Narrative Gunslingers

  • Tod Goldberg talks Of Mice and Men! - Travis and Greg have a fun time talkin with literary and podcasting power house, New York Times Best Selling Author
  • Kris Jerome talks Hellboy in Hell! - Travis and Greg talk with the writer of “Discordia”, Kristopher (Kris) Jerome! Their discussion will take them to hell and
  • Ian K - International reknowned Happy Hardcore producer discusses rave culture and FranK Herberts Dune influence on him as a creator. Follow
  • Burl Barer! - Award winning Author and Radio Host Burl Barer joins Travis Webb and Greg Smith on Episode One of Narrative Gunslingers!
  • Narrative Gunslingers Promo - Narrative Gunslingers a podcast with Travis Web and Greg Smith two professional writers talking to guest about their favorite stories and