SDCC 2018 EXTRA! EXTRA! Beyond Reality! Travis Webb! Man vs Rock!

We recorded so much good content we needed an EXTRA episode to play it all for you! I can’t wait to do this again!

On this extra special episode we bring you:

Beyond Reality –

Travis Webb – 

I honestly don’t know what to link for for Travis. 

Man vs Rock –

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[0:00] How to ride welcome bracket for the country that is Johnny and that just ran right together so,
do you guys go today is a bonus episode because we got so much stuff we have three fantastic interviews for you guys today,
the first one is going to be with beyond-reality media the second one is going to be with Travis.
And the third one will be with man versus Rock.

[0:29] Is twenty still effective can how the guy talked nyse yeah we had a we we talk about the third all three of these into the sunday of a soviet about but oven six interviews or whatever so yeah back to back and i cant go through,
let me know when span too much and been able to take your focus with that people yeah
this way everybody has a little bit more focus and is going to come out with us I think I better overall episode better experience for everyone,
let’s just get right into this cuz there’s three distinct interviews and my gas out there for you guys so be beyond-reality media.
I wanna make sure that find troubling tourist was in the company.

[1:16] What was the profile you do is he is the guy who are,
i publish it i wrote it on the.
So to speak hated it and do everything the other stuff I just don’t draw it into work with other people on,
one of the books on working someplace to and what is your name i’m so that william jarrett split.
Build your own so and what kind of books you guys have.
So when we sit out we wanted to be more we wanted to put that books that were the quality of novel.

[1:49] Different books.

[1:53] And rather than sitting down for one tile saw we like we’re doing horrible so we’re doing superhero books with three sort of genres that we weed push,
we have to warden and one must bright xl superhero books and there’s super heroes leading towards more coffee.

[2:12] And then is Attica which is our mythology books and their more pacifism and Greek gods it’s a different kind of Base,
and then there’s the biggest ones which the the world of the duncans and we have three books the inspiration duncan’s aton traveling tourist,
and the Darwin fairies.
Sort of hit the share some with rate and then we did pri park looks one and two now populates,
and post-apocalypse is being done and those three books for books the first impression of all combined into one,
they’re in the same universe but they’re doing their own thing that is usually on man captain america or thor and then we did the veges nice perfect like it that’s pretty much the that there is this similar connections but that you know this much,
fencing your best seller I want the one we can’t buy.

[3:17] It is a really amazing book we stopped by the booth yesterday and we spoke with Natasha she just raved about it so much,
okay i what was you had a fun of me take home a free lino wanted perfect perfect but the the tonto renters.
Discoveries and that’s the best it’s the most popular on a down faeries is very close behind but talk temperature of one the title sounds great.

[3:45] To the first eight pages are designed specifically to hook you and they really do I mean they’re they’re just fun and then we get to the story bit so the fun is just a clip show the beginning of fun stuff.
And the character the main character which is Beethoven Jones,
it’s just honestly a delight to read and he was a hell of a lot of fun to write because he’s one of those characters that tells you which direction he needs to go like if you were going to happen he’s not going to treat it as a serious problem,
is it at the scene in an apocalypse where he see zombies as we rush is over too so we can get a selfie with them.
I think something would actually do that,
and eat some of his his actions and it’s one of the things I’m just in the seven years we’ve been doing this I wouldn’t start off as this very simple Superman book.

[4:44] Wake me up I don’t want to spoil their there’s a nice big twist,
at the beginning of the book I’m not a big fan of Twisted theater I’m not in my Shama Lama Ding Dong I think it to do things are there about 50 pages in you sit out to set something what’s going to happen,
but it’s soon as you do that we started asking questions about okay this.
The main you got the warden and documents list the main villain.
And he must have his family must see and Andy and Mandy and then it’s what I fixed then and what happens to them and Soulful and it was surprising to me,
in writing a head that’s the course story and that stayed exactly the sign but the way we get there and the characters around it,
said what i needed to do they think they you know that was like the question got,
what’s happened andy okay and use me doing this because that’s his,
dr that’s is dynamic.

[5:39] And so it’s been by the time we get to volume three we’ve done three volumes the warning and he’s the new merciless and he’s got a whole different outfit need to a whole different driving
he’s amp is the best character in the book of my figure and it was the shittiest one of the beginning about at it that way.
Purely because he is the character itself is dictated where he needs to go.
Sell beethoven in income from tourist is is the office of that he just because of the cruise along but he um he reacts really well with most things so that’s the one thing to the,
how to make own postcards.
So funny we can we do them through all the stuff and what we do is we look for moments in history like in the in the now pocketbook,
we had to put like we put dot the iphoto to the post out of him with his on these in the info the long it goes greetings from esta.
And so we look for stuff in history that dangerous but funny and there’s a story on.

[6:43] We try to be as historically accurate as we can but would not really his birthday.
And he goes over the bridge and he goes back to blow the bridge once they all the troops are over in the stop the English 2 coming out.
And that get passed from the general to Captain to a cold.
Actually this culprit gets he blows the bridge while they still going to cross the upright as half of its is a picture beethoven standing there with a photo with the st being blown up behind us cuz that’s the kinda stuff he does,
perfect kind of character.
Did he.

[7:28] You don’t fall to your knees in front of the pyramids and weep for all the slaves that died building thing you take a selfie in front of it very true the only difference is.
Even if he’s in the past he’s not there to change anything it’s happens been done bad things happen good things happen.
Evil evens out so he’s just there to take in the moment so she tends to take in the moment when stuff happens and goes wrong.
It’s a different it’s not a mean approach it’s just an abstract one because he’s Beyond it but not in a mean way.

[8:04] Sounds like you’ll get an easy to follow the numb like a dollar one,
reese is s next bus popular book and that’s mainly because of all of the five.
Who’s just a particularly driven hard-nosed character and when we when we started doing all of the books we were very conscious to.

[8:27] We want you to be a table we didn’t want I like boobs I’m happy to have boobs and books.

[8:33] I wouldn’t want to be the one to sell that wasn’t the thing we were gonna sell.
Violet of the FAE is dumb.
And so she’s until I was like well I’m not not having a buffy character,
everybody who killed some even the guys wearing kilts,
it’s a Scottish fighting pirate fairies we had done.
Pretty much do the,
oh sorry to the dealer just of you numb the count of you could um stupid you,
number would,
did he think.
Insider joke so pretty old.
How many other kinds of union done outside of the us and need to,
I run shows in New Zealand called Armageddon Xbox.

[10:00] Couple of Australia,
we did New York here couple times and this is.
In the end and san diego and will we just put in for the,
sorry and with billy this is of significantly giving birth to what we had last year and next year be even more so it will it we getting the feel for what we need to do more work so that.
The three books media to else to go left to say persuade oxygen gas eight is a big difference between the us and,
the uk are they you cons with depression,
Shoe Show in London,
can’t really speak for the London audience because the show I did was more of a,
culture shock.
Is a Paris, cuz I’m not sure where European starling would work is more designed in the European city.
I’m sorry we’re hoping that much you well David’s in English so I don’t have a French thing would work or not.

[11:06] Adjust to come and to get here food,
Everest so anything else is.
Maybe I was toying with going to Gallifrey Doctor Who convention with the contractors book.
Bits yeah it’s.
Why is that a stick of we want to get these out the one we want people license them what more stuff out with phone on diamonds gets rebook some diamonds that’s everything forced and that’s just happened,
who’s winning the money on advertising on diamond as well,
put you in American comic shops everywhere but it’s really hard when you’re in New Zealand,
it’s really me a minute that there’s some that might be attending but not exhibited as we know we know couple artist who are living american of loss of sight out the continues with stuff like.
Our ride is here but it says the publisher lives of people who were doing their own work we are it sell him st of this to.

[12:25] I’m a busy man.
This is a seventy or journey i knew it would be an overnight success even overnight success stating the.
So I arranged been to chip away at it slowly build it out and we going to have tomatoes we’re going to content to really make it work how many unique enough.
And we found that,
oh sure i didn’t promote the new zealand s pic march but i found that was something if you were instance of this year we made sure was a big part of a widow and mixture leme also because.
Keywords and that that’s a thing that we can do we can use that to get up with the doorbell more than a mole for but it’s.
It is an interesting industry and I’m just walking around here a lot of the comic guys that he had do multiple colors.
Annette is a bit easier when you’re local yeah it’s still hot dog song,
I wouldn’t mind doing more but this I can’t afford to fly up here.

[13:32] The Oakland which that big one,
we just don’t really media but mainly doing most of us up to facebook lately but being real to me don’t call mean come that seems to will it tells,
we’re pretty we’re pretty straightforward and you type in the time-traveling to restore the down fairies Johansen.

[14:00] I’ll have ways to die down the show. Sorry buddy took them to get right to you thank you very much I appreciate that.

[14:10] Alright we’re back yet.
Yeah that’s what I’m telling time traveling tortoise funny because when they first told us about that book yeah I’m traveling terrorist.
Go to holy for box braids accuse
it’s all about a guy who time travels itself is of like the pyramids and shit not be terrorists that’s funny i wasn’t there it because you guys did this on sunday and i skipped out on the lake today i was,
i was burned and it was done but you guys did a wonderful job thanks for doing that in a pot we had to form you can i walk around or thing in lot of fun.
Yeah so because their actions is all fun to think happy and they say I know some of the words I say.
Right i owe not terrorist terrorist got it got it still qualify as is awesome.
So then we talked to your buddy that you’ve been friends for quite a while he’s a writer actually written a story in the eyes and bothered it takes place I think during World War II.

[15:16] Will one yet but my compass web john by the amazing great one check in each by me they go so here’s travis web in his own words are.
I will get with Travis kind of myself so you are.
But then it is is so can rent you know the story i since you are the world war one i’m story,
that’s Greg Drew naive he’s the writer,
that’s cool, songwriter with Greg Smith,
story in irons as well,
Northport Pages for page didn’t have a Christmas Story 1.

[16:08] Didn’t business are and yeah so i know that you have a history of not i’m like perfect other than one,
for the 90s era and I’ll do a Christmas one with Krampus.
I’ll give it it’s actually pretty good is it that way because that’s for summer concert yeah and it came out very good.

[16:24] I def feel writing comic strip yeah of i’ve written stuff before union and have,
I have like 30 unfinished book chapters then I’m like I don’t want to do this anymore
four pages couldn’t do it no matter how much i cut it down it just would not be i’m so trained to rate twenty four pages.

[16:56] Getting so many pieces that was twenty four pages long that i got i did i usually flow through a cutie on a page the first emperor of land the twenty four pages.
1660 + 12,
12-16-16 perfect concise it tells the story set up a word,
it’s it’s weird I got I got two worlds setup I got a I got a story,
the enemy is not set up but you feel you know the back story buy just the simple conversation she has,
I just took,
so I just finished up a series with Greg Smith from,
volume to come together this year,
it’s the tenth anniversary of his wife’s like it it,
oh so i made the joke about it being is can when you gave me a bunch of it where i did travis me.

[18:14] Oh yeah you get all and do you think of mozart is doing what a dick of a place,
Brett bodell he did the movie series,
the book was a lot better yeah and so but i guess a brick to the his bread soon yard grey can i read the story and it’s,
it’s a story about what happens when your teenage super dark sorry I child superhero you know not to mention his power,
right you know and like how do you cope with that we basically lot on like child Superstars to power pack.
Power Pack 3 Series run in 2020.

[19:05] Great art great.
Cuz in the late 80s it was like all your reading power pack that was my comic me and James gun right there.

[19:21] So far,
if you guys wanted to do an army right now.

[19:41] The independent series of know it is a little bit different yet and also i’m actually a ghost writer and i haven’t agent,
anytime I bring anything to my age I just telling you that I bring it to my engine light came and I want to work on this project I got together and start riding he’s like this is really good,
this reminds me of the screenplay over here I’d like you to look at,
when it gets light out by Endeavor and I actually fell off that was on the people fell off when it when it became one from WMA WME.
This is where do you right now and ninety percent of the meat stay with me till on the schedules right i would go there to meet some big purse i be super sized,
I want things we’re talking big like Disney Big Mouth Big,
and I would think I’m going to meet this big producer of this director and I would love to say the name it would be like their friend Mark,
who wants to start trying to do it but movie project idea I’m like why am I here preaching my project tomorrow,
this is on movie idea so it was all three minutes of martin to of three minutes on new year’s.
Him and blah blah blah grew up together with the high school together all these that they and he really likes my work.

[21:04] Doesn’t remember anything I wrote because he doesn’t know.
What in years like oh yeah great new leave years like,
tell your agents will ask you how that works the will will for mark,
we’re gonna great time in his new ideas for my check your hallmark yeah and that wasn’t my screenplay is that the other one was reviews i did you disney couple meets the disney and the person i did what any pretty today but.

[21:38] That’s right the first time ever when out the scared the willies out of me a little because.
Cool a comic book that actually worked on that I didn’t know anyone knew I worked on cuz there’s an NDA on it and they pulled it out this is some really naked pin.

[21:52] The stuff I did on the how old is Disney.
Passing NDA Marvel movies are better than DC right now,
it was a really great experience it but they also leaked image information at the time so I know this really big project that hadn’t gotten even out
you know what I need to do anything,
and I was like it’s awesome because movies going to come on don’t say that anywhere in Hollywood everyone here as ears,
I didn’t say I didn’t,
day before all that is i read the first two issues of it and is fantastic and i cannot wait real lots of am i said hi time to get the last fight call starlight,
yeah it’s a space.
New batts and over about desoto area mouth know what to do don’t ask and yeah we can residence ten remind me to.
Superhero space cat space pirates Alien Spider.
Magic creatures and Raves,
like hardcore kids with their little little little,
and it was show up the spot and then you see a bunch of cars there they hand out.

[23:19] Flyers and then the flyer would tell you to go to the next spot and the next spot would be a down-and-out warehouse and that’s where the ravers at in Phoenix,
nice i was on the theater eight months recently and ninety four,
yeah thousand peter really get seen yet i know that place to be rate for motor seattle it down my initial this and that and a little mike little girl rotor promotions back then.
That was good money company.

[23:50] There you go I don’t know where to go for their thank you,
when she in a crunch crunch looking and he’s a fun guy when he deletes stories the age of the stories he’s,
i have some experiences in the industry which is cool as he does yeah he invites you invite us to a couple who am hotel party’s over the weekend that.
I don’t know man i things to all the hotel parties days now maybe tool are just so worn out i don’t think i could done anyways.
Right hit his party started 11 p.m. and I was like you know that sounds fun but I’m going to be.
I was passed out by midnight if you read my story what do you think.

[24:47] Okay well he will also don’t communicate he will read it.
Chelsea’s number.
Guy don’t don’t believe me please please don’t believe me at least somebody else right right
when you’re talking to somebody else but your friends for years and you’re like I’m not going to do you wrong man are you telling them and they just don’t believe it and then some complete stranger comes up and says the exact same thing you said and all the sudden.

[25:19] Exactly come on man vacuum yet and heat i’m me everybody’s guilty of doing that.

[25:25] Oh I know I know I know I know I know.
And in regards to what the story like this it might be better to take somebody else’s friend who’s not your friend you know.
Cuz I want to be mean to you.

[25:48] Yeah so so pretty the last interview we have for you is with the with the guy and his story is Man versus Rock.

[25:57] Yep yep before you start the law to say the reason why we decided to record this one that you were literally walking by I said to Kaylee.
Coolest person to talk to and said what’s up man versus Rock like you want to record it is it okay so we did,
nice to know the reason why we’re saying,
guy about man vs for hot is because honestly he says his name at the last minute and jutted write it down so i apologize insert your name here,
your pictures get your book looks awesome and let’s twenty thousand to you give the bitch.

[26:27] Droid Ultra pitch comedy about an insane geologist named buckstone who thinks rocks,
did we crucify Jesus,
where they lead and um plymouth rock did they kiss attend early like the history books told us,
what the humiliated at and try to impregnated.
Who is the first in line.
The Rock’s now it’s only a matter of time who won hunkies got this,
but there’s also a strong female lead Hill say ridiculous things like.

[27:33] That was beautiful.

[27:41] Government watch list that we have to register for Comic-Con.
God damn it should of rejection.
Drink your pee blood.
Do you write and draw this where the writers and creators of Susan North Carolina so we can be here with us,
Pancho’s now if you’d like.

[28:13] Yeah that’s the thing I’ve noticed with people walking by right now it’s like everyone’s all energetic first couple days and right now it’s just like we’re half-heartedly trying to give our pictures,
and everyone’s half-heartedly I appreciate that,
I was going to just say so milky kids who sponsors us and we’re spoiler country,
traffic around when it comes to spoiler country perfect,
good yeah I know people like it we had a bunch of stuff to come out every year we try to get more cuz we have a lot of fans come back and if we don’t get new stuff to get pissed at us exactly and I respect that you know,
we try to pump should outs what motivates us so we had a wreck sold out of we had a comic about him john on running for president of the united states.

[29:05] Totally possible these days exactly it’s a little novel we did a collection of short stories inappropriate and ridiculous and juvenile just like man.
Perfect kind of birthday for me exactly exactly it’s a good thing to read on a,
plane when you’re just you’re brain-dead and you just need something stupid.
I don’t want to stare at the screen anymore and horny dad work for me.
Proud i picture time is always great appreciated thanks guys you rock on the handsets are one of a parka,
that sounds awesome so that’s our quick extra extra sdcc 2018 episode with that,
is cuz to to many but yeah that’s a good problem to have radio podcast content will it,
hey we can always have more content are i think that’s a show right that isn’t right right would quick and dirty and get out right.
Yeah cooking there to get it out and we’re done we’re going to go anywhere podcaster.

[30:11] You can talk to us on Twitter it’s a country you can hear them on Facebook and Instagram much longer than yours.

[30:27] Say anything i’m not saying a word no i don’t think its a you know what russia is still there why it’s that way is to,
just work yeah that was always has been,
I think I was trying to check on that talk to us part that do it real fast and then it’s clear and it’s like it that way,
you do have the lawyer subtitle reading the subtext underneath after the commercial kind of feel to it,
you can even watch this 100 hit us up at our website Fu pot. Net for reviews and worship,
you can call us a voicemail at 707-656-2080 again 707-656-2080 leave a voicemail will do some with him sometime sometime fun up next on the show we’re going to have the the Titans,
trailer reaction that reaction thoughts about the characters and stuff and then come on this week so look forward to that keep a lookout for that one.
He a soulja now i’m gonna go run my errands ego guys don’t forget open your mind and read more cfc it.

[31:29] Do you like doing that.

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