Ogres – Wow!

Cover by Shawn Daley

Written by: Bob Salley
Art and Lettering by: Shawn Daley
Editor in Chief: Travis McIntire
Art Director: Joshua Werner
Publisher: Source Point Press
Link to buy: https://sourcepoint.press/products/ogres-1

  Hey gang, today’s submission is “Ogres” from those kooky kids at Source Point Press.  Humans are starting to fan out, tribes of them are forming all over the place, and the other creatures who inhabit the earth are getting squeezed, to the point that land wars are starting to take place.

  The book follows a band of Ogre’s, who set out to avenge the death of their camp, which occurred when two of them were out, and the other was hidden by his mom.  Though he’s still young, he is a hulk of a beast.

  Once they see the size of the human encampment, they decide to go find dwarves, because they had been overrun by the humans, and were licking their wounds, so would probably be a good ally.

  I like the story because it is told from the viewpoint of the Ogres.  Often it is immediately an underdog story, small band against a large one (300, Lord of the Rings, etc…), but you don’t really get this feeling.  You get the feeling that the Ogre’s want to be left alone in their own little piece of the world, and the humans are just greedy.  Ask Native Americans, this checks out.

The colors are fantastic!

  The art in the book is interesting.  It is like they did anime, but used water colors.  I like the soft lines, I like the soft palette of colors, and I like the fact that it isn’t an overly violent book so far (It is a 4 parter).

  Personally, if they did, in the future, go to war scenes, I hope they go with a sharper palette of colors, so in a way differentiate peace and war, but that’s just me being all arty and stuff.

  I do like the fact that not everyone looks like they eat steroids for breakfast.  The ogres are different shapes and sizes, the humans are as well, and it looks like how normal life is.  I like me a good muscular superhero, but it isn’t needed with every book.  This is proof.

  With them introducing characters and stuff, it was a bit muddy until about a third of the way through, then the story started to take shape.  Once that started, I enjoyed it.  I realized when I finished that they wrote the story how I play video games.  I only kill when it can’t be avoided, I just want a good life for my character, and I try and do good. 

Great movement in the art.

  In review, I enjoy the fact that they aren’t going balls out killing everything, and they are letting the story develop.  The story, though told many times before, seems fresh with the perspective of the Ogres.  (I mean, how many stories have ogres for leads?)

  I really like the art.  I have seen similar styles like this before, but it is pulled off really well.  You can differentiate the different clans and beings easily, and like I said, I really like how it was colored. 

  I would definitely want to continue the story, especially since it is 4 books long.  I do recommend that you find this book, and give it a read.  Be patient, because I have a feeling that it will be a knockout story. 

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