One Change That I Would Make to the Star Wars Prequels

Episode III Revenge of the Sith is arguably the best of the prequel trilogy. Not only do we see the birth of Luke, Leia and the Empire. But we also get the birth of Darth Vader. Since watching Episode III, I have always felt that there is one moment in that movie if changed would have given us the “No, I am your father.” moment in the prequel trilogy.

Initially this idea was conceived about 13 years ago. I have shared it countless times on social media as well as with my friends. Hopefully you enjoy the thought and it can start a positive discussion on fan fiction within the Star Wars Universe.

What we Got

During Revenge of the Sith, the reveal moment of the film was when Anakin, and in turn the fans, realize who Chancellor Palpatine truly is. The Evil Sith Lord Darth Sidious.

The following events that take place are the final moments of the Anakin Skywalker we all grew to love.

As Mace Windu makes his way to confront Palpatine, Anakin is distraught and unable to control his emotions. He believes that Palpatine is the only one who can save his wife. This puts Skywalker on the path towards the Dark Side.

As Mace gains the upper hand in the lightsaber battle against the Sith Lord. Anakin arrives and attempts to save his mentor by convincing Windu that he must stand trial. Knowing that it is too dangerous to keep Palpatine alive, the Jedi Master goes for the final blow before Anakin intervenes and saves the very thing he swore to destroy.

Darth Vader has been born.

The Change

Everything leading up to Mace Windu and the Jedi walking into Palpatine’s office to arrest him stays just the same. However this is where things would get a bit more intense and sinister.

Anakin, feeling the pain within as he is in the Jedi Temple realizes that he must save Palpatine to save his wife. He rushes off to the Chancellor’s office and comes running in to see Mace Windu handling Darth Sidious rather well.

Anakin feeling conflicted and distraught attempts to plead with the two men to stop fighting. Mace Windu refuses stating. “He is too dangerous to be kept alive.” The Jedi Master gets the upper hand, Palpatine looks towards Anakin with his evil grin, and in a swift move Windu decapitates Palpatine.

As Anakin watches the limp headless body of Palpatine drop to the floor both he and Mace begin to hear the famous chuckle of the Emperor. “Ha ha ha ha, give into your anger.” Windu, confused looks towards Anakin and requests him to hand over his weapon. But Anakin with an evil smirk and tears running down his face looks up from the lifeless body pulls out his lightsaber and ignites it.

Again they both hear the voice “Finish him!”. Anakin lunges towards Windu and a battle ensues. While this battle is taking place within the Chancellors chambers we continue to hear the voice of the Emperor confidently pushing Anakin to finish off Windu all the while Mace is attempting to talk Anakin out of what he is doing and bring him back to the light.

Anakin finally gets the upper hand and disarms Mace Windu. As Mace stands there defenseless walking out of the shadows is a man in a dark robe with a hood covering his face. “Now, strike him down with all of your hatred, and your journey towards the Dark Side will be completed!”

Mace opens his eyes only now realizing how he and everyone was deceived. Before he could say anything Anakin lets out a scream as he lunges pushing his lightsaber through Windu’s chest.

The hooded man walks over to Anakin puts his hand on his shoulder. “Well done, my young apprentice.”

Removing his hood it is revealed to be a much older looking Palpatine. In disbelief and confusion Anakin asks how this is possible. Before Palpatine can answer a hologram appears of a Clone Trooper. “Sir Clones are in place what are your orders?” In the iconic evil voice we hear “Execute Order sixty six.”

Darth Sidious explains that he had found a way to cheat death. But together they will discover the way to save the one he loves from certain death.

Skywalker trying to process what has all just happened knows he is unable to go back to the Jedi. “What have I done?”

Palpatine responds. ” You are fulfilling your destiny, Anakin. Become my apprentice. Learn to use the dark side of the Force. There’s no turning back now.”

…We know what comes from this point forward.

Importance of Cloning

What this does is reveal the bigger impact and importance of Cloning within the Saga. There is very little explanation as to why this Clone Army was created. But, if we discover that Palpatine was behind it the entire time as a way to disguise his own needs for Cloning. Well that is an interesting take on everything.

I think what I enjoy most about this change is how it give us the, “No, I am your father.” moment in the prequels. Prior to Episode III there were very few who didn’t realize that Chancellor Palpatine was Darth Sidious. The only question was how did he get to look so decrepit in Return of the Jedi?

By Killing Palpatine and having his voice heard off screen would be eerie and give a sense of how powerful the Dark had become. It would also lead to the confusion and conflict within Anakin. Young Skywalker would not know that Windu is hearing the voice and thus creating a larger divide between him and the Jedi as Mace contradicts everything Sidious is saying.

Finally, when he reveals himself moments before Anakin kills the Jedi Master the shock and confusion would match that of Anakin’s.

What do you think, would this have been a version you would have enjoyed? Sound off in the comments

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2 thoughts on “One Change That I Would Make to the Star Wars Prequels

  • November 11, 2019 at 11:02 am

    The change I would do is to scrap them all, get some competent writers, find actors that can act, and quit making them to sell merchandise.


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