Rick and Morty: S4E1 – Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat – Review

So I enjoy Rick and Morty, it’s a fun show that is just entertaining and wrong. The new episode is out so I decided to live blog a review. Everything below is me writing it out as I watched the episode. You can go watch it on Adult Swim if you want, it’s pretty good.


Well the Death Crystals seem cool. Tape one to your head, avoid certain death cause you see yourself die over and over. It also let’s you make decisions to determine how you will die.

Morty do you have a Death Crystal in your pocket? You little monster I though you where masturbating!


So Morty used the death crystal to try and get with Jessica and killed Rick, then decided NOT to make a clone of him, but don’t worry! There’s a hologram! And a back up clone in a fascist universe? I mean I guess.

When did this become the default indeed Rick.

And that clone from the fascist universe died in the void of space after he used a Mr. Meeseeks box to kill Nazi Morty and came back as a shrimp Rick. Luckily the shrimps not fascist…oh wait, he is.

And that clone gets murdered by Nazi Shrimp and he comes back as a Nazi Care Bear. To which he instantly kills himself on broken glass to move on.

I should note that the whole time Rick is dying over and over, Morty is only doing things that the death crystal says will lead him to dying at an old age with Jessica. I should also point out that I’m writing this as I watch so I don’t know the ending, though if I had to guess that old age with Jessica is not what Morty thinks it is.

Let’s continue, shall we?

Wait, what the fuck? I’m watching this on Adult Swim. Why would they block me half way through the episode?

Ok we are back, just had to refresh.

Now Morty is on a murder rampage with a bunch of Rick’s weapons so he can follow the path of the death crystal to die old with Jessica then let’s himself be captured. Seems perfectly reasonable. Luckily the Judge has a dead husband that the death crystal let’s him talk to somehow so he clearly is innocent.

OH HEY RICKS BACK. As a Rick Wasp. But hey at least they are not Nazis. They do however devoir his teacher alive, and his little poo babies, so that’s cool. Even so, they are a loving family of wasps that take care of each other, so sweet.

Now Morty is a demonic tree-worm, and Rick (back in a human body), Wasp Rick, and Hologram Rick all have to free Morty of the death crystal. How will they ever do this? Oh that’s how, Rick will ride the back of Rick Wasp and pop it out with a flat head. Makes sense.

I should note here that there has been this entire sub plot with Hologram Rick about racism against Holograms and how Morty is insensitive towards his situation. Why do I note this? Well the tree-worm-go that Morty had has now bonded with Hologram Rick and given him physical form and he is now, and I quote, a fucking god.

Good to know that a sting from Rick Wasp to the eye ball and planting a bunch of Rick Wasp eggs in him will kill this fucking god. To be more precise, make his head explode in a gory gruesome fashion as all the new little Rick Wasps fly everywhere.

There’s a lesson here but I’m not the one who’s gonna figure it out.


He says that, but in the next scene it tells everyone the lesson. What is the lesson of this episode? You have to plan things out to an extent AND live in the moment. You can’t just do one or the other. Or in more direct terms to the show, sometimes do classic shit, sometimes do something new, don’t get stuck on one thing cause that sucks.


And there it is, the reason Jessica is by Morty’s side when he dies. Jessica wants to work in hospice and comfort people that are dying with no one in their lives. Figures.

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