Quickie Lunch – Not near as good as a quickie on lunch

Hey gang, since I don’t lead the jetset lifestyle of Overlord John or Ol’ Kentucky Regan, I have to cook lunch at work often.  Now, like I said in the first one, I try and be nutritious, pack it with protein to feed the gun show, and keep me full so I’m not going across the street and buying Twinkies.

  This week I have decided to try and quit drinking soda.  When I found out I was diabetic, I switched to diet.  Sadly, I found out your body metabolizes diet just like regular, so I’m going cold turkey.  I coffee in the morning, a coffee at noon, no headaches. (in theory)

  So today’s selection is a mash up.  Sapporo Ichiban Japanese Style Noodles & Chicken flavored soup.  Then I add in a can of Hy Vee Chunk Chicken Breast, and I have a meal fit for a 15th century king.

  Nutrition wise, the noodles are 460 calories, a shit ton of sodium, 65g carbs, 3g fiber, sugars are <1g, and protein 10g.  The can o’ chicken is 90 calories, 0 carbs, fibers, or sugars, and 18g of protein.  So 550 calories, still a shit ton of sodium, 65g carbs, 3g fiber, no sugar to speak of, and 28g of protein.  That is right on the cusp of how much protein your body can process at one time, so hooray.

  To make, I open the can of chicken, pour it over the noodles in a bowl, add water to the edge of noodles, and microwave for 5 minutes.  I recommend only putting in ¾ of the flavor packet, or your lips will pucker because of the salt, but that is just me.  Lightly pepper, and you have a semi healthy lunch, other than sodium, in around 6 minutes.

  Taste wise, its actually pretty good.  Like I said, I have learned through trial and error, that ¾ a packet is your best bet.  I am not a guy who uses a lot of salt, so that’s just me.  You do get a chicken flavor in the broth, as well as chunks of chicken, which actually looks AND tastes like chicken, either thru the broth or because it is chicken parts.  I tend to not drink all the broth, as to lower my salt intake as well, but I do drink a little.

  Overall, I try to mix up my flavors, but I always use chicken or tuna to add protein.  The noodles give me a slow energy throughout the afternoon, the protein puts me at around 80g for the day at this point, so it’s a pretty complete meal.  I need to buy office Tupperware, or even frozen veggies, and add to it so I get a serving, as well as variety.

  I skipped yesterday’s lunch, because it was some awesome hot dogs from The Dog House in LaSalle, and those things were friggin’ delicious, and not near as healthy as todays lunch, though I skipped the fries and soda.  Pineapple on a hotdog with mayo….heaven.

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