Newest Update to Red Dead Redemption 2 Online: Moonshiners

Coming December 13, Red Dead Online is getting the moonshiners update. This update will give players the ability to get in the bootlegging business of moonshine. This new class will be added to the Frontier Pursuits, which allows players to guide their characters down certain paths.

Expanding the existing Trader specialization path, becoming a Moonshiner lets players build a bootlegging liquor business. This eventually leads to foster property acquisition. This allows making moonshining an option for players looking to trade the cowboy life for something more settled.

Moonshiners will have to learn how to distill spirits and avoid the law. But the rewards for doing so can be great! Moonshiners will eventually be able to open their own distillery in Red Dead Online.

To become a Moonshiner when the new Frontier Pursuit launches on December 13, you’ll first need to be an active Trader who has completed a sell mission or achieved Rank 5 in Trader progression.

Once you’ve met these prerequisites, your in-camp partner J.B. Cripps will set up an introduction between your character and infamous bootlegger Maggie Fike at Emerald Ranch. Purchase a Moonshining Shack, and you’re officially in business.

Your Very Own Speak-Easy

The Moonshining Shack—new to Red Dead Online—looks just like any normal homestead, but it includes a basement to keep your secret still. Becoming a more experienced Moonshiner will unlock new recipes and techniques to improve your spirits. The peak is the construction an underground speakeasy where you can customize the interior and even set up a country band dance floor. You’ll also serve your own liquor, of course.

In addition to running your moonshining business on the side, the new Frontier Pursuits role also involves story missions told by Maggie. This will include taking down a rival bootlegging business, giving you control over the liquor market.

Other updates to Red Dead Online will launch simultaneously alongside the new Moonshiner role, including the new Navy Revolver, new outfit slots in your wardrobe and other items.

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