The Hollywood Reporter is stating that Ryan Reynolds is set to star and produce a Netflix film adaptation of Dragons Lair the 1983 Don Bluth produced classic video game. I’m super excited for this to happen, when I was a young lad of 9 years old I would walk to my favorite arcade and drop many a quarter on this game. At 50 cents a play it was a very spendy game for my precious precious allowance of that week. I never beat this in the arcade and it still stings. Well cheers to Ryan and Netflix I hope this lives up to what the video game inspired!

What are your thoughts? Are you excited as me?

Check out the play through below

Author: Kenric Regan

Kenric started reading comics in 1982 when he snuck into his older brother’s room and ravaged his collection of the then current Marvel and DC comics. Falling in love instantly with the art form Kenric found himself ensconced in the universal battles of good vs evil that help define his own personal code of ethics and morality

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