Pinpricks (2018)

The Nerds bring you a double review episode today. First we discuss Pinpricks. Jason Pell created this collection of 101 illustrated short-stories. Some times the stories are a full page, and sometimes they’re only a couple of sentences. The illustrations and stories go together so well and add give the reader chills.

“The stories range from scary, humorous, and sometimes, maybe too rarely, a little hopeful. My personal favorite was probably the last one. Yes, it was skillfully written and illustrated, but more importantly, it was the last. I thought, with that, I could move on. But…it has not been that easy.”

At this point, the Kickstarter campaign is over, but if you like you can click here for the Kickstarter page. You can purchase this book on Amazon.

Lili: The Demoness by Luis Torres

The episode continues with our review of “Lili: The Demoness”, created by Luis Torres. Luis sent us the working script along with notes. Luis has this project on Kickstarter but is working on finishing up the project. Lili originally started off as a character in the anthology “Whispers in Necropolis #1” back in 2016. 

“Follow the Demoness Lili Ardat, one of the fallen angels cast out of Heaven with the Angel Lucifer after losing the “Great War” with The Devine.  At her side is Madame Grace Cervantes, psychic extraordinaire. The duo battles damned souls and demonic entities in hopes of gaining absolution for Lili so that she may one day re-enter the Kingdom of Heaven. “

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