Lets Talk Comics! We show off some books and discuss CGC grading, is there a reason to buy a 10.0?

John and Kenric show off some comics, talk about investing and collecting, then looking CGC 10.0 books and talk about their thoughts on them.

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Let’s Talk Comics!


Kenric: So

John: looks

Kenric: good. There’s oh, you can’t see all of them. What if I did this?

There you go. There you go. So.

John: First appearance of Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn,

Kenric: Ironman, number one, signed by Mr. Lee, first Savage, Conan magazine size. Nice. The cut book that you want, my coloring Trump and the incre the Hillerin. Yeah. Which is like, I don’t, yeah, I was like, I bought it as a joke cause I saw it and I was like, oh my God, that’s hilarious.

Right. Of course the one of the greatest covers

John: of all time with speedy shooting up. I have that one too. Van PR, number

Kenric: one with,

John: from Warren press Rosata yep.

Kenric: Yeah, dude, I got the first six actually. Nice. But the [00:01:00] problem with that one is I bought it and I bought the first six and it wasn’t cheap. They bring ’em home and I’m like going through and somebody had cut out the coupons.

Of course I did. I was like, what the fuck? Well, it just kinda makes you mad because yeah. Anyways, evil Ernie, number three from the epic press. Oh, nice. Before chaos. So that’s, those are actually hard, kind of hard to find in the wild right before chaos, you eBay, but go down to LCS and try to find an evil Ernie from epic press.

Oh, that’s not gonna happen. Not often. Adventure comics. I believe that’s the first specter of silver age. I think it’s the reintroduction of specter

first appearance. Oh, nice. The

John: return of the weird. Wait[00:02:00]

for trying to put his headphones back in. Cause he can’t hear anything now.

Hello? Hello? Can you can’t hear me? You hear me? I can’t hear. How do you hear me? Oh, you fucked up your stuff. Ha. Who has the who’s fucking stuff up now?

Kenric: yeah, when I, I hit my chair and it pulled the power plug out of my microphone.

John: Right. What, what is, what issue is that?

Kenric: 4 35. Yeah.

John: That’s the, it’s the bronze age specter. [00:03:00]

Kenric: Oh, I thought it was

John: the silver age. Is it bronze age? Yeah. Silver age specter was 1966 with showcase number 60.

Kenric: Oh, that’s right.

That’s right. But this is still a great comic and that cover. Oh yeah. Is, oh yeah. It’s a great cover. And then my Scotty young variant of Thor, number one with Jane,

John: the Jane Foster one. Yep.

Kenric: Wolverine number one that my mom bought from you to give to me. Yep. I know. I remember. Yeah. She got me that whole series, which I was shocked because that was the series that I had when I was a kid that she made me get rid of.

Cuz she thought it was too violent. Oh geez. Well, I mean you saw, she saw

John: that she, I way undercharged her for those two. Yeah. Well it’s my mom. I know, I know it. It’s your for mom for you. And I was like, it was a, I gave it to her. I gave it to her for ridiculously cheap.

Kenric: my all star Western first appearance of

John: Jonah hex.

I have one of those two, my

Kenric: DC comics presents number 26. So the what first appearance of cyborg.

John: First appearance [00:04:00] of energy. Oh yeah.

Kenric: Titans. Yep. Daredevil Frank Miller Daredevil 1 69. It’s nice. One of the autonomous bullseye covers mm-hmm Dr. Fate number one from 2014 mm-hmm was the one that had a.

I can’t remember his name. I don’t wanna say his name, but it’s, it’s, it’s a good one. Yeah. Dead world. Number

John: one. Nice. Which before,

Kenric: The walking dead mm-hmm and, and to me dead world was already doing what the walking dead did 10 years later, or 15 years later. Yeah. You know, which is kind of funny because there’s the whole prologue that I’m, I’m drawing a blank.

What’s his

John: name? Who invented Robert?

Kenric: Robert Kirkman. Yeah. Geez. I was trying to say Matt Barry, but that’s, he’s not, not Matt Barry. No. Robert Kirkman writes about how he’s trying to make a relationship drama around this whole thing. And the, and federal did that a long [00:05:00] time ago. Yeah. Yeah. And then I, I was going back and forth either putting swamp, swamp thing, number nine on Or this one?

I don’t, I think the glare is not making it possible to see you can’t say that one. Yeah, but it’s swamp thing. Number 37 first appearance of John Constantine. Oh, nice. Nice. I’ll switch these out as you know what I mean? You want me to

John: go through what I have back here? Yeah. Hold

Kenric: on a second. Let put this back and I gotta be

John: careful, so I don’t pull my stuff out and don’t pull your shit out.

It’s like tour time for the studio. You

didn’t even notice.

Kenric: Nope. I was like doing this whole thing. I turn around and I’m like, so excited all gonna do this. And then you all, I said you’re fat ass. So I’m almost like

John: giving you the fingers. I was showing off showing off the goods. [00:06:00] so I got action. 2 52 first super girl. Matto oh yeah.

Kenric: I want that.

You got two of them, right?

John: Yeah. Lowest lane number one,

Kenric: graded.

John: Nice. Then I got, I got a full off. Can’t see ’em at all. Cause they’re angled. Tails 31. Yeah. Nice. Then I got swamp thing. Number one from oh four. Spiderman 1 0 1 first. Morbius.

Kenric: Wait that swamp thing from where? From

John: 2004. Yeah. It’s, it’s the Andy Diggle swamp.

I one, I only have this cuz like my dad bought a bunch of like, like, I don’t wanna say crappy, but cheap CGC books, Uhhuh. Cuz he was trying to prove a point he could break ’em open and change the book without you noticing. And he did it. Yeah. Yeah. And this was one of the ones he bought cause like he, he had a fight 10 bucks.

Nice. My Batman, my first Riley Quinn or well Kailey’s but probably Quinn.

What is this new meetings? One number two, which is the, the first sidewalk. Nice. [00:07:00] I have that it’s 4.0 it’s not a very good education, but it was cheap. The first huntres just, or all-star comics number?

Kenric: Oh my God, that pisses me off so much because I looked up what the first huntres was and then bought it.

Yeah, and right. And it was wrong.

John: yeah. Well, there’s cause there’s different hundred

Kenric: there’s different things. I know, but that drives me insane.

John: yeah, that those are some I talking Jimbos the gold Spiderman one. This is Jacobs. Nice. What else? That one worth anything actually worth? Yeah, it’s actually has some value it’s worth like the greater ones worth like 20, 30, $40.

Not nice.

Kenric: It’s not nothing. I only ask. Cause they had, they put out so many of those,

John: how they quit. Number one, Adam Hughes, variant sign. Nice graded.

Be which number B witch number seven. My dad bought this cause he thought it was cool. That

Kenric: is kind of cool. Yeah. It’s it’s a it’s do you use still pictures or did, was it drawn

John: inside you? No, it it’s in insides drawn the outside’s a picture. Yeah, but it’s a [00:08:00] 7.5 for B for an old B witch comic, which is pretty good.

And I’ve got

Kenric: here. He’s gonna buy that.

John: My dad . But then I won’t pull him out, but I’ve got the Batman year one, all four. Em, graded.

Kenric: Nice. That was a, that was a great series.

John: Venom 26 variant, whatever it’s Jacobs. It’s the first prince of virus over the hell. That is, I don’t know. I don’t follow.

Yeah. The Dawn cover signed Byner. It’s also like signed the back. He signed the front and the back of it. For some reason, I

got a Batman drawing by Dave Doman. nice. Cause I met him at a show and he drew Batman for me. That’s my, that’s my comic rack. It’s back here. There you. Oh, and just for . Yeah, we, we talked on an episode that people people would hear about in a long time about Arabia nights. Here’s the book I was telling you about.

Kenric: Oh, that’s [00:09:00] cool. Yeah. Yeah.

John: It’s an old book. Yeah.

Kenric: Now that the tour’s over now, the tour’s over. I gotta figure out what to do with this blank. Spot. More shells. More comics. No, because the, no, because the door opens. Oh, okay. And I measured those shells up. I may just so the people know, so I can brag a little bit.

I made those shells by hand, by hand, Japanese hand saw and everything and wood glue and clamps and nice. Yeah. They look great. Made my shelves, but I think in that blank spot, maybe a spur of the country poster is an order. Oh, I can make one for you. And then a I’ll put a table shelf right there. Nice. I didn’t wanna go all the way down.

John: I just made. I’ll show my phone. I just made a bunch of like corkboards and spray painted them. Oh cool. Yeah. Cause I was like, I wanted to buy corkboards to put all those, you know, if you go to shows you get all these pins, right? Yeah. Nail pins. [00:10:00] Like I’m not gonna, I don’t, I’m not a high school kid. I’m not gonna put ’em on my backpack and shit.

I was like, I wanna display ’em. So I bought corkboards. I was like, Ugh, Kirk boards are boring. I need to paint these. I went outside and I cut some star stencils and painted ’em and made ’em look cool.

Kenric: Nice. Yeah. I never I don’t know the pins, not for me.

John: Well, I mean, they I’ve just had ’em for like 10 years Absolut thrown ‘

Kenric: em away.

Yeah. Well I probably ones that are worth some money. I don’t know anything about ’em and I just get sick of, of having them where I’m like, I just don’t want a bunch of stuff. You know what I mean? I got enough comic books right here that I wanna get rid of.

John: Right, right. Well, I’m sure some of those people will say I’ll take ‘

Kenric: em from you.

Yeah. I got a bunch of like, I got like the complete, well, no, I have almost a complete. Frank Miller run of Daredevil. Mm. Except for, of course the Def Electra, right? Yeah. And the is it bullseye and Electra were introduced by Frank Miller as well. Yeah.

John: First parents, bullseye, first parents Electra. [00:11:00] I have Daredevil number two through the last issue, which is like three or 400, something like that.

Yeah. I don’t have number one and I’m missing probably about 50 issues total between two and the last issue besides that I have all of them. Yeah. But I have, I have two through seven, actually. I have two through 15 and I’m missing like 16. And then I have like 19 through 50. I have almost all the first 50.

Kenric: Yeah. That’s cool. I wanted a number one really bad. And like in 2014 you could still get it for like 800 bucks. Yeah. Not anymore. Nope. And same with like, Hulk 180 1. You could get it for like 700, 800 bucks. Mm-hmm now they’re hundred

John: dollars. I’ve had ridiculous. I’ve had both those books at one point and sold them.


Kenric: Were you glad that you sold them or do you wish that you would’ve kept them? Let me take that

John: back. I haven’t had the dirt over one. I’ve almost bought one. I’ve had hu one, one, and I sold it because we bought it for like, [00:12:00] I shit. You not like $5 and sold it for like 900.

Kenric: What year was that?

John: 1975, 2004.

Kenric: Who sold the, who sold that for $5? In two, I mean, even 2004 was still a $600

John: comic. So I went to my dad and I used to do comic buys and add a little, little nickel. We’d drink people’s houses and buy comics. Oh, welcome

Kenric: to spoiler country. I’m Kenrick. And that’s Johnny

John: Horseley. Yeah. So I we we went to this place, this business girl’s house in port orchard.

Yeah. And we’re looking at, it was literally like, it was like. 70 books, total a little box, little like not a shoebox, but like, kinda like a shoebox, you know, mm-hmm and we’re looking through ’em it’s all Wolverine stuff. It’s like Wolverine, it’s the Frank Miller run. It’s Wolverine, like the first series one through like 50 it’s a bunch of like one shots of Wolverine.

It’s the appearances and somebody really allowed Wolverine. Right. And a hope 180 1. So we’re looking at this and. We ask her, you know, okay, well, who are these, you know, these yours? She’s like, no, no, these belongs to my [00:13:00] boyfriend, but he’s in jail. Actually. He actually, he’s in prison right now. He’s not getting out for a while, so I need money.

So I figure I’d sell his comics for and make, get some money out of it. And then we’re like, okay. And then she goes, well, you know, I should probably keep one of ’em for him. So she pulls out the Wolverine one, the 88 series number one. So I’ll keep this one for him and then sold us the entire box for like 50 bucks.

Kenric: Oh my God.

John: I said, we look at him, we go, what do you want for the box? He goes, well, $50. I’ll be hacked with that. And we’re like, okay. And then we couldn’t get outta there fast. We like, okay, thank you.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. That’s crazy. I don’t, that’s nuts. Yeah.

John: I think my dad actually ended up giving like a hundred dollars instead of 50.

Cuz whenever anybody would like lowball themselves that far, my dad would always overpay to make him feel better. Could make himself feel better. Yeah. Cause he didn’t like rip people off. I think, I think he gave him a hundred bucks for all. For all of ’em when she wanted 50 and she was ecstatic cause he gave him extra money and then, you know, we had.

Frank Miller run in really good condition. We had this Hulk point 81, which was it wasn’t in the best of shape. I think we just sold up for like eight, $900, like seven or something like that. Yeah. Just, [00:14:00] it was still enough to get some, a good chunk of money out of it.

Kenric: Yeah. It’s yeah, that Hulk 180 1.

John: I wish I still had it,

Kenric: but was it in good condition? What was it in?

John: It was probably like good to very good. I, it wasn’t great, but it was, it’s like a five. Yeah, it was, it was about a four or four and a half. Five,

Kenric: five solid. Yeah. That’s a solid that’s, you know, people want these near mint books, but if you can get like a five, especially from the seventies or sixties.

Yeah. You’re doing pretty good. Yeah. You know what I mean? I’m pretty much like my Spider-Man 1 29 is in ho shape. Yeah. But, but you have one, but I have one and it’s

John: mine. Yeah. I have I have a copy of the action comics. Number 31.

Kenric: Oh,

John: nice. That’s 1940 Superman old. Yeah, that’s it really early. And it is literally I shit.

You not whoever had it or some, whatever kid had it, they cut out action comics on the cover. They cut out Superman from the cover and they felt like the DEC the logo [00:15:00] glued it to a piece of construction paper. Then they cut the eight pages of the Superman story out and then stapled it all together. Oh, so I have action comics, number 31, but just the Superman story and just the cover with the, and cut out on, on a piece of construction paper.

Oh wow. And I saw it and I was like, and it was at a price that I could, I could justify saying, this is neat. This is neat enough. And low enough price I could justify buying. Right. Oh, .

Kenric: I just, why do people do these things? Yeah. Well, I

John: mean, he, I mean, it’s probably, its like probably he probably did it in 1940 something, you know?

So he’s probably eight. Yeah.

Kenric: You

John: know, all he cared about was Superman. Didn’t care about stuff in there. Didn’t like come bill or other crap in there. Satara yeah. Just wanted Superman

Kenric: dude. That’s one of the, my holy, my, one of my holy grails is Hawkman number four. Oh first hit. Yeah. Yeah. But it’s like, I it’s first Satana.

I think it’s isn’t there somebody else in it too.

John: [00:16:00] I don’t think so. I think it’s just first

Kenric: Satana. All I know is that book keeps going up, which

John: is weird cuz they don’t, they don’t do a lot with Santa. Yeah.

Kenric: I think she’s just a fan favorite.

John: She is very much a fan favorite. Like people love her, but she doesn’t do a lot, like see it.

I think it’s just the first hot girl or it’s first. No, it’s sort a first. It’s first prince with the D it, whatever, whatever that is. Yeah. It’s though.

Kenric: Yeah. I wanna get that one, but it’s, it’s, it’s it’s not cheap and it’s hard to find. Yeah, it is.

John: It’s even hard to find an eBay that’s in a price. That’s not like absorb stupid.

Kenric: Yeah. And it’s also the the other holy grail one that I want, which is funny, cuz I, I always grew up a, a Marvel fan. Yeah. But my holy grail is from Marvel. The only one I have left. Well, two really is Xmen number one. No, I would love an Xmen number one, a Spiderman number one. Amazing fan. He’s 15 obviously, but that’ll probably never happen.

And that Hulk 180 1. [00:17:00] Yeah. That’s that’s about it for Marvel. And then when it, when I think of DC, I, I really want that Hawkman number four house of secrets, 92.

John: Oh, I love all those books are on my want

Kenric: list. Yeah. And and I want the first appearance of Solomon Grundy, but it’s like. Legit. Like, I, I think it’s like a $20,000 book because it’s a golden age book.

It’s super rare. What book is that? Oh God, I can’t remember. It’s the first appearance of Solomon Grundy. Oh, that’s an,

John: that’s an

Kenric: expensive book. Yeah. But the cover is so cool.

John: I think it’s like a, it’s a more fun comic. No, all, all American comic 16 number 61, 19 44.

Kenric: Yeah. It’s yeah. And it’s from 1944. And, but that cover is so dynamic.

John: That’s a, it’s a it’s I

Kenric: mean, and he looks larger than life and you don’t realize how long he’s been in com you don’t [00:18:00] realize how old of a character Solomon Grundy actually is. Yeah. I mean,

John: he’s been around since, I mean, he’s, he’s not from comic originally. He’s a, he’s a folklore character that was put into comic.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. But I’m talking about DC’s.

John: Yeah. It’s since the, for mean, he’s an old, he’s an OG character and. Wasn’t he created by who was he created by? I think

Kenric: isn’t the same guy that did the

John: Greenland. No, no. He’s created by Alfred Bester. Oh, the scifi author there. You, if you’ve, I dunno if you’ve read him, but he’s got some great books out there.

Kenric: I have not read that.

John: Alfred baster. I have one of his books. I can’t remember what it’s called, but it’s really good. I’ve read it like in high school, junior high. Yeah. That

Kenric: is my other one. But that, that all American comics 61, I mean, you can find it. You can find it sometimes on eBay. It’ll pop up, but it’s like, like ridiculously expensive.

John: Here’s one for in 6.5 commission for $38,000.

Kenric: Yeah. See? Yeah. It’s, it’s ridiculous. There’s

John: two on eBay, one for $38,000 and one for [00:19:00] $20,000.

Kenric: Yeah, but that’s a book you buy, that’s an investment. Yeah.

John: Oh, one sold in may for 2,500.

Kenric: Really? Yeah. There’s once some of these are ridiculous. Like you see people put how much people put on those on their price.

I know what they want. You’re like, what?

John: Well, I wonder if it’s still, if you used to be, if you go to comics and you just go to the category and you, and you sort it by highest price, there was always the same comic. And it’s been there for years. Oh no, it’s it’s gone. So there was for years, if you sort comics by highest price, there was like a flash comics prototype for like 3 million that just sat there.

And I don’t know if it ever sold, but right now there’s but

Kenric: was it like an old school? Ash

John: can pretty much it’s like, so what happened back in the day? They would print these full size Ash cans real quickly black and white. Yeah. To, to secure copyrights cuz it was published and then, and then national articles owned the copyright to flash.

Right, right. So they quickly threw [00:20:00] out a flash comics in that format and then that gave them the copyright and they could move forward with wherever they wanted. So they’re super rare. Yeah.

Kenric: Well there’s only like five. Right. But did anybody want that though? I mean,

John: if it was free, I’d take it or, or, or slower keep,

Kenric: well, that’s what I mean.

I mean, I know people want it, but are people willing to pay what it would cost to have it? You know what I mean?

John: Oh, if everybody paid through me, I don’t know. But right now the highest comics on eBay is a, a detective 27, 9 0.6. Oh,

Kenric: what’s that? Three, four, 3 million number

John: 27. Yeah. First Batman. Yeah. Yeah.


Kenric: then there’s a I don’t even have like, like that is so outta my reach. Yeah. And never gonna be available to me that I don’t even, I don’t even think about getting it here. Here’s I’ll

John: give you the first five top selling or not telling the top, the top five priced books on EBA right now. Okay. None of these will ever sell

Kenric: well, maybe if they go to auction, like with [00:21:00] who’s the big auction house company that does comics Sotheby’s or Sotheby’s and then there’s another one, right?

audio1696448088.output: Yeah.

John: So detective 27, 9 0.6 CBCs not CGC CBCs, which is fine. 3 million action comics, number one, 9.6 for 3 million.

Kenric: Is that the, I seen one that sold like two years ago in August. Like,

John: no, that was a 9.8, no, 9.6. No, it’s not same. Cause that one was CGC. I’ve seen that book it’s in Seattle.

Kenric: No, the guy who sold it was from Tacoma.

John: Yeah. Well the guy who owns it used with, he took, he took it Tomo city comic Kong for a while.

Kenric: Yeah. But that that’s who sold it. Right? I don’t maybe. I don’t know. Yeah, because it was just like two years ago.

John: No, it was like 10 years ago,

Kenric: dude. No, no, no, no you, no, dude. They had a whole auction off at eBay and it was action comics, number one.

And it was the guy from prestige comics out of Tacoma sold it. And it was like the most sold. It was the highest comic sold at that point.

John: Let’s see prestige, worldwide comics. [00:22:00] Where’s this from

pristine copy of action comics. Number one sells for 3.2 million published August 24th, 2014. Yeah.

Kenric: That’s not 10 years ago, dude. That’s eight years ago. Yeah, but I was thinking said two years, three years ago, still 10,

John: definitely way closer. I was way closer. So trying make it you’re over

Kenric: years I was under the price is right, bitch.

The price is you lose. You can be year over

John: and you still lose. The price is right. You’re way

Kenric: wrong. Just no, man. You not at all. I, anybody that’s listening to this will agree. You’re over. You’re wrong. Cause that’s how it works.

John: So here’s one that doesn’t make any sense. I don’t know how this is. This is, this is a real thing.

This looks like it was manufactured, but it’s great. In CGC. It is a mega rare, a comic DC team Titans, number six, with Marvel two and one number 74 inside. Okay. [00:23:00]

Kenric: Was that like, cuz they were

John: sharing printing press it’s the DC cover with the Marvel interior graded graded 7.5. I don’t know how that’s like, I didn’t think they use the same

Kenric: publisher printing press.

Yeah. Well it’s the publisher just rents a, a printing press. No,

John: I know day. I mean maybe it it’s graded with notes on it saying manufactured, manufacturing error inside of it. So maybe, yeah. I don’t know. That’s weird. Anyways. Number four on the list is fantastic. Phone number one. Stanley’s personal file.

Copy for 1.2 million. Oh yeah. That Eric, that error copy is 1.2 million. Oh Jesus. So this one is a signature series signed

Kenric: by Stan Lee. That one might go, I mean, it’s fantastic for us though. Yeah. I mean, it’s better off going to an auction house though.

John: It does say it. Mr. Headphones, keep writing on my back.

Sorry this this one does say on it, on the CGC pedigree that it is the, it is Stanley’s file. [00:24:00] Copy. Which is, that is cool.

Kenric: Yeah. I mean,

John: I have a bunch of, I have a bunch of comics and stuff from Martin Nodel Uhhuh, the guy who credit green Leonard Uhhuh. Like I have a bunch of like books that from his personal collection signed.

Oh, like signed to him, like, like he would like sign books and give ’em to him. Yeah, I’ve got a bunch of like he, so he created the green Lander and he also created the Pillsbury dough boy. Oh, that’s cool. And I have a bunch of like three way, five cards of him of like sketches of the pilary dough. Boy he did.

Oh yeah. And I’ve got like some. Original artwork. He did too, of green liner and stuff. He was a cool guy. I met him in person. He was super awesome. Yeah. That’s cool. He passed away at like 82, 83, something like that. Number five is this one’s I don’t understand why this one is so much. It’s an amazing Spider-Man number 360 1 first appearance of carnage.

Okay. 9.8 for 1 million

Kenric: that’s that’s somebody’s pipe dream. Yeah. There is no way I, somebody like [00:25:00] did like, has it, and they’re like, because that comic book, they, they probably printed like 500,000 of them.

John: Yeah. There’s no way in hell that book is gonna ever sell for a million dollars. and then like the next two, actually the next two are kind of cool.

It’s amazing Spotify. My number one, the sketch, cover one Uhhuh, but it’s signed in sketched by Stanley Lee and a bunch of like artists and like people on it. Yeah. Neil, it’s signed by Neil Adams and Stan Lee and John Beaty and Scott, Hannah, and a bunch of people. And it’s got like. Five it’s like seven or eight sketches of Spiderman on the front, which is pretty

Kenric: cool.

Wow. What do they want for that one? A million. That’s not worth

John: a million though. And then the next one is the same thing sign, but has a, has a Stanley, a Stanley sketch on it? Yeah. Signed by him with, with a says with great power coming, great responsibility. And they want a million for that one. I didn’t

Kenric: know.

Scan Lee ever sketched. I mean,

John: it’s not

Kenric: good. Well, I wouldn’t expect it to be, or he would’ve been, they probably, I mean, they probably

John: said, Hey, we use sketch. We use draws spot and informing I’ll I’ll pay extra . [00:26:00] Yeah. You know, and then the next one is Marvel Avengers, Santo sensation coming up book incredibly rare.

It’s like a newer Avengers book.

Kenric: Oh, my other one is that uh,

John: it’s a Singapore book from it’s a million

Kenric: dollars too. It’s the other, holy GRA I one I have is the cause just, I just thought of this is the San Diego ComicCon of hell boy. Oh, hell boy. Yeah, that’s a good

John: book.

Kenric: I used to have that too. You did.

Was he blue or was he red? I don’t

John: remember. I think he blew, I had it. And I, it was when I was doing the con I had it, I bought it, I sold it. And I think

Kenric: there’s controversy too, around the first appear the Hellboy. Cuz everybody said, you know, cuz next one is one. Right? So, and then there’s the Sandy of

John: ComicCon I’m trying to do a promo for us right now and you’re interrupting

Kenric: me.

Wait, hold on. And then there’s an Italian ComicCon that had a thing with Hellboy. Hey, I was started first. Don’t gimme that shit. They’re more important. No food fighters. So I was gonna

John: [00:27:00] spam mm-hmm so I was gonna say, if you go back in time and you listen to our what’s the first appearance episode. Yeah.

We explain all of that for you and give you the definitive.

Kenric: For Hellboy. Did we talk about that one? No, we

John: talked about a bunch of other ones. Oh .

Kenric: But we do talk about what makes a first appearance, but what’s funny if you look up, we came up what we think it is.

John: Yeah. On Wikipedia. If you look up Hellboy and look up first appearance.

Yeah. It says dime press number four. First Hellboy prototype appearance, cover cover only San Diego. ComicCon number two from August of 93. First full head white appearance, black and white NextPen 21 is the first published appearance. Yeah. So what you’ve got is you’ve got three first appearances for hell.

One of ’em is a prototype appearance, which prototypes don’t usually consist of first appearance, cuz there’s a Wolverine prototype in some magazine right before him. And then San Diego ComicCon first appearance, which is not, it’s not a Tim ComicCon was like a free a freebie giveaway. Yeah. So it’s the first appearance, but it’s not a first like, [00:28:00] published for sale appearance.

right. Which I think that that should still count as first appearance though. His first appearance should be the San Diego actually first appear should be the die press. Number four. If there wasn’t a bunch of major changes to his character from, from impress

Kenric: number four, what did that come out in San Diego?


John: no, no. That’s before San Diego that’s that was March of 93.

Kenric: Yeah. That was like Italian ComicCon wasn’t it? I don’t know, like in Italy let’s look, I, I might be wrong. I might be thinking of something else.

John: No, it’s not. It’s not Italian.

Kenric: No, I don’t think it was Italian. I’m just saying that, that it was like in Italy that they did this ComicCon that it was released in, you know what I mean?

Yeah. Not that the book itself was an Italian. But the dying press number four. He’s blue. Oh

John: yeah. No, it’s it’s it says magazine Benelli billyo on the front of it. Yeah. Press. So yeah, it is

Kenric: Italian. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. See, I know what I’m talking about sometimes.

John: And then [00:29:00] ComicCon ComicCon number two, whatever.

But he’s

Kenric: blue in that one.

John: Well, it’s black and white.

Kenric: No, but look on the cover

John: it’s color. No, I know. I know. But I’m saying I, I think the, I know, I think I, I know what you’re saying.

Kenric: Yeah. Well, and I believe Magno talks about the fact that it was blue at first and then he just, you know, went red. Well, he is.

Let’s see, but he is in shadow too. Cause he could just be white.

John: Well, he’s not, he’s not on the cover of that.

Kenric: No, that’s him on the cover on the dime press four. No, it’s not.

John: Okay. Dime press four. It’s a, it’s a Manola cover, but it’s not Hellboy.

Kenric: That was okay.

John: Are you looking? Don’t just say a fucking, okay.

Explain. Like, if you think, cause I watched watched the interview

Kenric: with them talking about the cover. That that’s what he looked like at first. No. And then he made changes by the time it got to the San Diego ComicCon

John: okay. But his look blue, just look at just a

Kenric: shadow. Yeah. Well he said he was blue and then, [00:30:00] then he made changes.

I mean, that’s why his horns are shaved off on the cover. It’s one of the few things that he kept and the stone hand you can’t see. No.

John: I see it now. I didn’t see it before. Yeah. And then no, just say, okay, if you make an appointment,

Kenric: it’s why know, right. I don’t wanna argue because you have said yourself, you can be wrong, but you’re gonna argue until it’s until

John: you’re right.

Will you fuck up? I said that was four years ago. I asshole. That was four fucking years ago. And since I said, you’re not like that anymore. Very, since I said, I’ve said multiple times, I don’t do that anymore. If you have a point, make your point, you said you don’t do that anymore. Don’t just give in cuz then it’s boring.

We’re just gonna give in then. Why are we talking? No, if you’re just gonna give what I say, the only

Kenric: time I give in is when I already know that I’m super right. But why does like, I can bet you and I know I’m right. So I just like, okay, if you, because I don’t wanna argue about it because then it’s like a waste of time, but we’re not arguing.


John: was just trying to talk to you about you’re being Dick.

Kenric: I mean a Dick there you’re but it looks kind of cool. And then, and then where’s the San Diego ComicCon version. [00:31:00]

John: It’s just, it’s nothing. It’s it’s Nothing, nothing. It’s like, it’s a Serg ores cover. Looks like. I know it’s not, it’s a Dan, it’s a Martin cover.

It’s a, like a funny thing. Yeah. And he’s, and he’s inside of it in black

Kenric: and white. Oh, this one isn’t there. I thought it was, they had a link to a oh, they had a link to a eBay, but it’s not there. No.

John: Yeah. I’ve had, I’ve had, I’ve had the Senator ComicCon one and I’ve had the next min one before. I never, I’ve never had before.

Kenric: I think it’s super rare. It’s hard to get. I mean, it’s they have a buy now for 700 on eBay.

John: What’s crazy is right here. Here’s one.

Kenric: Oh, there’s one for, for 9.8. Sorry. Yeah. And it’s the signature series signed by Mike Manola 10 grand.

John: Yeah. Yeah. Well, one just sold, signed, and CDCC graded 9.2 for 3000.

Kenric: The one sold.

Yeah. Why is it so much more between 9.2? And like, I got a [00:32:00] 9.4 that Batman adventures 12. Yeah. And if you and I sold your 7.5 in that it would be like miles above. And then again, another huge step from 9.4 to 9.6. Yeah.

John: And then 9.6 to nine, eight, and then 98, 9, 9, and then 10 it’s. Cause people want the best of the best, but honestly, nobody can tell the difference between nine and six and a and a nine, eight,

Kenric: right.

Nobody or even

John: a 9, 4 89, 4, anything over a 9.0, most people look at it and go, that’s a mint book.

Kenric: That nine four is so fucking clean that I bet you, I could resend it in and I’d get a nine, six or a nine, eight

John: out of it. Yeah. And then you’d get another $200 out of it.

Kenric: Yeah. But I just, I don’t. Oh, yeah. I, I, they’re a big part of me that wants to freaking crack that.

Yeah. I don’t care about grading. I just like the protection it

John: gives. Yeah. I have a bunch of graded books. Not because I wanted ’em graded. Cause that’s how they came. Yeah. Most of my books are non-graded. I have like, I’m gonna actually get grade that action. I’m gonna get that action graded. [00:33:00] And I’m gonna get both of ’em graded and I’m gonna get my super by two graded.

Not because I want, those

Kenric: are gonna be expensive cuz they’re golden age,

John: right? Yeah. Yeah. But not, not that I care if they’re graded and I wanna sell ’em because they’re my dads and I wanna put ’em in that. I want to get ’em yeah. You wanna protect

Kenric: them? Yeah. I mean you could, you could just buy the slab.

John: Well, where’s fun.

Kenric: There’s a little bit of you wanting to know. I wonder what these are great out as, cause it’s kind of cool. I mean, I, I hate it. I like it and I hate it. Yeah. You know what I mean? Like I like the fact that you can say, and then there’s a definitive answer, you know, used to be, you take your comic books down.

Like I would collect comic books and. I didn’t always have a huge collection because, you know, I would buy so many books with my allowance and then some of them would pop. Yeah. You know, they’d be worth like 20 bucks and then I’d take it down the comic book store and I’d trade it in and get more comics.

Yeah. Right. But you were beholden to the, the person behind the counter to tell you what kind of condition your book was in. [00:34:00]

John: Yeah. You also heckle and, and,

Kenric: and fine, or very, yeah. But when you’re nine years old, you’re hacking out there. But

John: if you’re nine years old, you’re not gonna have greater books, dude.

Kenric: You might, if you have parents like us.

John: Yeah. But if you’re nine years old using your allowance money to go buy books, you’re not gonna have a lot of greater

Kenric: books books, but you know what I’m saying though? But it’s, so now at our age, it’s kind of cool to have a definitive answer of what your book, what condition the book is in.

I just don’t, I don’t agree with. The how much they’re scaling the cost of books. Yeah.

John: Well, it’s like you have a book non grade. You can buy it for a hundred bucks if it’s graded any, anything above a seven it’s all, all of a sudden 10 times more. Yeah.

Kenric: It’s like ridiculous. Like I can get adding the cost of getting it slapped and graded.

Yeah, yeah. To the value of the book that I can understand. Sure. But beyond that,

John: no, it, it increases it so much. Yeah. So much like, yeah. I mean, when you can get a book, that’s worth a dollar and get it graded and sell it for 50. That’s [00:35:00] ridiculous. you know,

Kenric: you see like a 10 point, oh, have you ever seen a 10 point?

Oh, in the wild? Yeah. I’ve seen 10. I’ve seen tens. Really? It’s like, don’t think that basically have to come right off the press and go right to CGC.

John: So what happens with 10.0 is usually is you’ll have a shop or what I, what I like to call a puppy mill or a CGC mill and they’ll buy 200 copies of a new book.

Yeah. They’ll send all 200 in and they’ll, they’ll do a little box that says the precheck grading, meaning if it’s knock hundred grade higher than nine. Don’t grade it don’t, don’t slap it. Yeah. It costs ’em a little bit of money, but it’s less than them actually slapping it. Right. So they send in 200 books and if they get one and

Kenric: hopes, they getting that 10,

John: they get one that’s a 10, it pays for all those books.

Yeah. And then some

Kenric: yeah, 10.0, go for, I

John: mean, I don’t know. I think the, I don’t, I mean, hear what it

Kenric: is. So if we just put in CGC 10, zero comic tanker is number one. Never even heard of it. Yeah. 20, 21, [00:36:00] 540 bucks. Right? TMT the last Ronin, number one, it’s on a bid and it’s $190.

John: Ugh. Here’s let’s see. CDCC 10.

Why is it going to, when I search for it, it goes to

Kenric: cars. There’s a replica of amazing fantasy 15 going for 2300 that cuz it’s a 10. Yeah, it’s a replica. I don’t want that. I mean,

John: here’s umbrella academy. The Dallas number one sold for 130 flight sold 9.8 outta 10. Where’s a 10 when you search. I don’t see a lot of tens here.

Kenric: Yeah. It’s here, let’s just do this.

John: You’re gonna share your screen and messed up everything I do. And I have to edit this. I have to go in and cut and then take off the overlay with overlay back in. Can you share your screen?

Kenric: Oh, do, should I, so just don’t. I

John: mean, if you want to, you can, it’s fine. I’ll just make it fun of you.

Kenric: Here we go. [00:37:00] All’s these all right.

John: Oh, that’s talking number one 10 for

Kenric: 900. Yep. And then we have, oh, oh, oh, I’m going too fast. Uh, The extension, the extinction parade. I’ve never even heard of that leather variant. Okay. Ooh.

John: Number one

Kenric: 10.0 yeah. 3 25. That doesn’t sound too bad. Here is a Wolverine origins. Number one signed by Michael Turner.

John: So I thought I had read a long time ago that the fact of a book being signed immediately drops it down a point because it’s no longer minute it’s been, it’s been marked on.

Kenric: Yeah, but it artist or writer. Does that make a difference?

John: It does. I mean, no matter what, no matter what, it’s no longer attention.

Kenric: Does that look weird to you? Yeah. This whole area right here.

John: Well that’s so Michael Turner died a long time ago and what all these S are doing is they’re taking sketches from his sketchbook and using this cover art, [00:38:00] like stuff that was never meant to be.

Kenric: So you don’t think he actually did this cause didn’t no. When did Wolverine’s AR origins come out? Did that before he did the

John: drawing. But the drawing was from like a sketchbook of like, cause my Turner worked for all the, he was a great artist. Yeah. But like there’s a bunch of Harley Quinn covers from the last like five, six years.

I think he’s been dead.

Kenric: I’m pretty sure he did that evil Ernie cover. Did he? I think so. I think it’s Turner. I think that’s Turner. I’ll double check. Look at this star Trek though.

John: Yeah. 10, 10 grand signed by William

Kenric: Shatner. Yeah. I still wanna know though, because I think Wolverine origins came out pretty like in their early two thousands.

Wasn’t it. And then he, when did he die? Wasn’t that like 2004,

John: five. I’m not gonna turn and died. Let’s see.

Kenric: 2008. Okay. Yeah. So there’s a good chance that he did that cover.

John: Let’s see. Let’s find out we have the power. I [00:39:00] I’ll search right now. Okay. Hoping origins. Number one came out, says it came out in oh six. Let’s see what the.

I came out. Oh six. I came out before he died. So

Kenric: there’s a good chance that he did that.

John: No, he, no, no. I’m saying he did them. Yeah. But after he died, they’ve used his art and sketchbooks to do tons of variant covers and stuff. Oh yeah, yeah. This one, he, okay. This one, he actually did a cover and that’s just the sketch version.

So there’s like an actual full colored version. That’s just the sketch version of it.

Kenric: Yeah. But doesn’t that look weird?

John: Well, yeah, his, his back, his back muscles are too

Kenric: big. Yeah. Okay. But he probably did that like at, he has too many muscles. Yeah. Oh, he was at where’s the world, Philadelphia. He probably did it there.

That’s kind of crazy that they got 10.0 out of that.

John: That’s not a drawing. That’s that’s just, it’s just signed by and that’s not, that’s not a drawing on the book.

Kenric: Oh, gotcha. Yeah. Oh man. I thought it was a sketch. No, I mean, it is a, you get what I’m saying? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I thought it was a blank cover that he sat down and sketched on for him.

Yeah. No, still cool. Looking their [00:40:00] facial expression is awesome.

John: Yeah. Turn was great artist, but that falls that drawing there falls into the I’m a artist Kirby hands artist. I’m gonna draw muscles on muscles.

Kenric: Yeah. Too much muscle there, but great hands. Yeah. Yeah. That’s interesting. Here’s

John: here’s here’s a fun one if I had, so here’s two books that sold for roughly the same price, right?

Uhhuh. One of them is black Friday. Number one, 10.0. Retailer incentives sold for 170 ish dollars. And then below it is Superman 41.5 centerfold missing sold for 200, even with

Kenric: Hughes.

John: That’s crazy. I would rather, I would buy the Superman over the black Friday. I’d buy the 0.5 over the 10 point. Oh,

Kenric: here’s a, okay.

These silver foils. The

John: reprinted

Kenric: reprints. Yeah. It’s a reprint. And then who actually did it, is it Marvel that did it?

John: Yeah. Marvel did Mar the silver one. Actually, I don’t know

Kenric: that D this guy. I don’t know

John: what is, it’s a, I think it’s [00:41:00] a Marvel one. Oh yeah. That’s a Marvel book.

Kenric: That’s interesting. But $2,900.

Yeah. I mean here’s dark night strikes again. 10 grand

John: Jesus. Christ’s

Kenric: what

John: you want for that. Here’s Graham fairy tales, number 10, annual sold over $300. It’s like what?

Kenric: PGX 10 is PGX still

John: around. They’ve I think PGX has morphed into

Kenric: CBCs. I love this like CGC

John: right. Well, they do, they do that for the

Kenric: Search results.

Yeah. Well it makes sense. Savvi dragon number two 50 image variant cover nothing on there. Yeah. Except for green 10 point. Oh yeah. Oh, my God. It’s just, I can’t believe the prices

John: that people, the thing is, is like none of these 10 point OHS or 9.9 to nine eights, you will never tell the difference between em

Kenric: ever.

Yeah. Did, did fathom ever take off? [00:42:00] I don’t think it did

John: fathom. Yeah. They’ve been printing fathom books for 20 years. They’re still printing them. Yeah. Oh, aspir comics. Aspir comics has stole a thing and Aspen comics still prints fathom. They have a huge movie at comic hunt every year,

Kenric: because that was that, that Michael Turner started that.

John: Yep. That’s his, that was his company. Yeah, I met, so I met Turner in oh 6 0 4 end oh six. I met him at six bio six. He was in a wheelchair. And that sucks. They were selling these fathom bust statues of like your head. Yeah. Watered. And I bought it from him and he had signed the bottom of the statue and stuff like that.

And I think we ended up selling it like a couple years later, but it was really cool. It was like, it’s clear. I, I ended up putting a light below it, so it would glow. It was super

Kenric: cool. Look at that Batman damned. That is cool. Look at that. Batman damned variant number three. Yeah.

John: Wait $2,010. No,

Kenric: thank you.

The damned was that the one that, that we get the bat Dick in? Yeah. Number one. Yeah. And then, okay. Dare double. This is [00:43:00] impressive. Daredevil number 1 57, 10 0.0 10 point. Oh, how is that even

audio1696448088.output: possible?

John: Yeah. How is that? All of a book even possible, but I mean, I guess, I guess it can happen. I mean, you’ve got a nine point.

You got over a 9.0 action comic. So,

Kenric: I mean, that looks really pretty. Yeah. And it’s not a replica, right? It’s not a remake.

John: No, it says 3 79 at the top.

Kenric: Wow. That’s CRA how’d that even happen. See that,

John: that might be worth the money cuz it’s an older book. 10 point. Oh, but these new ones it’s like, yeah, I got Batman Dan for a thousand dollars.

Why would I pay a thousand dollars for a book when I can literally buy it for $3?

Kenric: Right. 15,000

John: though. That’s a lot.

Kenric: That’s a

John: lot. Well, dead of one foil of a 1 57, you can buy, you can buy that one

Kenric: for $4. yeah. See that’s then it’s not worth it. Yeah. I mean, it’s cool that it’s a 10 point. Oh. And I can understand putting on there for like [00:44:00] 500 to probably get it.

Oh, you would get into heartbeat the last row at three grand, twice Eastman sketch. What does

John: that mean? It has two sketches from on it.

Kenric: Oh, the cover probably one

John: thing up there. Yeah. Or one on the front, one in the back.

Kenric: Stray dogs. I don’t know that book. Do you? Yeah, I know the book. Yeah. Lady death, fantasy lady death.

I remember lady death in the nineties was giant.

John: Yeah. It’s I mean, it still has a huge following.

He does Kickstarters or whatever

Kenric: now and oh yeah, they do all Kickstarters and they’re dude, they get exclusives all boots. Yeah.

John: And

Kenric: huge boobs. Yeah. And the kids seem like they got bigger and bigger was that Hughes Hughes did that, right?

John: I think so. One of them, one of ’em passed away.

Kenric: Yeah. Michael Turner definitely passed

John: away.

No, no, no. One of the people from, from K comics, Turner was Brian PTO. Does that Hughes passed away. Yeah.

Kenric: Hughes passed away. Okay. Hughes is [00:45:00] the guy that did that evil learning.

John: Yeah. Hughes is the guy who created learning him, him and Brian PTO, Steven Hughes and Brian politic learning. And then Brian ER, created, created lay death.

Kenric: Yeah. I don’t, I don’t get those, those, do you poo

John: books, those poo books, like, yeah. I, I give that guy credit for creating. A market out of these winning the POH knockoffs. Yeah. And like, he makes a lot of money off of it, but literally all he’s doing is making, winning the POH knockoffs of established characters doing like homage or homage covers.


Kenric: And he still the TikTok channel. He’s like, could you imagine this?

John: Yeah. And it’s like, I don’t know. I look at him and I’m like, this is, you got Stan

Kenric: Lee to sign that one. Right.

John: Well, Stan Lee sign anything, dude. Yeah. Doesn’t even that send would’ve said anything. Yeah. But I look at it and I’m like, I want, I give the guy super credit for making a brand for himself, but I’m also like, you only exist because you’re ripped off multiple properties.

Yeah. Like nothing you’re doing is original, which at all. Yeah. [00:46:00] I mean, again, good for you for making a thing out of it. But your whole entire thing is based off of taking Winnie the poo.

Kenric: Yeah. And well, now that you’ve got it out there, why not make something original now? Yeah. You know, look at. Wizard ACE edition, incredible Hulk.

Oh, wanted one. Jim Minton, acetate cover stranger things signed by Millie Bobby Brown. That’s kind of cool.

John: Yeah. I had the, I have that Superman eight, 12 graded too.

Kenric: Yeah. Is it 10

John: point? Okay. First of off, before you look on that one, I wanna say the poster of this is an idiot. I said before you clicked on it, but okay.

Oh, sorry. The poster of this is an idiot. That’s not Superman eight, 12 that’s action comments, eight 12. There isn’t no Superman, eight, 12 and whatever, but I Cody actually has a copy of this book and I think, I think it’s created nine, eight. Oh, that’s not signed by him. That’s interesting. That’s a 98 and 99 and a and a [00:47:00] 10 in the same book.

And I guarantee if you look at those books, you can, you will never see a difference.

Kenric: Who is who drew this Michael

John: Turner. Oh,

that’s kind of the nine, eight signed by him.

Kenric: Third eye is Superman.

John: What, what, what is, what is this episode called? Watch Johnny turn. Look at eBay.

Kenric: Yeah, totally, this is not, oh, they’re loving the Michael Turner stuff. All, you know, Michael Turner was properly when he was around, but he like stratified when he, when he passed away. Yeah. I mean, he was,

John: it also helped for him too, that not only was he an incredible artist and crater, he was a nice guy.

He was genuinely loved by everybody in the industry. Yeah. That I know that I’ve talked to and fans loved him too. He was a great person with fans. So how about

Kenric: the

John: Crow? Oh, the Crow. Which one? Well, first parents was [00:48:00] in, was in caliber comics presents?

Kenric: Yeah. Was it caliber comics? Yeah. Oh, there it is. Right there.

John: I used to have that book $600. What the

Kenric: fuck? Yeah. I

John: used to have that book. I’m pretty sure I sold it for a hundred. I’m pretty

Kenric: sure I sold it for like 10 bucks. Yeah. But it was like literally 1989.


John: maybe. Yeah. It’s it’s a cool book, but yeah, it’s first, the first Crow or first Crow. I like the Crow. Yeah. The

Kenric: Crow was a fun read, you know? I, I, yeah. Did you see okay, let’s stop. Oh, we’re gonna for a while. Yeah, that was actually kind of a lot of fun. We should do more screen share stuff like that.

Yeah. Because we should, we really need to be going live and doing stuff

John: like that. Yeah. Live would be fun. Yeah. One, if we use OBS, we could have our overlay on it already in, in you could hand all pan

Kenric: there. We know editing. Yeah. I have tip ones for OBS already. We should do that. [00:49:00] But we see, so switching a little bit of gears.

We were tonight going talk about Dr. Strange and the multiverse madness, but you guys are gonna have to wait for that one. Yeah.

John: we got on someone, started tangent by showing off their new wall of books. I know,

Kenric: but these, this is fun. I mean, this is what got us into what we do. And this is I, you know, we’re not time.

We both, we, we both acted like we could be spec what they call. ’em not spectators, but collectors. No, well collectors. Yeah, but obviously collectors, but I could show when you buy specifically to sell,

John: what is that true comics number something. I it’s a golden age. True comics book, true crime. But the one I’m trying to get to show you is this one, which is tales from the crypt 42.

Oh, nice.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah, that’s a cool book. That is a cool book. What year is that one?

John: 1955 or something like that? Yeah.

Kenric: Yeah.

John: Hold on. [00:50:00] Oh, can you just go, go pull something out. I dropped your book.

I also got the spawn through 27 Spiderman covered thing too.

So many comics. So little times.

Kenric: All right. This is my earliest book. I think I’ve shown this to you before already. Oh,

John: Erie, Erie, number four.

Kenric: Cover, you know, they just don’t. The detail is ridiculous.

John: Yeah, they don’t, they don’t do covers like that

Kenric: anymore. This is Yeah. That’s I don’t does comic do the fifties horror books. What, what are they?

Those that’s not really. That’s not silver age, right? That’s golden age still. Isn’t

John: it? It’s golden age. Yeah. It’s gold. That’s golden age and they’re worth a lot of money too.

Kenric: Yeah. And then here’s the one I was that I have over there. I don’t know if you guys could see [00:51:00] it from there, but yeah.

Illustrated by Steven here’s. Yeah,

John: I got, so I’ll also show you these ones too. Oh, that’s cool. That’s a cool cover. Yeah, I got I picked this up recently. Avengers first red guardian. Oh, that’s

Kenric: cool. That I don’t know. Red guardian though. So,

John: David har oh, black widow. Black widow. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. And then I picked this up.

Great story about great story behind this book. Okay. So this book was aesthetic shock. Number one is second. Volume two. It’s worked like a hundred, a hundred bucks or something like that, right? Yeah. I’m at this shop. That’s going on a business. The guy is an incredible, the owner. It’s it’s no wonder he’s going out of business.

He’s where is this at? He’s in port orchard. He’s very comes across that. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that he’s secretly a clan member.

Kenric: Oh, okay. Okay.

John: And he had that book sitting in there. Wow. And he thinks, he thinks he knows everything about comics, everything about magic [00:52:00] cards, all of his shit’s price.

Ridiculous. I ended up getting that and a bunch of other books from him. Cause not to be proud of myself, but I know how to dig through a box and find the gyms. Right. That was in a box of just like of his DC stuff for $2. It’s a hundred dollars book. So I pull that out and then I go through his box of what he called his like this, like his silver age junk stuff.

And I pull out a bunch of old golden age. Mystery and

Kenric: Facebooks. Wow. What it looked like when they’re in good shape too.

John: They’re in great condition. And he had like, all of ’em are like 10 bucks, a piece, five bucks a piece. They’re all was way more than that. Wow. I picked those up and then I picked up some books for my sister, cuz she was wanting stuff.

Kenric: When did you go?

John: This was like, so my sister got into comics. She has comics from my dad, but she had reluctantly not like gone into them and looked at ’em because they always remind her of my dad, but my dad passed away and then she finally got to where she’s like, okay, I can I can do this [00:53:00] now.

Right. So she’s now she’s now she’s like trying to fill her collections out. She’s collecting new stuff. So she, she wanted to like do a date. We drive to comic store. So we drove up to, I drove to her house, picked her up. We drove to port Angeles. Another hour up there. Cause it’s a comic, an teacher that has comics.

Yeah. That’s where I got the red guardian and smart stuff. And she got a, I’m helping her pick out a bunch of stuff. Like what do you like? So I’m helping her find good prices on stuff and yeah. Kind of teaching her how to, to hunt and Peck for books and not get ripped off. Right. So go there. And then we, we bought, I think we spent, like, we actually spent like $350 at this place, but when they charged their card, it only charges their card 269, 260 $9.

Okay. And so we’d go and have lunch. We’d go look at the receipt and we’re like, oh. That’s a lot less than we’re supposed. We actually go back to the guy and we’re like, Hey, you undercharged us by a lot of money here. Cause he’d already given us a hell of a deal, like yeah. With the retail price of all the books we bought.

Cause it was like a good, good stack of books. This is I port Angeles. Yeah. When did you do this? $500. This was [00:54:00] like a month ago.

Kenric: Oh yeah. Think for the invite.

John: Well, it, I, it was just my sister and me. You weren’t, you weren’t, you weren’t allowed to come. Oh, sorry man. But so we. It was like almost $5 of the stuff he knocked down, like three 40 or something like that.

Yeah. And then he only charges like two 60 or something like that. And we go back in and we’re like, Hey man, you’re under charged. Let’s let me, let us pay the difference. That’s a huge discount. And he ended up going, you know what, just you, I know you guys had come back because Kim’s already been there once he goes, just considered an extra discount.

You’re you’re good to go. Yeah. And then Kim proceeded to go back like a week later and spend another $500 there. nice. Cause they have, they have silver and antiques and all this kind of fun. So then we, we ended up driving around to different places, getting silver coins and comics. And there was a place in poetry that was closing like three days later cuz the guy’s like, oh they wanna up my rent and all this kind of stuff.

And it’s like, yeah, they wanna up your rent cuz your contract is up and it’s time for renewal and the price of everything has gone up. Yeah. It’s like, it’s logical. It’s like, oh I was gonna go to this other place move to this other shopping mall. But they gave it to a restaurant that has a higher, that has [00:55:00] higher has more people coming into it.

Cuz there there are no restaurant like Kate that also makes sense why they would give it to a restaurant and not you. Get it. You just

Kenric: don’t like this guy

John: he’s like the guy’s like himself, like, yeah, he was like, the, the mall was up in his rent, but not he’s like he told, he told us, like, it was like a 10% hike.

Yeah. That’s probably not that bad. Cause his red hasn’t changed in four years. Right? Like that’s pretty, I mean, it’s not that’s that seems fine to me. Right. But anyways, he, we went through, I cherry picked a bunch of stuff out that was had value in Kim bought, I let, I didn’t, I’m not buying a lot of books these days.

I’m only buying stuff that I really want, like the mystery in space, aesthetic shock, stuff like that. Yep. Yep. So I cherry a pitch, a bunch of book like, Hey, this is worth money. This is worth money. This is worth money. You know, this is the first parents to bat woman. Here you go. He has a dollar 50 on it.

Cause you know what it is, here’s, here’s the first parents of this. And I pull him out and get, have my sister buy ’em all for herself. So I’m teaching her how to find books and which books worth

Kenric: first parents to bat woman. He had that for a dollar 50. Yeah, that’s crazy. Cause it’s

John: in, it’s in [00:56:00] 52 number 11 or something like that.

52 number nine, 50 number 11, which is like DC did countdown. And then they did then they, the 52 series where it was one comic a week for 52 weeks. And

Kenric: is that part of the new 52 it’s pre

John: 52. It

Kenric: was before that. Okay. So what year did bat woman come out? I thought she was old.

John: So there’s multiple bat womens, right?

Yeah. There’s the silver age. There’s a bat woman in the sixties. Right. It’s not really anything, but the bat woman we see a know today is J Williams a third, and sort that done out of, out of countdown from like 2006. Oh. But it’s worth one it’s worth, it’s worth a good, a decent amount of money, not a ton, but you know, 20, $30.

Cause it’s bat woman, it’s going up in value, but it’s in countdown. Number nine, countdown, number 11, you count number nine is the first appearance of Katie Kane and then, or cat Kane, whatever her name is. And then 11 is the first, her first, her end costume. Yeah. And then if you go to, I think it’s detective comics, I wanna say eight 50, but I could be wrong on that number is like her first cover appearance and stuff like that.[00:57:00]

But in, in that it’s in the J Williams, a third series of B of detective comics where a sheep first appears. Right. So I picked Buddie out for Kim and she bought ’em all. And then we, we did some other stuff, but it was, we ended up at going to another place that had a bunch of coins and stuff. Cuz we’re doing, I like coins now too.

I’m I hate money apparently.

Kenric: It was fun. You’re getting into

John: coins, dude. I have so many coins. I have so much silver now. I’ve like, I’ve got, I’ve been buying Morgan Morgan, silver dollars and peace dollars and Eisenhower dollars and Kennedy halves and Franklin halves and silver quarters. And, and I’m, I’m actually do, I’ve actually gone out with your sister.

My mother-in-law too buy coins cuz she likes them

Kenric: too. That’s hilarious. Have you gone to I don’t know if you know, if you remember when you and I went to the Bellevue coin.

John: Went to be your

Kenric: coin. Yeah. For what? It’s a comic book store and a and a and a coin store. Oh, no. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I remember that.

Cause those, those, those guys are really nice. They’re really fair. It’s [00:58:00] the guy that’s owned. I have to check. It might be gone because he was really old when

John: we, that was the one that was the place that had like the there’s two shops on each side,

Kenric: right? Yeah. He had the, the coin shop, but then he had the comics and then he had that back room of comics that he had more silver age stuff in he’s like, you guys can go back in the back room and you’re like, holy shit.

Holy shit.

John: yeah, yeah, yeah. I remember that place.

Kenric: You pulled out that one box and I think you said that for, with every flip, holy shit. Holy shit. It was like, okay, that’s a good box, but the prices were really fair. And then remember when we brought it up and he, he, he took a bunch of price money off. Yeah.

He was like, ah, you know, especially if he had stuff for a while and he knew what his market, he, he knew what his margins were a good. A good shop, understands their margins. Yeah. You know what I mean? And then can offer you because if they’ve had a book for a long time, you know, this whole thing of, well, it costs me money cuz I’ve had it for eight years.

No, you’ve actually [00:59:00] you, you’re not, you, you actually have the ability to undercut mm-hmm , you know what I mean? And make money from what you’ve had, you know? Yeah. Plus comic bookshops have the ability for books that. Yeah, that come out that mean nothing. And then a TV show is off of it. And all of a sudden, you know what I mean?

Or there’s a significant plot point that comes

John: out. I mean, Deadpool is a great example. The first prince Deadpool was a nothing book forever. Yeah. Until Ryan Reynolds came along. Yeah. And then, and then, and then it went for me in a $5 book or in the court and it was the

Kenric: Wolverine movie too. It wasn’t even Deadpool the movie.

It was the Wolverine one. People like it was just that Deadpool.

John: Right. Well, it was it’s that it is right. It was Ryan Reynolds and his love for the character that did it. Yeah. And then the book went from being a, nothing book of a dollar to $5 to, you know, some of them sold 5,300 now. Yeah, yeah.

Kenric: Yeah. It’s, it’s, it’s funny.

I mean, I, I, I talk with comic book guys, you know, different. When I go to the stores, I, I get very sensitive on the way they treat [01:00:00] people. You know what I mean? And the cost there’s some that I just don’t go to because it’s like. Dude, you know, you don’t know, you don’t have any kind of customer service I don’t mean they’d have to be like customer service has been over backwards and, and give you the deal of all deals.

Yeah. I they’re out to make a living. Yeah. You know, and I understand that and they, and if you, if you have, and when you and I get a book and we like, oh, let’s spectate, isn’t that what it’s called spectating. Yeah. If you were to spectate your books, you know, you just like, okay, I bought it for this much.

Maybe I can make this much off of it. And you kind of go to eBay and you kind of compare what they, what they’re selling for and what they’ve sold for. And maybe you’ll put that book up on eBay. Yeah. Right. That’s generally how it happens. I, I don’t do that. I don’t. I think I sold one comic book in the last

John: 10 years.

I generally don’t like selling things anymore. I give, if I’m gonna sell something, I give it to my sister to do. Cause I don’t, I just

Kenric: don’t like doing it. Yeah. Yeah. Well that, and you putting [01:01:00] things in, in the mail seems to be an issue.

John: just ask Casey. I am care about it.

Kenric: Don’t ask Casey. Ask Casey’s mom.

yeah. So moving on that’s for you, Casey. That’s for you. So, but a comic book store, an LCS has to think of rent power. Yep. Internet website, social media. they have all these things that are building what they need. All that has to be a good person, a good businessman business woman, business person will take all of that into account.

Yeah. And add that into the cost. Hence your, your Batman number one from the new 52 might be a little bit more at your LCS, but then your eBay, you might be able to, you might be able to snip it and get it cheaper. Yeah. [01:02:00] But you’re not supporting anything local when you do that. No. You know, and eBay takes a percentage of that.

So you’re helping some conglomerate that makes a lot of money, you know? So it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s a, I don’t know anymore. I like to go to my local guy and I I’ve been using the same guy for a while and he always seems to be able to find what I want. Yeah. And then he’s given me pretty fair pro. I mean, sometimes I think he’s overcharged me.

just because, you know, but he’s also hooked me up really, really well. Yeah. Like, dude, I got my Conan number one, two and three, which are, they’re not graded or slab, but they’re a 9.0 or above. Right. And I got all three for less than a hundred dollars.

John: What? Yeah. Like the original phone in

Kenric: yeah. Marvel from nineteen seventy two seventy one, whatever.


John: That’s that number one by itself is for a lot sells for a lot more than that.

Kenric: Yeah. Yeah. But I also bought [01:03:00] that. I’m gonna say this. I also bought that Batman, a ERs number 12 for $1,100 from him. Yeah. You know what I mean? And it, and, and he didn’t pay nowhere near that. No. Yeah. A good

John: dealer as cause I was a dealer for, I was to call dealer for years.

A good dealer will pay pays on average 20% of value. Yeah. They may pay more for some books, but. Generally, what they do is they’ll buy a lot of books. Like they buy collections. Yeah. Buy collections, and then they’re gonna make them money back on selling in the long game. Yeah. Which is why a good dealer will be able to say, okay, I have, I have $50 in that book.

You can have it for 25 or 30. Yeah. And they’re still gonna make a lot of money on it cuz they like, I can tell you. So my dad and I kept a spreadsheet of the number of comics we bought per per lot. We bought. Yep. And what we paid for it, right. From the time we started the business to the time we stopped doing that, our final cost per book was under a quarter of book.


Kenric: Yeah. And we bought all together

John: all

Kenric: together. [01:04:00] You’re talking yeah. An average, yeah. Average 300 on a book. But when you put it into the

John: mass, well, we never bought, we never bought single books. We only bought collections. No, but I’m

Kenric: saying. Yeah. Yeah. I get what you’re saying. Yeah.

John: And our, so we, our average price, I mean, so we would pay, we got a lot of great deals and we made a ton of money off of them, you know?

Yeah. And everybody, we boss is our phone. We paid fair prices for. Yeah. Cause we always, we always would let them set the price. Always. What do you want for the books? They’d sell us price. And we would, if they were way over, we would negotiate down. If they were way under, we would negotiate them up

Kenric: most.

Yeah. A little bit. Yeah, sure. Like don’t can undercut yourself, but you don’t wanna treat people like

John: shit either. No. Cause we want, we wanna make sure everybody we bought from walked away. Happy. Yeah. Everybody we bought, we sold to walked away happy too. And it felt, it just an honesty. Like even it shows people come to us and we would sell, we would buy stuff at shows.

We, we would pay sometimes better than other people because we weren’t dicks.

Kenric: But yeah, we that’s a, that’s a good tip right there. Yeah. Buy [01:05:00] collections. If you, if you really wanna get into buying comic books, collections, buying whole collections is the way to go. Yeah. That’s the only way you’re gonna get some of these books that are outrageously priced for a decent price.


John: bought a van PPRO collection that you would shit yourself about this guy. I went to this guy, he was probably 60 something at the time. Yeah. In his garage. And his wife had finally said, you know, you need to get rid of these naked ladies . And so he was

Kenric: so well, the first six were all

John: Frank TTA yeah. So he had, he had all 113 issues of magazine, a hundred, 1,318, something like that, whatever the numbers are.

Yeah. I have the first and the last. Yeah. He had all of them, right? Yeah. Every one of them, he had all of the Harris publications from the eighties and nineties and early two thousands. All of them, all of the covers, all of the variants, the, the exclusive signed ones they would put out. Yeah. All of them, he had probably the most complete Vail collection I’ve ever seen.

Yeah. He also had a set of four [01:06:00] prints from Frita matching, numbered, signed. That’s cool of, of VAR. And he had a fifth print that wasn’t Frita with somebody else. That was also really cool. That was signed. And he had like two boxes of vintage, Playboys, vintage penthouse, stuff like that as well. And we bought all of that off of him.

And the VAM PIL was set and the van of four prints yeah. Paid for a trip for four of us to go to ComicCon. Oh four. Wow. And what we did, it kind of pissed off my friend, my friend Kea. And if you’re watching Kea love you, buddy. He. We didn’t have the, when to go the on thing. And so we, I knew what KPA was.

Kea has a game as a, as a, he’s a an app developer. Right? Okay. He has a comp, he has a company where he makes video games. Okay. Okay, cool. So I said, Hey, do you want to invest in us to go to ComicCon and we’ll pay you back a certain percentage more, you can invest in us like that. And we worked out a number to, he gave us certain amount of money and we paid him back, you know, a percentage higher.

And we even worked out like the longer, it took us to pay it [01:07:00] back. He’d make more money off of it. Sure. And stuff like that. we took those books with us to San Diego, sold them the first day and paid him back. he was like,

he went with us to San Diego too. So he got to go to San Diego. Everything was paid for him for that trip too. So his investment got him to go with us. Yeah. Put all of his money back and his first initial bit, extra bit all at once. Yeah. Right away. So we literally loan his money for like four days.

Kenric: How much what were those books worth?

How and what kind of grading were they in.

John: They were nice. They were real nice. All of them, some of, some of ’em in the middle were like, you could tell were filler books. Yeah. But all the key issues were, were really nice. Like his number one was probably one of the prettiest ones I’ve ever seen. Yeah.

Kenric: My number one is okay.

I’ll show you.

John: Yeah. Might as well go and get it. We’ve done this a lot now. I feel like I should be talking. He says it’s not dead air, but we’ll see. Oh, he’s back. Yay.

what are you laughing about? I was talking to myself, trying to not trying to not have dead air

Kenric: [01:08:00] this’s But like I said earlier, somebody cut some of the coupons out. Yeah. It sucks. Which really drives me nuts, but.

John: Yeah, well that, book’s hard to find in that, even in that shape, cuz of all the block on the cover.

Kenric: Yeah. It’s it’s good. TTA was ridiculously amazing. He’s super talented artist. Yeah. Yeah. And it’s just, it’s it’s unfortunate that he passed, he kind of passed away pretty early, early. How old was he? Was he his seventies? I think so. Maybe I’m just, just maybe I’m thinking of somebody else. I

John: mean he was let’s see, he was, I mean he died in 2010.

He was born in 28. Oh,

Kenric: so nevermind. I’m thinking of somebody else. Yeah, he really, I thought he died in the nineties.

John: No, no. He died. He died to 82 years old. He was pretty old. Yeah. That’s good. That’s a

Kenric: good run. That’s a good run. Yeah. I think that was a good

John: episode. That was fun. Not what I was expecting to do today.

I was expecting, I came in, I came in ready [01:09:00] to go talk about Dr. Strange zone. Did I, you came in and you just sidetracked the whole goddamn thing to be about comic book, which is okay. I’m okay with this. You know,

Kenric: sometimes it’s not a bad thing because you know, that’s what we started as. Yeah. So bringing them around every once in a while, I think I think looking up and talking about different books would be a, a fun thing to do with eBay and with other places, you know, and sharing it and, and doing that.


John: mean, I like showing out the books we have too. I can definitely pull, pull into my boxes and pull out books. I wanna show off .

Kenric: Sure, sure. I mean, there is a caliber Christmas number one, very fine. 8.0 1989 early Crow appearance by James Obar. That’s a cool caliber Christmas 78 bucks. You should buy it? No, but you need that on your wall.

I need it on my

John: wall. Although I like the fact that I, a chat Casey called out that you don’t have any of his books or my books on your back wall.

audio1696448088.output: Yeah.

Kenric: Well, you know, [01:10:00] you guys suck,

John: so I know you only have good books up there. I’ll remind you wrote a story for my book. Yeah, I

Kenric: did. I should put it up there.

I don’t know where, you know what, I don’t, I gotta find them. I, I moved so much stuff that I gotta find all my, you know, I gotta go through because I used to get ’em all ALS had. ’em all nice. And then after a while you just get sick of doing it and I just got thrown into, into things and really need to get, I, I need to package some up and just sell some off because just, I mean, this is all I have.

That’s not very much compared to a lot of people, but it’s enough that it’s annoying.

John: Yeah. I have I catalog all mine on the K program I use. And then next that’s what I have. Yeah. Some of what every now and then I’ll go through and I’ll organize them. And I don’t, I don’t advertise. ’em like all of ’em I’ll put, like, this is my silver age, DC.

This is my silver age, Marvel. This is my dare collection. This is my sand shit like that. And then like the book, I have a box right here. That’s just like a bin of like new stuff I’ve bought and I throw it in there and then eventually I’ll [01:11:00] go sort, ’em all in and do it again when I get the, at my ass to do it.

But usually it is they’ll sit and I’ll get like three or four bins of, to sort comics. And then they’ll be in my collection and I’ll go through ’em, I’ll put ’em all away. But then what I usually find, like, I don’t want this one anymore. Then I pull out the, just gotta find

Kenric: something. That was weird. I just gotta find something a little.

I don’t know. I, if I’m reading them, then I, then, then it’s different. Yeah. But I, the last, like two years, I’ve been so busy with work and so busy with moving and yard work and all this stuff. I just don’t have time.

John: It’s hard. It’s hard to find time to read books.

Kenric: Yeah. And it’s like, I, I want complete story arcs when I start to read it.

Yeah. And doing piece meal month to month to month, I, I just find that I get frustrated and then I’ve forgotten what I’ve read before, by the time the next book comes out and I’m like, what is going on? And I feel like what? I gotta go back and I don’t wanna go back. No,

John: that’s, that’s why when I read [01:12:00] books, I’ll read trades.

Yeah. Or I’ll read, or I’ll get the digital poppy on my phone and read the whole thing there. I don’t like, yeah. Either on my tablet. Yeah. I don’t like doing month to month just cuz it’s like it’s too. It’s I don’t like wait, cuz it takes me like it’s reading a comic book is so quick. Yeah. I mean you can go back and I go back and I look at the art and stuff like that and take time with it, but really blowing through issue of comic because like five minutes going yeah.

10 50 minutes saying it’s going the long route. Yeah. Whereas I wanna sit down and read the entire story and I don’t like having to wait 30 days for the next

Kenric: issue. Yeah. Or even two weeks. Yeah.

John: Which is why I kind like the older issue is where there was more story. It’ more pages than a book and it was a full story.

Kenric: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. The arcs. I, yeah, they don’t.

John: Cause now they write paperback. Not that they, they write books for the trade. They write books. Did you trade paperbacks for everything though? Most things, but they’re they’re they write, I mean, most modern books are written for a trade. Right. They’ll write as six issue story arc.

Yeah. Then [01:13:00] that, that then fills enough pages to sell it in a trade for a story it’s like, miss I miss there being,

Kenric: you know, what’s weird is I have all these, like the only ones I, I, you know, what I really love from Marvel right now. And it’s the only book I’m re that I still read is the Savage of, oh yeah.

I love it. I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s just unique enough. You know what I mean? And it’s fun and you get to see bunch of different characters and they, you know what I mean? They pull in all these things and Conan seems to be the one that is leading it all through, you know what I mean? As they go through yeah.

As it should be Savage. So, but I have a lot of fun with it and, and yeah, I now, but I’ve been reading, ’em like, I’ll wait like a year. Yeah. And then read 12 at once and I’ve been collecting, you know, then I gotta pull it out and I gotta, okay. You know what I mean? Yeah. I just might, I might just, [01:14:00] I might just stop and just get the DBS man.

Just get the tray when that comes out. Yeah. Yeah. Cause they got ’em they’re doing ’em. Yeah. I mean, I can just get the, yeah, I don’t know. There’s a part of me. I love having the individual books. They take up so much room so I can do things like this. Yeah. I’m gonna get you the dimensions for that. Yeah.


John: the reason I’ll make I’ll make a poster.

Kenric: Yeah. The spoiler country. Yeah. Then we go from there. All right guys. All right. I think that’s enough. Thank you for joining us today on spoiler country. We’re having a lot of fun. We’ve kind of gotten back to some of our roots. You’ve been seeing some more interviews come out with Melissa and with Casey and, and those are gonna continue to flow and we’re gonna continue to have some funds.

We’re gonna do some more reviews here soon. Dr. Strange is coming out. We we’ve identified a really old fantasy movie from the 1980s that I watched today that I’m forcing these guys to watch because it’s wonderfully bad. [01:15:00]

John: So it would be like

Kenric: our death review. Yes. Terribly acted. There’s a rape in the first 15 minutes, because of course there is there’s gratuitous violence, gratuitous nudity, you know, but the story is actually better than death talker.

John: Okay. I mean, that’s not saying much, no,

Kenric: the rape is not as gratuitous. Like death talker was terrible.

John: Death talker is

Kenric: uncomfortable. Like if you enjoyed watching those scenes in, in, in death talker, there’s something

John: wrong with you. Yeah. I mean, Casey, Casey didn’t finish it.

Kenric: yeah. And then so that’s good.

The I’m skiing spoilers, the acting is terrible. Like, yeah. They don’t know how to deliver a line to save their life. It feels like a 13 year old dungeon master putting his, going through his first D and D campaign. That’s the story. That’s cool. You know what I mean? That’s how the story

John: comes across to me.

Yeah. I’ll watch it. And we want, I’ll have get Casey to watch and we’ll sync up and do a,

Kenric: I sent you guys a free link it’s through tuby [01:16:00] tuby has a ton of stuff. Tuby right now has doctor sleep on there for free? Really? Yeah. Nice. So I like that movie. I did too. The, the, the, when they killed the boy scout that maybe really uncomfortable.

I didn’t like it.

John: Yeah. Oh, that was a harsh scene. Yeah.

Kenric: Yeah, I just, yeah. It’s like watching it. When, when the, when Pennywise bites, the kids’ arm, the kids’ arm off. Yeah. Like in the new one. Cause the new one to me is, is far and away. Better than the old one. Yeah. But I was 16 when the old one come out and I was just like, this is corny.

Yeah. This is so corny. And I was so mad because I loved night court. Yeah. And I was like, Harry Anderson was in it and I was like, why,

John: why again? Nightcore was great, man. Yeah. And

Kenric: then the whole thing. Yeah. I, I just, the only redeemable thing in it, in my opinion, don’t care in

John: your professional

Kenric: opinion. Yeah.

My professional opinion is Tim Curry. Yeah. As penny wise was. Crazy and scary. You know what I mean?

John: Tim Currys great. And [01:17:00] everything

Kenric: though. But the overall feeling of the new one is just to me, leaps and bounds better. Oh yeah. It’s way creepier. Yeah. And that scene when he bites the kid’s arm off. Oh,

John: well you know this scars guard, the guy who’s in that plays it.

I can’t remember his first name. Yeah, but Alexander scars. Guard’s little brother. Yeah. He’s in hemlock

Kenric: on

John: Netflix. Yeah. Well, you know how in that movie he does that eye thing where he moves one eye independently and they go wall light and stuff like that. Yeah. That’s not CGI. That’s something that’s really him doing it.

He can actually do that. He was like, they talked about it. He was like, I can just do that. And he did it and they’re like, oh shit. Oh my God. It’s crazy. Yeah. Like he can actually do that shit with his eyes. That’s not CJ.

Kenric: So there you guys go, there’s something new every day. We’re gonna have more reviews like that.

Come join us. We’ll have fun. All right. Don’t forget. Subscribe, hit that little bell icon thing

John: and And go to Patreon and support us with money too. Don’t you get nothing out of it, but just give us money. yeah,

Kenric: there’s nothing there. We, you know, many ties before we leave, you know, many times we have listed out things that we can do [01:18:00] or had plan.

If you do this, we’ll do this. None

John: of it happens. I should go change it where its like, just give us money if you

Kenric: want to. Yeah. Just give us money if you want to, because otherwise no, we should just cancel Patreon and do this. Do that, buy a cup of coffee thing.

John: The coffee. Yeah, we should do that. It’s like here just cause we’re not gonna, and it’s not that we don’t wanna give you guys something special.

It’s that we don’t have. We both

Kenric: work full time jobs. I mean that’s really and have families. Yeah. It’s not easy to get, to get time to do extra shit like that. Yeah.

John: If you, if you see us at a concert or a concert at a show, we’ll give you a high five. Okay. Free, free high fives

Kenric: for all bare skin. We’re bare

John: backing.

Yeah. We’ll we’ll raw dog, those high fives,

Kenric: raw dog, those high fives, and then pull out the, you know, we’ll pull out the hand sanitizer right after that. You could be offended, but it’s gonna happen. it’s gonna happen. Yeah.

John: Yeah. All and on that disgusting fucking note. We’re outta here. We’re outta here, please.

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