going in drive,
that works in the news release it yeah yeah we probably shouldn’t,
I mean whatever it’s too late now for the year.
And you have over a year now yeah over your over a hundred episodes so today is the last day of san diego comic con daily for flask maybe five yeah are you excited.
I’m excited or burnt out both actually like.
Yes it was yes yes pretty burnt out for the guy Have No Agenda if I don’t do anything today I’m like okay I bought a certain number of things that you took on.
If lasted consummated after the hunt is over i get to chill the beach pat again.
And then get the point home and see my kids so I’m excited for that get home so call it good I’m not going to go to kanade I’m just kind of burnt.
Yeah well I mean you’re old we get it and I’m just burnt out I’m just like.
Me and the crowds and everything is just like after a while you’re just kind of like.
What i don’t get is like to her i get it i get why they do it but don’t like it like.

[3:33] One of them call you about kind is like you go there and it’s a discovery right here discovering new things.
But like the layout of this Connor where everybody’s Bruce that is the exact same as last year.
Does not realize new discovery it’s a lot of oh this is the same s*** I saw last year.
It’s not obvious there’s some new boobs there’s some new people I saw this from last year but.

[3:54] The most part I know where everybody’s at.
Move around that are trying to change up your some give me some variety your 2-year Peddlers think about that though.
When like be in the same spot because the guy allow that re p people that were going to go and find them and see all,
I remember I got this from last year you guys got new stuff I want to get your new stuff coming out of me like that that repeat customer.
There’s a part of the clowns that even this year I didn’t go look at because I knew was it was Shadowhunters in,
right away I think those aisles are things I don’t care about right I’ll walk down them but I could be wrong,
i don’t go down and have no this is all the same dvds of the things of last year i think election i’m okay this year which may be good or bad but i couldn’t make it is what eat i’ll.
To you but just like i don’t know anything in the same and i go back with greg go back to like you know stephens do there like your deputies do so without government well,
a comer con this looks the exact same to me and i was looking at as i would know what year was.
There’s no place for somebody just go and sit down like there was last year.

[5:13] Oh yeah outside of Philadelphia the one with food,
so was your food I don’t even see the food area it’s so good this year is like right straight down from that is this food area,
right I know I know there’s things I may go down today to see what’s there but it’s oh no I mean.
It’s just hard when you have limited ability to buy stuff to take this is not the money it’s taking it.
Right we’ve we’ve been all morning packing suitcase is going how we dealership home yeah yeah there’s a lot you know I don’t have a lot more than I thought I did,
right away boss of rustic back yeah yeah it looks like oh my God I don’t know I’m going to put it in here and not have it be destroyed.

[5:59] Right that’s that security is not how you destroyed yeah that’s what that was that’s when was nice by henry car last year,
cuz it’s all in the car less likely to get this straight.
Traveling things those are nice i only have two i want i one forgive you want to use yeah that which i think you are island i couldn’t find of and the ones i did find were full comics and like,
the freaking for comic book that people in the purple white vinegar a blind but the comedy noise what case yeah itself but no it’s been thirty box of forty bucks though so long,
because they got like a bunch of s*** in there it’s like buying something, or give me some kid
what’s that determined by tomorrow yeah yeah this like come on.
I mean c’mon c’mon yeah you so,
have a couple things set up that unicode use more interviews go without me.
You could come and you have a ticket to take you but.

[7:03] So this is what if I talked to you yesterday about today so we’ll talk with Kyle,
who’s a friend of ours who were strippers out like he’s also an artist and designer we can talk to him about some of the stuff that he’s done and he’s working on we’ve got,
I cannot remember the company’s name but there is a comic book publisher they’re out of New Zealand that we talked with yesterday talk to Natasha yesterday there and today the creator of the pharmacy going to be there when I talk to her and him about what they do out of New Zealand what they have,
we’re talk with,
branch office Bill McKay who does some art for summertramp tentative yes,
ever go and see if he’s on tonight and then there’s there’s one other one that have written down by can’t seem to stop my head but.

[7:53] And it was a walk around talk to you like you always do one by 700 sign.
Yes all the time people hear this.
Website to they have,
you are the work outs today semi refund mr honey it’s always funny to listen to the shows as we go through the day cuz you could you can hear like excitement and then just slowly steps down as you like a
part of that that’s part of why like to do a little bit more email about rough days you can use here,
how we go from here,
the flight is earlier than you guys were far enough away that i don’t want to spend money on as an orphan money to check my stuff in at the con you know who does not begin to say and i’m not gonna sit there and carry my luggage around.

[8:52] That Beast out suck it suck it’s just like no I’m not doing that and then I’ll just go.
Yeah I will be away from me so I have some crazy guy trying to hit you,
i don’t have to do with anything that last days is like okay cool i mean it kinda was the team like yesterday was i would get there was a last day.

[9:23] Yeah I can come down yeah it would be nice if we could schedule for us in the future delay.
we leave the conditionally the hotel we’re not going back to the car and go to do something else with Todd to go to the beach and not go to the condo with you guys,
I mean I did I do have tomorrow off of work so but I’ll be at work I’ll be at home relaxing doing this but actually I won’t have to drive myself to pick up my kids.

[10:02] But I’m going to work which is important party tomorrow I’ll be I’ll go to work in the morning but then I’ll probably,
i’ll probably leave early you know and then just go home and in bench out and tomorrow we have a ups of coming out,
yeah we do one report to hear you on that,
so is that school took some places we did notice we go good.
I just about I got to go finish packing all the s*** into this to the stuff and then pass going to pick us up and drive us to drop us off at horse stuff for us.
Then yeah I think I’m going to go a little personal b**** this week,
my friend Sean yachty cuz he’s here at the con and haven’t seen him yet so I’m going to try to see if I can see him today,
no nothing’s from mine is for sale at a and w we the usa right now he’s usually have a on it interviews warmer too but.

[11:10] Will see you guys soon to say 15 years ago playing City Heroes.
Oh that’s hilarious I love to dude that became good friends,
two thousand six we came down here he picks up from the airport,
jo star hotel and i end up staying at his in his house or his dad’s house a couple ants that that year and he knoweth them going to his his wife plays drums in a band or did back then just pretty good,
which form every around on a bosch i met up with him we hung out a little bit some hoping to see interested in sin and yet he but i was busy.
That’s cool that’s cool everybody Calvin’s your tooth I might sitting here with him before I leave tonight cuz he was the best man in my wedding and he’s going to go so I should say hi to him I think.
They’re so let’s go ahead and and pies and wasn’t although set the record today they go let’s do this again.

[12:10] That’s going to work.
Foul area i’m in charge of five thousand for kids are getting it and i’m amanda barker and i’m applying to.
And how long had you been there.
I’ve been there for about 2 years officially but I intend there,
college so I’m technically been there since about 2013 kind of on and off.
As intern spec work all that stuff.
And then specially 2 years ago so this is about 7 months.

[12:52] So yeah a lot so planning where we’re going next working with licensors designing product coordinating Freelancers.
Are directing scalds doing creative of rules internally managing to see.
And budgets all that basically everything anything and everything that has to do with getting a collectible from concepts to on shelf.
I’m involved it sounds like a headache can be but it’s ultimately something I don’t think I can go there I can see myself doing anything else right and it’s really just it’s it’s almost like a perfect.
Storm really of a job exactly I mean it’s it’s really what I find myself myself good at.
And it’s you know like there on the term dream job around but its like its gotten pretty lucky i think so fallen into this.
One thing and tell me about your dream job that it is a job.
So there’s good days and bad as you can tell I was down a little horse right now we have 5 days at Comic-Con.
So what’s your what’s up everything you’ve made so far are sign for the.

[14:12] Probably the Christians a big monster guy.
Since I was a kid I mean like my grandfather bought me Godzilla Comics as a child and that’s kind of what got me into this hole,
street it’s all kinda snowballed from there with his fault yeah it’s scramble them to jerry’s fault is be at the the crib ins especially ca can resonating so well for people to leave it out since february of this year and they’re pretty cool.
Yeah thank you but it’s really.

[14:44] It’s it’s really big with kids which is kind of like a big deal for us cuz I look at WonderCon this past year,
we at we had the midnight chupacabra exclusive mushrooms like all black with green spikes in the big red eyes but he was like 10 bucks which is a little bit cheaper when it comes to exclusives for a show so he’s sold out first,
as a lot of little kids and no work retouch tell year kids were putting crumpled dollar bills on the counter asking for cheaper cobber so cool that using their allowance.
Like so you cancel out first of all excuses wondered that’s cool to see it like in the hands of.

[15:22] Super excited about.
So you are definitely a passion of ours since we have so many,
sugar house so one of them asset least be in the comics and collectibles and stuff cuz,
know what would happen if like none of them really just be like,
the nerdy couple old couple that is like dressing up in our kids if you like,
hungry ass,
you probably got about two or three of them that are like going to be accounting perfectly normal kind of screwed
neither of us like there’s one of them is coming next,
exactly kind of funny that you say that cuz I literally said today I didn’t want to go get my CPA.
So if you won’t work for a boring to tax company dismiss i’ve iphone not switch app that’s the things like.

[16:42] Amanda and I both went illustration school and the number one thing that my parents taught me is that like even if you don’t wind up becoming some sort of Professionals in the creative arts,
have this ability you have this town you have this passion was we’ll take that away from you soon if not getting paid to do it you get to keep doing it because you do and if it fills you,
we’re both very fortunate to fall into this industry and we get to do the things that we like to do we recognize that it really gets to do that so we’re very grateful.
A lot of stuff can go away in anytime and it’s also super fulfilling to be able to have a passion for Art and Design and actually like believe in it what we are doing and to be able to have actual knowledgeable feedback and see designing be like.
But what if we did this and i’mma have causing all of us better you know like to be able to have knowledge in like passion about the thing your doing is like,
amazing what you guys do put out records it
we have we have our fair share of stuff in her house she’s only been here for about 6-7 months but you’ve actually developed a pretty good
record design like tag team of working on stuff that’s exciting me you was this error new role that was created,
like you needed help or was there somebody previously there was someone previously but heard of her role was less to find,
it’s she got pulled in cell lot like office duty type stuff,
and it like it was it was difficult and in addition to that she had some kind of personal problems that made it.

[18:10] For her to focus on the design stuff luckily Amanda is very local and very passionate about the stuff the first before it’s kind of fell into it,
I knew from the beginning that like sorry I called I want this person,
yeah cuz I got to be there last night to be there long before was like an assistant and she kind of ended up being a lot of people’s assistant but when I when the position opened we kind of like went through it or like okay,
I’m going to be the Collectibles product development assistant and like kind of outline it so I have the opportunity to do a lot more design work for collectibles,
and you know I also help with like customer service into every once in awhile marketing things like that is also really important but like I really appreciate the fact that I have like.
I get to interact with chi-lin like talk so much about life,
where lines are headed and bouncing ideas off each other and actually handing me art and having me finish it and stuff like that is really fun today was our one day to kind of walk around and be like look at what the competitors,
yeah it’s alright in this industry analysis day is what I called it.

[19:19] Also i said but yeah i can tell them about the.
The Krypton incident so I was weird designing actually,
in the future for Christians already but can’t say how far we’re going we have to plan ahead because it takes anywhere from 11 to 13 months to go from concept to Shell,
so it’s it takes longer than you might think so this is one that i designs and i so i dyed your it up and i said i give amanda the line work.
And she looks at it.
And this is this is our man so possibly possible new on this is not a guarantee I send you the lineart and there’s no arms on it and she turns to me and Amanda goes Kyle this is just an owl.

[20:07] Yeah yeah.
Have a great brawl of my experience in.

[20:21] You still get your still need a good check and balance every now and then everybody does that mean you have to have that almost every aspect of your life.
That’s why people usually need somebody else you know of a near spouse they need a significant other best friend anybody,
just an assistant yeah,
need somebody that work could is always the area
we work together.

[20:55] Talk about something so how what did you do previously so did you just get out of school in like fall into your dream job or,
enough kind is so i have been was i was actually working on a comic book store was are gonna comic book store during my senior year of art school so engine are college that gonna cause martin design,
so it’s working at comic book store in Lake Forest California,
and the funny thing about Lake Forest is that ass around my game studios and create you know blizzard out there in Irvine have more clientele at you know comic Quest my work,
wasn’t employees i will matt designers i became friends at the crib tractor blizzard like always crazy stuff,
cryptozoic before I even knew who you was coming in the store Kyle actually we were mutual friends from like,
friend and then you didn’t hang outcomes are got no to there and so then six months after i graduated,
position open evicted to so i can powers like a notice got those marketing,
she’s a nerd she’s in all of this let’s getter in and it and i need a crib director he knew from conquests use all the work i did on earth social media and so it just kind of like fell into place and it was like one timing right time right place,
that’s so awesome,
major company for a long time but it’s a new company yeah.

[22:25] Has that confidence that president that presence that it use it there no like this is some like from the get go when it’s really.
Maybe that’s one thing that’s like a blessing and a curse
how about a woman trading cards that so i’m in the car just comes in the name i thought i was always,
think it was four dollars.

[22:56] Kon-tiki trying to figure out a way to integrate cryptocurrency into.
Oh yeah yeah I watch that John Oliver episode 2.
Like not pressuring think freshening refreshment about working out like i was like as were like getting like.
I swear small and getting bigger is that like I worked on the kickstarter side for one of our games,
and we’re getting like,
gorgeous it and its like i’m one person
sorry there’s two of us doing this thing let’s go party people in the entire building for all for a little bit more than that.

[23:46] Okay well I mean.

[23:50] It’s smaller than you think and so like when we did pre-sales and things like that like.
Everybody was like there was like a ton of responses amazing like so many black people can all except rear golden goddess is everything with out of steadfastness,
I’m sorry I know you’re best but it’s like the day I was like,
two of us like trying to do this thing like there are,
everybody crypto works together while i are collectibles department is not very me i can count on my hand how many people are in the group so it.

[24:26] Three,
three people and like we’re trying to like it.
There and help everybody out but it’s like so it’s great that we’re growing so fast that there so much interest but like were also sells when we understand that we look like,
big huge company because of the awesome AAA license to get to work with like Sony all those guys but we are not big.
We are not we don’t have wife and with no anybody who’s listening we appreciate any and all patients you can give us,
I mean when you when you email us and you say I’m upset that this,
got cancelled at this is delayed we’re just we’re probably more upset than you are to be completely honest.
Yeah yeah I think everybody who really appreciates it understands like even myself I didn’t get one,
I probably could have tried harder but I did,
is it really like sleep yeah i at the end of the day i,
it’s acquired in other ways about them because i took them but i-i you know,
pay for it right.

[25:54] Bodyguards as we leave here so you won’t be able to.
So where the golden goddess is the highest ones that everybody wanted him so yeah after also vs.

[26:08] Golden Goddess Chun-Li this year also which was also a big issue,
yoshinori Ono signing that we had at our booth
come actually specially requested that one from the sun is all the success of the bombshell golden goddess last year in a row through a bunch of the guys were very i’d
dial about I love everybody over a cab down there very very nice I’m done teasing but say it is.
Great time especially cuz they’re heeeere at Comic-Con,
next week.
Yeah and i’ve found that at least street fighter.

[26:45] Big convention brands you don’t know you assume he better people than out and about shopping at walmart or but they’re all here yeah that’s right yes are,
we get to every I think the greatest thing about conventions is your kind of with your own people,
you’re with people of like mine it even if they maybe are not here for the same reasons they still have a lot of the same.
That you like and sin like my son two yeah,
I think everybody here is probably I feel like Seattle is a very accepting area in California is right there in a lot of people that come here I think are probably,
the most accepting even back in the day when they first started.

[27:44] It’s like waiting in line like it’s only like line friends like a waiting line per show like
I was waiting in line for the Adventure Zone which is like a D&D podcast thing but
anyways we’re just talking and my friend were talking about Voltron and we were just like oh my God,
we’re waiting in line and then,
facebook friends with
Twitter and Instagram maid of honor at her wedding,
Julie Wright the community is amazing this week and we were at the DC Universe Online
a guy and a girl who did you he doesn’t YouTube channel where you guys like,
YuGiOh packs unboxing,

[28:38] Call Eddie got out talks like this the whole time
but our facebook friends and using him on the show talk about a few facts is all,
we’re just like so laid-back row he’s like yeah you should be my friend
display because we are at the front of the line they did,
and stuff last year and so sunday with my my day and i stood mine for like two three hours in the chat it up in,
there was another gal that you and John,
tune up to get there like midway like wait you to come on this is awesome.
The reason we get to attend comic con is because we have friends i have blues and that we’ve met reinstalled.
Come down here then we have this what they they give us tickets come here for the podcast and they have,

[29:54] Officials houses right yeah stack backpacks are water you have to snacks and in the almighty on my purchases inside yeah yeah,
we haven’t bottles of water a boat cruise inside the us and have some but we want something stopped and got some water.
You guys very much appreciate that.
Over online and next year.
Not too long ago with the tornado,
i am so i guess mcconaughey salon yeah someone perform yeah lol mean while yeah i was he was users trainer or will they sell it as they can do for him.

[31:00] Alright we go ahead and tell us what you do my name is Travis Hansen diamond eyes are nominated illustrator I draw the life of the party which is a RPG fantasy comic strip and a cereal called Bean.

[31:15] Nice nice what’s What’s being about means about a kid that works in an in with a bunch of ogres they send them out for shrooms one day and he gets kidnapped and finds this broken sword that he’s got to fix,
before these goblins wipe them out so it’s the Epic Fantasy tale of a dishwasher,
what is noise it’s been compared to bone me for the rings so it i’ll take that not only that do you do you’ll old art already yourself i am i do everything i write and i draw a one-man show yes,
the art is beautiful I like that like the coloring and their stylist again it’s very nice thank you very much appreciate that.
My aspirations are several as you might notice and light bill water soon i can tell him i love william stout.
Okay I also like a lot of European Comics I find that they they write so well their stories and their are or just sound,
it’s good stuff and it’s really here in the states we don’t realize,
what’s out there I mean did is phenomenal people just Branch a little bit oh yeah,
how i would like that just the design and styles yeah yeah,
I’ve also been influenced by Stan Sakai I love Stan Sakai he’s so great Sergio.

[32:38] Tried knocking and it you know if you told what about all that he said i love all of them so,
Peterson’s another one house card so much good stuff and it just kind of like.
I can see them doing it I can do.
I was kinda that’s a hard thing is how do you get your own influence in their and and it takes a little bit but it’s it’s definitely a much better road to walk,
three i agree so much with out what’s the best thing to happen at just gone for you so far on best thing that happened at disc on.

[33:17] Actually so I’ve had two moments so.

[33:21] The one of the most touching moments was at the show you get a whole range of emotions.

[33:29] I had someone come up to me and because all i need is a hug and i give a hug and he started the ball.

[33:35] And he was going through a really rough time but he just said i just need a hug sometimes a hug goes a long way and at a convention.
So that was like awesome you was there was there was there was an emotional re just charge wonderful moment.

[33:48] The other one was not have never done this at the show but I did it this time was Friday morning I bought a massage.

[33:58] The best 20 minutes of my life sometimes that’s what you need to start the day out,
killing Your Heroes recognize you is awesome as well so like what.
Bellsprout I’ve been you don’t have the chance to really have gotten to know him over the years and that’s pretty awesome as well.

[34:25] It’s moments like that you have a I’m not going to use the word.

[34:30] But you have a hundred variety of moments a great opportunity.

[34:36] That’s cool yeah I love coming to show cuz there’s so many you meet so many people here you know it’s so cool,
you know yet very much so very very much though what is your favorite kind do you go to any other dimensions besides San Diego you probably do I do about 15 a year and everything,
it has every conventions you need quick and it’s really hard to go.
One condo another key really lucky on this trip because summer media shows.
Lol are more fantasy i really love the phoenix show.
Who doesn’t like six people to a as we can hop release doing really good i love phoenix i like its kinda like,
the show is and we’ll city i drill it wasn’t cl i do that show every year.

[35:25] Yeah let’s see if that is what we do we would not sure where you to be i love that show shows fantastic i like a lot of small shows today one cup ontario revolution which i love its just home grown you can actually talk to the artist.

[35:39] Sitting here that about rose to of roasted is good jet setting to come was also there smh only like going to small one but it is written on.
Tacoma a little small suburb of Seattle if you want the dirty secret about cons,
if you really wanna meet your your favor artist and you won’t have time to talk to him san diego is not to show this friday who that,
you want to hit the small shows like rose or some of the other ones were they come in and there’s nobody at their table,
and they are more than willing to take 10-15 minutes to chat with you about life or whatever and and I,
you know pass the shows that you need to look at meeting your heroes that’s all ima got me been temple smith what a huge that his art silent as we tell stories,
jet city was there a medicine talk to play half an hour at the,
or show we have it in our have one was too long conversations about stuff.

[36:33] Mike mignola that’s how I met Mike mignola the same deal just sweet guy and the other one was.

[36:40] Old and michael golden famous same situation.
You know the last show i was at he bought he bought art from me out of the blue and i didn’t realize he was my fan so i was actually doing really good always,
the secret you wanna pivot to actually talking meet people in such a code of the small shows talk to them that’s where you’ll get to meet on.
Exactly thank you very much I appreciate that today thank you very much.

[37:13] Hi my name is madelyn holy rosie i’m the writer creator of the c supernatural comic lawson and physical society.

[37:21] You’re not familiar with the story it’s about an ex pinkerton detective a spear photographer and a genius scientist the battle supernatural forces in late eighteen hundreds possum eyes are hurting income icon in,
where is your birthday by the way table L3 right underneath the the small press the sign actually.

[37:43] You know what’s funny is like last year I came here and I completely miss a small fries are you a hundred percent but you were here last year and I had to come over and see you,
I can walk on everything and I’m on Sunday and then over on the other side over there,
be here better yes site the better traffic your it’s different traffic.
And we go to a slightly larger table I get an extra chair for my husband and all that other fun stuff so it’s a little little more spacious.

[38:22] What is that have different people who the to.
Hi people that are size of humor here so it’s kind of cool so how’s it going for you.
I think I like this one but I like WonderCon cuz it’s like a mini San Diego.

[38:50] It’s getting to where it’s it’s chaos every day walking around my life,
10 years old walk around everyday everyday is a mosh pit out here.
Came across see what’s great about for us as we have friends here,
make camp water bottles and stuff it’s cables let them have some right here when pressed between his personal it idea very good idea.
Probation office today and guess what yesterday appreciate.

[39:19] How’s one today actually have that in you inner with who here could you do that last year,
you got that i am with o did well i mean i was comfortable or it was like will it was like a hundred degrees in that room glycerin and the pats based was pretty hot yet.
Not because John was in his underwear it was just temperature underwear All About It Anyways Sunday’s over is over we’re getting the f*** out of here don’t forget heard everywhere podcast,
and you get a hold of us were twitter spool answer country has up there did britt do you must at us what of you want to miss.
The data in care taking his up on facebook on instagram we’re all the social medias you can find us on tumbler now on ramp interest and all other social reset to.
We are also on the web at se pot. Net you can email us at Splash Country at you could call him a voicemail at 707-656-2080.
Again that is 707-656-2080,
and that’s about edison you come con is done.

One thought on “SDCC 2018 Sunday Day 4 – Kyle Wlodgya! Amanda Barker! Cryptozoic! Travis Hansen! Madeleine Holly-Rosing!

  • April 9, 2020 at 7:44 pm

    wonderful wrap up! looks like a great time!


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