Rudy Coby AKA “LABMAN” Talks about Magic, Music, Comics and More!

Travis and Greg got to interview the man, the myth, the LEGEND! LABMAN himself, Rudy Coby!

Rudy joins us to talk about his career and how he created “LABMAN” and what inspired him to become “The Coolest Magician On Earth”!

If you are not familiar with Rudy, please do yourselves a favor and check out the links below and see him preform as “The Coolest Magician On Earth” and “Labman”! His amazing shows consist of Robot Women, Three Legged walking, and extendable arms. It is like watching a comic book come to life and preform the most amazing magic and comedy to some of the best music you will ever hear!

Rudy can be found online at –

Twitter: @rudycoby

Facebook: rudycoby


Wikiepedia: Rudy Coby

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