Narrative Gunslingers talk to Cee Raygun and all things CEE RAYGUN!

We got a chance to talk to Cee Raygun about his Kickstarter SCRAPE – If you like movies like Waiting and DS9 … this is your JAM!

Welcome to the far-flung future, where Earth has scattered to the alien stars, and new-hire Martian kid, Elliot, is about to have his first shift at the most vile and wretched diner in the galaxy… where he’ll deal with an ensemble of the universe’s most eclectic oddballs—none more crazy than his dish-pit coworker, the fun-loving reckless mutant of a man they call SCRAPE.

Check out the Kickstarter here –

Here are some great visuals from this Kickstarter “Project We Love” that is just shy of funding …

Zurks is a wild place!
BOH at Zurks is even more WILD!
It is about to get … even more wild!
This mock up VHS Shlock poster could be yours!

Listen to the podcast then back the Kickstarter!

For more about Cee Raygun and Ominous Sofa …


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