Marlon Wayans should be Robin in Flashpoint!

There has been so much talk about Michael Keaton possibly reprising his role as Batman in the upcoming Flash film. Can we finally get the Robin we have all wanted since 1992?

Back when Tim Burton was gearing up to make 1992’s Batman Returns a young and somewhat unknown actor by the name of Marlon Wayans was not only cast as Batman’s vigilante sidekick, Robin, but he was also paid.

It was later as development and production ramped up that the producers decided to remove Wayans’ Robin from the script. Shifting focus to the other new cast members portraying Catwoman, Penguin and Max Shreck.

Even after Batman Returns released Tim Burton planned on bringing Wayans back and using him in the third film. That is until Burton was replaced by Joel Schumacher who recast the role with Chris O’Donnell (who did fine if I’m being honest, but I’d love to see Wayans take on the character).

The craziest part is, Marlon Wayans has claimed that years after he was cast and then let go from production he was still getting paid for the role (dream job!).

With all the hoopla surrounding the upcoming Flash film. Now is a golden opportunity for DC and Warner Bros. to make things right by reaching out to Wayans and giving the world the Robin we were cheated out of.

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