Review: Release the Snyder Cut by Sean O’Connell

Earlier this year I had the great pleasure of sitting down and talking with Sean O’Connell, Author of the upcoming Release the Snyder Cut Book, for my Podcast, Bridging the Geekdoms. Our conversation revolved around his inspiration and desire to capture the importance of the Release the Snyder Cut movement. It was an absolute blast talking with him on the show, but as expected he was quite reserved in divulging too many details. Now, as we march closer to its release I was given a chance to dive into the book and see for myself how well Sean recorded all that transpired.

Now, before we get into the review I want to make clear that for me, reading has always been a bit of a chore. I need to be really excited and invested in the content to bury my nose in a book. Even then it can take me days, if not weeks, to reach the end. But, when I learned about the Release the Snyder Cut book my excitement immediately skyrocketed. I myself have been part of the RTSC movement for quite some time. So to see it all laid out, every crevice explored and every detail put on display it quickly became a must read for me. Even with my excitement level so high I wasn’t sure if I could properly review a book prior to its release. However something happened, a realization hit me only after a few pages in.

Sean O’Connell GOT IT!

The book is masterfully crafted as Sean lays a foundation early on of all that transpired leading up to the 2017 debacle, referred to by many as, Josstice League. There are pages within the book that discuss Geoff Johns and the management of Warner Bros., Victor Ku of the Poster contest fame and he even includes sections about the roles Vero and Subway played. And while some may feel the book doesn’t explore the behind the scenes quarrels enough, the intent of this book was not to cover the behind the scenes rumors, but rather highlight a movement that took the world by storm.

Each chapter weaves its way through the timeline of the film’s development as well as the movement itself. Many will surely be looking for certain moments, hoping to catch a little more background in all that transpired. For me the most telling chapter is the one which covers the tragedy of Autumn Snyder. Sean is quick to point out the difficulty in covering this particular moment in the story.

“To be completely transparent, I’ve struggled with how to approach this chapter of the story. Unspeakable personal tragedy trumps film, on every level…”

Beautifully, he finds a way to expertly work his way through this horrendous time for Zack and his family without missing the importance this moment had in all that came after it.

Unsurprisingly this book highlights in great length those involved in the RTSC movement. And rightfully so. Their voices were the driving force when it comes to all that took shape. From multiple donation campaigns and social media events to a Virtual convention called Justice Con, Sean makes sure to underline the importance of these fans.

Whether you simply used the hashtag #ReleasetheSnyderCut or donated to AFSP, this book is for you as much as it is about you. That’s not to say those outside of the community should pass on checking it out. To the contrary, seeing all that occurred over the course of 3+ years will help in understanding the multiple layers this movement encompasses. You will see, without a doubt that Sean O’Connell found a way to brilliantly dive into the Release the Snyder Cut Movement, shinning a light on what is one of the most inspiring and industry changing events in cinematic history.

Release the Snyder Cut: The Crazy True Story Behind the Fight That Saved Zack Snyder’s Justice League will release on March, 1 2021 and can be Pre-Ordered now on

You can also head over to the AFSP website to donate to Suicide Prevention here

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